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  1. As it happens, Waterstones are doing it for ten pounds. Result. Wherever possible I like to keep my money away from the gargantuan, globe straddling, behemoth multi nationals. They don't need my cash, they've got plenty.
  2. This thing is beautifully written. It may also be the only book I've ever read that references soiled underwear hanging on a washing line.
  3. Suki Lahav finally gets her long overdue credit on 'Sandy.'
  4. Loose Windscreen? Get yourself down to Kwik Fit.
  5. There has been a culture here in the UK for journalists, presenters and all manner of interviewers to prattle on and on and not allow their subject to expand on their points. It seems the interviewers love the sound of their own voices and WILL have all their points heard, even if it means cutting across their guests mid sentence. Old school professionals must be spinning in their graves. This guy in Sweden did the exact opposite. He picked on the most relevant points in the time he had and he let Bruce TALK. Full credit to him. Impressive command of conversational English, too.
  6. Well, I've been listening to Ian's new album, Fingers Crossed, for a while now, and after a sticky start I can honestly say that it's a cracker. It's really grown on me. There are a couple of tracks on side one that I didn't warm to at first (a bit formulaic) but I'm over that now. I also took the plunge and pre-ordered the new, gargantuan box set. 30 discs. Gulp.
  7. Thank you for sharing. Brilliant brilliant interview. So nice to hear an interviewer that lets his guest talk and talk. It's so moving when he talks about his dad.
  8. Keep calm and buy it in January when all is quiet and all is calm. It's not Steinbeck or Hemingway or Harper Lee. I'ts Bruce talking about his dad and depression.
  9. Satan's Jewelled Crown, Rocking All Over The World, Viva Las Vegas................
  10. It makes it a little more fascinating for me as I lost my dad recently. He was unlike Bruce's dad by the sound of it, but I can see some similarities along the way for both of us.
  11. The guy in the CBS segment gently tried to get Bruce to concede that, in summary, it's a book about Bruce and his dad.
  12. Ooh Dan, that's a bit mischevious the way you've mis-quoted me ^. I love Stevie Wonder. I was taking issue with the choice of 'Lately.'
  13. Well, as he's on the so called The River Tour, how about Ballad Of Easy Rider from the Vets show of August 1981? Stunning. And it's the only time he's played it as far as I can remember.
  14. 'Lately' by Stevie Wonder?!!! Perleeeeeeeze no.
  15. It went up on YT almost immediately.