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  2. Steve Cooper appointed as new head coach yesterday,seems a positive appointment given that he managed to get Swansea in the play offs twice on limited resources but then Hughton was supposedly a good appointment last year so will have to wait & see. At least we should be off the bottom of the table today as Derby officially go into administration meaning their 12 point deduction will see them on minus 2 points with still the threat of another 9 to be deducted for cooking the books. Wycombe are considering legal action after being relegated last season on the basis that if all this was known then they shouldn't have been relegated & Derby should have gone down instead & they estimate that it'll cost them up to 20 million in lost revenue as a result.
  3. NZ made hard work of it,doing their best to lose it at times,it didn't look like England were going to get to 100 but the tail wagged again. These games pretty are entertaining because they're just so unpredictable,they're not poor players but both teams seem to find ways of getting themselves out or letting the other team back into the game. Tahuhu looks a player,has that slingy Malinga type action,the bowlers are very much on top,the top 6 of both sides have generally found it a struggle so far. Australia must be clear favourites for the next womens world cup.
  4. Been listening to the 2cd set on Amazon. After really looking forward to this I'm a bit bit underwhelmed. Glad I didn't pre order the 5 cd set. Disc 1 is a set of rehearsals including a lot of cover versions Totally superfluous I think. The Infidels stuff doesn't really rise above what we already have on the original album and bootleg series releases. Might shell out on the digital version at some point. It's ony 17.99 on Amazon - but sadly missing New Danville Girl.
  5. What's these Stadiums in Cork & Limerick like anyone on here been ??
  6. Village Green Preservation Society - Kate Rusby
  7. Dublin in April will feel like the Caribbean to someone born in Halifax
  8. No surprise at all. I’m not expecting Bruce to be in Europe before late May / early June.
  9. Sometimes I think like this: Born in the USA is in time close to Nebraska, and still so different. The heroes of the two albums are all alienated, but it seems to me, that the heroes of Born in the USA are double-alienated: they are alienated from the society, but also alienated from the poet who performs them. If that is so, how can we understand the reason for this difference? The poet who created Darkness tried to secure an existence for him selves by pretending he could himself overthrow the badlands and in its place establish the promised land by renunciation of the ties that bind. And he propagate this his renunciation via the heroes of the album. But in the end the poet experienced, that the use of this mean did not give him an existence, instead it threatened to dissolute him into nothingness. He then realized, that what could save him from tumbling down into this nothingness was the ties that bind. Hence in the River the heroes a) propagate the necessity of the ties that bind (The Ties That Bind ), b) despises the idea of his earlier propagation of the one mans fight for a promised land (The Price You Pay), and c) lend his voice to people, who, seemingly unlike him selves, not by an voluntary act, but by socioeconomic circumstances lost the ties that bind (The River). But his new mean is not enough. For he is, as a poet that tries to tie the binds that ties, still a poet. And as a poet he still is forsaking. What, then, is he forsaking? Well, a real life. A non-poet life. He sees, that he in the poet is just as alienated from a real life, as is the heroes of Nebraska. And so he finds that he in that, in which he during his whole life has tried fo find his existence, namely the poet, is prevented from acquiring a real existence. To really exist, he has to escape his narrow existence in the Poet. This contradiction is his existential crisis. He tries to work his way out of this crisis by freeing himself from his prison: the poet. But who is he outside the poet? Outside the poet a life can consists in having a family, friends and income. Is this what he wants? Anyway, he wants to be free from him selves as Poet. Because as a Poet he lives via his heroes, and he wants to live with walking, talking human beings, not to be confined to live with and through his heroes. And so he tries to create a life in which his heroes are no longer necessary for his existence. He openly turns his back to them. They no longer speaks through him, he speaks through them. He is permanent in the center of it all, and his heroes, well they come and go. They are his servants, he not theirs. He performs them with haste, without inanimateness. Not they, but he is dancing in the dark. And so he may for a moment imagine that he is free. It seems to him, as if his own life is the base for his heroes, not as if his heroes still is the base for his life. But of course, in reality he now is his own hero that he as a poet creates. And so he will in the end experience, that he himself as this poet-hero is in contradiction with himself, and with contrasting solemnity he later on has to confess: two faces have I.
  10. Yeah it's all over the news now April 23rd tixs on sale this Sat
  11. your a psudo-Italian machine if i was doing these (full of typos and bad spelling) we would get one every six months
  12. Well, it's Ed Sheeran on 23rd of April in Croke Park...
  13. I Feel The Earth Move - Carole King.
  14. i think Bruce has made his peace with the misunderstanding and he is happy people are having a good time he has had plenty of other occasions to get his point accross
  15. I Can Hear The Grass Grow - The Move
  16. My guess the first two. People will go to see the Stones if Mick and Keff are playing the rest really don't matter.
  17. After his stint in Auckland, my brother’s next post was Lagos. He liked to take advantage of his overseas posting and travel. Obviously, both South Africa and Rhodesia were visas you couldn’t have when traveling in and out of Nigeria and surrounding countries. So he was able to get a second passport, normally prohibited. But his regular doubles partner when in Lagos was the US Ambassador
  18. Watched the HBO airing many many times. I have the show on vinyl. The version of Bridge over troubled water is one of the great vocal performances, an absolute showcase. Fantastic show and allaround moment.
  19. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2021/sep/21/genesis-review-utilita-arena-birmingham
  20. is it because of covid ? or the economy ? or no Charlie?
  21. This week's River Tour 2016 review transports us into what should have been the second night of the tour inside MSG. If only it wasn't for that damn Storm Winter Jonas! https://cantfindtickets.wordpress.com/2021/09/22/bruce-springsteen-live-downloads-review-january-27th-2016-new-york-ny-madison-square-garden/
  22. Room To Move (John Mayall)
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