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  1. I skipped also. I would have loved to see the OCMS Blonde on Blonde show also, however the Manchester gig clashes with ELO at Wembley, which I am taking my old man to.
  2. True, but try and think of any example where a 'band member' has gone on to have any great levels of commercial success. I guess Noel Gallagher would be one, but Oasis were really a double act I suppose and he did sing also. As for the ESB, Men Without Women which I also love, was released in 1982. It doesn't sound anything like what was big and playing on the radio at that time, so that could be a key factor. I have heard nothing else by rest of the band which would have any kind of commercial appeal. Nils Lofgren solo has never done anything for me whatsoever.
  3. Two brilliant choices there. Never Tear Us Apart is an outstanding song but the sax solo is just too damn short. I am always disappointed when it ends.
  4. I sensed strong elements of christian rock in his previous work. For that reason I have steered well clear.
  5. True. Both would suck:
  6. A truly awful name for a band, but this is bloody brilliant.
  7. The Indigo was as part of a festival wasn't it? Festival bookings will be attractive because the costs and payments will be agreed up front with no risk to the artist. Otherwise, there is always a risk of running a loss, when overheads will be so high.
  8. The cost of bringing over the band he had last year for a tour will be huge so I would be surprised if anything other than festivals are on the agenda here.
  9. It's a long story but to summarise: I went from seeing a couple of great Whiskeytown shows, to some of the greatest gigs I have ever seen (solo Heartbreaker) before the rot started to set in. That all lead up to by a mile, the worst gig I have ever seen by anyone. http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/whats-on/music/ryan-adams--bridgewater-hall-1021193 I walked out after about 5 songs vowing never to see him again. 11 years on and it still stands.
  10. WTF?! So that is an official request to give every other pit number to a local resident? A nice idea but how the hell would that even work?
  11. I stumbled across this over the weekend. Essential viewing for anyone not yet convinced of this guys brilliance: The version of Codeine in the encore is wonderful.
  12. As great as the new record is, I'm not ready to make nice... My boycott stands.
  13. I absolutely love this record, and it is still growing on me more with each listen. Really looking forward to seeing some of it played live in a couple of weeks time in that London.
  14. I would love to see MG again. Few songwriters can reduce me to a quivering wreck, but she can. Unfortunately she is not coming anywhere near me.