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  1. I would imagine a seperate line for Sunday will start prior to Friday night with a roll call during the Friday show. That is usually the process as no doubt some will have strategically skipped Friday to get a lower number for Sunday.
  2. I honestly thought your post was a joke. Common sense is all that is required, nothing to do with experience.
  3. What, to piss off those who missed the start because of traffic even more?
  4. I don't think it was 1840 I got a babbling and I am guessing drunken phone call from a fella I used to work with at 1847 asking where abouts I was stood. I couldn't be arsed to tell the story but he certainly wasn't on stage then.
  5. What was the start time? This seems like a short show.
  6. You make a good point but at least for the usual shows, those with the really low numbers (i.e. those with the most to gain) will be putting in the crazy hours sat on folding chairs in all weather and mostly camping overnight. To do that from the comfort of hotel is a million miles from that, especially with the published rule of no queuing.
  7. In all fairness nothing. This is a sham and if Graham Quinn accepts this as a legitimate queue then he is even thicker than his twitter feed suggests. They have clearly stated no queueing so thinking that because you have turned up at a hotel and grunted your name two or three times you should get preferential access over someone who has followed the rules is preposterous.
  8. Let me get this right. We are now living in a world where it is seemingly accepted that you earn the best spots at a concert by going to a hotel conference room 3 days before the show? The world of Springsteen fans has gone absolutely fucking bonkers.
  9. Looks like an absolute dream compared to 2012. Fair play to them.
  10. Manchester numbers

    The same way someone who had left the pit for a toilet/drink break during WOASD would do. Show your wristband to the security guy on your way in.
  11. Manchester numbers

    I am hearing they are being moved to an uncovered holding area and once they are in, you are there for the duration. That hardly seems any fun for those who just want a wristband.