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  1. Woaaaah the price you pay....woaaaah the price you pay. (Sorry...just singing along.)
  2. Maybe this little fellow convinced him to make the switch.
  3. In the time I've been away, has Periscope stopped being a thing? I had it downloaded on my phone, just checked, and it's not there. Can't seem to find it in the app store either.
  4. Hey, gang! Kicking myself that I'm not there tonight. Stupid job.
  5. Well This Can't Be Good

    Don't stop, Magnus! We need you.
  6. Greensboro cancelled.

    I thought I was.
  7. Greensboro cancelled.

    So, to recap, under this new law, I'd get to pee beside this guy?
  8. Greensboro cancelled.

    Random thoughts about why this law makes no sense. (Forgive me if some of this has been said before; I'm late to the party and dont really have time/inclination to read this whole thread): Some women are aroused by women. Are we going to also have separate bathrooms for women who like women? What about for men who like men? In almost any women's room there are separate stalls, so it's not like anybody's getting naked in front of anybody else. Co-ed bathrooms are becoming the new normal in some places, and I don't hear anybody freaking out about those. Do any of the universities in North Carolina have co-ed bathrooms or is that only a heathenish Northeastern tendency? And anyway, who is going to enforce this law? Is somebody going to police public bathrooms to weed out those trans people who look pretty convincingly of the gender they identify with? Are all North Carolinians going to have to carry birth certificates everywhere they go?
  9. Greensboro cancelled.

    Only in our little Bruce Nation bubble has anyone noticed the Dallas teenybopper stage rush. It's hardly a PR Nightmare for Bruce. Like it or lump it, Bruce's support for LGBT rights is longstanding and sincere.
  10. Happy birthday, Misadventure!

    Hello, friends! Thanks so much for all the kind birthday wishes!!! There's been a lot of upheaval in the Adventure family lately--trying to sell a house, trying to buy a house on the other side of the Delaware and become a bonafide Jersey Girl--so this thank-you is a bit belated, but no less sincere.