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    We have three threads at the moment about 'depressing' songs, so, in an effort to lighten the mood, do you have a song which is special to you? Hopefully for a good reason, although not necessarily. It might not be your favourite, but it reminds you of a time/place/person. I will kick of with Kingdom of Days. Working on a Dream came out the year Mr J and I retired and KOD felt like it was meant for us - we were going to have time to do things together, which I wrote in the card I gave him on his retirement. Later that year we were on a train through the Rocky Mountains, the most beautiful day, glorious blue skies and amazing scenery. I had my iPod on shuffle, when on came Kingdom of Days. I took the ear bud out of one ear and put it into Mr J's ear, so we could listen together - a beautiful moment from a wonderful holiday.
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    I haven't downloaded a Springsteen bootleg in about four years and my collection has been trimmed to a tidy library of shows and studio boots that are essential to me, but I used to be a fanatic about bootlegs. There was a time when I had a three tier retail store rack in my living room just to hold the Springsteen discs I burned. They were in chronological order by date, precisely labeled by hand with a fine tipped Sharpie and the studio outtakes had their own separate space, of course. These days my bootlegs are all digital and I like it like that just fine. I'm still anal about how I like them tagged, but the Sharpie is no longer required. I used to listen to some pretty shitty audience recordings and some really good ones, but there are only a handful of those left in my collection. The officially released shows from the last few tours and the Archive Series has ruined me forever for audience recordings, but I still love listening to broadcast, soundboard and ALD recordings. For a guy who once used up half the bandwidth in North America downloading every single bootleg from the old SPL FTP server and then the BTX archives, I've kicked the habit pretty good. I don't miss the massive collection or the quirky desire to have a document of every possible show, but I do miss some of the fun and frenzy of rabid collecting. I thought I'd share some of my memories of bootleg collecting and maybe you'll post some of your own. You never forget your first and mine was Winterland on cassette. It was given to me when I was still a kid, just completing my Springsteen album collection, by a guy named Mike. He was the clerk at our local record shop, but he was so much more than that. Anyone who follows my books and stories has met Mike and they'll see a lot more of him. He was a big brother, a musical mentor, a wiser than his age stoner/hippie/slacker and a friend. He turned me on to music that I still love forty years later, gave my best friend a secret break on a sound effects album for a Halloween bash, let me work sometimes at the store when I needed money for a concert ticket, gave me that Winterland bootleg and when my mother died, he was the only adult who listened instead of talked. He worked his way from clerk to record shop owner and I never forgot him. There are records that I put on and they take me right back to that cluttered record store and Mike behind the counter, an undiscovered wizard; Winterland is one of those. Thanks, Mike. I always loved studio outtake bootlegs more than the live shows. Most of the live recordings at the time were audience sourced and even the worst of the studio boots sounded better. I had seen Springsteen so many times in concert by the time I started downloading bootlegs, that I was more curious about songs I hadn't heard and versions I hadn't known than live versions of songs I knew. Oh, I still collected the live shows like a fiend, but it was a great studio bootleg that could really excite me. I'll never forget downloading the entire Lost Masters collection and losing myself in them for months. I felt like I'd found a pirate's treasure. There are memories of disappointment, too. I'll never forget how my heart sank when I opened my copy of Perfect In 85 and found a long deep scar on disc 2. That disc never played. It wasn't all downloading for free. Before I came around to the internet, I bought all my boots at shops and record fairs. Silver originals were expensive, as you all know. I usually paid 30 dollars per disc, so an average live boot ran 90 bucks. I didn't even attempt to take it back to the store. I knew well there was a no return policy on bootlegs, or imports as they liked to call them. My first trade. That was awesome and so were many others after. I don't remember his name, but I answered an ad in the back of a magazine, sent him some blank tapes and got back two River shows. I felt like I had joined the Underground. The evening in 2001 when I installed my first CD burner in my PC and burned my first Springsteen bootleg. It was Winterland, of course, downloaded from the SPL.
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    On our 2nd or 3rd series of texts a lady I had just met, she asks about my favorite singers/songwriters. I listed a few than said Bruce Springsteen is my favorite though.. She replied "I love me some Springsteen." It was a sealed deal. LOL. Married her two years later and had "If I Should Fall Behind" played at the wedding. It is THAT song for us.
