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  1. "Orchestrations"

    Sorry to hear your sad news. We lost our dad very recently, too.  So lots of thoughts and empathy en route.    
  2. Ties That Bind artwork

    Great stuff.  Thanks.
  3. Such a shame for a lady with royal blood.  
  4. Dollhouse

    A great song.....................until it gets to the chorus.  Oh dear.
  5. Possibly, if indeed she actually uses such Anglo Saxon profanities. It does remind me that we should never let the facts get in the way of a good story.      
  6. "Orchestrations"

  7. Does she still get commission from the people who make Mars Bars?
  8. "Orchestrations"

    Aaron Copland, and I think we're just having some punsome fun with the title and the concept.  
  9. European Tour Confirmed -

    Thank you, Newman.
  10. "Orchestrations"

    Yeah, the album is called  Copland and there is thread around here somewhere.  Monk To Monk even revealed the artwork for the album.
  11. Speechless.  Photo shopped, but nevertheless. Speechless.
  12. Vowels?  Vowels?  What are these things of which you speak?
  13. idiots

    Haha.  You don't know me.  But please, don't tell me what to do or not what to do at any concert that I go to.  Lose yourself in the zone and don't worry about anyone else.
  14. Aw, very little love for Wales this time around.  Shame, as Cardiff was brill last time around.
  15. idiots

    Ignore Gus.  Go to a show and do what the hell you like, when you like, where you like.   You've paid your money, take your chances without a Bruce Nazi telling you otherwise.