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  1. Not angry, just surprised. Bruce nailed it but the original is untouchable.
  2. Bruce has made Purple Rain his own? seriously?!
  3. So by saying "Bruce made his own", you mean easily surpasses the original? In general, I think he chooses great songs to cover, but because of that I am struggling to think of many that I like more than the original. Two stand way above the rest: I hung my head and Seven nights to rock. Both are so damn good. Number three would be Trapped, but I cannot stand the original, so it's not saying much. There are many that I love but I equally love the original. Don't Change, Boom Boom and Dream Baby Dream being three. Plus as good as his Jersey Girl is, Tom Waits completely owns it and Bruce loses loads of points for the ridiculous "whores" to "girls" lyric change.
  4. Jazz Police? For me that is the only blemish on a perfect run. It is a big blemish though.
  5. I have posted on here how before much I love this man's work and especially his last record. Listening to it right now it is even more obvious that he knew and that he was ready and I think there is something to celebrate in going out in such a glorious and beautiful way. So although all death sucks, this one and its timing seems right. RIP.
  6. To my ears, 10, 9, 7 and 6 are way too bloated and have not aged well. I quite like 8. Hendrix and Zeppelin never really rocked my boat at all.
  7. That is a good point. Kids in 2016 have access to a ridiculous amount of music compared to that what we did in our formative years.
  8. Why is that? It seems a crazy attitude to have. I would take Southern Rock Opera over all but three of those (#5, #4 and #1 in case you were wondering). It is a phenomenal record and some of those are way overrated.
  9. 2 months to go yet plus one likely to feature very highly in mine was only released last Friday so I need more time to digest that fully before deciding. Regarding Ben Watt, I am certainly enjoying his SpinCycle Spotify playlist. Some great stuff on there to discover.
  10. Completely serious. 15 minutes is way too long and dull: Drop the preaching, stop asking us "who's in the house tonight" and drop the band introductions and you could play MCOR, Empty Sky and Into The Fire in the same slot. Way too much filler.
  11. I loved the extended 10th Ave intro. The way it built up and up worked perfectly in a concert environment. The extended versions of Spirit In The Night and MCOR from recent tours however were just boring. Nothing more than filler.
  12. Ping Gus.
  13. Completely agree on that. That was an excellent interview and considering he is such a fan, his pitch was perfect.
  14. Released Today: Lambchop - FLOTUS Full of weird auto-tuned vocals over weird electronic music, and I bloody love it. It might actually top my best of 2016 list.
  15. It still all comes down to this though and Nels Fucking Cline!!