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  1. DC Roll call for Friday night!

    Is anyone going to Irish Channel?
  2. DC Roll call for Friday night!

    Update!!!  Just got 2 tix (non GA) for the DC show.  Plan to be at the Irish Channel to reconnect, dance and sing with others.
  3. U.S. River Tour extended - OFFICIAL

    Just got tix (non GA) to the show in DC!!  I'll be at the Irish Channel around 5:00.  It will be nice to reconnect, dance  and sing with everyone!
  4. U.S. River Tour extended - OFFICIAL

    Who's bringing the orange hot dogs to Greensboro?
  5. DC Roll call for Friday night!

    Still no ticket but if I get one I may stop by the Irish Channel to see Pete Baker.  Thanks to CeeJay comment below!!
  6. Tom Morello destroys the new album

    I saw this topic but didn't read every reply. That being said the Laker community has had mostly positive topics about Bruce and the various E St Band members over the years. It is, of course, everyone's right to post whatever they want. Most of us are probably in agreement that every show we see is a great experience - singing, dancing and meeting new folks. Please remember that Bruce Springsteen is the leader of his band and it is his decision who he chooses to be members of the LEGENDARY, EARTHSHAKING, VIAGRA TAKING Etc, Etc, E STREET BAND. I'm sorry if it sounds like a pontificating but this board is just a cool place. Cheers everyone!
  7. AMIW has called it! No Greensboro therefore no biblical rains. Leaving DC soon for the trip down but would enjoy having a beverage with Lakers before the show. Meeting up with Mr. and Mrs. Club Tip Top and a couple others. Are people meeting for a tailgate (with orange hot dogs) in the parking lot?
  8. Thanks! Looking forward to seeing other Lakers!!!
  9. Will be driving down from DC with Mrs. Racin' and meeting up with the Hickory and Raleigh folks. Weather forecast looks great so no boats needed. Will orange hot dogs be present?
  10. Not much of a poster on the board but have to say congrats to Chris for being the lottery pick! Will be driving down from DC for the Raleigh show and meeting up with my Hickory and Raleigh pals. Hope to see and meet a bunch of you there. And - as usual - it sounds like a monsoon in NC. Any orange hot dogs there tonight?
  11. Don't forget your boat!