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  1. Obsolete racist misogynistic drug-addicted suicidal workers ............. or as they were known prior to the election, Democrats.
  2. it almost seems like he's offering up a bunch of people with obvious issues, to draw a lot of the Dem's fire, in the hopes of avoiding a fight on the ones he really wants confirmed. The Dems will resist some of these appointments but they can't stop them all.
  3. what Trump thing is that?
  4. shit ........ what are we going to do????
  5. you're right ..... I'll stop now
  6. from the outside he doesn't appear to be all that disturbed, and what difference does it make what color they are anyway? I thought colorblindness was the goal ..... content of character over color of skin .... right?
  7. luckily their money is pleasingly green
  8. that certainly would be funny.
  9. I know what your point was ..... then for some reason you started talking out of your ass. apologies for pointing it out.
  10. that's right, that's what they think. and since you're sharing, what do all blacks and latinos think?
  11. how do you know what people won't ever be affected by discrimination?
  12. calling each other Nazis is what we do here ........ but "ilk," now that is hitting below the belt
  13. The 400% increase represents 30 incidents as opposed to 6 over the same period last year, in a city of eight million. Last year obviously, a non-presidential election year. Is that statistically significant? I don't know. following the link in your article: O'Neill says a spike in graffiti, not violence, largely contributed to the increase. Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce says he doesn't believe Trump's divisive campaign rhetoric has fueled the bias crimes. Yeah, "if in fact there is a problem." I'm not saying there isn't a problem, I just haven't seen proof yet.
  14. 1000 nationwide is about 3 per million people. Not all that surprising that most people would be unaware of the problem. If in fact there is one. I don't know whether this rate of hate incidents is that far out of the ordinary. Which in part was why I asked, the numbers. How this makes me blind or insensitive I really don't get.
  15. you made a claim and I asked if you had a link, supporting stats, which somehow provoked this. ...... If you don't want to discuss it we won't discuss it. ...... at some point though I think you should stop lecturing the board about how much you care about FACTS. it's nonsense