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  1. my Oklahoma home seeger sessions Sheffield Nov 14 2006, remembering my bloodbrother Jim2faceuk, miss ya mate
  2. my city of ruins Cardiff 2013
  3. Born in the DDR

    I enjoyed the play it's on iplayer if anyone wants to listen to it
  4. Another Laker passes - RIP brianzai

    Sad news RIP brianzai, my condolences to his family and friends
  5. very sad news, I don't come to the Lake as much as i used to. I can remember back in the the early years speaking to Miami Mark in the Lake's chatroom and reading his posts. Another great Laker gone but not forgotten. My condolences to his family. Rest in peace Mark.
  6. agree with you Potstan, it is stunning
  7. WOW the price you pay is amazing
  8. I have the CD box set, just listened to greetings and wiess brilliant sound
  9. sad news of my friend my bloodbrother Jim twofacesUK

    Yes mate, remember we spent a while outside a bar talking to you and your friend sorry can't remember her name.
  10. sad news of my friend my bloodbrother Jim twofacesUK

    Missing you my friend

    thanks for that just got it but gone up to£16 but still a bargain
  12. Tracks II

    According to rumors on fb tracks 2 is going to be released soon.
  13. Steven Jump RIP 1957 - 2013

    very sad news, my thoughts to to Philip and there families. As many people have said joined badlands pre internet days just after GTOTJ tour was nice to be around like minded people and both Steven and Philip always very helpful. 2 stories i always remember, my wife ordering £100 of LP'S for xmas present for me from Badlands , couple weeks went by no parcel phoned up Steven he said no problem come down to cheltenham we will sort it out. We got there spent a nice time trawling thru the LP'S and gave me a couple of extras for going there. Then in 2008 at Cardiff pre show me Big Jim 2facesuk took my daughter who was 14 and his son Liam to Tiger Tiger bar got to the entrance and Steven said to us you boys dont pay to go in we've seen u on the big screen, my daughter said to me are you and big Jim stars or the mafia. R.I.P Steven