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  1. I expect nothing of the kind from any judge he appoints; grateful if it happens but don't expect it.
  2. I saw that and there has been some speculation that a foreign intelligence service is considering/planning/about to drop some significant derogatory information. It occurs to me however that maybe it's a foreign service planting these rumors just to poke him. Everybody knows that he's prone to scoring "own goals" when he's under pressure. Then again maybe it's just a rumor and Rosenstein just she a bit more of his dignity putting out a bizzare statement at the behest of the WH.
  3. Uhm... why? Surely most adults can do more than one thing at a time. YMMV
  4. Good to know you are on board with hate crimes as a category.
  5. I have no idea who he is (heard the name but couldn't pick him out of a lineup). I gather he's some TV commentator so it's possible he doesn't know - but not knowing what he said I'll decline comment pending further information. Of course I'm in no hurry to get it - priorities.
  6. Well that assumes it always falls on a workday which is so unlikely as to be virtually impossible. It also assumes that no treatment protocals are effective or they have been declined (which is another can of worms). But assuming they haven't been declined and assuming that the symptoms are so debilitating as to render the victim incapable of work a case might be made they can't work; that they are in fact disabled. I have no idea how many women are being talked about here which is another problem. From my almost certainly non representative sample I conclude that while some months are worse than others there can't be too many women who are debilitated for days on end every month. But then maybe some are. Kind of hard to have a useful debate without decent data.
  7. The homicide rate in Alexandria is comfortably below the national rate; a kid gets killed there and it's a lead story in local media. As far as Baltimore and Chicago go all I can say is how many more stories in the Post do you want? It gets plenty of attention.
  8. If reports are accurate a rifle with high capacity detachable magazines. My reasonable gun law proposal would have limited the damage. And sure, nobody deserves to get shoot for their politics.... or their race or for just being in the wrong place and wrong time. But it happens - frequently. That's a societal choice. That being the case nobody should be suprised when no neighborhood or person is exempt. Again that's a choice we've made. I know Del Ray, I've played on that field. I'm not happy about this but I'm not going to be any less unhappy because somebody powerful and prominent was a victim.
  9. I'm just glad it wasn't an elementary school that got shoot up.... this time. As far as I'm concerned all the hysterical bleating from the right about this incident doesn't have a leg to stand on; I've watched them tap dance about right wing terror and guns too many times before to take this trip to the fainting couch seriously. As I said previously mass shootings happen every week in this country and sooner or later somebody prominent was going to get caught caught up in one. As a general statement this could happen to any American at any time and any where so why should Scalise be any different? To paraphrase PRR after Sandy Hook I'm not going to waste too much time getting bent out of shape about them - it doesn't do any good. It's how we live, it's the price of freedom.
  10. Local media seems to confirm my guess as to the location. Identifying shooter as white, middle age male... possibly in running clothes(!?).
  11. I'm guessing this took place on the fields at the intersection of RT 1 and Monroe. Pretty decent neighborhood - definetly up and coming. That most have bolloxed up rush hour pretty good, esp. as the METRO tracks run right by there. Wouldn't be suprised if they halted service briefly. If that many rounds were expended we've got a pretty good idea of the general type of weapon involved. Not sure if the incident qualifies as a "mass shooting" yet but I suppose it was inevitable that, sooner or later, someone prominent would get involved in one.
  12. Terrorist, thug or tragic case of mental illness?
  13. Too many health industry lobbyists running around the Senate right now; Mitch doesn't want the good folks at home to see that.
  14. Good piece and his argument is certainly not implausible. Even if we manage to get out of the Trump presidency in reasonably good order the entire world now knows that the United States is one election away from elevating a lunatic with almost unchecked power - and that the American people are irresponsible enough to do it. That lesson will not be forgotten anytime soon. Reasonable enough that they would turn away from the U.S. and look for other arrangements. If Merkel and Macron get on we could be looking at a Paris-Berlin axis that could largely replace American leadership in Europe. The UK has just fucked it. By breaking with Brussells they have essentially welded themselves to the US and that means Trump. By voting in a hung Parliment May was handcuffed in her negotiations with the EU - who smell blood in the water and will be driving a hard bargin. All signs point to either a very soft exit (the Norway model) or a very hard one indeed. To compound matters May frittered away valuable negotiating time by calling the election: that just amps up the pressure. As somebody put it observing the election returns last week "America is ruled by a criminal imbecile and the United Kingdom will be governed by a crippled cow". So yeah... the pieces are definetly there for a sharp decline in the post war Anglo-American world order.
  15. 4th already ruled.... suffice it to say for the administration it didn't go well.