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  1. I've never seen FTD as a cover. I'm sure if it was released, Bruce would have to give a songwriting credit (as he had to do with Johnny Bye Bye) but it bears no resemblance to the other song. We Gotta Get Out Of This Place at Cardiff with Eric Burdon was easily the greatest performance of any cover version I've heard in concert. Who'll Stop The Rain on the '81 Tour is also phenomenal. Ballad Of Easy Rider is also stunning.
  2. He cleared it with Bruce to join Greasy Lake?!!! What the? That's weird.
  3. Isn't that list ^ from the Seeger Sessions Tour?
  4. Three, if you count the original insertion of the first disc. Anyway, Kate is more than worth it. I just wish there had been a DVD to accompany it.
  5. Well, the CD version would mean three changes to disrupt the flow. Besides, the LP version gives you a lovely big 12" x 12" booklet. It's a beautiful package.
  6. Four vinyl albums of genius. Album of the year. That is all.
  7. I believe anyone can accompany the original purchaser. So if you've bought four tickets your three mates can go in with you as long as you prove your own identity.
  8. It's been said before, but the only way to defeat these b******s is to do what Kate Bush and Tom Waits have done, and that's only allow admittance to a show after you've proved that you are the person whose name is on the actual ticket. It may be a little impractical for stadium shows but it's 100 per cent effective in theatres and arenas.
  9. Nice one Keith. Secured a couple of good ones for Cardiff. Tnx.
  10. The Last Time, Rolling Stones.
  11. Stupid girl.
  12. So, in summary, Pence did not take offence. So Van Zandt took offence on his behalf and went public. Maureen VZ is now on Twitter telling people that they can only criticise SVZ if they have contributed to the betterment of humankind. Totally bizarre. SVZ is losing the plot. He should STFU and get back to writing another classic album like MWW.
  13. The version of Backstreets in '77 specifically when he does the 'BLOW 'EM ALL AWAY' bit in the middle. Brucebumps every time.
  14. "It may not be in my best interests to be pointing my finger, but I'm sure pointing my finger at you now baby." Yes, you Steven. You're a prat.