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  1. Nope. Just make sure they go to England
  2. The realist in me think it is easy for you to say since you are livi g in a cou try that dont take in many refugees or migrants. Try living in the real world with the massive amount of problems this issue cause.
  3. Thank you so much for the reply Interesting and a lesson to learn to bring earplugs. I was at a loud show once. So loud I had pain in my ears a few days after. And during the show the bass was so intense it felt physically like someone was punching me hard in the chest. Now I will move back if it happens again.
  4. Capitalism.
  5. The pessimist in me think he will be in Europe soon with whats left of his family.
  6. Thats a few years back now.
  7. Good point about American racing. It does seem more relaxed than we see in Europe or Asia where it at times is ridiculously prodessional. I remember watching the CART series many years back. It had this one big family atmosphere as opposed to F1. I agree about the women. I believe I heard somewhere that American women won more medals than The American men at the Brazil Olympics. So they must be incredibly well prepared.
  8. You are still upset over the fact that I have never in my life purchased a CD or an album based on stuff played in MTV?
  9. Thank you for answering dude. I feel like I got a satisfying answer. As for the color issue. My point is simply that color is irrelevant as it has nothing to do with being man or woman.
  10. My point is you compare being man or woman to being black or white. But color is irtelevant in this debate. Sonyounaee okay with children competing as well among the grown-ups? And if not, why? Paralympics should be scratched right? They can compete with the able-body peeps. Right? And if not, why?
  11. You brought skincolor into the debate. But the color is irrelevant.
  12. I mean the skincolor is irrelevant to the issue. A man is a man whether he is white, black, yellow, green etc.
  13. So is tje skincolor of athletes
  14. What he mean is.. do you compete with men or women
  15. That is fucking hilarious