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  1. There truly is no "winner" here, just losers Reps lose, Dems will screw this up somehow and the American people will be stuck with a health care law that needs some help to work properly and neither party will want to touch it. I predict two years of both sides blaming the other, also known as more of the same. The Republicans had 7 years to build a coalition and an agreed upon bill. But like the dog who just finally caught the car, they didn't know what to when when it was their turn and they blew it - Not exactly the "so much winning" the President promised.
  2. OK, that was solid and deserving of a rare "like"
  3. I think term limits are necessary at this point. Too many people in both houses of Congress that are holding resentment for issues that are 20+ years in the past. If Congresscritters* knew they had 6 or 8 years to get as much good done as they can, I would hope they would act differently. This isn't an opinion based on party either, both parties have the same problem. The Reps were willing to ignore Obama for 8 years and make no attempt to work with him, because they thought they could wait him out. The Dems are doing the same today, hoping the Trump years go by quickly and as painlessly as possible. If Reps and Sens knew their days were numbered, they would worry less about perpetual reelection and perhaps focus on actually working while they were there
  4. Gotta love The Daily Show
  5. Unlikely you will ever know that number. Lots of celebrity magazines print "estimates" but they are mostly guessing. There are a TON of costs in that $40 million total
  6. Not Trump, but still funny
  7. Nice job getting this up before JudgeBrown could
  8. On a serious note, I don't think the R's truly expected to get the President's chair on their side of the table. Then Trump won, and even though they have HAD 6+ years, they had never planned what to do just in case he did win and now they have both houses of Congress and the President's signature on whatever plan they put forward. The dog finally caught the garbage truck and now has no fricking idea what to do now that he has his teeth around it
  9. It's different because it is the REPUBLICAN plan now - so the same exact thing is brilliant not stupid like the Dems ideas Aren't you paying attention?
  10. Health care is hard.....who knew?
  11. Is a hockey player better on the ice than a figure skater? You can't really compare, they do different things. Clapton does stuff no one can do as well or in the same way, but as mentioned, The Edge is great at what HE does
  12. She all but says "You accept anonymous leaks if it hurts Trump, so here in an anonymous leak that helps him and hurts Obama - let's investigate this one too."
  13. Wait, my excellent what?????
  14. Am I late, do you care?