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  1. Meet Me in the City Sherry Darling Ricky Wants a Man of Her Own Independence Day Roulette   Paradise by the "C" Hungry Heart Out in the Street Where the Bands Are You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch) (Ties that bind version) The River   Point Blank Cadillac Ranch Stolen Car Little White Lies I Wanna Be With You   Ramrod The Price You Pay Drive All Night Wreck on the Highway     As ever, not easy, is it?
  2. The price you pay NYC Serenade Meet me in the city   I was at Glasgow when he played Incident, unfortunately in the toilet!
  3. I think these out-takes sound much better than they did on Tracks, possibly they just fit better as a group of songs. Also, the new releases are much better than The Promise, I can't believe it took 35 years to release Meet me in the City, that would have been my choice of lead single instead of Hungry Heart.
  4. Billy Joel

    Just one British date next year. Saw him in 79 & 80 & would love to go again but... Wembley Stadium is an all seated show. The only tickets available are pretty poor. Are better seats likely to drop nearer the time? Don't mind paying £100 for good seats, but no interest in £40 for poor ones.
  5. It's a sad day....

    There seems to be a feeling that he will not play anything released after The River - has that been stated? Just because he's touring behind the box-set doesn't mean he can't play subsequent material. Or have I missed something?
  6. Rate "The Rising" in preferential order.

    1 Worlds Apart - Best song ever by anyone! 2 My City Of Ruins - Beautiful. 3. You're Missing - Beautiful. 4. Into The Fire - Beautiful. 5. Empty Sky- Beautiful. 6. Paradise - Beautiful. 7. Further On (Up The Road) - nice little rocker. 8. Lonesome Day - A little overused. 9. Let's Be Friends (Skin To Skin) - I used to hate it, but it grew on me. 10. Coutin' On A Miracle - Almost very good. 11. Mary's Place - Good live song and played about the right frequency. 12. The Rising - Not as good as Bruce thinks it is. 13. The Fuse - Slightly boring. 14. Waitin' On A Sunny Day - ok but overplayed. 15. Nothing Man - Does nothing for me.
  7. I never liked Cadillac Ranch till I heard live, that's the definition of turning a weak song in to a strong one.
  8. Go Set A Watchman

    A lot of fuss about Atticus' character but this should not really be seen as a sequel. It was not written and published a couple of years after To kill a mockingbird, but was written beforehand and rejected by the author, possibly because To kill a Mockingbird was a better book or possibly because the books don't "go together". Instead of publishing this, she wrote a different book. Atticus (and Scout) could really be different characters who have been changed (however slightly) to create new characters with a different story.
  9. More Fundamentalist Garbage

    So, they have a 50% chance (or 66% chance in a middle seat) of being offended. Surely, if they felt that strongly they could sort it out before they got on the plane?
  10. Marriage Equality now law of the land

    I have 100 reasons to hate soccer. It started in college. It's a known fact that the biggest douchebags on every campus in America are the soccer players. football world
  11. Marriage Equality now law of the land

    Yes, you did.
  12. Marriage Equality now law of the land

    You've never mocked something you find ridiculous?
  13. Sharing the stage

    Nils Lofgren made a guest appearance on the Seeger Sessions Tour, does that count?
  14. The Arches, Coventry, 13th June

    The Beast? Don't know that ale but it sounds alright!