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  2. This one kicked ass at the concert !!!
  3. The funny thing is for many, many years there was the myth this show was a failure, one of the 'worst' shows ever.
  4. This must be how 25 year old Bruce fans feel .... I have a lot to catch up on !!!!
  5. Today
  6. Used to love the country now I'm selling it. I'm doing well at it, That's the hell of it! Country Dreams - Harry Chapin
  7. Let’s talk about it in the morning I don’t really want to fight ‘Cos I’ve only just got home And I’m weary to my bones And I need to sleep tonight Talk About It In the Morning - Martyn Joseph
  8. Orville's Song - Keith Harris & Orville Sorry!
  9. I'm sure they did confirm at the time that they used all the footage they had. Mind you, it's hard enough finding time to watch 2hr 40m, another hour would be just about impossible.
  10. i cannot guarantee i will not find things to complain about
  11. stop it you guys ! i feel disloyal to Patti, your making me laugh
  12. Falkirk???????? I know Hampden's tied up with the Footy, but I'd have thought they could squeeze into Ibrox, Parkhead, Murrayfield or Tynecastle. Would much rather schelp to Ayresome Park for the Manics experience!
  13. Good too see someome doing some different Stadiums also W.L are doing something the same for 2020 this is about the Stadiums not the music lols
  14. Bristols Is very tempting? But with maybe Bruce touring we will see! hmmmmmmm
  15. So … new tour = new album … so hurry up!
  16. That's me singing Mr Brightside all day now. I bet Suzanne wants to go to Middlesbrough to see the Manics … she knocked about with them when they were starting off. I won't be going though. Stadiums? Nah.
  17. I got as far as the first moment she comes in. A real what the heck moment.
  18. @Eileen heard the news....... here it comes indeed!! The killers return! In style!
  19. I must admit I was listening to it & thought Bruce had stepped on a cat then realised it was Patti joining in.
  20. I'm Your Puppet - James & Bobby Purify
  21. thank you ulfhpersson i just tend to feel Bruce Springsteen music and try not to over think too much i don't have a degree or any form of higher education so i guess i think like a regular working man (woman) like who populates his songs i havn't been taught how to think which doesn't mean i don't over think Bruce Springsteen music or enjoy the writting and PoV of posters with more know how academically than me and i learn lots from them and wish i had their education but i really am just one of those people off DOTEOT or the river - they are my people and where i belong
  22. Slightly off topic, a health warning. A couple of Christmases ago, up popped a new Christmas movie, Christmas With The Kranks. Written by John Grisham (!), it is a Chris Colombus film. Starring Tim Allen, Jamie L Curtis, Cheech Marin and other notable names. Executive music producer (or something) is Steven. The soundtrack is brilliant, killer. The movie is absolute, total shite. It's a steaming pile of dung. A total sleigh wreck. Avoid at all costs. Your well being depends on it.
  23. The sound quality of disc 1 compared to any official iteration of Nebraska always amazed me, especially since I've only ever heard the LM disc in MP3 format. Was the fabled tape that Bruce carried around in his pocket from which they eventually mastered the album a second generation recording? That would be pretty amusing...
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