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  1. He even stood behind him. We know what you and Joe Horn would have done.
  2. Nope. Just pointing out what RobWarrior said.
  3. Van Zandt keeps digging his hole.

    What happens if it is played backwards?
  4. Van Zandt keeps digging his hole.

    I just heard Racing In The Streets on the radio today (very very rare) played at 45rpm followed by the claim that Bruce sound like Stevie Nicks.
  5. what a mess over a simple cleavage shot on FB
  6. Van Zandt keeps digging his hole.

    He come across as one of the usual suspects on here.
  7. Bruce's recent gut

    He look like Weird Al Yankovic in that pic.
  8. ESPN...Grow Up

    The same channel that announced Tottenham as winners of the EPL?
  9. The Liverpool FC Thread

    I can understand why Schneichel is happy. His son just won the PL with Leicester. 70 years from now they will still know Kasper won it with Leicester. They will not remember any of Peters 5 wins.
  10. The Dogs of the Lake - post your pics

    I have one outside as well. Never seen it but its there because it is very loud!!!
  11. The Dogs of the Lake - post your pics

    I have some other flying dogshots This is my coisins dog a year ago. It is twice as big now.
  12. The Dogs of the Lake - post your pics

    Thats the dog later found dead in the ditch
  13. The Dogs of the Lake - post your pics

    A bodyless dog? So?? I have a stuffed toy dog as well