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  1. I think a lot of us were guaranteed specific rarities, but now that may not be the case. I'm glad that the set list is finally being shaken up, but hope I'll still get TPYP and DAN.
  2. That's not the pro shot version from though.
  3. Bruce's recent gut

    People in glass houses.........................
  4. Bruce's recent gut

    Apparently, John Martyn lost his leg through complications attributed to carrying the weight of a heavy telecaster over the years
  5. I was there too. Notable for being the first show he'd ever played outside the USA on July 4th.
  6. Is our hero taking the piss?

    Let's face it, no matter what they say, no matter how they try to spin it or PR the hell out of it, they've all become BORED BORED BORED by playing the same songs night after night after ferkn night. It had to happen.
  7. Coventry 2016

    Another reason that stadium shows suck is that they're played in almost total daylight. Grrrrrr!
  8. Bruce's recent gut

    His belly is not the only thing that looks prominent.
  9. Shake Yer Head

    The guy that has 'Tramps Like Us' tattooed on the circumcised head of his penis takes some beating.
  10. He advertised this as The River Tour. So I want TPYP and DAN as agreed, as a part of the handshake deal when I paid for my ticket. You can keep your minor league obscurities. I want the canine testicles. Oh, Jole Blon would be nice, too.
  11. Is our hero taking the piss?

    Yep. I was one of those.
  12. You, like others on this thread are missing the (important) point. No offence intended, but this is all about communication from the top down. They have our money, so ethically, they should be keeping us up to date. When a tour is announced they are quick to provide links so that WE can communicate with THEM. I wish this relationship was reciprocal. Kev Proth, I name checked you. You little lurker you.
  13. Couldn't see this mentioned anywhere else. Apologies if it's a duplicate.
  14. The Weirdest Tour Ever? You better believe it. The blue collar rocker, the man of the people, is losing a lot of good faith at the moment with one thing and another.