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  2. ah, the Byrds influence is even stronger on here than on No Surrender, I think! I forgot!
  3. Me too! I often get in the mood to play it several times in a row VERY LOUD!
  4. Where The Bands Are again! ha ha I just love this song!
  5. It's embarrassing to be Anthony Scaramucci, that's for sure.
  6. Nah. I'm not embarrassed. I'm angry, exhausted, fed up, and disgusted. And yes, HE'S embarrassing, but I'm not embarrassed. The only people who should be embarrassed are 45, the people standing on that stage laughing and cheering with him, and the people that continue to defend 45. I'm actually quite proud of all the backlash from former scouts and scout leaders. I'm proud of all the parents who said they are pulling their kids out. I did not vote for this man. He does not represent me.
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  8. Terrifying actually.
  9. While fully aware a lot could change by Monday, this description of the Greasy Lake's Favourite Springsteen Cover finale thread is for the Detroit Medley loving squad One last time!
  10. At least one person has some sense in all this. John Urschel of the Ravens retired today at the age of 26 to pursue his PhD from MIT!!!! Talk about having some brains. The article says the recent CTE study had some influence on his decision. Good for him.
  11. Oh, my bad. I thought the reference was the Amazon thing. I should read the posts more carefully.
  12. When the only argument 'conservatives' have left is "what if you had a guy as bad as our guy" then there's no argument at all.
  13. Same. He's always made my skin crawl.
  14. TBogg‏ @tbogg Following More Bannon: Paul Ryan is a "limpdick motherfucker." Mooch: Bannon sucks his own cock. Trump: orgy stories for Boy Scouts - Obama wore a tan suit
  15. This article by Michael Lewis is very long, but it is worth every minute it takes. It's also some really scary shit.
  16. Me too. I do not care one whit if the person was a D or R or I; man or woman; black, white, brown; Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Seik, atheist, agnostic... What I want in my president is to be qualified. I want him/her to be a great leader. I want to believe that that person has the best interests of the country in mind at all times, but who understands the complexity of the world and knows how to function in a global society. If the person I voted for turned out to be completely unfit, causing extreme havoc every single damn day, who doesn't know squat about governing, etc... Yes, I'd want that person gone. No question. Quick unscientific poll of friends and family all say the same. Sorry @Jimmy James, I think you are wrong. Sure there will always be some people who will not want to admit defeat, but 90%? I just can't see that.
  17. I hate any mirror... Wanna change my clothes, my hair, my face, my arms, my tummy...
  18. Wandering around
  19. Young Turks
  20. Maybe. Maybe not. Only one way to find out! And if it does, that's ok too. I think it would be interesting. Hey wait... Who ya calling old??
  21. No, I'm referring to the Darkness box (The Promise)- definitely an official Sony release. I agree with you on the loophole-legal releases- I would never buy them.
  22. I agree, but that's not official. In fact I never see those releases on US Amazon so it must be a copywrite loophole that allows them to sell in the UK. But is easier to buy them and the packaging is a plus. But they are not official and I'm quite sure no better quality than what circulates bootleg.
  23. Most likely his most interesting tour as far as interesting instrumentation. Emotionally honest and I loved all the boots.
  24. I really like all three Passaic shows, The Roxy, and Winterland best. The version of Independence Day from Atlanta is great too.
  25. Like the eight years of no-drama (aka chaotic) Obama. Lol
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