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  1. Agreed. The video has really good humour, plus she looks extremely hot, especially when she smiles right at the end. I think it is one of her best songs too. For me, this however is her best ever: Heartbreaking lyrics.
  2. So what do we think of this video?:
  3. My hockey knowledge is pretty much zero, except I know who "the great one" is (from when he was name checked in Wayne's World), so fitting with the other lines of the song, I am guessing Marty McSorley was famous for not being very 'great'.
  4. I love KE, to the point of being obsessed. I even 'like' her coffee shop on Facebook. How is that for fandom? I stumbled across this beauty whilst browsing YouTube a few days ago. I had forgotten just how much fun a clip this is.
  5. I just finished this today (I started it last night). Absolutely fascinating. As mentioned above, the ending of ep two floored me more to the point where I had to turn it off. I then must have replayed those first five minutes of ep three half a dozen times over so that I could fully digest what I was hearing and how the narrator was reacting.
  6. I realise only one episode has been aired on TV, but it is all on iPlayer and if any show was made for binge watching, this is it. Here are my thoughts, including the ending.
  7. Released April 12th 1983. Still for me, the greatest debut album ever.
  8. But as a standalone live album, it is poor. I would not put it anywhere near this list.
  9. I prefer Tougher Than The Rest.
  10. This is the album you are looking for: https://www.discogs.com/John-Hiatt-Master-Series/release/3918678 https://www.amazon.co.uk/John-Hiatt-Master/dp/B00000G6VN
  11. A brilliant song, and if the group sing-a-long doesn't melt your heart, you must be dead inside.
  12. Custom Voicemail or /Happy Birthday MP3 for $200. FFS! There is a strong whiff of desperation around that. Surely he doesn't need to stoop to such levels of indignity after the touring he has done since 1999?
  13. Not sure if he is underrated but I would choose to listen to a Dave Rawlings guitar solo than any other guitarist: Unique with never a hint of self-indulgence.
  14. I cannot imagine a scenario where any American band would come to the UK and not play London. It would make no sense whatsoever.
  15. Kite is incredible. I saw the first show they did after Bono's father died. The emotion in this song was through the roof. I recall Bono could not even make the last verse.