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  2. A common bond quiz question...

    Well played Keith. I was wracking my brains. No chance.
  3. Official 2018 NFL thread

    Yeah, we have some big names that will have a lot of support. Giants, Cowboys, Dolphins. We try to stay away though games as that drives up the cost for tickets and hotels. Few years back we learned our lesson the hard way. When we book against the Packers, oh my we couldn't get into are favorite spots Saturday night, tickets were almost doubled. But we will do one of though if that is the only way the 6 of us can get together.
  4. Songs that link

    The Shadow Of Your Smile, Tony Bennett.
  5. A common bond quiz question...

    Well done.
  6. Premier League Prediction Game

  7. Whatcha reading?

    You probably do, I'm guessing you just don't care for what Atkinson did. Check out Life After Life from your library. A God in Ruins reads as a more traditional story until the end than the first, just a heads up! Anyway, it is definitely not your usual fiction book.
  8. Oh boy... I don’t know how I missed that! Lovely!
  9. A common bond quiz question...

    Chad SMITH. (?)
  10. A common bond quiz question...

    I was thinking occupations (Baker, Deacon, Carpenter & Mason) but can't link in RHCP
  11. The War on Drugs play 'Unsatisfied Heart'??

    I was really disappointed when I got to seem them three summers ago...a shame.
  12. The War on Drugs play 'Unsatisfied Heart'??

    Nice find! A lot of beautiful energy in that clip!
  13. Today
  14. OFFICIAL MLB 2018 Thread

    Reds manager fired.
  15. crazy weather

    hope it holds for your doggy break
  16. Official 2018 NFL thread

    You could go see the Giants! They play in Indy this year. Many local media outlets will probably have full schedules leaked out by 5 or 6 PM.
  17. What do these bands have in common?: Cream Queen Carpenters Pink Floyd Red Hot Chili Peppers
  18. Official 2018 NFL thread

    Week 1 Texans at Pats Bucs at Saints Vikings at Eagles Week 2 Pats at Jags Week 3 Jets at Browns TNF.
  19. It’s actually darkish brown but lightens in the sunlight and looks red at times. (I posted a photo of myself in the thread yesterday— I’m the one smiling).
  20. KISS Guy.
  21. It takes a red headed woman!! It looks light brown. Is it much darker in real life?
  22. I can't believe

    I concur!
  23. Apparently. And I thought my hair was brown.
  24. Eish. Risking skiddies on Springsteen merchandise.
  25. BTW... I assume that’s your hair blowing around as he signed your CD?
  26. Ah... A Sting in the tale. I see.
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