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  2. Does anybody please have these? October 15, 1992-Vancouver (JEMS) November 7, 2006-Antwerp (Glimmer Twins) November 14, 2006-Sheffield (discking ) Thanks!
  3. I thought of "Handwritten" by Gaslight Anthem...any other Fallon/GA fans out there think the same?
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  5. I loved that he gave the first piece to Obie!
  6. What fun that was....Enjoyed looking back at the pics on the other thread.
  7. Same here! But as a treat, my friends and I got to meet Jake!!! Was such a fantastic show. Well the wait...
  8. That’s good my twin. I still only have them on my computer. Hope that changes for me as well. Also looking forward to being able to use GL by night again! Want to add my thanks for you for all your hard work, Karsten!! Edit: I just discovered where the bell and envelope icons are! Thank you Karsten!!
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  10. Liar, Liar (The Castaways)
  11. It's just a draft though - scribbling down ideas on paper. Refine it later, throw out what doesn't sound right.
  12. If I could do it all over again, I'd do it all over you.
  13. Yankee rain is thinner than southern rain... it was nowhere near greensboro levels
  14. That was quite a run...So many friends came together....I remember the lightning from that storm was crazy and the rain was Greensboro level.
  15. I have a similar feeling. Hope it's wrong. I've never treated High Hopes as a proper Springsteen album. Listening to it now, it is as you say just a collection of songs written at different times thrown together. Some of the outtakes were great and i'm glad he released them, but some of them...well, let's just say you can see why they didn't end up on an official album. Regarding Letter to you, I'm struggling to get my head around the inclusion of these ancient nearly 50 year old outtake songs being given a new life, re-recorded and put on an official album right near the end of his
  16. I can’t even imagine what didn’t make the cut. Though now that I think about, maybe it’s some stuff that’s listenable?
  17. The top three rotate depending on mood and state of mind: 1 Racing in the Street (long version) The 2009 Paramount Theater is "the" version 2 Downbound Train I have to say I now prefer the 2013 BITUSA Live performance that's more guitar than synth based 3 Tougher Than The Rest Live or Studio this song is a powerhouse 4 Incident on 57th Street (live) 5 The River 6 Promised Land 7 Independence Day 8 Lucky Town 9 Two Faces 10 Janey Don't Lose Heart
  18. I don’t mind older songs being used/re-recorded if they lend to the theme and arc of the album. I thought Land of Hope and Dreams fit on Wrecking Ball. High Hopes, however, was just mish mash of songs thrown together and called an album. I feel the new album will be the same way. If I was the Preist, Song for Orphans, Janey, and Letter to You don’t seem to be related at all. I fear this will just be another collection of songs, albeit some strong and enjoyable, but not a true album.
  19. Let's make this 'probably the last ESB album which is followed by a tour, or at least the intention at this moment of a tour'. Why would they not continue to make music together without going on tour?
  20. Crystal palace sell Sorloth who had been out on loan for 2 seasons to Leipzig for 20mil
  21. Western stars is an absolute masterpiece, up there with his top albums. didnt they say there was around 40 songs for Western Stars?... hope so
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