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    Hello everyone, I'm Stefan, 41 years old and from The Netherlands. I've been an Elvis Presley fan for 30 years, a Mark Knopfler fan for 20, a Eric Clapton fan for 10 and a Joe Bonamassa fan for 5. These are just the ones I'm a fan of, there are loads more that I like (mostly artists from the '50s to '90s). For some reason I've never been a fan of Bruce and until 6 months ago I only casually liked some songs (like 'Hungry Heart' and/or 'The Rising'). But, for some inexplicable reason I started listening to the live 75-85 set on Spotify last January and .......... it clicked! I've been listening to Bruce , mostly live concerts, for like 85% since then. This only happened before with Elvis as with the other artists the 'click' came also, but with more struggling along the way. It feels like i was under some rock for the last 30 years. How could I have missed all this? I really love all Bruce, being it the '70s (definitely my favorite period with personal favorites like Íncident On 57th Street', 'Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) 'Thunder Road, 'Lost In The Flood', 'Frankie', 'It's Hard To Be A Saint In The City', 'Growin' Up', 'Racing In the Street', 'The Fever'). the '80s (Both 'The River' and 'Born In The USA' are brilliant albums and both tours are greatly fun to listen to), the '90s (Reunion shows are excellent and the last archive release from that year opening with 'Incident On 57th Street' is wonderful. The 2002-2020 area is quite equal to me (for now) in a good sense. Love the Rising Tour, the Magic Tour, The Working On A Dream Tour (great DVD from London!), the Wrecking Ball/High Hopes Tour and the 2016 River Tour). I'm less into the acoustic stuff (with all artists that I like) so I have no archive releases of the '96 and '05 tours. I do have some audience recordings and I will give those a try sometime. (Am I correct that the '05 tour is also heavily piano influenced? I love Bruce playing the piano.) Also I haven't found my feet yet in the Tunnel Of Love tour (I got all 4 official live releases, but as I bought 3 just today I only listened to the New York one, which I like but as said hasn't really clicked yet). Got about 55 archive live concerts (I really love live music) and apart from the ones I bought today (the 2 '77 ones, Cleveland and Houston '78 and the 3 remaining '88 shows I didn't have yet) have listened to each and every one of them. I also got several 2016/17 concerts. I bought all 10 USA shows from the second USA leg of the tour and those are among my favorites. Bruce is a totally different performer than the ones I mentioned above. I really, really like his energy, his interaction with the audience, his guitar playing and interaction with the band. Speaking about the band, this is probably the best 'backing' band I've ever heard. From Roy to Gerry to Max, Steven Nils and Clarence they are all great musicians. I love Max's drumming and when I earlier this year watched the London 2009 blu ray for the first time it amazed me that he produced such a full and forcefull sound from, what seems to be, a small drum kit. Obviously, I have never seen Bruce live (should have gone in 2016 when he played in my hometown of The Hague), but with such a wealth of well recorded live material I can live with that. Should the chance ever arises to see him I won't hesitate for a second. It surprises me to become a fan of someone who is around for about 50 years on the music scene. It's great fun, amazing and exciting to delve into such an amount of music and I'm enjoying every minute of it.
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    She's awesome. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/patti-scialfa-interview-pearl-movie-quarantine-bruce-springsteen-1041018/ This bit made me laugh: I went in the studio with Ron and I played him the song on the piano. He did basically everything. We put everything down in a day. I showed him and out it went. And then Bruce wandered in because the studio is on our property. He always wanders in and out. Who amongst us has not had that problem with that damn guy?
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    In a Camaro with this dude from N.J.
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    Nothing to get excited about. They're just searching for a bad enough picture to put on the cover.
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    Just finished watching the Tempe 1980 concert and it is 01.30am right now. What. A. Show! Hearing these shows is fantastic, but seeing it (and most of it in context as opposed to random youtube videos) is simply awesome. The energy, the fun, the craftsmanship of the band and the obvious friendship between them ... My eyes are open now. For me these are now the definitive versions of Born To Run, Badlands, The River, The Promised Land (never knew he used two harmonica's for the intro), Cadillac Ranch and Drive All Night. Detroit Medley is now my all time favorite version and perhaps even my favorite 'song' from now on. What a fantastic and energetic performance after 3 hours performing. I have it on again while I'm typing this and will watch it again before going to bed. I love it when the house lights come up during Good Golly Miss Molly and stay up during the rest of the song .. there is something magic about seeing the whole house rocking and dancing. Video of this performance should be sold at the pharmacy as medicine against depression!
