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  1. What ever one's heretical opinions on beef and sticky sauces and such things I would have thought it axiomatic the BBQ is meat and smoke.
  2. I took it in at my local which is a Boston bar and everybody was pulling for the Cubs. I ate a lot of wings and, in honor of Chicago, drank "Corruption IPA". In all honesty I wouldn't be unhappy if Cleveland took the series but I'm really pulling for Chicago.
  3. I'm very much of the opinion that tomatoes shouldn't touch BBQ. The classic eastern Carolina BBQ mop/sauce doesn't mask the taste of the meat; just moisten it a bit, accent the flavor of the pork, and serve as a foil to the remaining fat and the dissolved connective tissue. Mustard sauces are interesting, and a nice variation from time to time, but I judge a place based on their vinegar based sauces or lack thereof.
  4. Well you'd have to find a place with a smoker big enough to handle a whole Portugese.
  5. Hmmm.... that's illegal around here but I'd give it a try.
  6. Dogs love BBQ joints! I used to go with a friend and always brought his dog. It's no secret dogs like car rides but to watch him get more and more excited as he realized where we were heading was hilarious. By the time we turned into the parking lot "Fred" would be half in the front seat, tongue hanging out. We'd go in to order and the dog would be barking his head off in the car. We'd get carry out to eat in the parking lot and the dog would be bounding back and forth from the back seat to the front. We'd always pick him up half a rack; after he finished that and figured out we didn't have anything left to share (I was good for leaving a little meat on my bones and the last bite of my pulled pork sandwich) he'd belch, flop on the gravel and fall asleep.
  7. I've eaten at Andy Nelson's... I'd eat the broom they use to sweep the dining room floor at that place. As to pork vs.... well, all that other stuff: pork is the original. It was how BBQ originated, how it was perfected. You only throw something other than pork on a smoker when you don't have a pig handy.
  8. Washington vs the Bengals is our revenge for the British burning the White House back in 1814.
  9. The discovery process should be hilarious. That is if he has big enough, ahem, hands to actually file.
  10. The big reveal will be when it goes on station of Syria; the sortie rate will tell the tale as will how long it can stay on station.
  11. Surprised it took this long; a lot of people probably looking at some serious jail time if/when Maduro loses power.
  12. It was a strange attack. A denial of service attack on some but not all commercial DNS servers was always going to cause sporadic problems for some users because of cached DNS data. I only noticed it because I had trouble reaching one website. Apparently it only took a couple of hours to deal with the problem. Seems pretty half assed to me.
  13. As I said elsewhere the interesting thing will be what republican leadership does on election night. One reason I'm hoping for a blowout is in the hope a decisive margin of victory will nip talk of an illigimate election in the bud. If nothing else if HRC has a voting margin of say 4%+ and around 80+ electoral votes it will be much easier for GOP leadership to act like adults.
  14. I think both clubs are getting the ratings they deserve.
  15. Douchewaffle.... I see what you did there.