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  2. By Request some IEM, IEM/AUD Devils & Dust versions All Flac 2005-07-18 Buffalo, NY - Join The Crew! (Doberman - Silver) (IEM)!pEBR0SSK!dCXf-jZv4Sr7FOghOJnpDQ 2005-07-18 Buffalo, NY - Telling Fortunes (IEM-AUD Mix) No Artwork!xBZzBAjL!YGMb6qMSI6dssLqWDCIiAA More to come!
  3. J

    Devils and Dust

    Yeah it sounds awesome! And yes, shame about Maria's Bed. @slane85 is that the same on your version, or was that due to an uploading error?
  4. berlintramp

    Whatcha reading?

    Thank you for the offer. I have already downloaded first Boy on the Moon from Amazon and will do likewise with Southern Highway Gospel Companion. No reason why you shouldn't get payed that way - I can afford it. As a journalist, I know writing is work and it should be remunerated.
  5. By request: 8 May 2013 Turku Second Wrecking Ball Night Crystal Cat 1062-1064 16 May 2013 Herning Wrecking Ball Night Crystal Cat 1069-1071 18 July 2013 Cork, Ireland Audience recording All with front and back covers, in FLAC, and links valid for 1 week
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  7. Promise61

    Devils and Dust

    Fascinating. Tnx for sharing.
  8. Jerseyfornia

    LEEDS 2013

    That's what Wayne should have done.
  9. Ann Jones

    the question conversation

    Yes, but if they are playing carols, not until December! When do you put up your Christmas decorations?
  10. Ann Jones

    LEEDS 2013

    I usually skip Darlington County
  11. Jerseyfornia

    Devils and Dust

    Very interesting. I have no clue, but don't these sound like they must come from the multi-tracks? Is it possible now for someone at home to isolate the tracks from a CD with this kind of integrity? I really like it. Shame Maria's Bed isn't the full track.
  12. Jerseyfornia

    LEEDS 2013

    But are we collecting songs or are we collecting shows? For selective listening, there are endless playlist possibilities or compilations to be burned to CD, but the archives are being presented as full-shows. When I listen to a show in its entirety, I enjoy the warhorses, even the "tired" ones for the most part, and they often lend or borrow context from the songs they're sandwiched between of following. I like the fullness of the experience. When I listen to select tracks, I'm God of Springsteen Heaven and I sequence them any way I want..
  13. High As Hope

    Songs that link

    The Manchester Rambler - Ewan MacColl
  14. MacBruce

    LEEDS 2013

    As someone who was fortunate enough thanks to a fellow Laker to be at the Leeds show (top circle, not a great seat but anywhere in the house that night and you were truly blest), all I can say is that it was easily the greatest Bruce concert I have attended since my first show in 1985. Having seen the guy 24 times now, the Leeds show stands alone for me as the best. The atmosphere, the sound, the incredible setlist. So many rarely played songs. Secret Garden for me is an wonderful song with great lyrics...never thought I would ever see it played live but I did that night. His vocals on If I should fall behind that night were just out of this world....any non-fan who claims Bruce can't sing should listen and weep. I already have a bootleg of this show, but I am gong to buy the official recording from Nugs. Great memories of a never to be forgotten night.
  15. 1999-09-27 Chicago IL By request - two versions for those who must have everything! Center%2C Chicago (Reunion Chicago Night).zip
  16. This one opened just fine, thanks.
  17. 2005-08-10 Here's some from JL in the meantime...
  18. Ask for artwork and you shall likely receive. Look for a response from Tim or lilbud. Or search the thread for links to their stuff.
  19. This is great, thank you! Not quite as crisp as the straight IEM, but with an ambience that you don't get from the dry IEM mix. Plus repairs to "Soul Driver!" Is there any circulating artwork for this one? I made a fatboy out of the "Philadelphia Devil" set and it looks so nice up on the shelf
  20. Daisey Jeep

    Holy cow a woman doctor

    i should start watching it in the middle of the day now im.finally home in Wanganui and temparly semi retired but i dont want to be scared in i already have trouble gettimg to the loo in the middle of the night with the lights off
  21. JudgeBrown

    Official 2018 NFL thread

    Jimmy G. going down was a big loss, but even with him I think they were maybe a 9-7 team this year at best. (Which would have been major progress.) I agree they do have some nice pieces in place but am also confident that the Yorks can and will find a way to fuck it up. I hate those fuckers.
  22. Yes, you'd be better if just to download the readily available digital version.
  23. Yes you are! You are too modest...
  24. Not sure it this will help, but I use the free Bandizip software to extract files and have never had a problem. It was recommended somewhere a long time ago. Here's the link if you want to try it. I didn't try the specific download because I already had the show.
  25. AMIW

    Holy cow a woman doctor

    this week evil amazon bots
  26. Perisic

    World cup Semi Finalists England 3 USA..

    Shaqiri was immense wow. Should get more gametime at lfc.
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