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  1. I feel quite certain they have received A LOT more flak than we imagine. Some of it probably borderline threatening or insulting in ways we dont even imagine. There are many assholes among his fans He will have to fix what is broken. Otherwise next time Landau visit Europe we should tar and feather him and carry him to the airport on a guitar case
  2. Quite arrogant by him. What is going onnwith the ESB and Bruce? They have never come across as this arrogant before. Still great they interact on social media though.
  3. Less and less River songs and more and more of what he always play in Europe. Going downhill big time!
  4. Wendy's New Employees

    Here in DK they make minimum $17.70 per hour.
  5. Wendy's New Employees

    True. But there are still way more dirt poor people in USA than in Venezuela.
  6. Wendy's New Employees

    I think they work much harder than Swamps.
  7. 2nd show..... waitin on a sunny day..... it's already going down hill
  8. What is Happening in My Country?

    This is what America gets with 3 incompetent morons running for president. The country is fooked whoever win the damn thing.
  9. There are Aholes....and then there are AHOLES

    The gunservatives love him
  10. so anyone here voting for Trump ?

    Any American in his or her right mind will not vote for any of these three loons.. Trump, Clinton or Sanders.
  11. I was more than just loose cigs.
  12. If youbare stupid enough to believe that shit that came out and halfway blamed the cop when the video show otherwise. Then yes. The cop killed him. In reality he dies because of obesity. Kinds of like a beached whale crushing itself tondeath. And he was actively resisting arrest.
  13. You are talking about fatty from NYC?? He would have been alive todsy if he had... 1. Not chosen to be a career criminal 2. Done, what the hard working cops who risk their lives every day, told him to do But he decided to piss away his life and oppose the cops. No reason to lie sleepless over him
  14. He was walking away from the situation, right?