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  2. Doesn't sound like Christic to me. Maybe a shade of the Sommerville shows. Going back to Storyteller it feels like he's more interested in telling us how and why he wrote songs as opposed to just writing them.
  3. I dig it J. Lets take it a little further. Bruce's Best song: Born to Run.......... If it isn't we all won't be here right now. Right? My Favorite right now: Roulette
  4. Heat Index here in SE Virginia for today and tomorrow is 105-109.
  5. Don't think this has been mentioned but does anyone find it only coincidental that shortly after meeting with Putin the CIA program to arm Syrian rebels is ended.
  6. If Obama's "secrecy" with the Russians had to do with influencing his election I don't think anyone would consider it diplomacy.
  7. I think the reason he isn't is because he gave up his spot in the second most exclusive club in America to become AG. He'd look like a real doofus if he threw in the towel after six months, no matter how bigly he's publicly humiliated by the President - this job is all he has left politically for the foreseeable future. The governorship in his state would be his next logical move but that seat was just filled in the last election by a member of his own party for the first of what will surely be two terms. His Senate seat has also been filled by a member of his own party. He's pretty much stuck and it couldn't happen to a nicer guy.
  8. This is the exact junction I predicted we would come to before Trump even took office. It's why I asked the more sanguine participants here repeatedly, "What would Trump have to do to convince you that he was dangerous to our democracy," and was told it was impossible to answer such a hypothetical. Approximately six months later, it's no longer hypothetical. If Trump is permitted to pardon any of his corrupt family members who aided and abetted him in criminal actions--and he doesn't get impeached and indicted--the grand experiment, America, is over. We no longer will be a country of law. Expect every true patriot to act accordingly.
  9. To me it all sounds very Christic-esque. But who's to say he hasn't written new material which relates to his life experiences or parts from the book? I guess we'll just have to wait and see, but I'm still taking everything with a pinch of salt.
  10. sorry quote above is showing a bit dark !!!!!!!!
  11. strange bit in the new york post article Sources say that Jujamcyn Theaters, which owns the Kerr, is getting a little nervous: The company passed on some plays to make room for the Boss and would like to get things rolling. But Springsteen, 67, seems to be in no rush to make his Broadway debut. He’s putting together his act and will make an official announcement when he’s good and ready. so officially he aint even booked the theater, how odd!!!!!!!!!
  12. Nonsense, according to miami steve, Bruce has always got an album or 2 ready to go
  13. e looking at the worl me thinks i need new specs then
  14. Oh, I think that has been going on for a number of years now, well over a decade....going back to Devils & Dust. Many of those songs had been around (although unknown) for awhile....leftovers from Joad, etc. Many of them also had snippets form other songs in then, another sign that they were leftovers. The you get Seeger new material coming out of that. Magic seemed to spark something, but then WOAD was also just leftovers from Magic. Wrecking Ball, although it had a some great new material also required re-releases of songs in order to make a "complete" album. I think HH speaks for itself.
  15. and here is something I did not know David Tennant is married to Georgia Moffat (who played his daughter in a Dr Who Episode ) and she is the daughter in real life of Peter Davison who of course was also Dr Who!!!!!!! yikes.
  16. If dreams came true now wouldn't that be nice .
  17. Chelski v Arsenal live at 4:40am for those of you living in the desert!! will anyone be watching
  18. Today
  19. Yeah he could start in the USA doing this and sticking to it firmly, then come to Europe and throw it all out the window and play 2.5hr solo theatre shows for us all interlaced with stories, in some fashion! deal!
  20. Very hard to disagree with any of that. Just seems to be the least trying route to a few more quid. I can think of nothing worse than him sat there reading passages from a book like William fucking Shatner. I'll retain hope that it's a load of old bollocks. The fact I can actually imagine it happening is probably indicative of how I view him of late. That whole River tour caper was weak to me. The boxset was great and, in fairness, I think all the boxset releases have been incredibly good. The lack of new material is a real pisser to me. I never thought the day would come when he stopped wanting to write new material. Maybe I was wrong.
  21. Tipperary.
  22. Have heard the place is kind of a shithole though.
  23. man city complete their purge of all last seasons 4 fullbacks by letting Kolarov leave Houston and go and sign for Roma JJ - since you have no left backs may I interest in one Alberto Moreno
  24. I know a little cafe where they play guitars all night and all day...
  25. ^ Thank you!
  26. Toon sign a former Liverpool (and Sunderland) full back - unfortunately it isn't alberto Moreno
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