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  1. That's so lovely to hear. Your motorhome is still a home and will be very much appreciated. Thank you.
  2. A bit like over here when folk insist on blaming Thatcher for everything - after the event. I presume this happens no matter where you live. I hadn't heard the news but will take a look now - hopefully, nothing drastic will occur.
  3. I'll take a photo in the summer - when all the flowers are out (goodness knows what they are) - it is nice and colourful. It isn't a classic English garden though ... it's a back garden, once used by the previous council tenant for growing leeks. The front garden used to have a swing in it and the kids in the cul-de-sac used to just come in and have a swing, regardless if I was out or not. So ... mebbies a typical council house garden - and that's just fine with me. Tell you what - when I first moved here, the grass and weeds were up to my knees and there was a massive hedge in the front that covered the front 4 feet of the garden. I worked like billy-o to get those weeds out, roller the ground and get some grass in. Anyway, this is about sheds ... but I love my little bit of Sunny Morpeth! I'm so happy that you all have such lovely places to sit in - I wish us all a lovely summer. x
  4. Oh my word! I want a sugar house! I'm going to do some serious tidying up in my garden when it's warmer - loving everybody's photos!
  5. I'll clean the top of my bin next time the sun comes out - it's flippin' freezing here at the moment.
  6. I'd live in that one you've shown us, never mind play in it.
  7. What on earth is a sugar house? Crikey - I just googled. Let's see yours, salz. Your barn and sugar house I mean.
  8. Now THAT sounds more up our street - let's see that one, BD.
  9. That's not a shed, it's a bloomin' bungalow! That's one heck of a bird bath!
  10. Ha! We did that once ... a child threw somebody's shoe into a back garden. A member of staff knocked on their door - nobody in - so a note was posted through the letterbox. The shoe was thrown back over the high fence later that day.
  11. Hopefully, the parents and the extended family are equipped to show examples of how to value yourself or conduct yourself in a socially-acceptable manner. Not saying that everybody should act the same - differences in how one brings up a child will always be there (thankfully) - but, hopefully, the child will be shown what it is to care for others. Thankfully, many schools are helping families ... usually not teachers but those who are particularly well-versed in these matters. People also go into homes to assist them there.
  12. I think the record is 6.
  13. Welcome to our world!
  14. I heard you the first time, Ann. I'm quite enjoying this - it's always a shame when the Board is down completely, but it's quite comical to hear what people are saying about the, erm, inconveniences.