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  1. A little light relief, made me smile !
  2. I went on a tour of AP & various Bruce 'places' a few years back & during part of the trip we stopped someplace for lunch which had been prepared by this lovely lady!! She cooked us some of Bruce's favourite dishes! It was a bit of a bizarre experience but kinda cool too! Must say I'll pass on the dish of scallops & grapes tho next time! Bruce you've got weird tastes!! 😉
  3. I was at both shows , both were epic & stupendous!!!! Barrier at Cardiff & back right hand side of pit in Leeds (thanks Graham you tattooed God of loveliness! Don't know where you were sitting/standing but interaction in our area was most certainly not lacking!! 😃 Also delighted to see myself on the pic posted here flailing about!!! Happy Tramp!! I have played guitar on BTR, held Bruce's hand, stroked his legs & feet!! Even got a quick feel of a muscular bicep last night!! My life is complete!!! I have laughed, cried, hugged & have left both shows sated!!! I FECKIN LOVE IT!!!!! ❤😎🎸🎤😀🎻🎺🎷🎶🎼🎵❤
  4. wg - welsh girl because I am (well hardly a girl anymore but who's counting!) 19 is my birthday & I couldnt register with just wg!