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  1. OFFICIAL 2016 Major League Baseball thread....

    I saw that and liked it very much. There is a craft to the game and a true baseball fan should appreciate the ability to crush a home run and be able to execute a bunt. Arguably these days a good bunt is more impressive. As spectacular as HRs are I'm much more of a "small ball" fan. Get on base, advance the runner by making contact... manufacture offense instead of waiting around for the big inning.
  2. California drought "Donald Trump told an an audience in California Friday that "there is no drought," according to a report from USA Today." Jeezus... what an a$$hole.
  3. OFFICIAL 2016 Major League Baseball thread....

    Mantle was an absolutely amazing power hitter; some of hits were absolutely crushing. One wonders what might have been if he hadn't been injured so early. It was impressive enough as it was.
  4. Open Letter To Bruce Springsteen, Jon Landau & You

    Somebody call AAA... we need a tow truck to get this wreck out of here.
  5. OFFICIAL 2016 Major League Baseball thread....

    Well to be fair I know the park and had it not been obstructed somebody might have been circling under it to make the catch in the Navy Yard.
  6. OFFICIAL 2016 Major League Baseball thread....

    Caught the Blue Jays and NYY game yesterday; the Yankees just look tired. No spark or pop at all. That was followed by the Nats Cards game; tight, nicely played. Harper picked a good time to break out of his slump: he laid waste to that pitch. I'll bet it went 425 feet, maybe a touch more. Its a funny thing about some hits - the pitch has barely left the pitchers hand and just way the batter starts his swing you know he's going to knock the crap out of it. I was talking with someone with one eye on the screen and just had time to blurt out "oh sh*t" as the ball hit the upper deck. Is there a finer thing to be sitting in a quiet, cozy bar with a friend, nursing an IPA, watching a game with the sound off with a nice selection of blues playing in the background? Well yeah - all of the above and an order of wings
  7. Another thread for the air travelers

    That would have been a bit startiling but in truth tarantulas are pretty benign creatures. They rarely bite people (you have to antagonize them) and aren't really poisonous to humans. In west Texas in the spring the males go "walk about" and I've had them crawling all over my drill pad; you just let them crawl up on your hand or arm and carry them over to the sage brush and send them on their way. Its almost certain the airline isn't to blame for the spider being on board; I'd bet it was carried on in someone's carry on luggage. No need for hysterics on the part of the passengers - just keep an eye on it until a bag or box can be found, scoop it up and stick it in the fridge (it will go dormant). Problem solved.
  8. Whatcha reading?

    One of the rewards of studying geology is that you get comfortable with the concept of "deep time" and you start seeing the planet as a very dynamic place. You also start to wrap your arms around the fact that humans are indeed puny and the universe really doesn't give a crap about us. For all all our knowledge and power, and they are not inconsiderable, the forces that govern our planet could snip us out of the time line and erase virtually every trace we'd ever been here. It's kind of humbling.
  9. What is Happening in My Country?

    Well it's not as simple as saying she was or is a HRC supporter; she is ideologically complex and is a genuine swing voter (and very willing to split her ticket). If I had to define her politically I'd say she is one of those increasingly rare moderate/centerists and puts a high premium on competence. And she votes; she always votes. My larger point is that being a swing voter in a swing state (Virginia), the election will turn on people like her. This is not an endorsement of her position (dead armadillos and all that) but a fairly objective political assessment and any number of people on both sides of the aisle may be a bit disgusted that the key vote in this election is going to be (metaphorically speaking) some retired, white, female English teacher in the outer burbs of Cleveland. But that's probably going to be the case.
  10. On bullshit

    I just had to resurrect this thread to C&P this little jewel: Note: This is not about the primary, this is not about Sanders supporters. This is just such a classic example of bullshit; derp so pure it's weapons grade. "The Sanders movement has become impervious to reality. Some have even called into question the nature of reality itself: “Bernie Sanders’ ‘political revolution’ is political only inasmuch as thought is political,” a self-described “metamodernist creative writer” named Seth Abramson wrote in the Huffington Post a few days ago. “By the very nature of things—we might call it perceptual entropy—the impossible, once perceived, enters a chain of causation whose natural conclusion is realization.” By this logic, Abramson reasons, Sanders is actually winning. It’s, like, the Matrix, man, or something." That, ladies and gentleman, is the finest example of pseudo intellectual bullshit I've read in months. Again... not trying to insult anybody (well maybe the writer) or ruffle any feathers; this was just too good to pass up.
  11. What is Happening in My Country?

    It is one thing to sell a message but where you sell it is critical. It's all well and good to bring down the house in Vermont and Seattle... but does it play in Peroria? If you look at the primary results in Florida, Ohio and Virginia it's not ridiculous to speculate about the general election outcomes in those states. There are small but absolutely critical blocks of votes up for grabs in these states that will decide the election. It is undisputed by any serious observer that 1) HRC has been the subject of relentless attacks by the right for decades and her poll numbers are essentially a floor and 2) Sanders has been free from such attacks and his poll numbers are essentially a ceiling. With American politics being essentially tribal each side gets their base. The political task, had Sanders prevailed, would be to convince my mother (as a very real example) to choose between Trump (whom she dislikes and disagrees with) or the self described Democratic Socialist (whom she dislikes and disagrees with). You make the call - because I'm not betting the mortgage money on it.
  12. What is Happening in My Country?

    So why keep beating the dead horse? As to the polls. Sigh. 1) It's early and they don't mean much 2) The polls used by RCP include two poll showed that dramatically increase the Republican electorate (for which there is no evidence) - it also include a Rasmussen poll which has a very large GOP house bias. 3) It includes significant number of Sanders supporters who haven't rallied to HRC - but historically speaking almost certainly will. Moreover there have been any number of analysis pieces a in several outlets that come to broadly similar conclusions. As I've said before the proper way to evaluate the state of the race (at this time) is someplace between complacency and panic.
  13. What is Happening in My Country?

    Do tell...
  14. What is Happening in My Country?

    Sanders could be the greatest debater since Cicero (he isn't) and have an absolutely unimpeachable background (he doesn't) but at this point it does not matter. Does. Not. Matter. He is not going to be the Democratic nomine.
  15. California drought

    Good point.... after the last couple of years one is entitled to wonder. They still have plenty of murk and gray, dispiriting drizzle however. Alaska: Seattle's Climate and West Virginia's Culture!