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  4. I love this one and even though I don't play it completely as much as I used to, it'll always be one of my Series favourites. I was even playing it in the gym earlier today, that 30 minute sequence from "The Promised Land" to "Thunder Road". I hadn't heard "My Hometown" in ages and it seemed only right to listen to such a meaningful one. And we've talked about it before on here, but man I love this "Darkness on the Edge of Town" so much. Yeah, that fire evident in the versions from '78 - '81 is gone, but I think that's important, because this isn't a show played with fiery rage, it's a show of reflection and acceptance of everything that's brought Bruce and his bandmates to this very moment. The good, the bad and the ugly have all meant something leading into this homecoming and for this very moment Bruce's vocal emphasises that.
  5. Original reports were five, but now the LA sheriff is saying 9 on board
  6. My favourite song on Western Stars. Thanks for this.
  7. I've been thinkin' 'bout my life, what's been wrong and what's been right. - Alright, Alright, Alright - Mungo Jerry.
  8. We know Ricky and Lorraine are big Springsteen fans, so they choose to cover him on their recent Radio 2 Piano Room set. Slightly surprised by song choice as everyone and their dog has had a shot at DITD, but still a listenable version.
  9. ...And if you listen closely to the end of "Strawberry Fields Forever" you can hear John Lennon say "I buried Paul, I buried Paul."
  10. But honestly this song is just amazing, it blew my mind. Please let this be played at my wedding and funeral. Anyway, it is great for the ESB as well because: 1) this might be the only song in which I actually LIKE the pedal steel guitar! So Nils can go wild on that instrument. 2) Jake can finally pick up his soprano saxophone... And now that he has that in his hands, they might as well continue with Stray Bullet as next song
  11. From a phone booth in Vegas, Jessie calls at five am, To tell me how she's tired, of all of them. She says, "Baby I've been thinkin' 'bout a trailer by the sea. We could goto Mexico, you, the cat, and me. We'll drink Taquilla, and look for seashells, now doesn't that sound sweet?" Oh Jessie, you always do this, everytime I get back on my feet. Jessie - Joshua Kadison
  12. And she's watching them with those eyes And she's loving him with that body, i just know it Year n he's holding her in his arms late at night You know I wish i had Jessie's girl I was i had Jessie's girl Where can i find a woman like that That guy from New Jersey Rick Springfield
  13. Tighten Up, Part 2. (Archie Bell and the Drells)
  14. They’re known for being particularly “close” with their own family members.
  15. Helicopters, loads of crashes and deaths ......... WTF?
  16. Ok, so this has to be a pretty good statement. I have never seen a @AMIW like ever. So can someone help with this statement?
  17. TMZ reports one of his daughters was on board.
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