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  1. As for Badlands ... more mates from back then.
  2. Had to listen to that one on YouTube. I remember selling some of my records so that my boyfriend and I could go and see that film umpteen times - I hated it, he loved it.
  3. We've had conversations - I know what you think of me ... or rather, my leanings. Not that I have any, depends on the man/woman and policies at the time. You think that anybody who thinks differently from Bruce, in some ways, has no right to be here - or you can't understand why they'd want to be here. That's fair enough. But look around, outside this Forum, they're there.
  4. Why would you try to alter anybody's mindset - especially at the ages folk are on here? Because you think you're right and others are wrong? You've not changed your mindset in the years you've been posting here, why should others? You've read what some folk say about your use of the ignore button I take it ... mebbies not if they're on ignore. You think I'm a Conservative because of who I've voted for in the past - you know nothing about my thoughts on regular, everyday stuff.
  5. How very inclusive of you.
  6. I didn't call anybody fat. That is clear, isn't it? I smiled and made the massive mistake of pressing the like button.
  7. Your nastiness threw me off-guard all those months ago. Not anymore. Heck I forgot to quote - we all know who that's for.
  8. I'm still here, you know. And I didn't see the post as fat-shaming. That could be my inability to read anything without my magnifying glass at the moment - I shall keep it at hand in future.
  9. I wondered how long it'd take you.
  10. I'm quoting as somebody'll probably post while I'm typing. I think Trump is a reprehensible little man - I loathe him. I thought Clinton was a terrible choice, too. I thought before clicking the like button - but, as it made me smile, I did so. I'd have smiled whether or not I pressed the like button. Poking fun at folk that are fat, thin, whatever, is not something I do and I would imagine that's why you thought to chide me for doing so. Do you see how farcical that is? I'm smiling again at the thought that you're acting like some sort of like-button policewoman or smile-checker. This isn't an 'American' Board although it is a mostly American Forum ... and a mainly Liberal Forum. Why is that? Where are all the other Americans who used to bring differing viewpoints? Were they told what they could and could not do ... and if they did so, did they have a finger wagged at them, too?
  11. Great sign and nice hat!
  12. I'm pro-Trump cos I smiled at a quip you see as fat-shaming and I saw as a joke? No matter what was in the original poster's mind - you think you know what was in mine?
  13. At the moment, after pigging out over the Christmas period, I am sporting - not a muffin top but a bloody great chef's hat!
  14. Ha! I've just read 2 more posts about my comment being about we Brits being svelte. Tell me something ... I've just read the original smile-inducing remark again. Was that edited? No it wasn't - just read the bit I quoted. Not sure I read the 'fat' comment but, you know, I couldn't help but smile again. It's funny! The person who has never smiled/chortled at some throwaway quip by a comedian - knowing that you'd not say such a thing - stick your hand up.