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  1. What part of Sharia law does she like/approve? Its so big and complex and some of it would actually make sense in a western society, atlwast for muslims. (not those things going against laws unless they can slmehow benefit them)
  2. Just did for me 5 min ago. A clip on FB where madonna talked about how she THOUGHT about blowing up the white house. Rhen the clip was ended so no context. Then all the looney rightwingers who wanted her hanged, sent to jail etc. Made me think about J99
  3. A woman is a woman prolife or not, unless they are called Jenner.
  4. His farm house is real nice and big enough for all I think
  5. Barbara Bush. Screw that vile old bitch.
  6. I aagree Michelle is stunning looking and the Trump lover not so much.
  7. But Putin can have Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania for all I know. It is a WIN situation for both Western Europe and Russia.
  8. It has to do with it that it is not only billionaires that can be dirty and corrupt. funny thing. You sit in one of the most corrupt countries in western europe and complain aboit a new president in a country that is LESS coreupt than your own. To put it on the edge. If you liok across these corruption indexes you will see that the poorer the population is, the more corrupt the country is down through all levels. Thus poor people must be corrupt and we should do anything in our power to strike deals with the rich
  9. Does Bruce have a drinking problem?
  10. Yep. I never post bad or negative stuff on here
  11. Just watch the videos if you can. Otherwise I am afraid you have to use google translate
  12. Saw on the TV that America need another holiday. Patriotism Day or something like that. True?
  13. Atleast an unexpected reply
  14. Since it is D-DAY... THANK YOU RUFUS GIFFORD!! What an outstanding Ambassador Obama gave us here in DK during the second turn. There will never be anyone like him, ever again! Please help this man become President one day, if he want to. And treat him real nice. Hopefully the clip will play.. or the other..
  15. How many corrupt prime ministers have you repeatedly since the end of the war, sworn in in Italy. Obviously without learning absolutely anything from past experiences