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  1. p.s. Does anyone honestly think they are friends (or even reasonably friendly acquaintances) at the moment? Trump's hostility toward Clinton certainly seems authentic, and I doubt she (or anyone else) could feel any warmth toward someone who talks about her the way he does. Talk about demeaning someone. In fact, Trump's whole m.o. is demeaning anyone who doesn't lick his boots. That doesn't mean it would be right for those of us who don't like him to demean his less deplorable followers, but in describing her frustration at trying to argue with one of those, S2S was not in any way demeaning.
  2. That Trump and the Clintons were friends once reflects on the fact that Trump is a relative newcomer to...whatever the heck we call his political beliefs. It also might reflect a time when politics wasn't a zero-sum game, when Republicans and Democrats knew how to be civil to each other in person though they might be at odds politically.
  3. There is no happiness like dogs being reunited with their kids who have gone off to college. Great picture!
  4. How I love this photo! Happy dog, happy girl, happy life. Thank you for helping to make this happen, PRR.
  5. My 87 year old mother, stubborn as the day is long, refused to evacuate her home in Vero Beach. She lost power, but she was able to phone me this morning via cell. Her apartment's on the second floor and is inland, albeit not by much. Also, the windows and roof have been upgraded since the last big hurricane (Hugo, maybe?) Still, I worry about her, especially if the power stays out a while. Glad you made it through, Jim. And Rob, I hope you and yours are unscathed.
  6. Dan Stone solicited questions to be asked at the interview, and he tells me he asked mine, word for word. (Happy dance!) I'm dying to know what the answer was, but I might just wait until the KQED broadcast. My question was: April Lindner Hey, Dan. Gotta chime in with a question, of course. I'd love to know what unmet ambitions Bruce has. Are there any hills he has yet to climb?
  7. Mods, feel free to tow this thread as necessary!
  8. Aw! Sorry I missed your thread, Andrew. My GL reading has been pretty scattershot lately.
  9. "Tune into KQED 88.5FM on Sunday, October 16 at 1pm and Tuesday, October 18 at 8pm." Pacific time, presumably.
  10. Is anybody going to this? http://www.cityarts.net/event/bruce-springsteen/ The interviewer, Dan Stone, is an old friend of mine. I so wanted to go, but airfare to San Francisco was more than I could justify spending. At least KQED will be rebroadcasting the interview on Sunday and Tuesday...so we can all listen in via internet radio.
  11. Wonderful interview! If only Terry Gross could interview Bruce every day--my commute home would be a joy, as it was today. And I'm about to listen to the rebroadcast now!
  12. Thought this was a very good article, though the title is misleading. We can question what he's given us and still love him without limits!
  13. I'm about fifty pages into BTR, and I wish I could put my life on pause and keep reading straight through to the end. At any rate, it's pretty clear that there's an awful lot of tips he could be giving me.
  14. Sounds like you and he were close enough together to know for sure!