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  1. Nice.
  2. My Congressman, Rob Wittman, also voted against the AHCA even though he voted to repeal the ACA every time it came up in the House. I've checked his website and Facebook page regularly the past few weeks and his constituents were really letting him have it. Surprised me. This district went bigly for Trump.
  3. Guess I should clarify for Euro peeps who may not know, the onion is a popular satire site in the US.
  4. Several years ago when I started using Advair my asthma doc mentioned how popular asthma inhalers had become with some athletes. It's depressing that doctors had to be in cahoots with the cheaters. All of the inhalers I know of are by prescription only.
  5. FREEHOLD, NJ—Saying it hasn’t always been easy inventing reasons for not attending one of his gigs, local man John Gilman, 68, told reporters Thursday that he has spent approximately 50 years coming up with excuses to avoid checking out the band of high school classmate Bruce Springsteen.
  6. Pulled. House Republican leaders abruptly pulled a Republican rewrite of the nation’s health-care system from consideration on Friday, a dramatic acknowledgment that they are so far unable to repeal the Affordable Care Act. “We just pulled it,” President Trump told the Washington Post in a telephone interview.
  7. Remember how happy and smug Ryan looked after the election when he knew all three branches of government were going to be controlled by Rs. Poor Paul. Chortle, chortle.
  8. Equating transgender with paedophilia. When did you become a socially conservative Republican, CK?
  9. Getting back to the important soda and east coast linguistic points. The east coast is Nova Scotia to Key West. Many east coast people south of New Jersey know how to pronounce generically what a soft drink is. Not only is it Coke, as P13 pointed out, but soft drink is also acceptable Soda is somewhat acceptable. I even use the term occasionally. Pop is completely dumb.
  10. The Republican House is in competition to see who can be the most medieval. Cruel, heartless shits.
  11. Tweet from Matthew Yglesius. The group proposing to cut breast cancer screening, maternity care, and contraceptive coverage.
  12. From Charles Pierce. Meanwhile, in a committee room, the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee heard from Jay Clayton, the president*'s nominee to head the Securities and Exchange Commission and a former lawyer for Goldman Sachs. This particular element of Clayton's professional CV peaked the interest of Senator Professor Warren, who has noticed that there are a remarkable number of Goldman amphibians assigned to help the president* drain the swamp. Since the SEC is split between Republican and Democratic members, the commissioner often is the deciding vote, and Senator Professor Warren was concerned that Clayton was so hampered by obvious conflicts of interest that the SEC often would be hampered to the point of deadlock. (Your feature-not-a-bug analysis may vary). The following colloquy ensued: WARREN: Under the president's executive order for ethics, the first two years of your tenure as SEC chairman, you would have to recuse yourself from any enforcement matter involving a former client. That's about half of your tenure as chair. Based on your personal client disclosures, then, for half of your tenure as SEC chair, you would not be able to enforce the law against several big banks, including Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Barclay's, and UBS. Is that right? CLAYTON: Yes, Senator… WARREN: Those banks have repeatedly violated securities laws in the past few years but, if they violate securities laws again, in your first two years as SEC chairman, you can't vote to punish them, and I think that's a problem. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Your recusals would not be limited to your own former clients. The ethics executive order also requires you to recuse yourself for two years from any matter involving clients of your former law firm, Sullivan and Cromwell. Now, Sullivan and Cromwell is a leading New York law firm with a long list of Wall Street clients. For half of your term as SEC chair, you would not be able to vote to punish any corporation or bank that uses Sullivan and Cromwell as their lawyer. Is that right? Clayton cast his eyes briefly toward the ceiling. CLAYTON: I believe that's a fair summary, Senator.
  13. 3.
  14. Don't most states regulate insurance companies. Wouldn't that be more difficult with what you propose?