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  1. The Sunday Times gives you the excuse on Sunday mornings to do nothing but read the paper until right around the first pitch. That alone is worth the extra money. Ideally the Sunday Times is consumed along side some smoked sturgeon on a toasted garlic or onion bagel, a glass of fresh OJ and several cups of good coffee.
  2. Hmmm... maybe it's just my tablet but not seeing a video or link.
  3. Yeah.... and then you gotta say "yes"; being older and wiser after being called three times I know this is the moment of doom. But in my case I really thought somebody would use one of their premptory challenges to boot me. Rat bastids.
  4. As I said last night to somebody "That's unfortunate but I totally understand his decision". "...Harward turned down the offer in part because Trump wouldn’t let him fire several officials who Flynn had hired for his staff and install his own team instead." A shit sandwich indeed.
  5. Didn't know where to post this and didn't want to start another thread. "The Trump administration is considering a proposal to mobilize as many as 100,000 National Guard troops to round up unauthorized immigrants, including millions living nowhere near the Mexico border, according to a draft memo obtained by The Associated Press. The White House immediately denied the veracity of the report." Okay this is a draft of a memo and apparently the WH is pushing back apparently saying not going to happen. That's important. But holy crap... really? Who up there thought it was a good idea to put together a draft memo on this? You have to be shitting me.
  6. I know... just being snarky. "Treason doth never prosper: what's the reason? Why if it prosper, none dare call it treason."
  7. Well he's too busy investigating "Sid the Science Kid". There are only so many hours in the day you know.
  8. Yeah... One of the reasons I've very reluctantly come around to the view that the Democrats need to be more overtly ideological and pound the hell out of kitchen table issues is that my preferred style of cool, dispassionate technocratic approach to politics just doesn't work. "The rent is too damned high and those blood sucking lying crooks are the reason why". Ugly stuff but it's an ugly time.
  9. Clearly there are people who have legitimate reasons for not serving. Which makes it all the more important for people who can serve not to try and weasal out of it.
  10. I think there are people who emotionally speaking are ill equipped to hear a case like that. However finding evidence and testimony disturbing, possibly horrifying or even nausea inducing is not the same thing as not being able to handle the strain. In a case like you describe I'd worry about a jury full of people who weren't disturbed. If presented with a case like this I'd lay my reasons for wishing not serve as far as my conscience would allow and then do my best if I was chosen. I wouldn't like it but I would do my best.
  11. I got on a panel involving a personal injury claim stemming from an automobile accident. At some point one of the lawyers asked the panel if anybody had ever bee in a serious automobile accident and I stuck up my hand and described a very serious crash I was involved in when I was 18 - horrendous accident, multiple broken bones, concusion, multiple head and facial lacerations and as I'm detailing the injuries people in the court are visibly wincing. I figure I'm home free and will be out in time for a late breakfast. Fook me if I didn't end up on the jury. Could have knocked me over with a feather.
  12. Thanks. If you liked it make it habit to check the site every few days; stories get refreshed semi regularly and you have no idea what subjects might come up week to week. Sometimes I'm "meh" but other weeks there will be four or five pieces that really grab my attention.
  13. It was a general comment on the... uh, how can I comment here without using the word "unhinged"? The overall tone of the entire press conference which was... uh, unprecedented. Yes let's go with "unprecedented". Like you I put a high premium on clarity of written communications and I'm pretty good at presentations. The excerpts I've seen (I couldn't handle watching the entire thing live) of yesterday's performance were just appalling. From a technical POV, never mind the politics, it was just gawd awful.
  14. I think in general terms staying away is not a bad idea for several reasons. If nothing else not sure local LE is up to containing two separate and mutually hostile crowds. Better to let the Trumpkins do their thing and "keep your powder dry" for another day.