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    Apparently, the delay has nothing to do with the show itself but has everything to do with Erik's essay. It seems that the forthcoming show is so phenomenal that Erik turns into a quivering wreck every time he sits down to write. He's presently lying down in a darkened room (again) composing himself to finish it. There will be more tears.
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    This needed it's own thread for the car alone. Of course, I missed him by a couple of days again. That's Danny Clinch with him.
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    I think it’s more fear of their country being lost in a flood
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    Hope this is new for you, did not find any link to it on the forum. There‘s a short pic of Bruce in the video. #westernhero
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    Meet Mina. 15,5 years old and adopted from a shelter when she had just become 14 years old.
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    Alternatively if you are in a “Tunnel Of Love” mood you could just tattoo “LOVE” on your right hand and “FEAR” on your left hand.
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    Outlaw Pete was a valiant late career attempt by Bruce to write another big epic story song. Very difficult to do several decades after the period in his life and career when he was doing them brilliantly on a regular basis. Lyrics are a bit strange in parts, but musically it works well in my view and the arrangement is very good. It's a story about how no matter what you do or where you go in life, you can never fully leave your past behind you. You carry it everywhere. Fantastic when played in concert. Would love to hear it again on the next ESB tour.
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    Call me a man of malarkey, but I really do dig "Outlaw Pete" for what it is: a silly spaghetti western lifted up to greater heights with the power of the E Street Band. To me, it's in the same category as "Frankie Fell in Love" or "Sherry Darling." The joy in this song is that it tries to sound like a serious song, but Bruce and the band are fully in on the joke. I'm afraid some other fans are not in on the joke.
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    I remember the night it rained for part of the show, I honestly don't remember which night it was, but it totally sparked up Bruce and the crowd. And, it was a fairly drenching rain at that. I was fortunate enough to make 10 of 10, back when I was probably "nuts" and had a bit more money to dedicate to Bruce's fund. I always say that Bruce should have a sofa in his house with a "Paid for by Generous Contributions from..." on the back of it, as I bought him a few things with my crazy fandom. And, bootlegs then were truly available almost the next day or two after the shows, on the usual sites that most of us remember. Even lousy audience recordings, didn't matter, it was a thrill have a copy of a show you went to. I made a nice frame with all the stubs. Sadly, these days, frames like this with physical paper stubs will become a thing of the past. Glad I grew up when you could collect such things! (even though I was well into adulthood during the time of these shows, I still keep every stub from every event I go to, yes, I even print out and save the emails that have paper copies of the tickets, not the same at all anymore) PS-pardon the 2 2002 show stubs I have in this pic also, I put them in there when I made this frame up 15 years ago, it filled it out nicely. All 10 shows, I was there, cannot say I distinctly remember all of them, but remember it as a big block of time that was alot of fun.
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    Outlaw Pete is a good song. It's a classic Bruce song when it comes to the theme. Personally, I've never taken the lyrics literally. The Live in Hyde Park live version is so awesome it knocked me off my feet the first time I heard it!
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    "We have a large porch & we put fans up" I completely mis-read that. Spent two hours searching for how to make a reservation.
