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  1. It's a democracy. That may be what people need but it's not they want. If it was they'd have it
  2. Bernie supporters chant "lock her up" http://blogs.wsj.com/washwire/2016/07/24/bernie-sanders-supporters-chant-lock-her-up-in-philadelphia-protest-against-clinton/
  3. maybe it's that she hasn't bottomed out over the email problems yet. so this new one isn't going to help.
  4. convention bump ..... not to worry, it's only 3 days until the Dem's balloons
  5. So there really was a conspiracy this time? ....... Swamps and Spiritual must be having themselves a ball
  6. I thought they'd want a running mate that would help pull African Americans at a rate close to what Obama drew. But she's already got Obama all in for her so I guess they can't really improve on that. It appears they also see Virginia as almost a game ender. Hard to argue.
  7. Your check bounced. big time ...... I like to try and predict what they'll do .... I'm obviously not as good at it as I thought.
  8. I think you drastically underestimate the left's ability to ignore her lies and corruption. She's not trump so nobody gives a shit how slimy she is.
  9. luckily you chose to use the googly eyes and a stack of exclamation points. Anything less and this wouldn't have warranted its' own thread.
  10. collateral damage
  11. maybe I'll write him in for President
  12. tell me you have to vote for her because he's unacceptable in every way, I get it tell me she got what she deserved ....... I think I'm with the majority on that one.
  13. it's a poll. I'd guess that all it assumes is that they got a random cross-section of Americans within some reasonable MOE. and what details do you think the average American is missing? As secretary of state she broke the rules and created a security risk, then she lied about it numerous times. I think just about everybody gets that, and most aren't interested in any bullshit nuanced reasons why she should get away with it. 3 in 10 democrats think there should have been charges for crying out loud.