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  1. That's The Sun JJ they've been known to tell the odd fib now and then.
  2. Week 22 21 January Liverpool v Swansea 2-0 Bournemouth v Watford 2-0 Crystal Palace v Everton 0-1 Middlesbrough v West Ham 1-0 Stoke v Man United 1-1 West Brom v Sunderland 2-1 Man City v Tottenham 3-1 22 January Southampton v Leicester 1-3 Arsenal v Burnley 3-1 Chelsea v Hull 4-0
  3. Looks like Man city have blown their chances of winning the Premier League this season, so it looks like it's down to Chelsea, Spurs, Arsenal and Liverpool. Meanwhile, over in Spain it looks like...Real Madrid or Barcelona will win it
  4. I've whittled it down to 356
  5. Massive, massive win today away at Brentford, players were knackered at the end of 9 minutes added time. A few more injury worries, Rafa has to spend this transfer window.
  6. The wheels have been firmly put back on.
  7. The Man Who Got Away. This song is rapidly climbing up the charts in my top 50 Springsteen songs..
  8. I've had no interest what so ever in an audio book until this one came along. I read the book and loved it, but the audio version has for me increased my enjoyment of the book 100%. As Bruce reads I can picture everything as if I was watching a film, sometimes when i read a book I struggle to actually picture the scene, listening helps me to retain the information and reinforce the key words that if i was reading i may have missed. I've remembered so much more listening than I have when I read it. The audio version is also wonderful for multitasking, I can listen while I'm at work ( nightshift only) if the task I'm doing is not physical. I could never do that with a book. Sometimes listening to Bruce talking about his life can be really uplifting a bit similar to listening to music, it just lifts my spirit. Also reading inspirational quotes and passages are great but actually listening to Bruce saying the words is for me so much more enjoyable.
  9. All the changes to Bruce's guitar made me think of Trigger's Broom
  10. Trouble at chelsea. Costa has been dropped after a row with the fitness coach. He hasn't trained for 3 days amid reports of an offer of a £30 million a year deal from a Chinese club. Thirty fuckin' million a year FFS !!!
  11. This is a very good article. But.. 5 minutes to get up from a knee slide, howay that's a tad bit unfair, I reckon it's only 3 minutes
  12. Bruce needs to get Slivio to "have a word" with the b street band before the b street band " sleep with the fishes"
  13. Graham Taylor's managerial record Lincoln City (1972-77) - Youngest person to become an FA coach, at the age of 27. Won Fourth Division title in 1976. Watford (1977-1987) - Led team from Fourth Division to First Division in five years (W244, D124, L159) Aston Villa (1987-1990) - Took over when Villa had been relegated to Second Division. Took them back to top flight at his first attempt. Finished runners-up to Liverpool in his third season in charge (W65, D35, L42) England (1990-1993) - Failed to progress beyond group stage of Euro 92 or qualify for World Cup in 1994 (W18, D13, L7) Wolves (1994-1995) - Resigned after one full season in charge - (W37, D27, L24) Watford (1996-2001) - Won Division Two title in 1998 and Division One play-off final in 1999 (W104, D80, L91) Aston Villa (2002-2003) - Finished 16th in Premier League before retiring (W19, D14, L27)
  14. Graham Taylor: Ex-England, Watford & Aston Villa manager dies aged 72