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  1. Gross stupidity and gullibility of a minority of American voters.
  2. These fliers were found on UT campus yesterday. Yeah, those damn Libs are at it again.
  4. A tRump rally.
  5. I think there are enough of us who are so disgusted with the horrific ass wipe in chief, the top Dems can't, and won't, ignore our growing numbers. It will be a "lead or get the hell out of the way" situation.
  6. And what is the translation of "teeny, tiny hands"?
  7. I hope the fact that tRump is one of the most hated men(?) on the planet makes him lose sleep. However, since he has no conscience, I doubt it bothers him at all.
  8. (From a previous post of mine.) "I'm beginning to believe that anyone who puts an "r" behind their name automatically cut their IQ's in half. And that's pretty sorry considering most of them started in the low 50's."
  9. Well, that may be valid but I know a few other words that work, as well.
  10. I hate him too! BIGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. What is particularly hilarious about this post is when you consider ALL OF THE TIMES he bragged about ALL OF THE THINGS he would accomplish in those first 100 days and he's basically done nothing but screw things up. He is such a total asshole!
  12. I was thinking the exact same thing.
  13. NEVER!
  14. sessions is just another idiot given his appointment from the ass hat in chief.
  15. Let's hope his days are numbered too.