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  1. I've added up all the song durations on the album's it took me age's. So I can officially confirm its got sod all to do with that FFS
  2. I doubt i can stay up for this set vision thingy. because, 1,i'm pissed as a fart 2, i've just opened up another bottle of red 3, am fucking knackered
  3. Liverpool have no chance of finishing in the top four. Man Utd Man C Chelsea and Arsenal have those places sorted. Liverpool are a great team to watch going forward they will score many goals and win lots of matches but the back four lets them down all the time. Klopp needs to sort that out, I doubt he will, his style of play reminds me of NUFC under Keegan, great to fuck all.
  4. Man u do look good at the moment. I said a while ago in this thread ( obviously ignored by man u fans here ) Its ok when things are going well, but it's a matter of time before the clash or clashes happen The special one is a knob, we all know that...dont forget all you Man utd fans have called him at least that in the past. He'll spit the dummy out when he doesn't get he own way, also so will the big fella from Sweden. When the melt down happens, and it will, lets see how he copes. Rashford is good but Martial is the class act, he is the superstar in the making if managed right. I agree with what your lot are saying about Shaw, he is proper class I've backed man utd to win the PL so i hope I'm wrong, feel free to mention my negative post at the end of the season.
  5. I hope those three sub humans that did this atrocity die a horrible death, sooner rather than later.
  6. Nice win today v Brighton and we played some good stuff at times especially in midfield. A few more players to join this week. So far so good.
  7. You were wrong again. Btw there's only one dirty Diego and he's a fat twat from Argentina.
  8. If Michael Fassbender was an active member of a terrorist organisation who planted a bomb and was involved in a gun battle while trying to escape, yeah I would refuse to watch the damn film, but he was just acting it wasn't real life was it ?
  9. Another Thin Line, co -written with Joe Grushecky.
  10. Joe Hart will always remember how Newcastle United fans took the piss out of him with the "dandruff" chant. He'd never ever sign for Newcastle even if we were in the Premier league or the champions league. I reckon he'd make a good signing for the mackems as those scruffy twats have not long discovered soap and shampoo. He'd be a hero to them.
  11. I would, especially if she had a violin in her hand
  12. I'm a Tom Morello hater, not because of his music, not because of his guitar playing because it's very good, although I do believe Nils would do just as good of a job. I hate Tom Morello because he's an IRA sympathiser.
  13. I agree, it also effected PSG last season.
  14. I see Scotland's fav fat cheat is a bit jealous of Messi. Diego Maradona has suggested Lionel Messi "staged" his retirement from international football after Argentina lost the Copa America Centenario final to Chile earlier this summer.