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  1. Wasn't that an Andy Gibbs side project?
  2. Let's see now... we have a Greek communist (and just take a moment and let that sink in) who's practical experiance in governing was failing to moderate an Internet message board - and this is who we are supposed to take seriously in matters of political philosophy?
  3. C'mon man... they work at free trade, vegan, organic coffee houses.
  4. Well the upside is he's probably a rental. With any luck it's a walk off homer and "here's your ring and don't let door hit you in the ass in the way out". Dream big!
  5. I suspect we'd never the end of it if the Russians had dumped a bunch of RNC emails.
  6. Well you still haven't made your point about the entire base. And really what is the problem with not caring for Vladimar Putin? He's a remarkably thuggish leader of a hostile power. I'm a bit more concerned about a candidate more inclined to cozy up to him than I am about the candidate more inclined to brush him back. Now this might not be the same for people who admire nasty dictators but as for myself I don't see the point you are trying to make.
  7. And now a word about Jill Stein and the greens...
  8. Well for starters it's not the entire base. HRC came into the race with a large base of her own - which might have a little something to do why she got the most votes. Remember Sanders was the insurgent, not HRC. And your argument is people should support the candidate Putin would like to see win? Please... tell me more.
  9. Well you are still the adult in the house so there is that...
  10. And who said that where?
  11. And that should tell everyone everything anyone ever needs to know about the Trump candidacy.
  12. World Series or bust.
  13. I was always more of a fan of Aristotle anyway...
  14. It will take about a week to ten days after the democratic covention to sort out what is covention bounce and what is a long them trend. By Aug 15th the polls should be, if history is any guide (FWTW up this year), reasonably predictive. I always expected the the election to be reasonably close; politics for most voters is less a rational selection of choices than its tribal, a form of identity. It was inevitable that most republicans would rally to Trump as democrats will rally to HRC. Given how close most elections have been for a long time anybody expecting a blowout was kidding themselves. Now you can argue that nobody in their right mind would vote for the most obviously unqualified, by resume and temperament, candidate president perhaps in the history of the republic - and I'd agree with you. But most Americans, like most people everywhere, aren't that bright and really aren't that thoughtful about politics. People do stupid sh*t all the time; they buy Pontiac Aztecs, watch reality TV, and eat at chilies. It would be nice to think that electing a president would be a bit more serious but in the end it's just another consumer choice and people make lousy choices all the time. For some companies lousy choices are a business model.