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  1. Trump wanted a Soviet a Soviet style inaugural parade. To be expected as his role model is Putin. We're now learning that President-Elect Trump wanted a full Soviet-style inaugural parade, with tanks, missiles and missile launchers. The Pentagon nixed that idea but agreed to a jet fighter flyover. In an interview published Wednesday morning Trump had spoken about his desire to hold military parades during his presidency. But this is the first sign he had tried to hold a Soviet style military parade for his inauguration.
  2. He may have already set that in motion set to a timed release - Friday afternoon.
  3. Pardon me but I have #7 on Obama's list, 13 minutes before this post. You should check the threads you post.
  4. The mystics and statistics say it will.
  5. 7. Requiring people to say Happy Holidays and ban the saying of Merry Christmas.
  6. Today Trump paid $25,000,000 in the law suit against Trump University rather than go to court (even though he said he would never settle a law suit during the campaign). Maybe his title could be Fraudster in Chief.
  7. You aren't playing the game, Swamps. In North Carolina my vote goes to the NC Legislature.
  8. Yes.
  9. If you can't stand the heat stay out of the kitchen. What Pence "endured" surely wasn't harassment. As JB said, Pence handled it very well. Apparently better than rightys who weren't even there.
  10. Cool.
  11. Actually, it's closer than the White House. But the WH is closer to 395, a spur of I-95.
  12. Betsy DeVos thinks guns area ok to have in schools in Wyoming to protect the students from Grizzly Bears. Why stop there. What do other states need guns in school for to protect the little ones from marauding animals? Florida is easy - Alligators. Texas - Armadillos Help me out here.
  13. The White House is close to I-95. Figures.
  14. You might have to shower afterwards. That would be golden.
  15. The election polls weren't that far off. In most cases they were within a normal polling error. As my colleague Harry Enten put it a few days before the election, Trump was only a normal-size polling error away from winning. Clinton would win if the polls were spot on — and she’d win in a borderline landslide in the event of an error in her favor. But the third possibility — if the polls underestimated Trump, even slightly — would probably be enough for Trump to win the Electoral College. (That’s why FiveThirtyEight’s forecast during the final week of the campaign showed Trump with roughly a 1-in-3 chance of winning the Electoral College, dipping slightly to 29 percent on Election Day itself.)