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  1. There are plenty of covers I would pick in a heartbeat over those Bruce songs you mentioned. And there are quite a few Bruce songs I wish I never get to hear (or hear again)
  2. She didnt think bruce was nice to trump voters. Yet she travelled halfway around the world to see him? Dont let yourself be fooled. You met a couple of assholes. They voted for Trump.
  3. Golden Child??? Your parents always peed on you?
  4. Trump, Erdogan, Putin, Duterte and if we are really unlucky Le Pen "Nice" collection of out of control leaders we got.
  5. A 5th should be Barack Obama, since its in the Black Hills and all. And because he is simply the best president ever!
  6. Yeah but I dont believe he is a dictator.
  7. As much as I dislike Trump.... He is 100% accurate on Sweden. Its only 2 weeks since a Swedish cop complained over the police force being too busy with arresting Mohammed, Ibrahim, Omar, Abdul etc. to do other policework. Of course he is not supposed to say that even when it is accurate, so he is being investigated now.
  8. Funny. Heard them on the radio today and had almost forgotten how much I hate them.
  9. Sad sad sad. His obsession with the press is getting on my nerves
  10. But it is still mixing personal business with his presidency?
  11. Well, he did that in Herning second time around Show has been rescheduled for September I think.
  12. They cancelled the second show due to James and his Cold. He even asked on stage at the first show if they could just stop and go home as he was sick., But the audience wanted nothing of that. So they played on and called it their most intense and exhausting ever. they were also there to open up the Royal Arena as the first act ever. Counting everything in music and sports. The arena is apparently exceptional soundwise. Can't wait for Bruce to play 3-4 shows there instead of one shitty show at Parken. As a hilarious sidenote, one of the major papers wrote about the concert and had seen the programme where it said the doors would open up at 17:30. The writer (Young 25 y/o but no excuse) got that translated into that The Doors would warm up from 17:30
  13. Why are you even posting about me in a thread I at that point didn't participate in? I guess yu have never been summoned. I take it people with PLD are excused.
  14. How is that even legal?? My bro is a journalist and he cover a lot of cases here in DK. You don't see the prosecution exaggerate on stuff. Infact a few times he have witnessed how the prosecution presented stuff valuable for the case that would harm THEIR side, but benefit the defence. It's all about being as fair as possible and get a just sentence.