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  1. It was decent.   But national anthems should be sung by the spectators.   But okay. Considering the spectators of an NFL game is made up mostly by neanderthals I think it is unfair to expect just a wee bit of singing.
  2. Rio Olympics 2016

    Yeah some cases are extreme.    But you can still file it with the other viruses under hyperbole and exaggeration.   As it is mow they talk like it will wipe out all Olympic spectators and Brazilians.   Like they did with SARS or swine flu.
  3. Bon Jovi's hair is maybe a little bit too red and Roy don't have a bump on his head, oh and Elvis didn't play the sax. Other than that it is okay.
  4. Rio Olympics 2016

    Zika, SARS, Bird flu, MERS, Swine flu etc. nothing new.  Hyperbole and Exaggeration.
  5. Just for grins...

    As USA gets closer to the 2016 election year, US citizens must remember that they cannot trust Hillary Clinton to create American jobs. The last time Hilary had a meaningful job, she outsourced it to Monica Lewinsky... And Monica blew it.
  6. Screw your parents and go.   You will regret it if you dont.
  7. idiots

    It IS the greatest album of all times. it is one album. But work as two. If you play it backwards it gives an entirely different meaning and style. you can also use it as a freespee, table cover, etc. Best album ever!!     Nobody listen to The River because they cant make up their mind on which side to play first.
  8. idiots

    I bring a sign for the full "Working On A Dream" instead of "The River", if he play DK.
  9. news not positive regarding Micheal Schumacher

    I think Montezemolo's quote was taken out of context, or he misspoke.   He is not one of those "in the know" about Schumacher. Only a limited few are like Jean Todt, Ross Brawn, Mick Doohan..   I think what he meant was that he get news, but it is the "same old", i.e. no progress.  And in Schumachers case that is bad news so to speak.
  10. Quality/accuracy of

    Send them here and they are safe.
  11. Bike riders of the world unite

    Bike riders should stop behaving like they are immortal in traffic.   The lesser wheels the vehicle has, the bigger an asshole the guy driving it is.
  12. US Presidential Race Potpourri Thread

    On the Danish news the other night they visited Iowa and talked with peeps. one of the guys theybshowed was an old dude farmer playing his accordion while singing "This Land Is Your Land". I was like cool, a Sanders supporter on the news. Then they interviewed him and it turned out he was a Ben Carson supporter and what he talked about seemed so far from the song he was just singing. I was like WTF?!?!?!
  13. Michael Dunn, Fla, Stand Your Ground

    There is a brilliant documentary on this case