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  1. No criticism of the audience makeup whatsoever, it just interested me. Although I suppose it does show that black people are way less tolerant of middle of the road hipsters playing bad folk music, so fair play for that.
  2. Never has something so dull and so middle of the road been so popular. I just don't get it. Interest to observe also that despite being in South Africa, the audience is as white as a Bruce Springsteen concert in Denmark.
  3. It is under Bruce Springsteen, but it is classed as a 1973 release, so it is right at the bottom: I like The Ballad of Jesse James and Henry Boy was ok. I think the first 3 are rubbish.
  4. Pugs put on weight really easily so we are very careful with our two. The only snacks they ever get in between meals are carrot, apple and melon.They go crazy for it.
  5. I saw this picture on facebook: What is with the little red and white tape fence there? a pit inside the pit? What is the purpose of that?
  6. http://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/adele-swore-33-times-during-8285718 Not quite Shaun Ryder on TFI Friday but 33 is some going.
  7. LOL is an often over-exaggerated phrase these days, but I actually did then.
  8. I really enjoyed Rolling In The Deep and also the Bob Dylan cover, other than that she bored me to be honest. To echo above, the overblown cockney chatter soon got old and the swearing, irrespective of her gender, was ridiculous. She was better than Muse though. I never liked Queen but at least they never took themselves seriously. These guys are just dull and take themselves so seriously. A light show with guitar backing sums it up well.. Overall though, I enjoyed the weekend. Top 5 for me were (in alphabetical order): Band of Horses Blossoms Coldplay ELO Mercury Rev
  9. My two, Angus (Young) and Hank (Williams/Schrader), looking for snacks:
  10. So 10 means absolutely perfect from start to finish and therefore better than or on a par with any other album ever made? I just need to clarify.
  11. I bought a ticket today to catch these guys next month in the rock and roll mecca that is Stoke on Trent. 10 minutes after booking I went to add it to my calendar, only to find I have a Sturgill Simpson ticket already booked for the same night. FFS!!!
  12. Having never really been on my musical horizon at all, I am currently having a Van Morrison blitz. This could well be my favourite: Absolutely lovely.
  13. I am not sure. I am guessing GL was mentioned on rec.music.artists.springsteen (there is one for the teenagers) so I jumped on over from there.
  14. I guess maybe 'Rizla, Sue and Bob too' might have been a more grammatically accurate joke. But I believe it is a case of what happened in Coventry, stays in Coventry...