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  1. You're the one questioning why I think the way I do. You can do and think what the heck you like. Saying that I question, sometimes, what I used to think doesn't mean you have to. You could try it but if not ... fine.
  2. Why are you so unpleasant? Days? I was on this morning - your post came in after that.
  3. It's not passive-aggressiveness. It's humour ... but without the smileys cos I can't get them to work without opening a new window. I take few things seriously on here. I used to but it didn't half put me off my cocoa. You posed a question that I didn't really buy into - I was talking about him sitting like a rabbit caught in headlights, not what he should have done after he got off his backside and excused himself. What he should have done after that is something I'd leave to his staff. By the way ... to avoid such talk of passive-aggressiveness, I typed 'others' so that you weren't the one I was necessarily talking about. The war game (winking smiley noted) was to show children and adults how the Battery at the Port of Blyth would have coped should such an invasion taken place. Defence, not aggression. I've been to pay my respects to some of those lost during the Battle of Arnhem. Sorry for the delay in replying. ‚Äč
  4. Hahaha! Yes, I'm aware I didn't get back to this. It didn't matter if nothing could be done during those minutes ... it's those minutes of doing nothing that people remember. I reckon that could be called a strategic fail. Excuses can be made for his inaction. You've made them ... good ... I thought that once, too. I have the ability to think about things and question them - others should give it a go. You'll (perhaps) come back now and slap down what I say ... another reason I tend to give such conversations a swerve.
  5. You're testament to this, Brian.
  6. I don't want him to sing it. My caption is what folk say if others don't join in. If he doesn't want to sing then I don't think he should. Hopefully (for him), there'll be enough people who think he's the bee's knees who'll be glad he's not joining in. Otherwise, he's screwed. calvary ... you don't know me, and that's fine. I'm smiling at your view that I'd bow down to that kind of pressure. Again, you don't know which establishments I'd enter or those I would not.
  7. I don't agree. I was 'expected' to stand and sing a National Anthem quite a few years ago - my (then) husband did so and said I should follow suit. I didn't ... got a filthy look from a musician in the band we'd been watching ... he got one back. Some things are not negotiable. You think Corbyn should bow down to pressure so early on? As I said ... this is going to be very interesting.
  8. Good heavens - I'm surprised - yet strangely not at the same time. People shouldn't do things (especially if they and others think them of little importance) if they don't agree with them ... surely? It's not just a song.
  9. I see Corbyn says he'll sing the National Anthem in future. That's what I like - a man who stands by his principles. Hohoho. U-Turn, anybody?
  10. Sing up, dear.
  11. I've just been listening to some of their songs on Youtube - very sorry to hear of his passing - I liked their songs back then.
  12. You two must have the same kind of phone. I'm still trying to work out what an I telugent strategy is.
  13. No, we'd make those in DT.