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  1. I like the football better than the draw Andrew.
  2. Bragging rights are still yours bonny lad, the Championship is as hard as i knew it would be, especially today as your lot beat the Premier League champions. Enjoy your time as top NE dogs, normal service will resume in a season or two. We do however have something in common. We both love the music of The Boss, if you're ever driving along or near the felling bypass and you here Bruce Springsteen blasting from a crappy old Ford Fiesta, giz a wave.
  3. Chelsea have raised the bar..what ever that means
  4. For a mackem you have canny good taste in music
  5. I agree it was pants
  6. My song of the day is Factory. Again IMO it's Bruce's most underrated song ever
  7. Worse than Trelford Mills and Uriah Rennie, Steven Martin is The Jerk
  8. chelsea looked good today, Leicester City beat Man city 3-1 away last season..just saying
  9. Yeah, actually go to the show instead of sitting on your chair Loved it BTW
  10. No you did not, you looked cool as fuck
  11. last week that fuckin idiot Steve Martin (the ref ) was doing a national league game FFS Until bald fucker got sent off we were in control after he got sent off we were still n control then Dummy got sent off..good name btw, then we were hanging on. we still did ok Rafa the pressure is on....I'll trust him for sure. Next sat a works do..a redundancy good bye do..then the match..fucking helll !!
  12. I like your choice of music. Tomorrow you will not get to meet Bruce Springsteen yesterday you met Bruce Springsteen. You and me Andrew have something in common, you and I have met our hero, the same hero. I know how happy you are feeling, I know what an important day, today was for you. Seeing the pics of you and Micky and all the other fans is just fucking brill, fuckin just brill
  13. Andrew, that's fuckin' mint my friend. I'm chuffed to bits for you.
  14. I can't believe the match I'm watching at the moment HT Nott'm Forest 0 Newcastle United 1 Newcastle down to 9 men with Forest missing TWO pens Newcastle much the better team until the sending's off !! Never boring being a Newcastle fan I doubt we can hang on, but HOWAY !!!!