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  1. Haha. Well, I did say I wasn't sure.
  2. Yes! There's a YT video of DL talking about it but it's in Spanish (I think).
  3. Going way off topic, but it's interesting you should mention 'dick', given his mathematical reputation in that region.
  4. Yeah, but I could have done without the description of his grandfather's soiled underwear on the washing line.
  5. Those names don't ring a bell. Blimey, he got around a bit, didn't he?
  6. I've lent the Sandford book out, so I can't recall the name of the college girl that Bruce was seeing in the early 80s. She's the one that Bruce got beat up over, by her boyfriend.
  7. "We're doing the work that big boy couldn't do."
  8. Barbara Pyle's shot of BS and Karen Darvin.
  9. Bruce and Joy Hannah, 1976.
  10. Another ex, Diane Lozito.
  11. Another ex, Joy Hannah on left.
  12. "We'll always have Paris."
  13. I can't remember. I'd have to Google. I also remember some sniffy remarks from Todd on the Bat Out Of Hell Classic Albums DVD. Nothing major, but it's clear he wasn't a fan.
  14. Another ex, Joyce Heyser. Plus, Paris 1981
  15. One of his better known exes, Karen Darvin (spelling?) has two children by Todd Rundgren. I seem to remember some snidey comments about Bruce from Todd.