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    More than one would fit here but I think I’ll go with this one. I spent most of my adolescence isolated, convinced that I had absolutely nothing in common with anyone else. I would spend my time trying to get my hands on old black and white movies (the Internet wasn’t nearly fast enough to get them) and going to the library in search of books that I wanted to read (preferably in English). I was discovering Steinbeck when The Ghost of Tom Joad came out. Reading The Grapes of Wrath changed my life and there was absolutely no one around that I could share this with. When I bought The Ghost of Tom Joad and brought it home, it was like I was getting a special extra chapter of The Grapes of Wrath. It was like I was getting access to a reality that was so distant from me and at the same time so relatable. How could no one else in my world be aware of this? Until this day, listening to that song, takes me to that world.
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    Hi everyone! So tomorrow is kind of a big deal... I’ll be flying to New Jersey on my own for the first time ever. My first time on my own flying anywhere! I know a lot of you are probably thinking ‘there’s nothing hard about that’ but if you know me personally, you’d perhaps know that I suffer with some anxiety. Growing up this way, it’s all I’ve known, so tomorrow is a pretty big step for me. I’ve spent a lot of years not being able to do stupid, small things by myself, like going shopping etc. But, on today’s episode of Reasons Why Rachel is Thankful for Greasy Lake, I’ve definitely become a lot braver. Thanks to this place, I’ve met up with people who are complete strangers (all of whom have been lovely, by the way!), travelled by myself to London and wherever. Even stayed at a Laker’s house! So thank you to the world of Bruce for giving me some much needed confidence. So yeah, in the next big step I’m taking as a person, I’m also going to again be the international Greasy Lake correspondent and bringing you along on my next Bruce trip, if that’s ok. Where do I begin.. well, I’ve got two things planned in Asbury Park this weekend that I’m pretty bloody excited about. I think I’ve mentioned on here before about the whole Clarence Clemons ‘Who Do I Think I Am?’ film saga, but in case you missed it, I’ll recap. Basically they’re re-releasing this film, having edited it and added parts etc. 2 years ago (YES TWO YEARS), I bought two VIP tickets to the film premiere at the Paramount Theatre in Asbury Park. It was due to be finished, and released that September. That was kind of the whole reason for purchasing the tickets, as it was due to fall around the time of my 20th birthday. Unfortunately, the premiere got put on hold, which was ok because I still spent that time in New Jersey exploring the shore towns, and I visited the Walter Kerr for the first time on that trip too. But months went by, and I didn’t really hear much about what was happening, so I just forgot about it. It wasn’t until the beginning of this year I believe, that they finally said it was happening, and being released as part of the Asbury Park Music and Film Festival. It’s been a long time coming, but now it’s here. I’m really excited for it actually, despite the wait. Here is an old trailer of the film: It just makes me so happy, to finally be a part of something Bruce/Clarence related in Asbury Park itself. The sound of Clarence’s saxophone is honestly what gives me life. I only wish I could’ve seen him live. But I think, seeing this film, might just be the closest I’ll get, and that’s ok. There’s also going to be a discussion panel after the screening, featuring the directors/producers and Jake Clemons which I can’t wait for either! Next up, literally straight after the Clarence film, we will be seeing the Springsteen Archives film premiere directed by Thom Zimny. I actually just saw this morning that this is now sold out. Again, like I said with the Clarence film, it’ll just be so amazing to be part of something Bruce related in Asbury finally. I know it’s hardly surprising, but I bet there’ll be tears The best part of it all, is that @rosiejaneymary will be coming with me! I’ll also be staying with her from tomorrow onwards, so expect more excitement over visiting New Jersey supermarkets and potential pancakes. I’m just so excited to be back in New Jersey, and to be able to smell that salty sea air on Saturday. It has been almost 6 months since I was last there after all! I’ll of course post lots of photos and provide updates and reviews regarding the Bruce stuff in Asbury. Just fingers crossed Bruce doesn’t suddenly make an album announcement while I’m on the plane for 8 hours with no WiFi... I think there’s still tickets for the Clarence film left if anyone wants to go, here’s a link for you: https://www.apmff.org/tickets/2019/3/11/clarence-clemons-who-do-i-think-i-am If anyone already has tickets for either/both events, feel free to say hi! Wish me luck! I’m leaving for London this evening ready to fly tomorrow, so not long to go now...
