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  1. You're right of course. Thanks to your post i have called off the planned robbery at my nearest Sainsburys store. I'll just go to bed now. However, i will return tomorrow night for those 55 " TVs
  2. These Belgium's huh ?
  3. A nice man and a golf legend. RIP
  4. It's a good idea that he moved to the left otherwise the song's outro might be a tad different. "I moved hard to the right and got smacked right in the dish and was knocked spark out"
  5. Did Tom Jones change the lyrics to the "right" ? "I move hard to the left and I strike to the face." It's an awesome song btw
  6. 1200 shows and he's never dropped the thrown guitar once. That's impressive catching
  7. Because they can.
  8. Wow ! That's your worst negative/wind up post ever. You students must 'try harder"
  9. Or you could do what i do and gamble your wages to get things you can't afford...'em best not, you do the overtime Leo You'll be back there sooner than you think
  10. On his 65th birthday thread i said, no way is that bloke 65 !! Now he's way is he sixty friggin' seven !! He just can't be. Happy birthday Bruce, you young looking jammy git
  11. Someone needs to have a word with the Queen of the supermarket
  12. Thanks for taking the time to write that Leo, I really did enjoy reading it. Hard to believe that only 50 away fans went to that match, even harder to believe the state of one of the most famous grounds in the world. I think the bloke who made those papier mache thingys must have been drunk It still looks like you've had a great time there, so yes you have to go again cheers Leo
  13. Premier League B teams and 'non-English' clubs will not be included in plans to reform the structure of the English Football League. In May, it was revealed that the EFL, formally known as the Football League before a rebrand this summer, could expand to include a fifth tier by 2019-20, with 100 teams over five divisions. EFL clubs met to discuss the proposals for the first time on Thursday. The final proposals will be voted on by all clubs in June 2017.
  14. I just popped into my local Sainsbury's and the book wasn't''s now official I'm banned from Sainsbury's