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  2. Interesting, especially as Bruce seems to be doing the opposite, according to the other thread.
  3. Funny you mention this! I was wondering the same thing last night. I like to put on a full concert when I go to bed. Was looking for a 1975-1977 show. Hardly anything except Boston 1977, Austin 1975. Ended up listening to the Grateful Dead.
  4. The number of times they interviewed him. The gap in his teeth. The excellent but never issued photo-fit. The matching description of his car. Whilst they wasted time looking for someone with a Wearside accent. I was working in part of his "patch" at the end of his spree and remember it all too well without feeling the need to watch this.
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  6. After years of fiercely protecting the copywright of his songs on streaming sites, all of a sudden we are getting the original recordings in all their glory now appearing. Great to hear and great that Bob's genius is now freely available for everyone including the uninitiated, but it does seem rather odd that it has just happened so suddenly ?
  7. Nobody has time to check every folder, I just test the high risk or I pick at random once in a while don't ask me to define high risk, wait... a dvd ripped by buckshot ok
  8. Fair points, well made. Bruce will be remembered for many great things, but never for his overall sound quality at shows. Weirdly, the best sound I've ever heard from Bruce was on the Seeger Tour when there were about five hundred people on stage. Maybe it was the acoustic nature of those shows that made them sound so good.
  9. I too love love love "My Lucky Day." It's absolutely paint-by-the-numbers Bruce Springsteen. On the other hand, no one else can paint them quite like that, though many have tried.
  10. Uh-oh... I think I misunderstood your post JJ... I thought you wanted Rosie and BTR to ‘win’ and ‘winning’ in this context, meant to me they’d be eliminated. So I take it back... I hope you’re wrong! I hope they win, as in WIN! But actually I’m ok with any of the remaining BTR songs winning...
  11. yup, like most of us. I am not going to pretend and say that I test my files because I don't, I don't have the time and I simply just trust where I got them from. I defiantly don't pretend to understand I know the finer details to what brings certain results upon testing, I know the basics and that about it to be able to identify a true FLAC. I just hope over time should somebody upload something here that is a lossy flac that it's totally unintentional and nobody would make it into a problem other than just highlighting it.
  12. Road Bridge made of concrete! washes away in the storm in DaiseyLand! - on the south island though
  13. Pity that isn't the case when we go to actually SEE him in concert of late a lot of the time...…….it used to be the case back in the day (he was quite anal about it - walking around a venue to all 4 corners while the band sound checked so he could hear how it sounded for "everyone") but nowadays he will play any field or sub standard stadium/venue (that comes cheap) and invariably a sound check will be a tape (usually Spirit in the Night) so he can stay at his 5 star luxury hotel a bit longer!!! Nett result his "sound" in concert has left a LOT to be desired 9 times out of 10 over the past decade+ (and this has been highlighted / exposed when he has played 1 day festival type gigs - like in London - whereby there are OTHER artists on the bill...…..the difference between Dave Matthews Band and Bruce's at Hyde Park was glaring, as it also was between The Black Crowes and ESB at the Olympic Park!...… need - SO avoidable!!?)
  14. Well shit, they took down my favorite, Leeds 2013. You can watch about every individual song, but not the whole concert together. Me Hate.
  15. The thing (as I understand from checking the internet) is that the frequencies may "lie" depending on the equipment being used recording the concert ; depending of HOW the files has been digitized (also equipment depended) etc. So a file like you are presenting here MAY be FLAC, but has been "ruined" through the various steps in the process to be presented for the community. On the other hand.... I may be perfectly and absolutely wrong in this assumption. I'm getting more and more uncertain in the matter of MP3's versus FLAC's. I just like my files ending up with a ".flac" extension. .
  16. Says its Prince . Looks like Bruce to me . And he is mentioned
  17. Does he need a reason? They’re his performances. He really doesn’t need to justify it. It was good while they tolerated it, but it was always something that was just tolerated.
  18. On the face of things it looks like a perfect FLAC file, but upon further inspection: "Very good audience recording that I got through a trade years ago. " Unfortunately for him it looks like the trade wasn't a true FLAC and been passed on. Jockel is a really lovely fella and I know for a fact he didn't intentionally pass this on as a lossy FLAC (or whatever the actual term is)
  19. Can't be worse than the Ted Bundy thing on Flitnex. That guy was a pure evil sickmeister. Although, the Jackson thing turned my stomach more than the Bundy thing.
  20. Definitely. They've allowed this stuff for years and years. Why stop now?
  21. There's been way too much down time in the Bruce camp these last few years and those people on the payroll have to justify their existence somehow. Maybe our hero is turning into a miserly old Scrooge in his old age.
  22. His first 7 studios. The Tunnel songs are on the long list of neglected songs too.
  23. I can imagine that they block shows from YouTube where they use the official audio recordings from Nugs instead of the orginal audience sound.
  24. My copy of 2000-03-14 is from Jockel a couple weeks ago on JL, and is MPEG upon testing.
  25. Yeah I know. I have kind of given up on this testing part. One hell of a Sisyphean task. No matter what, I kind of rely on my sources trading with me that what they share really is FLAC's.
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