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  1. Same with the photos of whoever is responsible. Don't show their photos - well, not if they're dead. If they're on the run then yes.
  2. Que Sera Sera Hey, you swapped songs!
  3. Jesus! Sorry, couldn't resist.
  4. I swapped email addresses cos I want to know what he makes of the Trump/Angela meeting ... and cos I want my fiver!
  5. So sorry to hear about your mother, Neil. I've had a lovely day - wined and dined - but my thoughts were with my mam and all the other mothers who are no longer here. Forever remembered.
  6. In short ... great train journey down and was met by Charmian - never met her before so that was a real treat. Her dad and mine trained from the outset of the war and were members of special boat crews/assault forces - he, Pat Porteous, was awarded the VC for his part in the charge on the Hess Battery in Dieppe - dad was on that charge with him. We went to Westminster Abbey and spent ages in there - magnificent - then on to the Union Jack Club for the Dieppe talk ... excellent and met lots of new pals. Then back to her place in Harlesden for the night. On Friday morning we went to the Royal Courts of Justice to, hopefully, await news of the release of Sgt Blackman ... to no avail ... decision is on Tuesday. What an atmosphere! It was marvellous to see so many green berets - young, serving marines, many veterans. Back to the UJC - hey I went, by myself, on a bus! Well, with the help of a fella who happened to be going my way ... got the Number 4 (apt as dad and Pat were in No.4 Commando) and had a lovely chat with him - his dad had been in the Royal Artillery - still alive so hopefully he passed my best wishes and thank you back to him. The lunch was very nice indeed and I was sat at a table with lots of Tour Guides from Battlefield Tours - most of them ex-Forces so lots of tales told, anecdotes from WW2 ... I was in my element! And a bit tipsy cos I'd had half a glass of wine - I'd had 2 the night before and was as happy as Larry! From there we went to the British Library - me expecting to sit down in the Military section with a good book - not so, the guide fella said that I wouldn't be able to read such a book as they didn't have a place that was open for me to do that. I just looked at him but bit my tongue ... after talking with a young lass later I know now that it's a reference library. I CAN read a book but I have to have it ordered and brought to me. I'll stick with Morpeth Library thanks ... and when I got back on the Saturday, they rang me (Morpeth) to say a book I'd been waiting for has finally arrived! Oh ... went for a cuppa in a posh place next to St Pancras then to Kings X then home on a rammed, but jolly, train. And ... in a rush so may have to edit - going out for a cocktail later cos it's Mother's day ... might be food, too - didn't like to ask ... and what, can't remember ....oh yes, the book that I went to pick up - been waiting for a photo of dad wearing a steel helmet and I think I may have found one! Joe Powell, who was in the boat crew with dad, wrote the book and mentions the boat raids ... anyway, must rush cos Suzanne will be here at 12.30 ... and I lost an hour during the night! How clumsy of me!
  7. Actually, the one who came back and looked me in the eye looked more like a Gurkha (facially and build) - hence me wondering if they were security/Forces. It was their quick movement that was the main cause for being startled. We were in Westminster Abbey, not on the way to catch the Tube.
  8. Loads of people actually live in the 'inner grounds' bit of the Abbey so mebbies they worked there? I thought they may have been to do with security - off duty - but there was something niggling at the back of my mind. I speak to most folk and, at the least, smile when passing ... I wanted to say something like 'You lot are in a hurry' or similar but because in my head I was thinking 'What the heck are you lot up to, you look very suss?' ... I said nothing. They looked familiar but couldn't think why. When they'd gone - and I breathed again - I said to my pal that I'd been a bit concerned and had been considering 'fight or flight' - and she said she'd been thinking they reminded her of the photos of the 7/7 attackers. Exactly - that's who they had reminded me of!. I'd still love to know who they were and why they were in such a hurry - probably headed for the gym. Tell you what - Sgt Blackman's wife had 3 massive lads as her security - you wouldn't want to mess with them!
  9. I Remember Romance (Can't remember where I put my specs but I can remember romance)
  10. I've been dipping in and out of this Forum for almost 16 years ... you get used to it. hehe
  11. I, and apparently my newly-met pal, talk to everybody they meet so kept having a word or two with the couple. I asked where they were from and they were on about going to Israel after they've been here - they'd been walking around London on Wednesday but didn't know anything about the day's events til the evening. Now then - we've swapped email addresses so I'll be hearing a lot more from them after their travels - but main points .. They wanted a change - America needed a change - fella said that they'd had a Muslim president for the last 8 years ... he didn't like that at all. (Yes, I had my say about what I thought of that - all politely done of course ... me being a polite person usually) She disliked Obamacare, said why but I can't remember, but she didn't know what was going to take its place. Too many Muslims (he has a thing about Muslims, thinks of them all as one) in the country and, because of the falling birth rate amongst .... he didn't say who .... it was clear that Muslims were set on taking over the country. Reminded me of what used to be said when I lived in Northern Ireland ... we'd moved in to an estate that had been previously 'Protestant' but was rapidly becoming 'Catholic'. He hadn't seen the footage of Trump and Angela so I said he should watch it and let me know his thoughts - and that he'd looked a right chump in it with his sullen behaviour. We remained friendly throughout and we've got a £5 bet on - I reckon Trump will be out in before 2 years but hope that he does a good job and learns how to behave, whilst with other leaders, as a President should. The wife agreed that he needs to brush up on his manner but they both defended him, saying that he just doesn't think he should shake hands with those he doesn't like. I said that our Queen had shaken hands with Martin McGuinness ... 'Who?' was the reply. The wife showed us photos of women holding 'Women for Trump' signs - and he reckons there's not one man who hasn't said, when they were younger, similar things to what Trump said about his attitude to women ... and that has nothing to do with how he is seen by the rest of the world. Very interesting hour or so. I got him on to drinking Breakfast Tea and he was shaking with what he thought was an overload of caffeine when I left him.
  12. Was a bit startled on Thursday while walking through Westminster Abbey. Actually, before going in you go through an outer gate ... a bit chat with the two (not police) who let us through without looking at bags ... pal with her large carrybag, me with my WW2 mini Bergen on my back. Then to another gate - I knew they were checking so off with the rucksack, opened - he saw my books on the top - that was it. While we were on the way to the café - on the way out - we were overtaken by 4 young men walking briskly (almost jogging), each with a backpack. Well ... I stood there and watched thinking 'hmmmmm' - one of them gave his pack to a pal, said sorry, then jogged back past me ... me looking intently at him. So ... in one small place, 5 people with rucksacks on their backs, in Westminster Abbey, the day after those tragic events. I doubt they'd had their bags looked at, either.
  13. Just back from London. Kept bumping into a couple from Utah, originally from California, in Westminster Abbey yesterday. They turned up at the café so we invited them over ... we being my host and I. Well, we chatted about this that and the other - well, mebbies not the other - but then I just had to ask, didn't I? They proudly stated that they voted for Trump. Oh boy, we had a great discussion and I'll tell you what they said, tomorrow - cos I'm knackerooed. You'll love it! Well, some of you might - the majority won't.
  14. Knackerooed but back safely. And I went on a travelator TWICE!! No, I didn't do a return trip cos it was so good - once on Thursday, once today ... you can get too much of a good thing you know. See you tomorrow ... where's me bed?