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  2. Walking Dead - Season 5

    I thought the opening segment tonight was really good. Some added intrigue later in the show and the rumor regarding the terrible cgi scene with something flying in the sky now confirmed. But sorry — don’t even try to soften Negan with that quickie backstory. Doesn’t matter and I don’t care.
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  4. Springsteen - Cover feature in Uncut

    Yes. I mostly just lurked a bit during the River tour on the set list threads to get good periscopes. Only occasionally post. I mean, I would certainly be excited to hear a new album, but I don’t know a single person in real life who would care. Certainly no one my own age.
  5. Official 2017 NFL Thread

    Meanwhile in Buffalo d
  6. Songs that link

    Honest I Do (Jimmy Reed covered by early Rolling Stones)
  7. Thanks BD. So excited! And then S2S is up next I believe!
  8. which has been rerecorded twice as a protest song by the Specials in Blighty during the Margaret Thatcher years and by Rage Against the Machine (incl Tom Morello) and there is a version by the Blues Band too (which included several members of Manfred Mann) so a Bruce connection there too
  9. Kingston is also where, rumor has it, Bob Dylan was inspired to write Maggie’s Farm after seeing Maggorie’s Farm which was adjacent to the NYS Thruway heading towards Woodstock.
  10. We had fighting in the streets on October 13th of this year to commemorate the 240th anniversary of the British behaving badly having burned Kingston all those years ago in service to King George. Sadly Ann Jones and family could not attend.
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  12. and a special performance of Restless Nights for Steve's birthday - the only ever performance
  13. this show will be on the eve of the anniversary of the ONLY ever performance of the Greetings album and a rare double bill of Santa music
  14. I'm officially withdrawing from the competition this year. What I left the studio with is it something I really care to share with other Bruce fans. I worked as fast as I could and I just couldn't get anything decent. Maybe next year
  15. New Archive release - The Stockholm show, July 3rd 1988

    Tougher...on this show is just 100% sublime. Love it. Probably one of my favourite songs. Didn’t think i’d hear it live again then he brought it out in Dublin last summer, back when he played rock n roll shows.
  16. Just BRUCE!

    A google search for “Springsteen boots” turns up the following, among others.
  17. even though we know he lives in Connecticut apparently Santa's Polar Express (and Bruce buddy Tom Hanks) goes through Kingston
  18. Bob Seger - New Album

    This is my favorite of the three albums he's released since coming out of retirement. I don't know if that's because the songs are older, but I'm enjoying this one a lot. This record is similar to High Hopes in that it has a few covers and the rest of the songs are leftovers from different projects over the last few decades. No outage from the Seger fans, though.
  19. the second most famous person from Kingston is Peter Bogdanovich wjo in 1985 produced a picture called Mask which supposed to feature a Springsteen soundtrack but due to legal issues (probably Landaus fault) he had to used Bob Seger instead 20 years later the DvD actually featured the Bruce songs that were swapped out of the theatrical release
  20. Songs that link

    Do You Believe In Magic?, The Lovin' Spoonful.
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