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  1. So the Europa League was won by a team 6th in the Premier League
  2. Jose has the last laugh as Man u win second trophy of the season and are into the Champions League.
  3. It would have been easier to ask him the names of the players you are not linked with I hope you have a great time the neet, trouble free and a great game...with lots of corners ( my bet )
  4. Super swanky proper like
  5. 1st deal of the close season complete Christian Atsu who we had on loan from Chelsea last season, signs a four year deal
  6. This is hell on earth. I can not comprehend the fear of all the young children and adults who were there. The pain and suffering the families of lost loved ones must be heartache I could not imagine. My thoughts go out to all those who are going through this nightmare right now. And my hatred of the evil fuckers who did this atrocity continues to grow.
  7. As good as Chelsea were this season, worthy winners. That 26th minute prearranged guard of honour for John Terry was cringewothy.
  8. Final results today... The teams that are relegated 2 v The relegated teams opponents 15
  9. Well done Tacitus
  10. TBH, i thought you'd be watching the Liverpool match
  11. maybe 6-1
  12. yeah, because everybody knows "you can't win anything with kids"
  13. Do ya' think
  14. Congratulations to South Shields FC, FA Vase winners
  15. Sunday morning 9am Stevie Van Zandt will be the special guest on Bruce Brunch 105.7 The Hawk-Tom Cunningham. Hear the new album SOULFIRE