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  2. Official 2017 NFL Thread

    WTF was that Philli guy on? Running into a fair catch ....that practically flips the field. Poor start from the Iggles.
  3. Official 2017 NFL Thread

    XXV works best for me......"No good, wide right" better than ANY porn!!!!!
  4. Official 2017 NFL Thread

    Fuck me, that's like the Masonic referees in Scotland "taking care of their own" but that's a whole other story..........
  5. Official 2017 NFL Thread

    The hurters was the two at the end of the half. The one when Gronk got hurt....I'll watch it again but he committed OPI before he got hit, but the last one, that ball as NEVER catchable so should't have been called, as I understand the rules. It'd make me laugh like fuck if Belichick walked and left Kraft and Brady on their todd.
  6. Official 2017 NFL Thread

    The Pats were getting beaten across the board on both sides for a large part of the game.
  7. The gypsy lied

    It was a genuine observation guys. I am glad I don't suffer (so far in my life) from mental health issues but the casual way some of you joke about it is pretty low grade.
  8. Official 2017 NFL Thread

    Here too....I break out the Super Bowl XLII and XLVI DVD's...good If that doesn't work, I go with a 1986 Mets tape.....Let's Go Met's Go....
  9. Official 2017 NFL Thread

    Rooting for the Vikes and future Giants coach Pat Shurmur.
  10. Official 2017 NFL Thread

    Clete Blakeman don't forget good game.
  11. Ladies of The Lake Do Lunch

    I'd start a "men of the lake do beer" threading it weren't for the fact that I'm a total lightweight.
  12. I had a more conservative perm, but other than that, we were identical
  13. Ladies of The Lake Do Lunch

    Gender is so yesterday.
  14. Official 2017 NFL Thread

    Agree, was thinking this earlier. I’m starting to get a gag reflex watching them come from behind and pull off yet another one.
  15. Official 2017 NFL Thread

    Same story with me... always kinda like to see Philly do well (for the most part). I'm not sure that was the exact game plan but Pats are a,veteran team with good depth who've been there before. If they get behind they still believe. Not so with the Jags... they see NE go up and they were thinking "oh shit". In reality I think the Jags basically came up one drive short. But really it's what I expected the entire game.
  16. Official 2017 NFL Thread

  17. Official 2017 NFL Thread
  18. Official 2017 NFL Thread

    I think it’s Belichick’s game plan not to really turn it on until the 4th quarter. On to the NFC. Fly Eagles Fly. Not a huge fan, but I was born in SE Pennsylvania and have always had a soft spot for the Philly teams. Rooted hard against them last week, but since it can’t be us, it may as well be them.
  19. Official 2017 NFL Thread

    The big play was the third and eighteen, now that's unconscionable. Gutted for the Jags, well, couldn't really give a shit for the Jags but gutted for TC. Just praying for a Minnesota win, couldn't be arsed with those in the big one, need someone to pull for.
  20. Perhaps. I'm not sure. I've never read or watched an interview with him before so couldn't tell you what he's normally like. I did hear once that he doesn't receive royalties for Brown Eyed Girl so, perhaps he's not joking!
  21. You don't think he said that tongue-in-cheek? Dry humour.
  22. An important and serious poll :P

    It's a bit rude to talk about Phil Collins like this when I'm present, guys.
  23. all going to NYC for BearCon (like Comic-con but with Bears)
  24. Official 2017 NFL Thread

    It's fun here during football season.
  25. Official 2017 NFL Thread

    The Jags had to play over their heads to win. They did for three quarters but they punched themselves out. I'll have another IPA.
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