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    tragic http://bigstory.ap.org/article/c75cde9732974d99a43fb6660f013a8b/why-chicago-murder-capital-clues-bloody-month Fourteen-year-old Malik Causey loved the way gangs took what they wanted from people on the street, the way members fought for each other, the way they could turn drugs into cash and cash into $400 jeans. His mother tried to stop him. She yanked him out of houses where he didn't belong. She cooked up a story about Malik punching her so the police would lock him up to keep him safe for a while. Then on Aug. 21, Monique Causey woke to discover that her son had sneaked out of the house. Before she could find him, someone ended his life with a bullet to the back of his head a few blocks away. "I went to him and cried and told him he wouldn't make it," Causey said. "But this fighting, jumping on people ... this is all fun for them. This is what they like to do, you know, so how can you stop them?"
  2. nice try? I was reading my hometown paper (which is pro-Clinton btw) and posted this bizarre article. I guess this year nothing is bizarre
  3. unfortunately many departments don't get the best applicants. The Dallas chief said the his officers make around 40k. You can almost make that washing dishes.
  4. your judgement can be in impaired when you're soiling your drawers
  5. Anderson Coop asked her about it, she said "I'm no saint girl" .... not exactly a denial. She also threatened to kill the judge. I'm not really going out on a limb suggesting she's a less than ideal spokesperson am I?
  6. Newly minted Hillary spokeswoman, the fat shamed Miss Universe, alleged to have driven the getaway car from an attempted murder http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/beauty-queen-fat-shamed-donald-trump-accused-murder-plot-article-1.2809999 like sands through the hourglass ..... so the days of this fucked up election
  7. did you plant one on him at least?
  8. you'd better clear your calendar for Tuesday
  9. a little preview
  10. relax. Bruce is right. He's a moron. he's wrong about Hillary ....... but half a loaf is better than none
  11. Hillary's cover-up operation??? http://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2016/09/25/clinton-mook-fbi.cnn There was a document dump on Friday where we learned from the FBI that an I.T. contractor managing Hillary Clinton's private e-mail server made reference to the "Hillary coverup operation" in a work ticket.
  12. two "very"s. sounds like he's trying to convince himself.
  13. he's right. what did he tell RS about Hill?
  14. I can't remember seeing a more indiscriminate use of the the word "facts"