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  2. Indeed. I've been getting mine from Covers 33 for as long as I can remember
  3. No outer sleeves on those records, or did you take them off for the photos? Protect your vinyl!
  4. 1982-06-12 --->!WRNC1SIQ!Hc4UClN9ln6ea-DbSYmYBw 1 week
  5. Thank you very very much! Really appreciated. Thanks also for Rally for disarmament full concert (i just had the 2 Bruce songs); can i ask you if the 3 songs ( Walking the dog, Route 66, Carol) that Bruce played With Sonny Kenn at Big Man's West after this concert are circulating or not? Thanks again & best wishes to you
  6. Can't do photos online...but I have the classic Born to Run cover as a full poster which I bought outside Hampden park, Glasgow in 2009 after the show during the WOAD tour, also a full size Western Stars movie poster, and I also have a photo blown up into a full framed picture of Bruce onstage at the Edinburgh Playhouse during the Joad tour.....oh and a Bruce 2020 calendar of course !
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  8. 1982-06-12 The BR Series 129 (BR) --->!DUtDxCbC!Yvym17OroDzXCwsQLMfRUg 1984-04-08 --->!mB9lTQiD!EWPwRU-Oam68Al7ni9m3zw 1984-10-07 --->!WBsXFAyK!-9D_zYrz4VZycq6v10L3wQ 1 week @Honndos
  9. Got it on now, sounds lovely , I see what people mean about the shift in style, still very nice!
  10. AMIW

    Come on you Spurs!

    Toby donates tablets to people in need a little bit at the bottom about son and begwijn
  11. I doubt the maintenance data for a crashed airframe is important. Cockpit voice recorder might be a little different, but they probably thought of that, and included a solution.
  12. I would have thought this could be a security issue if one went down behind enemy lines, no?
  13. Excellent!!! @JustDan, see this one yet???
  14. Hopefully Brice is staying at least 6 foot away from the computer screen just in case. We need to protect that voice.
  15. No need to hurry !!!!!! Thank you very much for your kindness!
  16. Yes, of course. As soon as my 'other' upload is done I'll load these to mega...unless I'm beaten to it
  17. Thanks Bosstrade after a massive recheck .....i still need 3 club gigs: 12-Jun-1982 Red Bank,NJ Big Man's West 3 songs With Sonny Kenn (Following his appearance at the Rally For Disarmament in Central Park) 08-Apr- 1984 Asbury Park,NJ Stone Pony 4 songs With the Cats on a Smooth Surface 07-Oct-1984 Asbury Park,NJ Stone Pony 5 songs With Cats on a Smooth Surface Can you help me? Many thanks in advance.
  18. IF they are not available with your news server come back to me
  19. Upsetting and chaotic scenes in the NYC hospitals. Reminded me of a somewhat prophetic line from For You, "They'll be waiting for you at Bellevue, with their oxygen masks." Gratitude going out to all health workers worldwide. x
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