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  1. that was the the problem last time ..... too many people said "fugit, I ain't votin' for her"
  2. Folks need to read the fine print on those interest free loans. Check for "amputation," "crucifixion," and "beheadings" before signing on the dotted line
  3. 2 is the number of years before you get to vote again and change any of these other numbers minus a couple of months
  4. let's go dirty birds!
  5. something Trump would say. You'd have the women marching if anyone knew who you were .
  6. Are you new here? Liberals on this board openly wish trump a painful death
  7. Bill Clinton was accused of rape, no one fucking cared ..... Do you have a better reason? I'm all ears
  8. It's because more than anything else this is about abortion. That's why people who are offended now weren't offended by bill Clinton's predatory behavior. He was pro-choice so his sins were ignored. We can accept just about anyone whose policies we agree with.
  9. DC is like 95% democrats .... Trump could be over performing again.
  10. you can only march so long without a fresh latte
  11. Rogers is going to have to score 45 to win I think. GB is too beaten up to stop ATL course I've been very wrong before, and if there was someone you'd want playing for you if you needed to score 45 points .... Rogers'd be the guy
  12. time and a half? you can skip the Packer game, they're going to get blown out
  13. I laughed for 5 straight minutes at this
  14. sure, it was innocent. just a coincidence. believe what you want to believe. I'm sure that IRS officials under Trump, accidentally losing applications from liberal groups will get the same benefit of the doubt from you.