The Last Carnival

Unfortunately, with a community the size of Greasy Lake we sometimes see members pass away. Every time it happens we are reminded of the impact individuals can have on a community and the other way round.

This page is our way of paying tribute to "the ones we've lost" and keeping their memory alive. They are now in a better place where there's always a tailgate party happening, and every night you can see Phantom Danny Federici with an accordion and the Big Man with his saxophone sitting on the pier jamming together as the sun sets behind them.

Lost but not forgotten:

Brilliantly Disguised (1968-2002)
memorial page

springsteendaniel (1981-2004)
memorial page

OAKWAS (1961-2009)
memorial thread - posts by OAKWAS

mcsorelyslight (1964-2010)
memorial thread - posts by mcsorelyslight

Jack (1963-2010)
memorial thread - posts by Jack

Jacey (-2010)
memorial thread - posts by Jacey

memorial thread - posts by twofacesuk

firerich7 (1965-2012)
memorial thread - memorial page

sweet_kiss (1957-2013)

Miami MArk / Welby (1959-2015)
memorial thread - memorial page - "A little levity" aka "The squirrel story" - posts by Welby

brianzai (-2015)
profile - memorial thread

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