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  1. Not to mention that article about Castile being a suspect seems so far to have only been picked up by extremely partisan blogsites. Haven't seen a reputable news source touch it with a ten foot pole.
  2. We're good. As for the other quotes, I think it's possible to see how one act of violence leads to another without justifying it.
  3. No problem. I should probably have been clearer, especially since I haven't been around for a while and this was my first post here regarding the events of the last few days.
  4. ...but in case my earlier post wasn't perfectly clear, I deplore all violence, including the mass murder last night in Dallas. I fear that we're spiralling out of control as a society, and that something very ugly has been set in motion.
  5. Way to twist my words, RTB.
  6. Why didn't she roll the camera while this was happening? Maybe because it seemed like a routine traffic stop? Maybe because in the heat of the moment she was apprehensive about what the cop might do and didn't want to make him angrier? We can't know, but I think it's ridiculous to blame her for not having her video camera on.
  7. Violence begets violence--the cliche that keeps on being sadly true.
  8. Woaaaah the price you pay....woaaaah the price you pay. (Sorry...just singing along.)
  9. Maybe this little fellow convinced him to make the switch.
  10. In the time I've been away, has Periscope stopped being a thing? I had it downloaded on my phone, just checked, and it's not there. Can't seem to find it in the app store either.