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  1. Not what Insaid TJ. Try again.
  2. MENTAL disorder.
  3. LOL.. I am not trying to educate you. You cant fix stupid.
  4. They do have a disorder. They even say so themselves.
  5. Do you believe noncaucasians in the US have some kind of disorder?
  6. Not at all a stupid comparison. Both involve changes they are not really in control over. One feel attracted to young kids. One feel trapped in the wrong body. Here is some breaking news for you P13. a paedophile dont have to physically harm a child to be a paedophile. See? You learn something new every day. You are very welcome. Of course you would have known this for ages had you not been so pigignorant.
  7. Is paedophilia normal?
  8. Its not normal because the significantly vast majority of people dont feel that way. It is some kind of defect.
  9. Is paedophilia?
  10. Okay. Let me put it otherwise. It - is - not - normal
  11. I said "mental"not mental. Of course if these quotationmarks does not have the same meaning in English as in Danish, then there is a problem.
  12. Of course if one want to misunderstand what I said it is easy. You knew what I meant. But you also hate me and jumped at a chance to take things out of context and startt a lame discussion. And even IF it was a true mental disorder, so what? It would still be something that required professional help.
  13. No I said "mental". Like in searching for a better word.
  14. No I did not say that. it is not strictly down to the point a MENTAL disorder.
  15. No, it is a "mental" disorder. But it is not politically correct to call a spade for a spade because they dont harm anyone. Had they harmed someone we would have had no problem calling it what it is.