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  1. RIP Prince

    Prince talking about Bruce (not sure this has been posted)
  2. Well, just watched this and it's not what I remember. Bruce talks briefly about just three artists: Stones, Clash and Roy Orbison. He doesn't name any tracks but we get videos of Honky Tonk Women, London Calling and Pretty Woman. Rest of prog is film from Reunion show at MSG and a few other videos inc Hungry Heart in the Berlin club. Not much help with this project! PS I'm not that Richard I'm afraid.
  3. You're absolutely right. It was a TOTP2 Special with Steve Wright in 2001 - I'll dig it out and make a list!
  4. You can nominate him on the DID website! If enough people do it they might ask him ... whether he agrees or not is another matter! Perhaps with the book coming out he might feel like opening up a bit?
  5. Guess we can lock in Sam Cooke. But remember he only gets 8 - it's gonna be tough, he might need some help from Steve!
  6. UK Lakers (and maybe others) will know that there's a very long-running (since 1942) radio show on the BBC called Desert Island Discs. Guests choose 8 tracks and talk about the music and their life - they also get to take a book and a luxury item to the mythical desert island. As far as I know Bruce has never appeared but his songs have been chosen by 23 guests, including Tim Robbins, Stephen King, John Malkovich, Tony Blair, Emmylou Harris and Jackie Collins! He's also 16th on the Top 100 artists chosen by listeners, between Van Morrison and Leonard Cohen. Thunder Road is at #58 and Born to Run at #60 in the Top 100 listeners' tracks. Big names in music have been on the show, including Keith Richards, Roger Waters, Alice Cooper, Annie Lennox and John Cale. Seeing as Bruce will be in the UK again soon, I wonder if he might be invited along? I'd love to hear the tracks he'd choose and what they mean to him. What would he choose? Got to be some British Invasion stuff in there, plus some early blues/folk I should think but also music from his childhood perhaps - what he heard on the radio growing up.
  7. Attended shows

    Excellent, thanks!
  8. Springsteen Sings the Alphabet

    I imagine Bruce is aware that he's now written a song starting with every letter of the alphabet (I think Queen of the Supermarket was the latest addition) ... except X! Any suggestions for ttiles?
  9. Attended shows

    No problem- thank you for the response!
  10. European Tour Confirmed -

    Yep, my email from GDP says 8th March
  11. European Tour Confirmed -

    Happened to me too - something very wrong with a system that doesn't hold tickets while you're paying. In my case it was just entering Title which had been left blank by their system!
  12. European Tour Confirmed -

    Touch and go there for a while but Ticketmaster finally did the job at about 9.20am! Now we've just got to get into the pit ... [Pic is Wembley last time around]
  13. European Tour Confirmed -

    Chucked out by See tickets whilst confirming!
  14. Wembley 2016

    Well, just for the record, we all (including the dude) had numbers - but it was a mess, more a loose scrum than a queue when it came to handing out wristbands so there was a lot of what can best be described as "polite shoving". No roll calls that I recall (we arrived at noon) and once banded up we went off to a bar until I got cold feet and we came back to queue round the block to get in - strictly unnecessary I suspect. Pit was comfortable so you could hang out at the back with a great view and (IMO) pretty good sound.
  15. Attended shows

    Any ideas? Anybody? Alive? Out there?