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Rules & Guidelines

Greasy Lake takes pride in being a friendly community where members can post their thoughts and opinions without fear of being scolded and demeaned. Sometimes it doesn't always work that way automatically, so as a matter of form we made these rules and guidelines. Here goes:

The Short Version:

Be nice and show respect for one another, the community, and everyone else.

The Really Long Version:

Hate and abuse

Posts that include hateful, harassing, abusive, bullying, racist, demeaning, threatening and otherwise offensive content or intent toward individuals or groups of individuals - be it members of the community, members of other communities, celebrities, politicians, or anyone else - are not allowed.


Posts with an excessive use of foul language are not allowed and could be deleted. Also, this is an English-speaking community, so we kindly ask you to stick to that.


Complaints about other members or decisions made by the moderators must be sent to the moderators as private messages or emails and be kept off the board. Oh, and before you send your complaint, please note that if another member rubs you the wrong way, feel free to use the very nifty "ignore" feature. If you absolutely must tell someone how much you don't like them, please ask them privately for their email address or phone number and keep the bad vibes off the board (however, if they don't want to tell you, it's not our problem).


Behavior that can be categorized as "trolling" will not be tolerated. For a definition of "troll" and "trolling" please read this article.


It is disrespectful to a topic starter to post unrelated comments on his or her thread. This is called threadjacking, and it will only be allowed if the topic starter doesn't mind it.


We cannot prevent you from stalking Bruce out there in the real world (although we certainly wouldn't recommend it), but on this forum, we don't allow a member to stalk another member by systematically posting replies to his or her posts, or send private messages to them, against their will, in order to annoy, provoke or harass them.

Illegal content

We shouldn't have to tell you that we don't allow posts with illegal content. We are especially (but not only) referring to the inclusion of officially released, copyrighted audio or video files in posts. This also applies to deep linking to file sharing services. Since Greasy Lake is based in Denmark, Danish laws may apply. So before you share something questionable, please consider the fact that you could put the owner and the site in jeopardy.

Ticket scalping

Do not use this message board to sell Springsteen tickets, or any other tickets, above face value plus original seller fees. This will lead to immediate, permanent ban. When you sell tickets, you should always specify that the price is "face value plus original seller fees" or below. When you look for tickets, you must not state that you are willing to pay above "face value plus original seller fees".


As long as Springsteen's organization seems ok with it, we allow the free trading and distribution of unofficial recordings. We do not want to see any money changing hands in connection with the exchange of bootlegs, with the exception of the postage costs incurred in "Blanks & Postage" trades (B&P).

Freedom of speech

What happened to that? Well, nothing. But this is a privately owned web site, and as such it is the owner and the moderators appointed by the owner who have the exclusive right to decide what you can and cannot say or do. It works the same way in your house, right?


You are solely liable for the contents of your posts. The owner and the moderators disclaim all responsibility for what you say, and we won't cover up your mistakes, should you get in trouble with a third-party.


You are only allowed to have one profile. If you create more, all of them could be deleted. If you wish to change your username, please contact a moderator rather than signing up again. Please note that all name changes will be visible in your profile.

Lying about yourself

While we don't blame people for choosing to remain partly anonymous on an internet message board, please do so by omitting information - not by lying about age, gender, or other personal information.

Leaving the community

You are free to leave the community at any time. However, it is not possible to delete your own profile, and the moderators will only delete it under certain circumstances, such as if your privacy is being threatened or other weighty reasons. You don't have to share personal information in this connection, but just don't expect the moderators to delete your profile just because you're angry or you've been hurt. Those feelings tend to pass after a day or two.


We promise we won't share any of your user information with anyone. At least not without getting your permission first. We may have to make an exception if ordered by a court of law or other legal authority.

Other Content

Where relevant, the above rules also apply to the community's built-in private message feature and all profile content, such as avatars, signatures, and status updates.


The moderators have an exclusive right to enforce and interpret the above rules. This includes moving and deleting content they deem in violation of these rules, and implement permanent or temporary posting restrictions on members (bans).

While they try to be fair and give everyone a chance, the moderators are only human and therefore not always 100% consistent or objective. In return, they are usually willing to discuss their decisions in private, to the extent that they feel the dialogue remains productive.

That's all!

Yes, that about covers it. Although we do reserve the right to change these rules at any time and without public notification. We hope you will enjoy participating in the Greasy Lake Community. Remember, divergent views are the essence of interesting conversation and the lifeblood of any discussion forum. And around here, responding to opposing views with name-calling and personal attacks, is to admit your own defeat

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