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  1. All local pics within 20km from my house.... (except the canon)
  3. There is a Nevil Shute atmosphere over this. On the beach
  4. Obama = Best President... EVER!
  5. The guy is a moron.
  6. Its mostly desert anyway.
  7. You live in a country that is beautiful no matter which way you look. The North Trip around Lake Superior was to me absolutely magical. I cant wait to come back to the Soo again someday.
  8. Scary shit
  9. .......
  10. Where is Charlie Daniels?
  11. Look awesome. More of that please. We desperately need heat over here or we will have icebergs as well soon.
  12. Got the boot of it. Ordinary lyrics. But good rock and roll I think. I like it.
  13. If he wany to build s wall he can build one around that shithole called Turkey. As if it isnt bad enough they voted for this shit. What is worse is rhat it appear the majority of Turks OUTSIDE of Turkey in the enlightened part of the world also voted FOR this. Take away their resident permissions and send them back home to Turkey.