in memorium

april 29 1981 - june 27 2004


First Bruce song heard live: "My Love Will Not Let You Down" 23 June, 1999, Olympic Stadium, Stockholm, Sweden

"Hot feminine": Jennifer Aniston

Guilty Pleasures or songs you're very embarassed to admit you like: Summer of 69

Bruce can substitute The Fuse ore Empty Sky ore You`re Missing For NOTHING MAN doesn`t matter what fit best in for the setlist, he should have Nothing Man in the setlist.

and i hold you close in the back of my mind
feels so good but damn it makes me hurt
and I'm too scared to know how I feel about you now
how I feel about you now
la cienega just smiles and says, "i'll see you around"

ryan adams, "la cienega just smiled"

* * *

and johnny whispered
goodnight it's all right jane
i swear i'll meet you tomorrow night
on lover's lane

bruce springsteen, "incident on 57th street"

* * *

top 5 bruce songs 2003
1.incident on 57th street in the street
3.something in the night
4.highway patrolman
5.tougher than the rest

said by the lakers

lakers' tribute


"dudes - we should meet up for a beer sometime and discuss all this stuff!!!"

The Globe, Stockholm, Sweden, October 24, 2002, Daniel in the front row. He'd been queuing for several days to get that spot, and he made it.

Is it John Lennon? Is it the new rock'n'roll sensation? No, it's Daniel, music lover, Springsteen fanatic, birthday greeter, Friday night beer thread poster, late night chat buddy, and above all, a good person and friend.

Screenshot from video of Passic, Sept. 20, 1978, where Daniel's favorite Bruce song, "Incident on 57th Street" was played. Daniel fell asleep for the last time with a Bruce video on his television screen. Maybe it was this one.