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  1. New Trump ad: Rapist Clinton, etc.

    and not in a good way
  2. New Trump ad: Rapist Clinton, etc.

    If a guy who invites a rapist to his wedding is "scum," what the fuck is the rapist?
  3. Affordable Care Act

    sounds as though it needs a bit more than tweaking. "Pass it to find out what's in it" may not have been the best course.
  4. Happy birthday, 53E!

    Happy Birthday!
  5. Wendy's New Employees

    I guess I misread that, beg your pardon. the inspired economic insight beneath the sarcastic one liner eluded me. Have a nice day Buttmunch
  6. Wendy's New Employees

    i'd say net worth of 80,000 isn't very rich
  7. What is Happening in My Country?

    The DNC chair isn't looking very good right now either .... pretty obvious she's been steering it in Hill's direction from the beginning
  8. so anyone here voting for Trump ?

    we should have elected McCain ..... I don't think he can't do that with his arms
  9. Wendy's New Employees

  10. What is Happening in My Country?

    I don't have proof ...... but I follow politics it fairly closely. Back room deals are made all the time. You should know that. Hill and Obama couldn't stand each other at the end of the campaign .... Ask yourself, why would he give one of the best jobs in his administration to her? That he had to do it probably burns him to this day
  11. What is Happening in My Country?

    Hillary traded getting out for the Secy of State job. Bernie's got to hold out for similar value. Perhaps Hill hasn't been forthcoming with the parting gifts just yet
  12. Wendy's New Employees

    i'm aware. just giving a broad brush answer to a broad brush attack. With regard to what megacorps are doing ... as has been mentioned earlier, franchises are individually owned, often times by someone who isn't very wealthy. These owners sometimes operate on narrow margins and have to react to politically imposed expenses. Some will choose the new kiosks for their own survival. Everyone who doesn't just roll over and gash their own bottom line because a half informed politician indirectly told them to is not necessarily an evil person. And honestly, the politicians know that raising the minimum wage will put people out of work. They do it anyway, so how compassionate are they really?
  13. Wendy's New Employees

    the alternative to Capitalism is Socialism .... no? Venezuela tried Socialism, with disasterous results
  14. Wendy's New Employees

    you prefer children dying in hospitals due to lack of medicine http://www.nytimes.com/2016/05/16/world/americas/dying-infants-and-no-medicine-inside-venezuelas-failing-hospitals.html?_r=0
  15. so anyone here voting for Trump ?

    70% Johnson ..... it can be the answer both here and on the penile surgery thread