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  1. Written by Badfinger.
  2. Have you done the Shakespeare Tour Bus?
  3. Being taken to see HMHB in February. Anybody know them? What one album would you recommend?
  4. The Decemberists Frank Turner Albany Down Holy Holy Drenge
  5. Really? I've just booked my fifth cruise, never yet had a problem.
  6. Don't climb over the rail and you'll be fine.
  7. I love cruising. It's not easy to fall overboard. It's probably safer than flying, all you have to do is not climb over the rail. There are many that are adults only.
  8. Actually, the DITD tradition started before DITD. He used to dance with a girl on the first River tour to Sherry Darling.
  9. I've only just discovered that two of my favourite folk songs were written by the same person - Green fields of France (No man's land) & The band played Waltzing Matilda. Guess I'll have to check him out. About 40 years late I guess.
  10. So, if you're not good enough for the Olympics, you should give up sport altogether? That's weird.
  11. But anyway, why would it stop women competing just because they were less likely to win? Many people participate in sports knowing they will never win. You just perform at a lower level.
  12. I can remember years back. It's yesterday I struggle with.
  13. ?