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  1. The FA Vase has had a lot of local NE teams win it over the last few years, Morpeth Town , North Shields,Dunston ( Gazza land ) Spennymoor and Whitley Bay who won it 3 years in a row
  2. My tip seem to be doing canny good, they have reached the final of the FA Vase and are playing at wembley 20,000 plus South Shields fans are expected to go. I'm very happy for them, non league football is getting more and more fans on board, fans who are sick of the money grabbers in the big league. Good luck to South Shields, i'll not be going to wembley, South Shields have to many sunland fans jumping of their bandwagon for me. But i hope they win it.
  3. Apparently the rules are Liverpool are only allowed one goal off a beach ball. They have already used their allowance. Their manager..Dipsy will use that as an excuse.
  4. arrh Rachel, im so happy for you, just do the lot, do all the NY things, once in a lifetime, have no regrets. Dont worry about money, money is so what. One Life Live It x
  5. The "Other Band" tour changed my life for the better.
  6. Wor kid when he was there seen the Jersey Boys..i think He said it was fantastic, coming from him that's saying something.
  7. Drugs are bad Sydneygirl
  8. Get yourself to a Broadway show Rachel, what ever it costs. Do it
  9. A rock and roll hero, a rock and roll legend. Thank you for the music that made so many peoples life so much better. Rest In Peace bonny lad
  10. I just watched this tonight. "You said heros are needed, so heros get made" Those men what they did are proper heros. The film made me cry, a lot.
  11. That's the worst bet in the history of bets.. I'm going to resist the temptation to hoy 33 grand on to win a grand Good result Brighton getting beat tonight like.
  12. No no he was appointed to win the Premier League !
  13. I wouldn't back Newcastle to win even if the odds were value. Go and hoy a few quid on Moyes to be sacked this weekend if you wanna good bet
  14. Another win for Chelsea who are looking unstoppable. The race for the Champions league places could still go down to the last game. Arsenal beat again today AW could well throw the towel in this weekend. Rumours also that Moyes could get the sack this weekend shame if he does as he's doing such a great job.
  15. I'm going to have to disagree with you about nowt to worry about. A 0-0 draw away to a very poor Birmingham team today ( worst form team for the last 3 month) was a massive two points dropped, we are very lucky to have so many points in the bag because the way the team is playing at the moment we could well end up in the play offs. I didn't see the match ( not on any TV ) but listening to the commentary we sounded dire. Rafa got his team selection wrong IMO he also made a bad sub as he took the most our biggest threat Perez off ! We needed to strengthen the squad in January, Rafa knew that, he should have been given the money, it could haunt us. Good news is we are 7 points ahead of Huddersfield with two home games to come after the international break, still not confident. We are without doubt one of the worst teams to be in on top of the Championship ever. We could do with Leeds beating Brighton the neet.