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  1. when you hire out an arena to hold a convention it is reasonable to try and restrict the screamers from disrupting the speeches. A bit different than the college campus situation.
  2. not that it matters but that appears to be pre-schwantz
  3. good for her
  4. why does anyone care what Blaine Gabbert's backup thinks?
  5. it's always those unintended consequences
  6. is that Vinny maddog Lopez?
  7. thanks Jim
  8. thanks Daisy, I'll look into it
  9. Thanks. It's not that bad. Last year the copay was $ 45 each. If it's 4x that it's around $360 for 2. Just a pain in the ass. I know it's a lot tougher for some people. The premiums go up every year. And less is covered.
  10. if someone is a compulsive liar you don't know what else they are. Chances are if they say they're not racist, they're racist. Bill Cinton made a comment about how Obama should be carrying his bags. Hillary referred to black kids as super predators with no conscience.
  11. I have to go fill a prescription for 2 epipens for my kid before school starts. I can't fucking believe this.
  12. if you support a compulsive liar ..... you clearly have no regard for the truth. for FACTS. by extension, you too are a liar.
  13. you don't have to like or respect anyone. Of course, then you surrender the right to be surprised that they don't like or respect you. At that point everyone goes out and complains about the polarized atmosphere.
  14. whatever Powell's legacy may be, he isn't running for anything. Hillary has lied practically every time she has spoken about the email. She's incapable of telling the truth.