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  1. Some great rock music on those albums!!
  2. The training P13, PT etc advocate for here is kind of the way Danish cops are trained. And it works in most cases. (Some mentally ill peeps have been shot and killed) BUT, people over there are just way more violent than people over here. And they have easier access to guns and brag about using them. Naturalæy the American police cant allow themselves too many chances.
  3. This train carried saints and sinners.... Hope everyone from here are okay.
  4. But a mentally ill with a weapon is far more dangerous than someone not menrally ill.
  5. Why? You dont think we should respect the police? Unlike back then, people today have a chance to take the issue to court if they are unhappy with the treatment.
  6. No it is sad people dont show more respect for the police. (And for their own lives)
  7. So it was a Russian Buk missile after all. And it was moved across the Russian-Ukranian border before and after the incident. Still an accident, but shame on Russia
  8. R.I.P. to a very noble man.
  9. Again... DO WHAT THE COPS TELL YOU!!!
  10. Couldnt happen to a nicer guy
  11. They say he insulted fans. But he just insulted Trump. Crybabies!
  12. Compared to Hillary and Trump he is a choirboy.
  13. Had they been black they would have had 20+ threads on here already.
  14. You think they talked about Monica and Patty or Hillary and Jumianne?
  15. Surebthey called him out. But obviously he didnt obey orders. When they tell you to drop the weapon (or whatever he had in his hands) you do it. You dont continue walking. You just do what you are being told, especially in the US. If he had something in his hands I cant really blame the cops. We have seen SO many videos online of provocateurs filming their deliberate confrontation with cops. Just do what the fucking cops tell you instead of playing hero. You can do that in court if it ever get that far.