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  1. I love 'Country/ Americana' Bruce. Train Song is fantastic.
  2. Don't worry, Garry has said that the band are off the leash. So hang on, something epic is coming.
  3. Trust none of what you hear. And less of what you see.
  4. It's been said before, but it's worth saying again in view of this new thread, Dave Marsh's treatment of Mike in his first biog is disgraceful. I know that many fans viewed Mike with disgust for many years as a result of that. It wasn't until Down Thunder Road and the subsequent Backstreets interview that Mike did with Charlie Cross did we realise how damaging it was. Mike basically said that Marsh ruined his attempts to start afresh back in the late Seventies. I hope that there has been a private apology at some point.
  5. Was she solo, Keith? I thought Duke Levine and Jon Carrol were with her. (?)
  6. Tnx for sharing. Hunter rarely puts a foot wrong. His new box set (September) is immense!!
  7. Excellent, Dan. Thanks.
  8. It's no coincidence that he played Frankie. Given the circumstances, a reference to Frankie Teardrop. Maybe Follow That Dream, too.
  9. Official word from Bruce.
  10. Lovely. Tnx for sharing.