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  1. Coventry 2016

    There is a new Railway Station called Coventry Arena right outside the stadium. Unfortunately, trains do not stop on days when there is an event on as Staff cannot cope.
  2. Shake Yer Head

    People who leave the show before the end so they can be first in the queue for the following night.
  3. Intelligence Or Looks, If Ya Had to Pick

    He never said you were intelligent & beautiful, only that your beauty was equal to your intelligence. (Do I need to put a smiley?).
  4. Springsteen Cancels Greensboro Show

    Have we come to an agreement yet?
  5. No, the rule is the same everywhere. Having been sent off, the ref does not need to penalise him again at the time, just put it in his report.
  6. ELO Comeback ?

    Just got tickets for Birmingham 24th June. Not bad seats, some still available. Also, front row seats available £500.
  7. Greensboro poll

    Surely, people travelling to the show would have made plans more than two weeks prior?
  8. Check out this story: A phone caller pretending to be a cop asks for a female worker to be held until they can get there. It ends with a male employee sexually assulting her at the request of the caller.
  9. Greensboro poll

    Did somebody really vote that they support the legislation? Or are they just teasing?
  10. Walking Dead - Season 5

    I've just realised you're ahead of us & stopped reading.
  11. Walking Dead - Season 5

    Have to disagree, this is a forum to discuss the Walking Dead. If people don't want to know, they should avoid this thread. It's not the responsibility of everyone else to avoid talking about it.
  12. Walking Dead - Season 5

    Did Daryl really get shot, though? Remember how we thought Glen was eaten alive? Could be another trick. Possibly, it was Dwight's blood being splattered. Maybe by Carol? Can't explain the "You'll be alright" comment, though.
  13. Just spotted, BTW has already mentioned it.
  14. From WOTH: At the start of the song: Last night I was out driving At the end: Sometimes I sit up in the darkness How could he sometimes sit up in the darkness thinking about something that happened last night?
  15. Previously soldout, I've just managed to get 2 standing tickets for Wembley off Badlands!