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  1. I have the Yamaha AS201 amp, also from Richer Sounds.
  2. I got these: http://www.richersounds.com/product/standmount-speakers/cambridge-audio/sx50/camb-sx50-blk I got the Richer Sounds guys to sort the cables out and I am glad I did as it was fiddly as hell. I also have the 300f.
  3. They had the Flexson Vinylplay linked up to a SONOS in my local John Lewis when I last went in to ogle at the technology. I wasn't that impressed to be honest. Not sure if warmth was the missing thing but it didn't do anything for me. I am glad I stayed clear and went down the traditional route. I am also glad I bought my latest SONOS 2 weeks before the obscene price rise.
  4. How good does this sound? RSD 12" release.
  5. I watched this last night for the first time in many years and maybe my ears have changed as it had never occurred to me before but I found the sheer amount of obvious overdubs that it contains very distracting. It's all too perfect without a single mistake, and that almost never happens in a concert environment, but it especially wouldn't happen with a supergroup pulled together for a TV special. There are many times when the mix of the vocals you are hearing is nothing like what you see on the screen.
  6. The perfect Glastonbury performance. Hit, after hit, after hit and no Joe Strummer acoustic rarity to open.
  7. Not until now. My goodness!!!! Absolutely smoking, and the music is pretty cool also.
  8. Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds are opening in Amsterdam, as they are for the full European tour I think. I am not really familiar with him since the first couple of Oasis albums but I will check him out before the tour.
  9. I put Barcelona ahead of it. The Spanish audience is what makes it great and Bruce and the band feed of that. The more sedate crowd on LINYC lets it down a bit (although compared to the sleeping Hyde Park crowd, it could be in Buenos Aries). I also think the incredible physical shape of Bruce at Barcelona adds to the spectacle and performance greatly, compared to the William Shatner shape in New York.
  10. Big dumb question time: Is RSD just a UK event or worldwide? I see there is a list of participating shops on the RSD site but I presume the allocation of which shop gets what release is random and down to luck? So it could result in the shop you choose has none of the releases you are looking for? Or will shops tell you in advance what their stock will be? Or is it that each shop will get at least one copy of each release?
  11. Amazon UK dropped the price of 7 disc vinyl set to just over £100 on Wednesday last week. However it seems to have been one day only and before I moved on it, it was back up to over £180. Really pissed about that.
  12. I don't think I have been this giddy for a tour since the reunion shows of 99. I am contemplating if I should stay away from the sets so that I can see it totally fresh. Is that even possible in 2017?
  13. I had totally forgotten about that song. His solo work has mostly been dull but that is absolutely brilliant!
  14. Funny like a clown?...
  15. How big do we think this guy can go then? His last UK tour was sold out everywhere I recall and it seems the venues he has booked here for October are a step up again, plus I see the 5 night run at the Ryman was announced yesterday, that is no mean feat. I guess in the UK at least, Ryan Adams is at the next stage up (selling out 3k/4k capacity theatres) which I can see Isbell reaching if this album goes big but after that it is a huge leap up to the next level which I don't see RA ever making. Unlike RA, I think Isbell has the charm and charisma for wider mainstream appeal.