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  1. So, if you're not good enough for the Olympics, you should give up sport altogether? That's weird.
  2. But anyway, why would it stop women competing just because they were less likely to win? Many people participate in sports knowing they will never win. You just perform at a lower level.
  3. I can remember years back. It's yesterday I struggle with.
  4. I know it seems like TJ is on his own but I have to agree with everything he has said. And you know you're wrong when CK agrees with you.
  5. Has anybody considered that Trump may pull out at the last minute and say "Fooled ya!".
  6. 67%. Not happy with that.
  7. In a bar in Austria, I heard a Europop version of For You.
  8. Meet me in the City as the lead single off The River.
  9. Are you a Jehovah's Witness?
  10. This reminds me of a night we attended in Vienna. Classical music, with opera singers in a beautiful setting. All Brahms & Liszt (not really, it was Strauss). It really was well done & everybody loved it. Although I appreciated how good they were, I didn't like to say but I was bored. PS I was born in Stratford!
  11. Best player in the world has no left foot.
  12. Suicide machine.
  13. Well, it was prior to WOAD, so it must have been Linda.
  14. I heard about that, well done.