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  1. If he's in the habit of naming the chapters in the book after the titles of his songs/ records, will the chapter about his hair be called 'PLUGGED' ?
  2. Maybe Bruce's hearing hasn't been damaged because the onstage monitors aren't turned up to max.
  3. There's an interview with Dave and Roger Scott of Capital Radio from the early eighties where RS mentions FST (which DE had already recorded). DE said that Bruce played him the song backstage at a Wembley show in '81 and Bruce told him, "I wrote this with you in mind." Of course, by that time, Bruce had already recorded and rejected it for the River.
  4. 'Fire' for Elvis. 'From Small Things...' for Dave Edmunds. 'Tiger Rose' for Sonny Burgess. the top of my head. Bound to be more. EDIT. It seems TR wasn't written specifically for Burgess. When Tallent was producing Burgess, he asked Bruce for an appropriate song. Bruce gave him the lyrics and chords over the phone. But, the song had already been written for TGOTJ sessions.
  5. Hence, the set list complaining from a lot of us.
  6. Each to their own, of course, but I find Kanye unlistenable.
  7. It's a great song, fitting in nicely with the autobiographical concept of the whole record. Probably his most under appreciated record, in fact.
  8. Here's the skinny on Ian's gargantuan forthcoming box set. They've not missed a single thing out as far as I can tell. A load of Ronson stuff on it, too. The price is sure to be less than advertised.
  9. I idolised Mick Ronson all of his life. Easily my favourite guitar player. Brilliant arranger, producer. And to top it all, it seems he was a thoroughly decent, down to earth fellow. But, I never once saw him live in any of his many roles. And I can't figure out why I never did. I would have loved to have shaken his hand and say 'thanks'. My only musical regret.
  10. Great story. He really should cash in on that brief moment. Everyone else does.
  11. "Every generation sends its heroes up the pop charts."
  12. "It's a miracle right out of scripture."
  13. Best sound I've ever heard at a Bruce show in 35 years, was Seeger show Birmingham 2006. Tons of musicians on stage but you could hear every single one. It was crisp, clear and loud. But, I wonder if it was because those shows were largely 'acoustic'?
  14. Yes. Not sure I've ever seen anybody that gorgeous that is also uber cool. I was fifteen when she came onto the scene. Helped me through a difficult age if you know what I mean.
  15. Hey Roy. Rolling tonight son.