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  2. How do I join this? I am not on Facebook Will you post something on betrue as well?
  3. High time its relooked. Also, find it laughable that that people are applauding Stokes for supposedly asking the umpires to cancel the 4 over throws as great sportsman spirit. He did feel bad no doubt, lets end it there. If he really wanted the 4 runs to be cancelled, he should have blocked the next ball and negated the 4 extra runs.Not blaiming in any way, he just did what 99.9 % of the guys in the world would have done.
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  5. this is good
  6. Mosgiel an outter rural suburb of Dunedin very nice except when the river floods
  7. How does one get hold of this (mouth watering) Blu-ray rip / Nugs / fan edit of the Tempe show!!?...…...I was obviously in a coma when all of this was fresh and buzzing around!?……….do you have to go to Jungleland or wherever (which I probably haven't been on since the Nugs thing started) - I need to be hearing what all the fuss is about (although I obviously know as I have that bluray, but the "complete" show!!!?). Any guidance welcome - thanks.
  8. All I know is that Real Man is his disasterpiece
  9. If we go by individual lines I'd add Adam Raised A Cain: "You're born into this life paying for the sins of somebody else's past"
  10. Earth Vs. The Flying Saucers (GO FLYING SAUCERS! DESTROY!) From 1956. Great film, best seen in original black and white.
  11. I Should Have Known Better (The Beatles)
  12. Haha! I just need a private car/limo service and then all my troubles would be solved!
  13. Just had an email from Bathroom Wall tshirts saying they had new Bruce tees available, and I saw this one! Patiently waiting for a Chasin’ Wild Horses one now.. i also spotted something @Wout might be interested in
  14. I don't know too much about the subject, but I'm not convinced that the artists are happy about secondary resale sites - they just can't do much about it, although some try. Pearl Jam famously took on Ticketmaster way back in 1995: The ticket prices in this article look laughable by today's standards. More recently Ed Sheeran tried to ban secondary sites from his tour: I applaud their efforts, but ultimately it will need government interjection and new laws to final rid ourselves of the scourge of legitimate large scale touting. Not likely to happen with our present government.
  15. If you can't make it they are going to postpone the whole event so you better make a plan...
  16. Yeah, but to me at least, it's the music that makes it so amazing, so I give Bruce 10 points here (instead of 12...)
  17. The movie screen that raises out of the floor adds a nice touch.
  18. meat me in the fields behind the dynamo ...... tie your hair back in a long white bow ok now im serouse you hear their voices telling you not to go they've made their choices and they'll never know what its like to steel, to cheat, to lie what its like to live and die that is a masterpiece that comes from deep down in the cut the delivery is a masterpiece the guitar is played masterfully straight from the heart its desperately masterfully this is a masterpiece that cannot be read this is a masterpiece you have to feel
  20. Here it is: Is A Dream A Lie (Earlmv Edit) (1978-2012)!1cBTUaZb!82P7Vggr68uvXJxsZLnH-A
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