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  1. what is he going to be brought up on charges for?
  2. I need to know the slang word for New Jersian ..... Think Daisy, think
  3. You might be waiting a while. I doubt trump is a fight clubber, compelling as it may be
  4. Espoir et changement!
  5. Maybe sanctuary city to sanctuary city isn't considered a domestic flight
  6. Why is this trump related?
  7. if you decide to punch out can I have your Beatles cds?
  8. The Executive Order barring immigrants was Kristallnacht. they are building the gas chambers too. they'll probably start with Texas considering how they're so stupid and all
  9. I agree. who said it was a partisan issue?
  10. I'd like to get it for you but doing someone else's googling for them is frowned upon in here
  11. I'm pretty sure Obama tried to keep Fox out once. That didn't work very well either
  12. coincidentally, talking about Preibus, Bannon stopped just short of saying "he makes the trains run on time"
  13. So ...... * national security and sovereignty * economic nationalism * deconstruction of the administrative state whatever that means
  14. reminds me of the Yale students who handed out signs to the Harvard fans
  15. well, bringing him to the brink of death but allowing him to live for the next day's beating is part of the challenge.