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  1. I said crisis. Not midlife crisis.
  2. Of course not. It was posted by you.
  3. I saw some footage from Haiti after the hurricane. They filmed a cemetary. Nothing special about that if it wasnt for the fact that the cemetary and all the buildings there were intact and all around it was destroyed. If they can spend that much on cemetaries and nothing else on real people and their buildings, then they must help themselves and make the right priorities. No help from us until they have corrected this misuse of money.
  4. Smoking pot is a sign of crisis if you dont need it for a medical issue.
  5. Just posted the video for the Power Of Love the other day in another thread. Phenomenal song. She is soooooooo much better than Celine Dion. Also totally agree on Roxette. Some great memories with that song. We were on a week trip to sweden with school back in '87. A year or so before Roxette broke through internationally. But they were already playing the album to death and we all loved it. What Per snd Marie did there was out of this world. Look Sharp is IMO one of the best pop albums of all time.
  6. Wuthering Heights - Kate Bush Take My Breath Away - Berlin Purple Rain - Prince Time After Time - Cindy Lauper Just throwing some out there per memory that I kind of remember growing up with being on the radio regularly.
  7. The power of love A force from above Cleaning my soul Flame on burn desire Love with tongues of fire Purge the soul Make love your goal
  8. Even that is not a good outcome
  9. Its quite obvious Manure prepared for this Liverpool game for a loong time. They already startet preparing for the next. Their two biggest games of the season.
  10. I heard somewhere this is his longest stretch without a win at any club.
  11. Dead. More stuff from when growing up is gone. R.I.P.
  12. R.I.P.
  13. I cant sleep to one song 1 LC song and then 3-4 songs by other artists before it is an LC song again works fine for me. Then he is really really good.