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  1. SVZ is seemingly happy to compensate.
  2. It would be Landau passing on the decision that Bruce Springsteen made, obviously.
  3. I read somewhere that as well as twitterGarry confirmed it at an event yesterday that Landau had told the band at a meal prior to the gig where it was announced on stage? Or have I imagined that?
  4. Gigs 2016

    Done 23rd Jan - Jason Isbell - Manchester 23rd Feb - Jesse Malin - Manchester 28th Feb - Ryley Walker & Danny Thompson - Manchester 4th Mar - Thea Gilmore - Alderley Edge 10th Mar - Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats - Manchester 19th Mar - The Wonder Stuff - Birmingham 23rd Mar - Natalie Merchant - Manchester 2nd April - America - Lakeland, FL 22nd April - Richmond Fontaine - Manchester A few new additions: 27th April - Hayes Carll - Manchester 30th April - Dixie Chicks - Manchester 13th May - Father John Misty - Manchester 28th May - Kate Rusby - Crewe 5th June - Neil Young & POTR - Glasgow 7th June - Neil Young & POTR - Belfast 10th June - Neil Young & POTR - Leeds 17th June - Ben Folds - Manchester 10th July - Wilco - Dublin 20th July - Sun Kil Moon - Manchester 31st Aug - Sam Beam & Jesca Hoop - Manchester 2nd Sep - The Jayhawks - Leeds 7th Sep - Teenage Fanclub - Manchester 21st Sep - The Wedding Present - Salford 17th October - Richmond Fontaine - Manchester 27th Oct - Wilco - Brussels 28th Oct - Wilco - Brussels 9th Nov - Wilco - Utrecht 18th Nov - Wilco - Manchester 19th Nov - Wilco - London 29h Nov - The Cure - Manchester
  5. Garry Tallent has confirmed it on twitter and apparently in person.
  6. Thanks Eden. A great find. I suppose a lawyer could argue that "a special presentation" does not mean full but I am going to be a pain in the arse of ticketmaster and ask them anyway.
  7. Remember the Working on a dream tour?
  8. Jumping on to this point. I have seen 41 shows since the reunion tour but I had zero intention whatsoever to buy a ticket for a Springsteen tour this year. There were are a few reasons for that: The main one was that I think stadiums are a ridiculous place to watch live music. I nowenjoy theatre/club/arena shows far more. They are always ridiculously priced and offer a far worse live music experience in comparison. Also I walked out of my last two shows on the last tour (Cardiff and Leeds) with the mindset that the classic ESB shows weredone for me but theywent out on an incredible high. Finally,I had already invested heavily in the Neil Young and Wilco Euro tours this year. Both are playing venues that I like and both seem to be trying something different which sit perfectly with where my musical tastes sit currently. With all of that I had no appetite whatsoever for another round of greatest hits/horns/singing kids/selfies/Wembleyand all of the other bloatedness that comes with a stadium tour as per every Euro leg since, well, ages ago. I thought at the start of the year the only thing that would cause me to buy a ticket for a Springsteen tour was if he switched back to arena shows in Europe ina back to basics move. Then The River tour was announced. Other than 3 songs, I love that album and I really like the full album concept. So I bought a ticket for Coventry to hear that album.
  9. Absolutely impossible, unless the date changes or the event is cancelled.
  10. I feel your pain but there is a not a chance in hell of that.
  11. Predicted Euro 2016 set: We Take Care of Our Own The Ties That Bind Radio Nowhere High Hopes Wrecking Ball Death to My Hometown My City of Ruins Spirit in the Night The E Street Shuffle I'm on Fire Sherry Darling The River Atlantic City Murder Incorporated Johnny 99 Pay Me My Money Down Darlington County Working on the Highway Shackled and Drawn WOASD Hungry Heart The Rising Badlands Bobby Jean Land of Hope and Dreams Encore: Born to Run Dancing in the Dark Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out Twist and Shout Shout Thunder Road (acoustic)
  12. We have all been around long enough to know that is exactly what will happen (plus kids and selfies) which is why a complete River show appealed to me so much.
  13. Bruce will be fully aware that in 2016, anything that he says in concert is not just for the room, he knows it will be heard and digested by fans all over the world in an instant.He will also be aware that fans in attendance last nightwill be traveling to Europe this summer to see him play on The River Tour. So I believe his message was to everywhere, not just North America.
  14. For me this stinks. A watered down selection from The River (i.e. the title track, Hungry Heart, OITS and Sherry Darling) followed by a greatest hits set is not what I bought a ticket for. Point Blank was. The Price You Pay was. Wreck on the highway was. Still, the WOASD parents suddenly have new hope when all seemed lost. I guess rehearsals have kicked off over the breakfast table already.
  15. Carole King plays Hyde Park

    I would love to see her live, she is one of the names left on my very short bucket list to see live. Seeing her in Hyde Park though seems so wrong but I am still so tempted. However I would be so pissed if I book this and she announces indoor shows in Europe also.