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    I'm Johanna and I'm a Bruceaholic. Back in the day I spent countless hours writing down the stories Bruce told during shows. There are so, so many great ones.... http://brucebase.wikidot.com/storyteller
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    Story https://www.app.com/story/entertainment/music/2020/08/06/bruce-springsteen-and-his-blue-camaro-hits-streets-asbury-park/3306672001/
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    I wrote some of these song lyrics on a card that I sent to my then girlfriend, with a big bouquet of flowers back in 1982. big sop that I am. We will be married 37 years in October. she is now a Springsteen fan too: although Brilliant disguise is one of faves, don’t know if that makes me uneasy a tad
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    If pa's eyes were windows into a world so deadly and true You couldn't stop me from looking but you kept me from crawling through And the whole of TGOTJ album
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    I'm a huge Bruce Springsteen fan. And not a casual Bruce Springsteen fan, a huge Bruce Springsteen fan. He's the only musician that I've ever played with that I subscribed to a magazine about. So it was quite an honor in 2008 when Bruce asked me to play the song "Ghost of Tom Joad" with the E Street Band. At the time, the song existed in two forms. One was the acoustic version on his "Ghost of Tom Joad" record, a kind of a minor key, plaintiff ballad, and the Rage against the Machine version, which was a Black Sabbath-y, scream, rocking jam. So I ran into Bruce over at Henson Studios one day. And he said, you should come play with the E Street Band sometime, Tom. And I said, I will go home and look at the calendar right now and see when you are in the area. So I went down to Anaheim. Bruce said be there. He said, let's play "Ghost of Tom Joad." I said, should we do it acoustic or electric? He said, learn both. I said fine. So I nervously planned and had the chords and the singing. Bruce has seen a few Nightwatchman shows. He asked me to sing the song as well, which heightened my nervousness. And I learned the songs, and there I am, a half hour before I'm supposed to go rehearse it at soundcheck with the E Street Band. Well, what I didn't know was Bruce was going to change the key of the song, and he was going to raise it eight steps. So now my baritone voice, which I'm practicing down in catering by myself, I can no longer sing the song credibly. And also, I'm having trouble transposing the chords, which are now a whole new crossword puzzle scramble of chords. So I get up on stage, and I'm sweating. And we go through the song, and it doesn't go great. I'm having some trouble singing it, not able to play at the same time. Little Steven's very helpful. He is trying to talk me through it. He realizes this is not my best moment. It doesn't look like it's going great. However, there's a reason they call that guy the boss. Bruce Springsteen puts his hand on my shoulder, says, we're going to do it in this key, and it's going to be great. I was like, OK, OK. So what I've decided to do is-- and the first time we play it together, I play no rhythm guitar. There's like 17 people in the E Street Band. They know the chords. I'm not going to worry about that at all. They know the chords. What I know I can do is sing a song about social justice passionately. And what I can do is play a guitar solo. But what I don't do during that soundcheck rehearsal is give away the guitar solo that I'm going to play. I just sort of Chuck Berry my way through it. And you know, like I don't want to give it away. So that night, I come onstage. And it's me, my guitar, and about a half bottle of Jameson and me to find the courage to do that. I step on stage, and we do a version of "Ghost of Tom Joad" that was very special. And I've had the honor and the great pleasure to play that song and some other songs with Bruce Springsteen through the years. T... https://www.masterclass.com/classes/tom-morello-teaches-electric-guitar/chapters/solo-case-study-the-ghost-of-tom-joad#transcript
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    Tom - GOTJ Bruce - Streets of Fire
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    Stevie's in "Jungleland".
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    The older we get it really does mean even more. The final Europran stop of the Wrecking Ball World Tour from Kilkenny. A helluva show. 2013-07-28 - NOWLAN PARK, KILKENNY, IRELAND THIS LITTLE LIGHT OF MINE / MY LOVE WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN / BADLANDS / WE TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN / ADAM RAISED A CAIN / DEATH TO MY HOMETOWN / AMERICAN SKIN (41 SHOTS) / THE PROMISED LAND / WRECKING BALL / SPIRIT IN THE NIGHT / THE RIVER / WILD BILLY'S CIRCUS STORY / MAN AT THE TOP / WHEN YOU WALK IN THE ROOM / THUNDER ROAD / TENTH AVENUE FREEZE-OUT / NIGHT / BACKSTREETS / BORN TO RUN / SHE'S THE ONE / MEETING ACROSS THE RIVER / JUNGLELAND / THE RISING / LAND OF HOPE AND DREAMS - PEOPLE GET READY / BORN IN THE U.S.A. / BOBBY JEAN / SEVEN NIGHTS TO ROCK / DANCING IN THE DARK / AMERICAN LAND (with Ali Weinberg) / SHOUT (with Ali Weinberg) / THIS LITTLE LIGHT OF MINE / THIS HARD LAND Final show of the European tour, and the second day of the "Wrecking Ball Weekender". Delorentos, LAPD and Imelda May are the openers