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  2. Week 35 11 July Norwich 1 v West Ham 0 Watford 0 v Newcastle 1 Liverpool 1 v Burnley 0 Sheffield United 1 v Chelsea 1 Brighton 0 v Man City 3 12 July Wolverhampton 1 v Everton 0 Aston Villa 1 v Crystal Palace 1 Tottenham 1 v Arsenal 1 Bournemouth 0 v Leicester 1 13 July Man United 3 v Southampton 1
  3. The audio track Thunder Road is from June 27 (the beggining) and from July 1st... The video includes maybe few shots from June 29
  4. About all the cut-work, it always strange when you know that VERY PROBABLY some shots aren't sync with the audio track.. I kind of notice that with "Thunder Road" where apparently there's a lot of cut with video from June 27, June 29 and July 1st. or Out in the Street.. Still, it's sad they didn't make a big compilation from those 10 shows because each one of them are definitely unique and sums up perfectly (and strangely) all the past great shows from the band's "young period" and the setlist are definitely great
  5. Makes sense, makes sense! Thank you for reply as well as the London show - this site is amazing and can't believe not been on before!
  6. You beat me to it BT sorry @waquantrilluk, we're not allowed to share any boots with the same dates as any officially released material.
  7. Boyfriend - Selena Gomez (Had a bf who looked just like LJB - almost as tall, too)
  8. Ah apologies, didn't understand the rules! Thanks for letting me know!
  9. Today
  10. Don't Try To Lay No Boogie Woogie On The King Of Rock & Roll (Long John Baldry)
  11. From Bucebase: "A DVD of the complete Born In The U.S.A. performance is officially issued with the Deluxe Edition of the High Hopes album, available on a limited basis via Amazon and other retailers." So no, it can't be uploaded here.
  12. Apologies, Hard Rock Calling from Queen Elizabeth Park, London - think was July 30th?
  13. Well worth it - great link! Jungle Boogie - Kool & The Gang
  14. Guitarzan (Ray Stevens)
  15. I have heard some wonderful melodic chilled out stuff over the years - Everything But The Girl, some of Van’s classics, ditto Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, Khruangbin, Ray Lamontagne, Steve Hiett, Marissa Nadler, The Sandpipers, Kandace Springs, Waxahatchee, Myrkur, Riverside, The XX, the late great Nick Drake and Jonathan Hultén, to name a few......but frankly the bizarrely named band from Texas, Cigarettes After Sex, probably surpass all the above for me. Quite fantastic in my humble opinion. Am years late getting to them but mighty pleased I have done now.
  16. Travelin' Band (CCR) I was/am too slow for Auntie
  17. Norwich 2 West Ham 2 Watford 2 Newcastle 0 Liverpool 3 Burnley 1 Sheffield United 1 Chelsea 2 Brighton 0 Manchester city 2 Wolves 2 Everton 1 Aston Villa 1 Crystal Palace 1 Tottenham 1 Arsenal 2 Bournemouth 1 Leicester City 3 Manchester United 0 Southampton 0
  18. Not mine either. Tweeter And The Monkey Man.
  19. you're more than welcome, any others you want, just let us know
  20. Not mine. Local Hero - Bruce
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