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  1. Himmler, Heydrich and Dirlewanger will always be my top 3 of scary-nazis. You maje some really good points about evil people. Who are the "evil" ones.
  2. 35 years in jail and you think he walk? He dis his time.
  3. White trash being peed on by a toy. They had to call the police.
  4. I agree with all of this.
  5. If they REALLY knew whats at stake they would not have nominated Hitlary. Of course also not Sanders.
  6. I am positive their favorite springsteen song would be Mary Loo
  7. Its a shitty situation. Thats what voting for commumist assholes get you.
  8. We get good updates from Spiritual.
  9. You think she will screw the American people in epic Tsipras style?
  10. You sound like a Bernie supporter per this quote... "(I was wrong about Bernie but 100% correct on some of his hateful, bitter followers like Spiritual)"
  11. And thats where his stupid followers come in and vote him in. And once in he will have to change drastically.
  12. 4 more months then reality will kick in. I dont think he will govern as a democrat. But I think he will change drastically. Its not the US that will change, its Trump. And his supporters will not be pleased. Bit he dont give a damn. He get his 4 years and the chance to prove he could do what he said. He will be very center. He know fill well that most of his outrageous claims will never become reality. He is just blessed with stupid followers.
  13. Fuck him! Button is a much bigger gentleman. Hambone is just a dick.
  14. Sounds like Outlaw Pete is just your song hehe I am happy that you had a super fantastic time. How awesome is that? Just thinking about something now, so here comes a really stupid question. Do you have the same ringing in your ears that we do after a show close to the stage? Or is it just nothingness? (I assume you dont have it) Is it all just felt through increased other senses?