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  1. Happy Birthday Dude Heres to hoping your day is kickass fucking brilliant
  2. Thats hilarious :D. Buildings look nice though
  3. Of course he is since Trump is no king. A cabinet person who arrange phonecalls here in DK for the primeminister, said that after Trump had spoken with our primeminister shortly after he startet in office, he was heard saying to one of his staff members "I just spoke with the King of Denmark"
  4. Was in Rødbyhavn again last night to catch some sunset pics
  5. And YES!!!!! Go out and shoot!!!!!!!
  6. Thank you 1km to a fairly large forest. 4km to a fairly large lake. 20km to the Baltic Sea.
  7. That is 12 years ago and a ton of attacks world wide since. And nothing has happened. I think the public is smart enough to know NOT to take matters into their own hands.
  8. Thats what you did in your first post.
  9. I am not so sure about that. You see, by the Manchester, London, Stockholm attacks we have been at fault according to some on here and a lot elsewhere.
  10. Are you surprised? A little week after the Bomb in Manchester a bomb went off in Kabul killing 80+ people. Can you find the thread?
  11. So what should have been done different? Ban on trees?
  12. Last night around 10:30pm
  13. It is summer and at the moment with nice weather, so shooting have picked up a bit. Last night...
  14. Okay. That was fucking brilliant!! Love this character