for Bruce and the band. An intense, high energy opening that includes both "Badlands" and "Adam Raised A Cain" is soon followed by three well-rehearsed one-off tour premieres in a row; "Wild Billy's Circus Story" (not played since the Wild & Innocent album show in New York City), the ultra-rare "Man At The Top", only played for the third time, and finally The Searchers' "When You Walk In The Room", which Bruce played occasionally on the Born To Run Tour, but has only been played once previously since then, in Philadelphia in 2009. Next up is the entire Born To Run album in sequence. "Waitin' On A Sunny Day" is dropped from the setlist for the first time on the tour. The encores close with a reprise of "This Little Light Of Mine" and an emotional solo acoustic "This Hard Land". Ali Weinberg plays accordion on "American Land" and keyboards on "Shout." Final tour performances for "My Love Will Not Let You Down", "Adam Raised A Cain", "Night", "Backstreets", "Meeting Across The River", "Jungleland", "Seven Nights To Rock", and "American Land". First ever performance in Europe of "Man At The Top" and first ever performance in Ireland of "When You Walk In The Room" and "Wild Billy's Circus Story". Patti Scialfa is not present. And it might be the most reposted video on this forum, but does it matter? And because reasons... A review: https://cantfindtickets.wordpress.com/2018/04/16/retro-show-review-springsteen-in-kilkenny-ireland-july-28th-2013/
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    Here's another DVD chosen at random.... "Meltdown at the Ice Palace" - Tampa 24.11.2002 DVD 1: https://we.tl/t-NBj9wGrhCO https://we.tl/t-DaRQGTf5Cr https://we.tl/t-uODRvxAkxE https://we.tl/t-ADjLHL0nsW DVD 2: https://we.tl/t-B4tGksdv1K https://we.tl/t-Wk5e2v5New https://we.tl/t-UXm71FD6F0 https://we.tl/t-IiYXV8Kjl3
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    21 years ago, first of 15 (!) shows at CAA
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    This is the nicest thread It reassures me humanity is good
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    Not sure if this falls under the acceptable column, remove if it is. Here is the recording of the Southside Johnny concert from earlier tonight. This recording is Lossy, as it's an internet stream. Edited out some of the cuts where the stream cut out. The first song is joined in progress because I started recording and stopped to check and make sure it did record, when I picked back up, first song in progress. LINK: https://mega.nz/folder/RwQSDYxB#k09jfKXBWfcze8SIkFgYvg
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    Just received this box and I feel like a kid in a candy store Have just started listening to the intended 1979 single album and looking forward to the documentary and (most of all) concert footage of Tempe 1980. Have seen some on Youtube, but I suppose that didn't do the footage justice. What are (were) your thoughts about this set when it was announced/released/when you first got it. I like reading people's opinions and thoughts!
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    The River outakes are great....however the Tempe 1980 footage is just breathtaking. Best live footage of Bruce I have seen. Would love to have seen Bruce and the ESB at that time, but just missed out by a year or two before I became a fan. Enjoy.
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    Racing in the Street and Darkness... Hits me where I live.
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    Live version of Incident.
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    We need this show, if not for the music, we definitely need it for one of his finest quotes. I was listening to this version of THL on repeat for days and nights in winter 2014, as I was saying goodbye to my dying Father. This song made the agony a little bit more bearable, in a way it was amazingly cathartic, because it always made me cry my eyes out, and I felt so much better afterwards. It helped me let him go... I hope it pops up on one of the following First Fridays.
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    For those not on Jungleland, here's the latest Tape Man Joe release: 1999-07-24 East Rutherford NJ (Tape Man Joe Master Volume 74 Via G) https://mega.nz/folder/aExDXbpZ#T8MSGnF6zdKfcAB3U0jKbg enjoy!
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    Listening to "Darkness: from 1981/07/09. I love the weariness in his voice. It is so moving. This is one of my favorite songs.
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    Nice to know that Amy & Nils have ESFs masks too
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    By the way I did buy the Album Collection Vol 2 on CD through Amazon (Japanese import). The sound is ok, but my copy of “Human Touch” had a flaw: there was this crappy song called “Real Man” that just ruined the experience.
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    Ladies of the Lake are in meltdown, good chance it might take a few days before we see any of them again...
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    Back when I started trading cassettes and collecting boots, I remember getting this show in, oh, 1985 or so. I got chills listening to this song, so hauntingly beautiful, and so rare. Alpine Valley is such a legendary part of the summer tour circuit. Performances like this show why that is so. Man at the Top, today, 1984