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  1. Or at the very least never be able to, ahem, "play" the guitar again.
  2. The play offs sucked. One game was mildly interesting. I'm fairly pleased to have missed most of them.
  3. Well for blowing off steam.... yes. For physical fitness not so much. But it's easy to get gold in water sports.
  4. About as long as it took you to start with the PA snark.
  5. I think it's over now....
  6. The MPD and transit police here were on top of their game and, with one exception, were polite, helpful and seemed to be enjoying themselves (as I explained to one of my companions never joke with a short cop). The metro cops ended up as glorified ushers and lifeguards - getting people on the trains (one cop yelled "alright everybody puuuush" as people scrambled on one car; it was funny as hell), spreading people out on the platform and making sure everybody stood safely back from the platform edge. The MPD were highly visible and responded to the heavier than expected crowds with flexibility and not being literal about the rules; when the marchers backed up on the parade route they didn't even try to shoo them back on the sidewalks. There was an entrance in the mall that was a bit confusing; there was fencing in place and one break led to the porta potties and the other onto the mall. A policeman parked himself in the middle directing traffic with his arms "bathrooms! (Waves arms left), March! (Waves arms right). As side note they were great last night too. They put a line between the crowd and the trolls and didn't give an inch but were very professional about holding their ground; no night sticks, no glowers or threats just very non-aggressive "back" gestures when somebody got a bit too close. Then they stood there like statues with dance club pop being blasted around their ears. A couple of them had pretty obvious grins in their faces. You got to remember a lot of them are black and Latino and some were in their 20s - it can be guessed at that they weren't exactly sympathetic with a bunch of white male right wingers from out of town causing them grief in their otherwise normally quiet beat.
  7. Dick. I'll have you know I think that plumber was quite taken with me.
  8. Oh it really was. I have to say I was both a little suprised and very impressed by the mood of the crowd. Washington can be a bit of a chilly town; you don't strike up conversations with strangers as a rule. Not yesterday. It may well be the last occasion of my life when I'll be able to initiate a conversation wth a twenty four year old women who is a stranger to me and not peg the "creepometer".
  9. A bit bleary eyed this morning as it was a long day yesterday and a bit of a short night. I was up early yesterday to drag myself down town for the march. Well I had to. I don't normally go in for this sort of thing - my idea of hell is 4th of July on the mall. But.... I know S2S really wanted to be there and was a bit put out she couldn't go. So I decided to take her place if for no other reason then to get the body count up over 250,000 (or as Trump would put it.... 1.5M). And there was some people from my building going so off I went. As I said this kind of thing isn't my my cup of tea. Well.... it was great. It was, in the most positive sense, a shit show from jump street. My subway stop was packed and we waited for four trains to go by before we could jam ourselves in. And "jam" was the word; packed in like sardines and my chapeau took a battering I'm afraid. It was all smiles and good humor however; as we passed crammed platforms packed with people unable to board the trains were sent off with waves and cheers. Make no mistake either; with the exception of four clueless tourists (with any luck they were hold over trumpkins) getting off at the Smithsonian to see the museums everybody was heading to the march. As it turned out our stop was too swamped with people to safely offload our train so we blew right through the station. No matter; we cheerfully offloaded at the next stop, bought a couple of coffees from a vendor and hoofed it down the mall. And it was a sight. Streams of people, a sea of pink converging from every direction. We cleverly decided to stay close to the rear and towards the north side so as to easily make our exit later. Nope. People just kept coming and we got inexorably pushed further into the scrum. In fact it wouldn't have mattered had we held our position; behind us the streets filled up with people not able to squeeze in. The march itself was abandoned as there was no actual room to march - the parade route was that jammed. The cell network collapsed and nobody knew fuck all about what was going on. We were so far from the stage we hadn't a prayer of hearing anything; periodically a cheer would roll backwards through the crowd. We might have been cheering the announcement it was brocolli suprise for dinner for all we knew; we cheered anyways. But it didn't matter one bit. Everybody just had a good time, snapping photos, talking, pointing out the more clever signs, and there more of those than one might have thought, and meeting and thanking the people from out of town. We ended up chatting with a women's trade union group from Chicago for a bit. Somebody in Chicago now has a picture of me and a frankly pretty solidly built member of the plumbers union, arms draped over each other with a "I am a nasty women" sign held between us. It was late in the afternoon when we took our leave, eight hours of that being enough, and a group of us headed north for a much needed dinner and a couple of beers. Just when it was time to call it a night the above mentioned deplorables showed up and we were off again. After sending them off with their tails between their legs, despite being absolutely drained, we had a couple of more beers on the patio seating sharing a table with four young ladies from Pittsburgh, Boston and New York who'd come down for the march and stayed for the pizza. Laughing and talking It was midnight before I finally called it a night. All in all yesterday was the most fun I've had with my clothes on in a couple of months.
  10. Hell of a day here in the nations capital. Besides the march the deplorables showed up a my pizza place again but this time they, and I dare say we, were ready for them; they had some speakers out front and turned the sidewalk into a dance party. No bull horn made can crank louder than a some speaker stack blasting out Lady Gaga. The best part was people got on their phones and called in the cavalry and in twenty minutes there was 200 kids out there facing these guys down... by dancing. First song up was "born this way". I'm damned proud of my city tonight.
  11. I guess you missed the part about the arrests.
  12. They looked... a little hungry. It was kind of disturbing actually.
  13. Windows good and secret tunnels intact.