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  1. For him that's essentially the same thing. But you know at the end of the day I think it's all talk and no walk. We already know when he gets his bluff called he folds. Then Tokoyo and Seoul are not going to go along with a preemptive war; they are the ones that will take the damage and the casualties. The Chinese would just flip shit. At the the end of the day my bet is... DJT will bluster, North Korea will bluster some more and eventually he'll change the subject.
  2. You might want to go back and check who was president when North Korea went nuclear. I'll give you a hint - not Obama. The fact is he managed the situation in such a way Seoul didn't get leveled; in fact there was never a serious threat of war. Your boy has already fucked that up in less than a 100 days. That isn't a flattering comparison.
  3. Leadership or posturing? The fact you can't recall this ever happening might be a clue this is really a PR excercise.
  4. But of course he never did that did he? Not for nothing did he have the handle "no drama". The fact is you almost never get a Nobel for proposing a preemptive strike so honestly, aside from your pathological compulsion to mention his name at every opportunity regardlessof how stupid, I'm having trouble discerning the relevence of your post. You threw some utterly irrelevant word salad up for all to see and contributed absolutely nothing to our discussion of events on the Korean peninsula. Well done.
  5. I simply can't imagine with the complications involving South Korea, Japan and China that a unilateral first strike is in the cards. I suspect therefore this is DJT failing to govern but papering over that failure by trying to give the appearance of governing. On the bright side however maybe the U.S. Senate will recieve up to date information about the location of the U.S.S. Vinson and her escorts. With a little luck the margin of error of that location will be tightened up from the previous standard of +/- one hemisphere.
  6. Yeah IMO these were pretty good arguments as to why the judge in question ruled as he did. I actually liked pretty much the entire piece.
  7. The fun bit: "To a degree unusual in public law litigation, Trump’s legal setbacks flow from his personal flaws: constitutional illiteracy, governmental inexperience, contempt for law and lawyers, lust for executive power, and—most of all—simple inability to keep his mouth shut."
  8. So... it's your theroy his best move is to lose so he can win? That's deep man.
  9. 45 is set to announce a proposal to reduce corporate tax rates to 15% tomorrow. However for a variety of legal and procedural grounds it is probably DOA and looks to be empty political theatre.
  10. Yep... I agree. Huge yawn. Since he's a federal judge the order stands so what ever point you were failing to make with the above information isn't relevant.
  11. "Schlussel, who is a lawyer, did not go into detail. And she insisted that Hannity used the term "sexual harassment," not her." You didn't actually point out the contradiction however. You were in such a hurry to make the claim that NBC was biased you skipped right over the part where the term sexual harassment was used and by whom. Now either you didn't read the article, didn't understand what it said or were hoping nobody would notice your partisan hackery.
  12. So... just what big success should they have reported on?
  13. Not a big fan of Twitter but a friend of mine sent me this link of a Twitter exchange between Nate Silver and Ron Fournier. It's an astonishing demonstration of mathematical illiteracy by what passes for an educated person today. Doesn't say much for the AP either.
  14. Dude.. watergate took two years.
  15. If it was like shooting fish in a barrel.... you just explained why he got fired. If it was easy to nail him on the charge that is a problem right? Think it through.