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    Peter also had a profound knowledge of Springsteen's early record releases. In the early 2000s, he was the one who gave me the full lowdown on the infamous promo-only picture sleeve for the U.S. "Blinded By The Light" single, contributing detailed information I'm sure not many people had ever heard of. Great guy. I hope he's well.
  2. Official Tour Details

    This pretty much sums up my own feelings. Yeah.
  3. If that had been a factor, they would have had to leave off many of the other songs too.
  4. I'm not going to watch that doc prior to its physical release next week, although I did peek in for the portion where Bruce plays the last verse of "Point Blank" on acoustic guitar, which admittedly is pretty awesome. In general though, I don't have high hopes for this, as it'll be quite difficult for me to sit through an hour of what is mainly Bruce blabbing away in some fashion, y'know. Plus, I find it nothing short of unforgivable that a documentary about the making of "The River" (of all albums!) does NOT feature any involvement from the members of the E Street Band.
  5. True. I really like the scene where he first plays that one to the band on the piano. The "voting" for David Kahne's string remix is pretty awkward though...Bob Clearmountain comes across as a really arrogant prick therein.
  6. Yes, in early April 1995, prior to recording a TV special. It was mentioned in Peter Ames Carlin's "Bruce" bio.
  7. That is certainly the best thing about this doc -- watching (and hearing) "Blood Brothers" evolve from an early musical sketch into the glorious final take as it would eventually appear on "Greatest Hits".
  8. The way I see it, there is no such issue. It's "waves" of course.
  9. I second that. Especially the "Racing In The Street (78)" title I never got either.
  10. Being told to "get a fucking life" on this board is somehow...unusual.
  11. Go find somebody else to tutor, mate. Like there wasn't other totally irrelevant Bruce shit being discussed here all the time while the world keeps blowing up...
  12. If there's something I *really* hate, it's inconsistency with song titles.
  13. In hindsight, yeah. But I clearly remember that when this first came out 20 years ago, most people - myself included - were drooling over it, and got all excited about getting their very first glimpse of Springsteen recording in a studio with the E Street Band (especially after the long hiatus). Back then we didn't know what we do know now how Bruce was yelling at his "blood brother" Danny Federici on the band's way to the Sony Studios stage in NYC a mere three months after those sessions just because Danny wore a shirt that wasn't to His Bossness' liking.
  14. I'm European, and I don't get it either.
  15. It's a perfectly legitimate question to ask.