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  1. Failer is superb. Would love to see her live.
  2. Brilliant. Tnx for sharing.
  3. This pro shot gets to the heart of everything that Bruce is about. Never fails to move me. If I had to explain why I love Bruce so much, using one piece of evidence, it would be this.
  4. 'a gritty rocker.' Trump must be trembling. Baron could probably write better words. Nice to hear from The Boss, though. It's been a while.
  5. Yeah. A release that only a fraction of his fan base will be able to buy. (Unless they pull a flanker and put it on general release afterwards )
  6. Welcome to GL. Eddy's site is pretty great, too.
  7. I've always heard it as a justification for one's actions. Even bad ones.
  8. Me neither.
  9. An absolutely gorgeous version with The Sessions Band, Birmingham, UK, 2006. Knocks spots off of the album version (and that's pretty good in itself). Love and mercy, on Easter weekend. x
  10. Good catch. I do remember this version circulating (in average quality) in the early 80s and I think was on the vinyl bootleg, Still On The Edge. A cleaned up version appeared years later on the The Promise CD boot. If I remember rightly, the version on Lost Masters is clipped at the end.
  11. Steve Hunter.
  12. Tom Hanks will probably get the exclusive.
  13. With Ronee Blakely and Bobby Neuwirth.