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    Sam's entry exam has been leaked.
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    Saw Bruce in 1978 at the Capitol Theatre in Passaic and also at MSG in 1978. It was magical.
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    I am one of a few here that was at the 2nd Hammersmith Odeon show in '75 and managed to get to 6 UK shows in '81. That was a period when the sound really was at its best. Shows to remember forever.
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    Happy Easter everyone! Enjoy this beautiful photo of Ocean Grove, NJ by John Entwistle.
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    I just received this wonderful book by Brian Hiatt (of Rolling Stone fame) on the story behind every Springsteen song, recorded for an album that has been released officially, including everything on Tracks and the other album reissues. Its got incredible photos throughout and his prose is thoughtful and spot on. I have read the first section, covering "Greetings". Brian was on E Street Radio last week and I was struck by his truly authentic interest in his subject and lo and behold, the writing is good. I am particularly taken by his story about "Spirit" and of course "Lost in the Flood". Amazing stuff.
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    There are a lot of Bruce songs that resonated with me, but one of the most powerful is Independence Day. When I graduated from High School, I announced my determination to go to the US and study there, and despite all the obstacles I did. Breaking away from home with all its narrow, restrictive circumstances was one of the most liberating events in my life.
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    I think I posted on here years ago that my first show was MSG 78. I wasn't obsessive enough at 12 to have total recall of the date, but I'm pretty sure it was the second night. I had heard most of the BTR album at 9, but I was just becoming a fan and getting into collecting records in 78. My older cousin and her boyfriend bought three tickets so I could go along, Mom said I couldn't go and they literally smuggled me out of the apartment to take me. I'm pretty sure it was the excitement of that show and the adrenaline rushing through my body that kicked off puberty and it was more than worth the ass beating I got from Mom. I also saw him twice on The River tour. No ass beatings were had. Even my mom's ass beatings were better in '78.
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    Hank at Mt Rainier National Park in Washington state. Looking much more regal than he really is.
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    Radio Nowhere, Many may have heard this story, as I told it when joining the board. So I like heavy rock n roll and my daughter (at the time 15) enjoyed Indie Rock. Anyway cooking pancakes on Sunday morning in 2007 and daughter was watching VH1 top 10 video's and I heard a voice i recognized but could place, then as I rounded the corner, I said is that Bruce Springsteen (playing Radio Nowhere.) And my daughter said yes. I asked her do you like this music and she said yes of course all the kids at school love this song. So Springsteen happened to be our bridge between our two different worlds of music. And it was because of this Tune.
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    Calling bullsh*t on this, or telephoning Bruce Springsteen on this?
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    Dave Marsh stating that Downbound Train is the worst song since the second album... well, Dave Marsh, stand there in your wrongness and just be wrong. There's a good chance Downbound Train isn't even the second worst song you've listened to since the album started if you are listening to BITUSA in sequence. I seem to recall someone in a Bruce book somewhere slagging off New York City Serenade....well, if that was Dave Marsh then he can double down on his wrongness and stand there being wrong squared. Stuff that, wrong cubed... maybe four dimensionally wrong
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    No text. Clue of some sort?
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    Happy Easter to you all.
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    Trying not to fall on the floor but too tired to actually move and do anything about it.
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    God it felt like i was NEVER going to get to see him ( ah youthful impatience ) ....My best friend was going to New Haven to see him in 1978...There was much petitioning on his and my part for me to get the 4th ticket ...But ultimately the person who had gotten the 4 tickets decided to give the 4th ticket to his younger brother...Bastards Then in 1980 my old college RA said that the kids in his new dorm had 2 extra tickets and that i could buy them .... My RA was quite the schmoozer ...and after 1...2...333 ?!? weeks passed i thought he was bullshitting me .... But he wasn't .... so my future wife drove all night ( well rode the greyhound all night ) and we were off to Buffalo ...until my rides car broke down ..... i had 30 seconds of anger and panic ...but we were somehow feet from an open repair shop who had us on our way in plenty of time .... to see Bruce open with Born To Run .... play I Fought The Law ... Invite a couple up for a marriage proposal during I Wanna Marry You .... to gently sway and hold my girls hand during Drive All Night ....and of course finish up with the rock and roll epic Detroit Medley and Raise Your Hand for good measure ... A night that sent us off to Nassau Coliseum at 7:30 on December 31st 1980, losing a battle with the scalpers and being rewarded at the last minute with a miraculous ticket drop. A 5 hour night that was a fork in the road between the British invasion and the Jersey Shore. Now .... I was just a prisoner .....
