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  1. Nope, it doesn't
  2. season 4 now I guess its just me who is into this show. It's wonderful That Ragna reminds me of my brother
  3. watching the re runs, this episode was as you say pure class.
  4. Andrew, stop being naughty, i reckon she does not want you to "placate her"
  5. Dear boogie man, just ignore my post above, as a bloke once said, facts are facts.
  6. What the fuck is that ? Looks like Bugs bunny heaven
  7. I've decided not to get a season ticket, i wanted to but I can't afford it tbh and most Saturday afternoons now belong to Bruce (aged 4 today ) I'll go to more matches this new season in the championship than i have the last few crap years in the PL. Rafa has got my heart beating black and white stronger now.
  8. I predict the most open Premier League race ever. Man utd/City Chelsea Arsenal Liverpool, Spurs and champions Leicester City will all have a say. La Liga, Real Madrid or Barcelona will win it I wonder what league will have the most people watching it ?
  9. A single album of The River or a double album of The River..the version The Boss went for ? I don't think you're the only one , i just reckon you're one of a few.
  10. "Joy, emotion, stunning,wonderful" Sounds like a Springsteen show Glad you had a great time
  11. I wish i was there. Chuffed to bits that you were
  12. Daisey, it's football, not soccer. and yes some of those strips are pants, the Partick Thistle strip is my fav
  13. I'm not a massive fan of F1 however, those blokes go around corners at 100 plus mile an hour, they reach speeds of 200 mph making split decisions that could make the difference between life and a horrible death they get paid the same or less money than blokes who put a golf ball in a hole after a walk F1 is a sport, it's not for everyone that's a fact, but for sure it is a sport played by blokes who are fitter than 90% of professional sportsman.