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  1. Since We're Now Talking VEEPs

    Who Could trump Pick As His VP? There Are So Many Terrible Options!
  2. Since We're Now Talking VEEPs

    I think Julian Castro would be a great VP running mate. It would, all but, guarantee another eight years of Dem WH control after Clinton's eight years.
  3. Since We're Now Talking VEEPs

    Yeah, he needs someone to tone his campaign down some.
  4. Another thread for the air travelers

    Just a WAG but, probably not.
  5. Sorry, but fasten your seatbelt and prepare for the crash. HUFFPOLLSTER: Sorry Bernie Fans, A Sanders Comeback Is Unlikely
  6. US Presidential Race Potpourri Thread

    As I said a while ago, trump is frightening, idiotclown cruz is terrifying.
  7. Michael Moore spotlighted another Flint Crisis

    wingnuts got pissed at the French government during the Iraq mistake. They, the French, wouldn't let US jets fly over French soil. So righties wanted to remove the word "French" from the English language. Thus "Freedom Fries", "Freedom Quarter", etc. was introduced to America. It didn't catch on or last long. Sane people thought it was stupid, which it certainly was.
  8. We have four rescue cats. They all get along just fine. We lucked out.
  9. Lulu is large for a female. She's about 135 pounds. Hoss, well he's another story. He's from a Euro sub-breed called "German Giant". He's one of the largest dogs you'll ever see. At one point he was 220 pounds. The Vets said to knock about twenty pounds off of him. We keep him at around 200 pounds now. He's my big old baby boy. He lust turned six.
  10. Have you ever considered fostering? Contact a local Dane rescue. They are always looking for someone to rehab thrown away dogs. The DW and I are the medical fosters for Great Dane Rescue of SE Texas. The little girl we have now is number nine for us.
  11. Beautiful. Our Lulu is a Blue Merle too. She just turned seven. Like Hoss, she's also a rescue.
  12. What a beautiful girl! When we got Hoss home from the shelter, he was eight months old and weighed 125 pounds.