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    What if ... Bruce just took an artsy-fartsy photo of the sky and was so enamored with it that he just HAD to share it? Like, what if Patti had finally sold him on using his Instagram to share such pretty photos. He gives in and decides to embrace technology and social media as we know it for the first time on his own. Next you know, Bruce fan sites are going bananas, clamoring for answers, and The Bruce Camp is scrambling to soothe the E Street band members who are now chaffed at all of this hype. Meanwhile, Bruce is now regretting ever hopping on social media. "All I wanted to do was share this picture..."
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    Since Bruce is so far off the radar these days, it's not even funny, we have to make our own fun. So, as hinted a few times in the last few weeks, here is my announcement of the: "4th Almost Annual Lakers Cover Bruce Song Contest" Woo hoooo!!!!! The "Lakers Cover Bruce Song Contest" is where you - the members of Greasy Lake - get to show your musical talent and record a cover version of a song written by Bruce Springsteen. It can be you alone, you with a band, you with your spouse and kids.... as long as one of you is a member of this community by the time you submit, you qualify. All entries must be submitted no later than May 17 of this year and be sent to greasylakeorg@gmail.com. Please include the title of the song, your real name, and your Greasy Lake screen name in the message, as well as names of any additional musicians. When all songs have been submitted, I will post them for all of you to listen to. Please refrain from posting them yourself before the deadline as that may give you an unfair advantage (or the opposite). There has been some talk of how to vote and whether this should be done as a contest at all. I will try to come up with a fair voting system - you are all welcome to help with suggestions - but I do think the contest element is necessary in order to make it more interesting to both musicians and listeners. Let's just remember that it's all in good fun and that everybody who is brave enough to submit a song and expose themselves like this is a winner. The actual winner of the contest will receive a small prize that has yet to be determined. All I can say is, don't submit if you are hoping to win something magnificent. You won't . Like last time, it would be a good idea if you post on this thread that you intend to participate and what song you want to do. It's all non-binding, and there is no rule against two people submitting the same song, but it may help others decide what song they want to do. I will keep an updated list of pledged entries at the bottom of this post. So, tune up your instruments, warm up your voices, and get recording! Looking forward to hearing your work. For inspiration, listen to last year's winner: "Dancing in the Dark" by bhogg. ----------------------- Pledged submissions: Tom-Joad: Nothing Man (received) climbing_jo: Kitty's Back (received) yvan: Cover Me (received) Okely Dokely: Open All Night transpirator: Fire (received) wolfinthepines: Night Fire or I'm on Fire
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    The giant puppies at play... Sorry to post so many pics but I can't pick just one or two.
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    I thought you'd have a flow-chart with releases, dates and times, man. Slacker.
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    Woah, that’s weird. It’s amazing how much less impact the colourised one has. Doesn’t seem to have the moody intensity of the whole Darkness era of photos. It’s less ‘Mary climb in’ and more ‘hey mom, do you like my new car?’
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    This is one of about 10 shots taken in a row, in hopes of getting one good one. Here's an outtake.
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    Getting up really early is a "bug" or a "feature" of getting older in troubling times...but I digress. I'm reminded of being young and not knowing what I was walking into as My Mother parked our beat up '77 Toyota in the lot at the L.A. Sports Arena the day after Halloween in 1980. That night changed my life for the better. A Love affair that will never end. That little guy (How I described him to my Mom later) was frenetic, performing as if his life depended on it. He kept looking at me and I'd smile (We were close and I was 11 years old with a crazy afro) Anyone who has seen the band in those days knows the story. Greatest performer and bandleader in history. Greatest songwriter and arranger. Made the soundtrack to my life.
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    Saw Bruce 3 times in 81. Up until then, I never thought I'd see an act that'd beat the Who, who I'd seen with their original line up. Bruce and the ESB on that original River tour were simply immense.
