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    NUFC, gambling on the gee-gees..but more than anything else,the music of Bruce Springsteen.

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  1. You're nearly correct on all counts, it's been blown up, copied and framed, but it's not above the headboard of my bed. That would be a real bad place to hang it, just far to dangerous It's hanging on every wall in the house...apart from that wall. ( and the toilet wall of course )
  2. I'm going to have to listen to it all again as a certain 4year old insisted on talking and singing while climbing all over me when it was on live. I'll get my own back when Blaze and the monster machines is on next.
  3. Maybe she was "going to talk"
  4. After the handshake I put my arm around Bruce, then I showed him a picture of my son Bruce, he said " arrh man he's gorgeous" I thanked him then another hand shake, in this picture it looks like I was going to kiss him, i wasn't I just had to make sure it really was Bruce friggin' Springsteen. What a great day.
  5. I can't believe it I met Bruce Springsteen
  6. that, was funny,
  7. Thank fuck for that
  8. Haha I'm in london tomorra, buying a book and that, if you're in the smoke, and fancy a beer ? I'll buy you one
  9. My last post was taking the piss, he's a fat fuckin cheating twat. Messi would dribble rings around him
  10. Must be my round then, watcha drinking ?
  11. Don't be daft, of course I remember you..I'm sure you fucked off when it was your round
  12. The little chubby fucker was class, still is
  13. Thanks Sue, damn flys here again
  14. I will enjoy it my Man U friend, thanks