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  1. I'm so relieved our Laker friend is okay.
  2. On a related topic, can't people of good will (whomever they voted for in this election) reject the term Alt-Right? With its surface kinship to terms like Alt-Country and Alt-Folk It's such a hip and fuzzy way to "brand" White Male Christian Supremacists.
  3. None of the above. Luckily we're having Turkey day with like minded friends. But Christmas (with my Mom who I'm 90% sure voted for Trump though I refuse to engage when she starts to talk politics) will be another story, so I voted for No Politics at the Table.
  4. Not me, baby. I'm an introvert.
  5. So Trump needs a babysitter?
  6. Munch, actually. But this painting will sure come in handy in the days to come.
  7. I've been wearing a safety pin for the last few days, especially on campus.
  8. Congratulations!!!
  9. He wants to when he gets out of college. He's in Portland, Oregon right now, which is practically Canada.
  10. This morning on my Facebook feed I saw a conservative assert that the racist graffiti that incorporates mentions of Trump is probably being perpetrated by liberals to make Trump supporters look bad. Here's what's going on in my backyard: http://www.philly.com/philly/news/20161113_Radnor_police__Villanova_investigating__White_males_yelling__Trump__knock_down_black_female_student.html
  11. Thanks to Obamacare's children up to 26 provision, my twenty-five year old son has received much needed treatment for serious illness (a pre-existing condtion) on my health plan. It might have saved his life, and I'm sure he's one of many. If the pre-existing condition provision remains in place, my son might (theoretically at least) someday be able to purchase his own insurance. So from where I'm sitting, definitely worth it. Of course, if the rest of Obamacare is rolled back, when he turns 26 if he doesn't have the vanishingly rare type of job that offers health insurance (and he's unlikely to, since he's doing restaurant work at the moment), he won't have insurance at all.
  12. OF COURSE we hope Trump does well as president--because which of us wants the nation to go down the toilet? I've spent the day hoping like mad (and against hope) that a lot of the Trump he presented to us during the campaign was performance art--that he's not bombastic, thoughtless, self-aggrandizing, impulsive, dishonest, mean, and a molester of any woman he finds attractive. I hope like mad that his unwillingness to prep for debate and to speak in coherent specifics was unwillingness and not inability. But it seems like pretty much everybody who has worked with the guy or spent any kind of time with him seems to think that what we've seen is what we'll get. So I'm terrified for my country...not because I want him to fail but because all evidence points to a very real potential for disaster.
  13. Any chance Russian hackers are toying with the voting machines?
  14. Nothing but beer and wine, and I've already partaken of both. Neither is helping.