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  1. Ugh. With relatives like that, who needs enemas?
  2. I'm sure this will piss some people off, but I strongly believe this last election was a last-gasp backlash against this country's inevitable demographic shift. For eight years a certain portion of the population has been furious that Obama was elected president and while not all of that fury is racism, there's an undeniable element of it out there. And then we had the temerity to run a woman, one against whom there was a longstanding current of outright hatred. I was foolish enough to believe Hilary's obvious intelligence and competence would win out over all those factors but the tide of those who hungered to Make America White and Sexist Again was stronger than I wanted to believe. And then there was Comey. And Russia. And Wikileaks. And those factors did just enough damage to get us where we are right now. At the gates of hell, imho.
  3. Re: conservatives we love...most of my family is conservative. (My sister and I and one or two cousins are outliers. Or changelings. Or something.) I love my conservative relatives of course, though I can't say any of their arguments for voting the way they do strike me as making any kind of sense at all. My Mom is a proud Trump voter, but she also gets all her news from right wing radio and Fox News, and while she once was a very sharp lady she's in her late 80s now and arguing with her about poitics or much of anything is pointless. She's has moments of clear thought and moments of being very confused. Because she's my mother I have a lot of arguments with her in my head, but I don't bother having them with her in real life anymore. Another cousin of mine was an NYC cop on 9/11; she's retired now. She's a proud Islamaphobe and doesn't care who knows it. Then there's that cousin I mentioned on another thread who was an addict and is in recovery and sees the entire world through the lens of her megachurch. She cares so vehemently about Israel that it seems pretty evident she's just looking forward to seeing the book of Revelations come to pass. I have conservative friends too, and I admire them as people. They have big hearts and wouldn't turn away a friend or even an acquaintance in need. They're good people. We don't talk politics, at least not in person. To be absolutely honest, I see these folks as basically kind in a way I know (from vast experience) most of my conservative family members are not. So I know kind, generous conservatives are out there, even if I (in brutal honesty) don't see my own conservative family members as kind or generous. I'm still puzzling through how basically decent people can want to turn away refugees and would like to see the ACA repealed. Who think CEOs deserve every penny they get, but those going through tough times don't deserve a helping hand. By now, I realize I may never understand.
  4. I'm not a Twitter person, but I've been obsessively following Rogue Potus Staff. Has anyone else? There's no being absolutely certain that they are who they claim to be (a small group of terrified (conservative) White House insiders) but unlike other rogue white house Twitter handles, they are pretty convincing. Until I started reading them, I felt pretty sure that Pee Otis's unhinged behavior would ultimately be a good thing for those of us who want him out on his ass. But Rogue Potus Staff has me less sure about that. They warned that Trump was AWOL during the whole Yemen raid, that he was off watching cable TV and Tweeting while the raid was being planned and executed, and that story broke soon after. They keep warning that if this kind of craziness doesn't change, we're more vulnerable than ever to terrorist attacks. And why wouldn't we be? We're weakened in the eyes of the world. Instead of "talk softly and carry a big stick" this administration is screaming loudly and proving they can't shoot straight. It puzzles me no end how some people continue to think we're stronger/safer this way.
  5. No need to apologize...I loathe him too, more than I can even find words to convey.
  6. Very good points!
  7. It gives me some evil pleasure to know he'll be watching every televised minute of the dinner and fuming over it. Mad tweets will follow. I mean, would I be happier if he were actually educating himself on national security as opposed to watching cable news and tweeting? Yes. But given that he is who he is, he might as well be made even more cranky by seeing himself how most of the country sees him.
  8. Poo widdle baby Twumpy-wumps.
  9. I'm thinking that there's nothing in that video I would find enlightening. Any woman who's lived to be more than, say, fifteen, has a pretty good idea of the ways in which some men determine their worth in the world. Luckily not all men, though.
  10. I wouldn't care about the size of his ass if he didn't insist on critiquing women for their appearances.
  11. Who said anything about being "romantically in love"? I just liked having a thoughtful, nondelusional, well-read, relatively high-minded and humane human being as president. I liked having days where I didn't have my phone ping with the newest atrocity every other hour or so. I liked the hope of the natural world not being stripped down for parts to be sold to the highest bidder. Etcetera. And at this point I'd like to live somewhere other than America.
  12. If the creek don't rise, the good lord's willing, and there ain't no meltdown, Mr. Adventure and I are planning a week in Paris this summer to commemorate 30 years since our honeymoon there. We haven't been since, so I really do hope there ain't no meltdown.
  13. That looks (l)epic!
  14. Anyone who admires Trump and Bannon is a lost cause in my book.
  15. moi aussi!