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  1. US Presidential Race Potpourri Thread

    I was thinking there are still a handful of persuadables is there another word for a really LONG longshot?
  2. CV of failures

    that is great .... thanks for posting Jim
  3. US Presidential Race Potpourri Thread

    unfortunately, America's complexion is going to take a turn for the worse no matter how this turns out.
  4. US Presidential Race Potpourri Thread

    Since Rubio left no one has gone after Trump .... that was when Cruz was doing the best. Carly seems more than willing to be his attack dog definitely a long shot to do any good at all but Cruz is out of bullets. The best he can hope for is for Carly to goad Trump into saying something so monumentally stupid that it moves some people from thinking the party owes it to him. Enough people to keep him under 1237.
  5. Flint residents sue US EPA “The EPA heard the alarm bell loud and clear but chose to ignore the profound environmental and public health issues brought to its attention in the early stages of this disaster. This agency attitude of ‘public be damned’ amounts to a cruel and unspeakable act of environmental injustice for which damages will have to be paid to the thousands of injured water users.” http://www.detroitnews.com/story/news/michigan/flint-water-crisis/2016/04/25/flint-residents-seek-damages-epa/83517646/
  6. Cheaters

    maybe Tom terrific will take it to SCOTUS and it won't happen this year either
  7. Cheaters

    NFL wins appeal http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/15353950/tom-brady-new-england-patriots-four-game-suspension-deflategate-reinstated-appeals-court
  8. US Presidential Race Potpourri Thread

    ok, I guess they're smarter than I thought ..... they have to withstand a lot of bad press right now though
  9. US Presidential Race Potpourri Thread

    why don't they just do it ...... why do they have to tell the world they're doing it? "doesn't anybody here know how to play this game?" -- Casey Stengle
  10. ignorance is bliss. you don't know what you don't know
  11. American Corporations and Taxes

    It's very debatable whether or not the town is getting $100,000 worth of value out of the that farm. If Bruce wasa banker or if he waspretty much anyone else there would be a lot ofwhining about him "paying his fair share." Lots of people take advantage, only some of them take shit over it though.
  12. American Corporations and Taxes

    A recently as last year, Bruce leasedpart of his estate to a farmer. He like many NJ celebrities do this to take advantage of a NJ law that states that if you grow something on your property that produces at least $1000 in sales you can claim your property is a farm and in doing so you beat the tax man out of big bucks. Bruce saves himself about $100,000 in property taxes that would otherwise go to Rumson. You could argue, and people have, that this is a bit disingenuous. Bruce is not a farmer. He is using the law as it is written to his best advantage but not as it was intended. Point is manypeople, even diehard liberals like Bruceworkthe system to keep as much of the money they've earned as possible, and there's nothing wrong with that. Especially when you consider the stomach turning alternative of handing it over to incompetent legislators.
  13. I've never agreed with this either So we're in agreement
  14. She carpetbagged her way up here after Bill was done as President. She came for the open senate seat in a deep blue state, easy pickings. Yes, she traveled all over on her "listening tour" but how could she not, she had lived in the state for adayand a half. Not my idea of impressive but mileage varies as they say.