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  1. Well, their voice mail is always full these days and most of them don't even hold town hall meetings, so what's a girl to do? Besides, for whatever reason, faxes are supposedly taken more seriously than emails, and god only knows what they do with actual snail mail.
  2. S2S and I agree on most things but not quite on this. As I wrote somewhere else tonight (I've already forgotten where) I wouldn't exactly have a Come-to-Trump moment if he did the right thing and took the recommended amount of time really seeing Yad Vashem, and maybe coming up with something thoughtful to say about it, but I would give him credit for that one act. More to the point, if he really took the time to see a site like that, it might change him a little--add a little depth to how he sees the world. The very fact that that seems way too much to hope for speaks volumes about the man and his presidency. But pretend for a minute he could be arsed to do such a thing. I believe I would give him props for it. Anyway, I think the general jist of what S2S is saying is pretty much what I wrote above--that it's easy to be distracted by all the dumb, thoughtless things Trump says and does, and ultimately we've got bigger fish to fry. And that's something I do need to keep reminding myself.
  3. Just ran across this: http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/lou-reed-student-outrage-trans-women-transphobic-unnecessary-a7751091.html
  4. OK...but I'm talking about the holocaust memorial. The principle is similar.
  5. So don't wade through. I don't completely disagree with you. Those of us who have MANY valid reasons to resist Trump are too easily distracted by all the ways in which he is petty, disrespectful, disingenous, etc. Ultimately it distracts us from the real things we need to be concentrating on--the actual damage he is trying to do to our health care system, for just one example. His presidency is a shitstorm and it suits his purposes because it entertains us and distracts us. And by "us" I do mean me. I'm trying to get better at focusing on what matters. I've got a way to go. Time to go send a fax or two to my senators.
  6. Yeah, I remember the post. And I see Judy's point. Either approach Yad Vashem with the proper respect or don't approach it at all--but don't just go there for PR. Seems like a fair request to me.
  7. They bleeped the word cock...so the lewd language is somewhat moot. I'm no fan of anti-gay humor but Colbert's joke wasn't that, exactly. The point wasn't "Trump is gay for Putin so he's less of a man and that's funny"--the way a lot of anti-gay humor runs. The point was, Trump is subservient to Putin...Putin dishes it out and Trump takes it. Admittedly it's a subtle distinction, and if you don't buy it, then tell me how Colbert's joke is any different (at all) from bbb's comment on another thread calling P13 and PT each other's "butt boys"?
  8. It's mean...but it's funny!
  9. I read it, albeit hours ago. I can understand why she (or anyone) might feel that if a holocaust memorial isn't going to be approached with the proper reverence it had best not be approached at all. And I don't know why Trump couldn't have spared a more respectful amount of time for such a sensitive and important visit. It does seem pretty evident that he's old and not up to exertion (unless that exertion is golf) which I could respect more if he hadn't made such a point of his doctor saying he would be in the best physical shape of any president ever. I know you hate it that some of us can't find anything good to say about the guy...but he's such a liar, such a blowhard, and so self centered that he makes it a challenge. How about I promise that if he really does something I find worthy of respect I will admit it? Here's one: he did seem to be somewhat impressed by the Pope today. That's to his credit. I can't know if he was impressed by the office or the man, and I'd give Trump more credit if I knew for sure he was responding to Francis's substance and not the pomp and circumstance...but Trump didn't snub him. That's good.
  10. Well, I'm glad he got up.
  11. Judy's hardly the only person who thought this was a slight.
  12. This isn't apropos of the fight you guys are having...but this is shocking to me, maybe because an acquaintance of mine, a father of two, was killed while on his bike. I guess I shouldn't be shocked by any of the nastiness the internet has to offer, but no matter how down and dirty it gets here, I can't recall it ever getting as ugly as what you're describing here, bbb.
  13. For the record, I see that Vox is reporting he actually wound up spending 30 minutes onsite instead of the projected 15. Still, it wasn't enough time to do justice to such an important site.
  14. Yeah...me too.
  15. I can imagine a few things Trump could do to make me give him props. He's very unlikely to do any of them given his temperament and his commitment to lining the pockets of people like himself and making life more difficult/dangerous for people unlike himself...but if he did something substantial to help the middle class or the poor, I'd be pleasantly surprised and say so. Until then, I reserve the right to criticize his pantomimes of morality and spirituality.