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  1. Or whoever - those who didn't meet them. Daisey has that adorable streak in her - the acceptance of people. I hope she holds on to it until people prove themselves to be something other than she thinks. Makes one a happier person.
  2. again I repeat this was a really kind sweet lady who looked after me I was so happy her husband got a handshake from Bruce and Ed gave me a hug and brought me a bottle of water. Is that bit about the couple you met, Daisey? Remember that when others tell you otherwise.
  3. And too tight? Barbour every time.
  4. My name ... very nervous when I first signed up, panicked and put my name in the wrong place. Photo was taken the day before the Glasgow concert in '93 - at rehearsals at the SECC. We were having a meal when somebody suggested heading over to see if a rehearsal was going to take place - we stood about in the rain and then saw 'the' white van coming in. Bruce got out, went in and then a stable-door-type-thingy opened ... Bruce ...Bruce was standing there. I've gone all peculiar just thinking about it. Unforgettable.
  5. I think Graham may have at some point. YIMAN I mean.
  6. Newcastle City Hall - the 'jacket' era. I bought one in a Dundee charity shop and wore it til it fell off my back. Loved it!
  7. Saw The Pretenders when they opened for ... believe it or not ... John Denver in the Toon, '86 I think. She looked liked she'd just come in off the streets - a style that takes a lot of care I tell ya - she/they were fabulous! Love Chrissie and Cyndi.
  8. He works and lives up yonder.
  9. Some have been mentioned. He also said that I should hope not to have to attend. He's seen me after an episode of The Waltons.
  10. I was asking somebody close to me who works in court about this. There are sure-fire ways of dodging jury duty but I'd do it if asked. I never have been asked though so I'm not holding my breath that that will change.
  11. Sultans Of Swing (wehey, double whammy there)
  12. Oooo, I just fancy one now. Thanks! Hey, I was almost at the end of my last book before I realise I'd read it before. I'd taken it to the charity shop ... and bought it back again cos I thought it looked interesting! It wasn't til I read the name of one of the soldiers, 'Heid the Ba'' that I thought wait a minute, there can't be another bloke who just happened to jump into a trench beside the author called that. Actually, H the B was in that book but twas another who jumped in the trench - a young sniper - he was shot soon afterwards. (Doffs imaginary cap in memory of him) What thread's this again? I may have gone off at a tangent. Off for that cocoa now ... hope my brain doesn't think it's bedtime.
  13. So Sad To Watch Good Love Go Bad
  14. Yes ... but I'm old and have the memory of a goldfish. Not that the two automatically go hand in hand - in my case they do.
  15. I thought so, too. Mebbies that's what he was whispering in his ear about?