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  1. I wish I could agree with that song's title, but with what is going to happen on the 20th, that would be impossible.
  2. Make that three of us.
  3. That was bigly yuge.
  4. Here's another uplifting one.
  5. Here's another upbeat little ditty.
  6. At least he hasn't hit us with the Alphabet song or Happy Birthday yet.
  7. Watch out, Kay. He may throw some of his revisionist history your way.
  8. Maybe in your revisionist history.
  9. You do realize the songs you are posting have absolutely nothing to do with the crisis we are approaching, don't you?
  10. I really don't care who plays, as long as it wasn't the cabuoys.
  11. Like that'll ever happen.
  12. OK, I do have something to say about her. I hope she is smart enough NOT to allow herself to be alone with the pervert in chief, AT ANY TIME! If, by chance, he does end up cornering her someplace, I hope she screams "RAPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" loud and long! Got that? BTW, diner was delicious!