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  1. Sure, send me a PM and I can do it for you
  2. Wait until he does a "golden guitar" show at an New Jersey casino, 3 nights a week for 8 months. It's a reverse tour, we all go to him and HE sleeps in his own bed every night
  3. Tickets will be both expensive and impossible But if we are lucky enough to get two, we will fly across the country, any night any time
  4. Nah, that's not why
  5. That's the night we talked with Eddie Vedder before the show - Bruce OPENED with Trapped, starting an amazing night
  6. Well hello my old friend - nice to see you again Some of the most fun I have ever had as a Bruce fan was in Seattle, hanging with DMT and the rest of the crew - must have been 10 years ago now
  7. I missed the posts on bowel movements, I was busy........
  8. Musicians and other artists that act like petulant children? Nope, never heard of it before - We had a similar situation, 3 groups playing and the middle group was the one we really wanted to see. They ended up not showing up due to a "transportation issue" which actually (we ended up finding out later) meant the truck with their instruments never arrived. We were disappointed to miss the band we wanted to see. We went to the ticket office as we weren't interested in the headliner and were told "the ticket is for a concert and you entered and saw a concert, the line up is subject to change" and we got no where. I hope it ends differently for you
  9. So many choices, how could anyone choose just one?
  10. Mostly, I never lost interest in Bruce or his music. And yes, if given the choice I would prefer to see ANY performer in their prime, would that be possible. I would love to go back and see Bruce in some of those 1970's shows on the River and Darkness tours. I would prefer early Elvis over Vegas Elvis, 1970 Rolling Stones over the group I can see this year and yes, younger U2 is better than current U2 Sadly, time marches on and that isn't possible. But to pay such ridiculous ticket prices (which I have done at times) it would need to be very important to me, and at this point in my life, U2 isn't as important as they were 30 years ago
  11. I grew up in Phoenix AZ and was lucky enough to attend both shows in Tempe, which eventually became the film Rattle and Hum. Much like Buddhabone said above, they were my only musical obsession besides Bruce through the 80's into the mid-90s and I think I just got tired of them. Have seen a couple of concerts in the last 20 years, but am giving this tour a pass. Having seen them at their peak, I am not sure I need to hear them do it again 30 years later and 30 years older
  12. Fortunately for you, you have several more years before you have to worry about being over 45
  13. So do any of you who saw this thread in progress and uncensored still wonder why we get pissed off and think about eliminating a forum? This one is locked, dead and done - if it repeats itself in other places, more people and threads will go away I promise