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  1. Men - do you cook?

    Sounds great! I know you'll enjoy! Oh, BTW, the same "kill ya" about my secret pork dry rub recipe. Have a great weekend, my friend.
  2. Men - do you cook?

    Monday I'm doing a big ol slab of dry rubbed pork ribs. I bake them first, then finish them on the grill and they are out of this world! Corn on the cob and baked potatoes. I hope everyone has a great weekend. Remember the fallen.
  3. My American flag will be displayed, in my front yard, starting tomorrow. Yeah, believe it or not, Liberals DO things like that. Remember the fallen.
  4. Nah, that sounds perfectly normal to me.
  5. The Night Manager

    I'll probably binge watch it this weekend. The State Park, where the George Observatory is located, is closing because of flooding.............AGAIN!
  6. Game of Thrones

    That was funny!
  7. Hiroshima

    Much to the chagrin of the repubs who said he would.
  8. US Presidential Race Potpourri Thread

  9. A New Contender for Stupidest State in the Nation

    Please note that I posted it saying "some idiot bigots from Kansas". Also, just because a bigot spends money, doesn't mean they don't remain bigots. There were many private schools that opposed integration. They were wrong as well.
  10. A present from space

    On our last trip to Colorado, the DW and I were invited by the local Astronomy Club to join them for a night of observing at Black Canyon. The skies were wonderful. I noticed that several of the folks had stuffed bears on their tables. I asked them why. It seems, a few years earlier, during an observing night, a bear wandered thru their observing site! That would sure get your attention! The closest thing to that that I have experienced was when a buffalo decided to wander around at the Texas Star Party observing site. No one had the guts to shoo it away.
  11. A New Contender for Stupidest State in the Nation

    Could it be? Could it REALLY be that there are actually some sane repubs in Texas?????????????? Now Texas Schoolkids Will NEVER Learn What A Coked-Up Gay Whore Obama Is, Unfair! Crazy lady mary lou bruner loses her Texas state school board runoff. Now the kids will never learn THE REAL TRUTH.
  12. What is Happening in My Country?

    RCP, of course, is entitled to an opinion, just as you are, BUT, unless you and they have a time machine and have traveled to the night of Nov. 8th, and back again with the final election results, your and their opinions and, for that matter, ALL opinions, are just that. OPINIONS.
  13. What is Happening in My Country?

    Which is, also, your opinion.