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  1. Following on from Calliope's point above ^ , I'm amazed that (with a few exceptions) virtually nothing is being played post 1984. And two of those are tired oldies (Rising, Sunny Day). This must be a conscious decision.
  2. I was only ever going to go to one show anyway, regardless. But, I promise to give you an honest answer to that statement above.
  3. If Bruce shakes up the set list tonight then everyone here on this thread can take some credit for it. Personally, I'm just doing the one show, Coventry, and after thirty odd years of following the guy, this is the least excited I've ever been. Far more excited about seeing Ronnie Spector in Cardiff the following week.
  4. Yeah. We're a small but vocal minority. Let's wait and see if he's listening.
  5. .....and as Bruce once sang on the Vote For Change Tour, 'People Have The Power.'
  6. How?

    People I know personally that have seen Bruce around 170 times, all over the world, aren't married and don't have children. That seems to be how they do it, as a general rule.
  7. On the plus side, some of our constructive criticism MUST be getting back to Bruce. They're at it too on BTX.
  8. Permanently dancing in the dark whilst waiting on a sunny day out in the Badlands is where they are.
  9. .....ask him when will the band be 'let off the leash?"
  10. I can wait 'til then. Shouldn't be long.
  11. Even though they aren't playing the whole album, the tour is still advertised as 'The River Tour' and the album is hardly getting a look in. It's ridiculous, and unprofessional. They've dropped a clanger, and it seems they don't have the humility to say so.
  12. It was 1985, Sue. I think you need even more coffee.
  13. I never spotted them. Just as well, I suppose.