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  1. One of three... and all these years later I know I made the right call back then.
  2. Nice wrap up and gets under the hood and examins the factors driving the choice of the legislative strategy.
  3. No bears I'm afraid just some occasional fresh tracks and I have no idea if and when I'll be back up there.
  4. Absolutely savage take down of Paul Ryan. "Ryan’s sparkly reputation rested partly, of course, on the soft bigotry of low expectations (better than you would expect a Republican to be!), but also on appearance. Ryan looks like a thoughtful man. He can furrow his brow in simulation of abstract reasoning." That last line is some funny shit. There has been a number of blog posts, tweets and articles along these lines over the last few days. I've never understood Ryan's reputation as a policy wonk - at best I thought he was a third rate Kasich - and if this particular Washington myth is punctured I'll chalk it up as a rare victory of substance over style. I don't think Ryan is on his way out anytime soon simply because there is no plausible alternative. But I do think he has about one more chance to get his mojo back before he can be officially declared gelded. As it is he's severely weakened and in grave danger of having a new and very unflattering CW settling into place.
  5. I suppose in real estate you can always go down the coast to the next strip of beach to build your time shares and condos. That's a bit harder to do in government where there is essentially one beach. And of course a lot of what Trump does now is license his name to various projects and let others do the heavy lifting; which is what he did here. What he failed to appreciate is 1) that the guy he let use his brand has never actually built any condos before. Paul Ryan has never written and gotten through congress a single piece of meaningful legislation. 2) The other branches don't actually work for him and the people in congress are more concerned about their own personal political survival than his dictates. Bonus points: threatening people on your own team rarely works unless the threat is credible. He personally and directly threatened a congressman and then wanted a vote to create an "enemies list" but Ryan got him to back off. What we see, what everybody sees both at home and abroad, is when Trump's bluff gets called he folds. That should work out well.
  6. Finger pointing or "the art of the deal" "President Donald Trump was reportedly skimpy on the details of the now-failed American Health Care Act in a meeting with conservative Republicans Thursday, apparently telling them to "forget about the little shit," multiple unnamed sources told Politico. The report described a meeting that Trump had with members of the Freedom Caucus, in which members pelted him with "wonkish concerns" about specific aspects of the Republicans' bill to repeal and replace Obamacare. Trump cut them off, according to the report, wanting to keep it simple. "Forget about the little shit," Trump said, unnamed sources told Politico."Let's focus on the big picture here." That reportedly did not sit well with members in attendance."
  7. Look man... it's nothing to me if swampy is a sword swallower. All I'm saying is be out about it. Don't be trying to passing off a man crush as serious political analysis - just declare your love. You going to hack just be a hack.
  8. Let's see those reports.., if they are coming out of Breitbart you are being conned. Again. First Trump can't seek his replacement - wrong branch. Second you need to go back and go over he events that made Ryan easier to begin with. HINT: who is the alternative? Yer blowing smoke.
  9. Well as recent events have demonstrated there will be times to actively encourage the Freedom Caucus.
  10. If I were you I'd just quietly let this argument go.... Trump got pounded like cheap veal on this one. Even if he was trying to be clever he was too clever by half. In politics perception is often the reality and right now the perception on both the right and the left is this was a major and very humiliating defeat for the administration. Your alternative is to stock up on chap stick.
  11. Next up is "tax reform" aka "millions more for millionaires". Trump promised a tax cut for the middle class but 1) it's clear Ryan's priorities are a tax cut for the wealthy and 2) Trump has amply demonstrated his promises are even more worthlessness than normal for a politician. Pound the hell out of vulnerable GOP congressman; if you have then throwing up in their mouths a little every time they think of 2018 that's what you want.
  12. Not crazy enough?
  13. That would be the Barbra Comstock who, at the eleventh hour, declared she would vote against the bill? Thats some funny stuff right there; what do you think the chances of that footage being recycled in 18 months are?
  14. Hey I've had excercised induced asthma myself on a couple of occassions so I know it's a real thing. As to the state of the art on asthma meds well it's nice to know the prevailing opinion is they don't help non-asthmatics and anybody who needs them cannot use them. Bravo. However I will point out that wasnt the opinion a few years ago and there was an awful lot of asthmatics out there. Which brings me back to my initial and main point about TUE's. If the sporting authorities are really worried about gender issues giving some athletes an unfair advantage then the use of artificial hormones and other drugs is a place to start regulations. Personally I think it's a side show and a red herring but some people have their underwear in a bunch over it - or at least pretend they do. So... there is part of the solution. Carry on.
  15. There are certainly athletes who get asthma and there is certainly such a thing as excercise induced asthma but thes days it seems like every third athlete has a therapeutic exception; it's ridiculous. I say if you have an asthma attack, use the inhaler, report it and hit the pine for a week. With testostorone I'd work up guidelines for a minimum "cooling off" period before competition is allowed after injections.