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  2. hey I got 01-12-1974 from Parsippany, New Jersey my hometown I used to go to Joint In the Woods with this beautiful girl I was crazy about we didn't tell her boyfriend It was good to be 20, she taught me how to drink...more often I was too young to see Bruce on this night, I didn't hear him until 1975 The Joint closed down a long time ago, there is a hotel there now
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  4. Enjoyed a couple good shows today.
  5. There's nothing weird 'bout it, my dad used to go alone all the time and my friends currently do, if there's something they really wanna see they don't care one whit if there's someone else who wants to go. Maybe this movie should be your "first time for everything" mantra. No one will even know in the dark anyway, and who fucking cares what anyone would else think.
  6. First things first: DO NOT google Beaver Brown unless you have safesearch enabled. There have been a lot of posts spread out across the forums over the years about John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band, but I wanted to have a discussion about the band that wasn't attached to a Bruce thread. Now, the Springsteen comparisons are impossible to avoid and it's sometimes hard to decide where influence stops and imitation begins because Cafferty sings a lot like Bruce and the band plays a lot like the E Street Band. Although the influence is acknowledged by Cafferty, I think the comparisons are still a sore spot for him. On his official website, the bio for the band is copied straight from wikipedia, with the only part edited out being a sentence about the band being unfavorably compared to Springsteen. Still, I enjoy the hell out of this band, especially the early stuff, before the Eddie & The Cruisers movie, when they were playing around the east coast and singing about Rhode Island the way Bruce did about Jersey. None of that early stuff made it on a record, but they had some epic songs like Sandy Lane and Hey Ginny (Playin' On The Radio) and the few live shows I saw when I was young were so much fun. Back then, when they were just called Beaver Brown, the similarities to a Bruce show were already very strong. Cafferty's stories sounded as true and as embellished as Springsteen's and he talked about the guitar and forced haircuts the same way Bruce did. Of course I saw the similarities, but I also heard that in Southside Johnny, The Houserockers, Mink DeVille, John Cougar, Bob Seger and a lot of other artists. I think the difference for those artists was that they had something about them that set them apart from the Springsteen comparisons and associations, but all of Cafferty's strengths only made him seem even more like Bruce. Like I said already, I enjoy the band a lot and when I start to wonder how much of Cafferty's similarity to Bruce is subconscious and natural and how much is manufactured and planned, I tend to give him the benefit of the doubt. Usually. Anyone who was lucky enough to catch them back in their Beaver Brown days probably had a great time and from what I hear Cafferty still plays a great show today. Hey...I'd rather have a a poor man's Springsteen than a rich man's Bryan Adams. My favorite Beaver Brown song... The original 1980 local single release of Wild Summer Nights, with a nod to Racing In The Street in the bridge. Tender Years was the flip side. They were playing both of those songs long before Eddie & The Cruisers. This is the one I think sounds exactly like a song Bruce might have written...but he didn't and it's so damned good. I rank it above Pink Cadillac. Tender Years is undeniable. And I love Boardwalk Angel... But their beach songs about Rode Island are more honest. Hey Ginny (Playin' On the Radio) is probably their best song and should have been a hit. I often think if they had put some of those early songs on their records when they started recording, they'd have had a more successful career. People wanted the sound of The Cruisers, though.
  7. I have never been to the movies by myself. Just seems weird.
  8. phew tabby home after looking and calling for ages i wemt down to the garden shed to get some paint with Borris znd he appeared over the fence then he didn't even look at Borris and she ran off over the gate into the front yard ive never seen him ever be aggressive toward him, its always the other way around this is the tabby watchinh tv with us
  9. Stuck in the Middle With You (Stealers Wheel)
  10. Yesterday
  11. i can't find rhe tabby this morning we were really late getting up and its a beautiful day too he's not on the chair by tge backdoor - he's not on the grass under the lilly pilly tree ive walked up and down the street calling i hung washing out - that usually works so now ive put food in his dish and i wait last night we had such a big cuddle he came in and mooched for a bit, (Borris was asleep on a bed) he ate Borris's dinner and went out about 10pm with food still in his dish on the back porch
  12. poor Tiddles but it must have been so hard for so many families Tinky was picked up off the street by the SPCA so he knew what it was like to be hungry i hope as he got older he forgot when he became an old man i think he got a bit of cat altzimers there was always food in his plate but everytime either of us went to the fridge when making a cup of tea he wounder over for food - we used to just pretend to put more food in the bowl and he was happy Tinky was a Prince amoungst men and i miss him every day he had a good appetite right to the en Borris is definatly a Princess of the blood and also a high priestess the way she had daddy twisted around her little paw
  13. Yeah Jimbo, people go to movies all the time by themselves, what's the problemo?
  14. I stand corrected. Where do the years go? I would love to thank that unknown Spanish man for failing his request for the song until that perfectly timed moment.
  15. One of the 1974 Houston shows would also be very nice (and sadly also very unlikely). With only known audio of 2 of the 7 shows, you can only hope Mike Appel let a few cassette tapes running. Historically important shows too.
  16. This is actually a really good idea, Nebraska and The River will end at the same time. I'll do this instead.
  17. Welcome and yes great moment and became one of my favourite songs after hearing it that day. Although not to wish the years away it was in 2012 not 2014.. although 14th July
  18. I’ve got a couple of younger brothers myself who are a bit young to have been there. I’ve got 2 young recruits in addition to their older sister. They seem to like the songs from Tracks more than the more obvious ones. Nothing better than seeing them having a blast listening to Mr Springsteen .. will it last?
  19. It’s one of my all time favorites too! Good for you that you were there (no, I’m not jealous at all ). Welcome to the Lake
  20. Begin The Begin (R.E.M.).
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