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  1. I suggest we simply shut that forum down for about 3 years and 9 more months, give or take a little
  2. Look, just because you changed my password and prevented me from "fixing" it any more, doesn't mean it's fixed permanently. But now that you gave me the idea, I am going to go change Andrew's password
  3. Even if he is not working on a tour plan at this moment, he loves performing too much to not show up on a stage somewhere. He simply loves to play, and sometimes that is all it is.
  4. Sigh - it's true
  5. I have no doubt Trump's floor is somewhere near 40% The part that is disturbing is the Dems not making up ground and working to prepare themselves for the next election cycle with some changes as to how to get Congressional seats that are possible. If they don't figure something besides "Tuck Frump" and cute slogans, we are gonna have 8 years of Trump. He will probably get to appoint 2 more, possibly 3 SC justices and now that the filibuster has proven "busted" they will not be anywhere near middle of the road candidates.
  6. But I was trying to fix it, I swear!!!!!!
  7. Yup, double secret moderator forum We mostly complain about Judge Brown there Nobody loved the 92-93 touring band, did they?
  8. That's letting the prisoners run the jail, isn't it?
  9. Knowing he had almost zero chance of seeing life outside of the prison system again, I can understand the decision, but the timing is certainly interesting
  10. Wait, there is a REUNION? Damn, I gotta get over here and read this forum once in a while