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  1. Loved her attitude, and a few great songs reflected that. But there was never a lot of substance, musically. A little talent went a long way.
  2. And while I'm at it, it really really bugged me that he didn't play ANY songs from the River Box (*) despite the fact that it was THAT tour. Fans were gagging for Stray Bullet, for example. My conclusion is that he couldn't / wouldn't put in the effort to teach the band the new songs. They just juggernauted around the globe playing the established back catalogue ad infinitum. For me, as a long timer, that was extremely disappointing. The old adage used to be 'what the f**k is coming next?' That, for this time, disappeared on this tour. (*) excepting MMITC of course.
  3. Yes. You're right. But, historically, we expect much much more from Bruce. He was always a leader, never a follower. This last tour has seen him slip into that lucrative oldies market that previously, this very forum has criticised. Now it seems that most people have settled for it as the norm. I never thought I would see the day, but hey, here it is. There's no argument that a Bruce night out almost can never be bettered, but there's no getting away from the fact that this was Bruce=by=Numbers despite the 100 per cent commitment every night.
  4. When all is said and done, this tour has been the most strange. I bet Bruce has made more from merchandise than he has from ticket sales. It's almost as if the River Box was just an excuse to go on a money spinning tour. No new material whatsoever, few rarities, and even the rarer River cuts got dumped in favour of Darlington, Working, Dancing, etc., etc. And why on earth did he include Shout in every single show? I said it a year ago and still say it now, something is up. This last 12 months has been weird.
  5. I've always been intrigued by the fact no band member, past or present, has ever had commercial success when making their own albums. Even Steven's stone cold classic, Men Without Women sold relatively poorly. It's almost like The Curse Of Bruce. I suppose CC's duet with Jackson Browne would be the biggest earner. Shame, because there's some nice stuff out there.
  6. Roy plays organ on the album version. On the original River Tour they always swapped places.
  7. It would be great if somebody has made a sign for I'll Stand By You always.
  8. I've seen Nanci Griffith in concert many times. On more than one occasion she said that Bruce and Patti had 'recorded' a version of Gulf Coast Highway.
  9. Thanks for sharing everyone. Great stuff.
  10. I remember a classic Landau quote pre The River. As we know, it took forever and rumours were rife about this and that and the other. He was quoted (in the NME I think) as saying he refused to comment on the sessions as it might harm 'the integrity of the project.' WHAT?! Not to mention the infamous telephone press release conversation on the BB DVD. With Landau, you always get the feeling that each new project involves them reinventing the wheel. It's just a record.
  11. It's classic Landau. He gives nothing away, tells us nothing new, but still wants us to hang on his every word with the, 'I know something you don't' malarkey. And I couldn't care less if Bruce 'loves texting'. WTF!
  12. As an aside, the mention of Kate Landau reminded me that her birth inspired the Bruce line, "A friend of mine became a father last night." As you were.
  13. So, it goes on GL and then gets pulled. Surely, that's proof that Bruce's people are watching us (?) Cue, Twilight Zone music.
  14. Long Tall Sally Edit 1 … 1 Tags wb tour Notify RSS Backlinks Source Print Export (PDF) Little Richard, 1956. All known live performances: 1982-04-11 - BIG MAN'S WEST, RED BANK, NJ (John Eddie) 1982-05-02 - THE STONE PONY, ASBURY PARK, NJ (Cats on a Smooth Surface) 1982-05-23 - THE STONE PONY, ASBURY PARK, NJ (Cats on a Smooth Surface) 1982-07-23 - EAST FREEHOLD SHOWGROUNDS, FREEHOLD, NJ (Sonny Kenn) 1982-07-23 - THE FAST LANE, ASBURY PARK, NJ (Stray Cats) 1982-07-25 - THE STONE PONY, ASBURY PARK, NJ (Cats on a Smooth Surface) 1983-04-27 - THE STONE PONY, ASBURY PARK, NJ (The Diamonds) 1989-07-01 - THE STONE PONY, ASBURY PARK, NJ (La Bamba) 1989-07-27 - THE HEADLINER, NEPTUNE, NJ (The Fabulous Greaseband) 1989-08-11 - GARDEN STATE ARTS CENTER, HOLMDEL, NJ (Ringo Starr) 1990-01-17 - WALDORF-ASTORIA HOTEL, NEW YORK CITY, NY (Rock & Roll Hall of Fame) 1995-08-14 - JACK'S SUGAR SHACK, HOLLYWOOD, CA (Ronnie Mack) 1996-03-17 - THE MEAN FIDDLER, DUBLIN, IRELAND (Joe Ely) 1996-08-10 - GRAND MOUNTAIN LODGE, WHITEFISH, MT (Toby Scott wedding reception) 2006-08-05 - PNC BANK ARTS CENTER, HOLMDEL, NJ (John Fogerty) 2011-11-09 - BEACON THEATRE, NEW YORK CITY, NY (Stand Up For Heroes) 2013-06-03 - STADIO GIUSEPPE MEAZZA, MILAN, ITALY
  15. Yeah, helps get rid of the bad blood. Ten years since the last one.