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    Happy Easter! Whether you celebrate it or not I wish you all well. I couldn’t see a thread here for Easter yet, and well, I post this every year and it’d be wrong to not keep up the tradition! For once we have a bank holiday with amazing weather, so happy days! How about instead of chocolate, we get a new Bruce album? Can someone ask the Easter bunny.. When googling Bruce and Easter, I also came across this so enjoy Have a good one
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    Happy Easter all. Not much of the cake left, but this is how it looked this morning (in case you missed it on the other 'cooking thread')
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    Those two lines 'she stares off alone into the night with the eyes of one who hates for just being born' are two of the most perfect, descriptive lines he has ever written. I have said on here before, there are times in life when only Racing will do.
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    Racing In The Street is absolutely 100% perfect
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    1978........4 Spectrum shows 1980........3 Spectrum shows 1981........4 Spectrum shows We waited outside the Spectrum to meet Bruce after the 8/18/78 show. He came out very late (believe he was doing an interview with Sciaky). All the cars in the parking lot were gone, except for the yellow Trans Am Bruce was driving. He said he had borrowed it from a friend. We suggested that he go to Front Street, which is where the Philly drag races were every week (illegally). Bruce was unfamiliar with this. The next night, he dedicated Racing in the Street to the guys out back last night. Of all the injustices, the bootleg of this show does not include Racing in the Street......
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    Great thread! And since the title was very descriptive, all those that don't like it dont open it.
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    My first show was in 76 at Penn State. Unfortunately the basketball arena at the time sucked for sound, but still an unforgettable show. I mean, check out the setlist. Night / Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out / Spirit in the Night / It's My Life / Thunder Road / She's the One / Born to Run / Incident on 57th Street / Frankie / Backstreets / Growin' Up / It's Hard to Be a Saint in the City / Jungleland / Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) (with Theme From Shaft tag) / Encore: Raise Your Hand / 4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) / Detroit Medley / Quarter to Three / Twist and Shout But my favorites were back-to-back nights in December of 78 at the 3,000 seat Stanley Theatre in Pittsburgh. Seeing and hearing the power of Bruce and the ESB in such a small hall was the highlight of my concert-going life.
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    Announcing the Third Ladies Luncheon! This will take place on Saturday, 1st June in the fair city of Birmingham. Tie and I have tested a suitable restaurant and found it to be entirely suitable for our needs. Hope plenty of ladies will be able to join us!
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    If I am correct, Bruce is the only reason you know each other. Of course this belongs in the Circuit!
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    I’m in. Just deciding on the song. I’m probably going with the fire theme as well. Either Night Fire or I’m on Fire.
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    Bruce and Danny Clinch at the Tribeca Grill a few minutes ago. Looking good!
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    I agree with you...this release has me grooving, thinking, feeling, and remembering. Summer of '85, after seeing U2 in March in the Sports Arena my social consciousness was rising and I began to be interested in things outside my little world. I was working as a 15-year-old, raising money for the University My Father taught at so money was rolling in. There was Live Aid in July along with news of the extended BIUSA shows. I had recently started to get Backstreets magazine and had just purchased "Kansas City 84" and "This Guns for Hire" at a little record store in Pasadena. Heady times. I stood in line at Music Plus in Rosemead and got a low number. Our tickets were for the 2nd night, which became the 1st. The one we are listening to today. It was a hot late September night that was pure magic. After the show, I found out about the Drop line and rode the bus to the Coliseum at 6am on Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday. Each time getting in for the best show I had ever seen. I had seen shows from the River tour in LA, but now I was older and more world weary and I could appreciate what Bruce was laying down. This is my foundational moment on E Street. I could bore you with some highly personal reasons why this music moved me, but suffice to say we all have our reasons to be on this train. As for the Archive series, this just keeps getting better. I now have 3 external drives that have every show backed up. It is magic every time I listen. This show is just immense in terms of its meaning in the history of my fandom.
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    Saturday, July 6, 1985 I went to Bruce at Wembley Stadium (doors opened at 2, show started at 4, over at 8), then walked next door to Wembley Arena to see Dire Straits. Made sure I packed extra blank tapes and batteries Best.Music.Day.Ever.
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    Went to the corner store last night for milk and cat food .....a few essentials chips, biscuits, choc etc Got my purchases in a paper bag like the old days I thpught hmmm tjhis could be fun Its taken all night and all day for Borris to check it out
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    Downbound Train. Dead end jobs in the rain. And the killer: The room was dark, our bed was empty Then I heard that long whistle whine And I dropped to my knees, hung my head and cried. But oh how I love it!
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