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  1. What do YOU as a non-believer say

    Coming to this conversation late, this is exactly it, in my opinion.  "I'm praying for you," for many, basically means, "I'm thinking of you, wishing you well."  That's a very different thing from saying, "Your loved one is in a better place," or "God has a plan for everyone," or "God never gives us more than we can handle"; each of these bromides is potentially hurtful, and posits a heaven/God the hearer might not believe in.  But to tell someone you're praying for someone isn't to insist that the someone in question shares one's beliefs, or that the death of their loved one is pre-ordained.  It's simply meant to be kind.  
  2. What do YOU as a non-believer say

    So much this.
  3. Food Stamp Challenge...a kinda recipe thread

    Unsurprisingly, Walmart's groceries are super cheap.  Slim pickings in the veggie aisle, though.
  4. Mid-Atlantic peeps and north - WATCH OUT!

    I'm looking forward to a stack of books, a bottle of wine, and nowhere to go.  I'm not looking forward to the snow-heavy limbs that could drop from my neighbor's row of enormous killer pine trees.  We're trying to get our house on the market in a few weeks; the last thing we need is a hole in the roof.  Not to mention the fact that our bed is in that part of the house. Stay warm, dry, and safe, friends.
  5. Hello, Setlistvisioners and Setlistvisionettes!   Technology has come a long way since the last tour!
  6. #OscarsSoWhite

    I think advances in rights for gays were able to happen as suddenly as they did because t.v. (and possibly also Hollywood) acclimated the heartland to gay characters.  TV might be more effective that way because watching a series means spending a fair amount of time with characters, which conveys a feeling a familiarity.  I also think partially because mixed race marriages began to be much more commonplace in movies and tv, society's attitudes began to shift subtly in response.   In other words, one movie might not change much, but I do think the cultural landscape can shift attitudes at least as much as it reflects shifting attitudes.  Or maybe there's a snowball effect....
  7. Freedom Songs. All Hail Trump.

  8. Freedom Songs. All Hail Trump.

    Well, that was execrable.   It makes sense that a song "composed" for a Donald Trump rally would be a string of jingoistic non sequiturs that are more about attitude than substance, because that's how he sounds when he speaks.  But what really offends this poetry nerd is how whoever wrote it didn't even bother to match the meter of the lyrics to the music.  Cow-ward-DISS.  Yikes!
  9. Who's going to the tour opener?  Who is doing GA?  Where will folks be meeting up for the pre-show get together?   And, most importantly, how on earth does a person dress to do the GA lottery in January?  Wear a coat and have to carry it for the whole show?  Wear a t-shirt and freeze for two plus hours waiting for the lottery?   Any tips are welcome.
  10. Philly Cop Shot by A Violent Nut "in the name of Islam"

    This hits home, as it's the part of Philly I drive through to get downtown.  And the photos are scary.  Amazing that the cop lived; I'm guessing the shooter must have had very bad aim.  
  11. Seeing a Show By Yourself

    Shows are always better with friends.  That said, I've been to some alone, and have still had an amazing time.  
  12. Change is here

    I'm so happy that now I can use Chrome to get into the forums!  Thanks, Karsten!  
  13. Our Good Ol' Friend George Zimmerman

    George Zimmerman: the gift that keeps on giving.
  14. Jim, is your objection to the watch list altogether? Or are you privileging the right to buy a gun over the right to fly?
  15. This honestly perplexes me. I'm trying to understand the logic. Is there anyone here who believe the Senate's vote today (against a measure making it illegal for people on the no fly list to buy guns) is a good/wise/sensible one? If so, why?