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    To answer Cecilia question, we were on mezzanine row c. Great seats, but to be honest I don't think there would be a bad seat in the house. It is such a small venue, absolutely perfect for this show. So, a bit more detail. If you love and are interested Bruce, not just for his music, but for who he is, how he got there and what makes him the superb entertainer he is, then this is the show for you. If you just like his music with ESB, loud rock 'n roll, then it isn't. A spoiler warning here, I have avoided reading too much before going and I would advise others to do the same, so bail out now if you have tickets! I guess the revelation to me was that 10th could sound so wonderful with just Bruce and the piano, I simply couldn't imagine how that would work. However, it was a stunning arrangement with a wonderful tribute in the middle to ESB, but mostly to Clarence. I am sure there was not a dry eye in the house. My Hometown was an early highlight, made so much better by having done the Stan tour, as everything he spoke and sang about, I could picture. One of the best performances of Born in the USA I have ever heard, the guitar intro blew me away and then most of the song was sung without any accompaniment at all - just stunning. The two songs with Patti were gorgeous, I really like seeing them sing together, that rapport is something very special. Land of Hope and Dreams had me in tears, partly because I so wish @tie that bindcould see this show and I know she loves that song, as do I. And finally, the Lords Prayer! It fit absolutely perfectly as a homily to his roots (in the copper beech tree!) and led into a wonderful Born to Run. Those are just some of the highlights. I loved every minute and was completely transfixed. He is one hell of an entertainer and I have never spent a better two hours in a theatre. Mr J took some photos which I will post later.
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    I am feeling kind of shell shocked! It was amazingly good, will write more tomorrow when it has all sunk in.
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    Yup... a lot of that for sure. A lot of laughter, along with a good amount of tears, as well as major chills throughout. The two hours just flew by. The songs were all incredibly gorgeous, and he sounded amazing. I am very grateful to have had this experience. Big shout out to my Bruce ticket angel!! Thanks again everyone for your kind words and tremendous support over the past few days. And... thank you Andrew for starting this thread!
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    Thank you Laker buds for all your good wishes!!! Just saw Bruce enter the theatre... I’m across the street shoving a burger down my throat. It’s all Bruce here. Blood Brothers at the moment! IT’S ALMOST SHOW TIME!!! XO
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    Outstanding. Thanks for reading
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    Ok so, thanks to a guardian Bruce angel; a dear, sweet, kind, amazing friend of mine... I have tickets for Thursday night, Nov 9th!!!! I’m VERY grateful, and am still in a state of shock!
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    Not the worlds best photo, but this is us just before showtime
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    11/2/84, LA Sports Arena I bought my first tapedeck, a Sony D-6 Walkman Pro, with a hand-held condenser mic, at the eponymously named E. 33rd St Electronics when they opened in the morning. I had never owned a deck, or recorded anything, anywhere, in any manner. I had played cassettes of Grateful Dead recordings on friends machines, and seen the taping sections at Dead shows. That's it. My scalper had procured tickets to the last 2 shows in LA for me, so I hopped the noon or 1p flight to LA, got my rental car and checked into the (then) Hyatt downtown at 711 S. Hope Street (if they ever legalize gambling, that's the address to have ) Took a nap, and got to the show LATE. Parked and went running into the arena literally wearing the WM pro. Security didn't pay any attention - hide in plain sight Got to my seat in the middle of the floor, got the mic plugged in and turned on, set the recording level, and prayed. Standing on my chair like everyone else, holding the mic out. The woman in front of me turned around at some point and saw me. She scribbled something and handed me her card, for a boutique she ran on Venice Beach called "She's the One". Dari? I remember buying tickets in LA from a guy in 1999 who also knew her. Small world. On the back she had written, "Do you trade tapes?" That was my introduction to other Bruce collectors. My plan was to tape a few shows for my own "trade bait" and it worked better than I ever could have expected. I went from zero to 400 tapes in ~8-10 months because I had shows no one else did - LA, Tempe, Greensboro, Syracuse, London. Word of mouth, the classified ads in Backstreets, snail mail, etc - such a different experience! I'm still in contact with Dean from Cleveland 30+ years later. I taped everything. I went to 40 shows of all kinds in 1985, and taped 39. I got marched out of Bruce at Vets Stadium in Philly during the 2d encore, acoustic This Land is Your Land, when security finally spotted me in the 7th row. They took my tapes and pulled the actual tape out of the cassette right in front of me. Bastards! I still have all my OA Masters (Original Audience) safely stored, and I've pulled some out and digitized them for the Bruce and Dead communities. Having recordings of shows you went to is magical, the ability to relive those moments you experienced. I made a copy of 7/3/85 Bruce at Wembley for someone either on GL or maybe SPL when he said it was his first show and not in circulation. In 2004 I made 11/8/84 for Mikey, as that was his first show and he confirmed that my original was WAY better than anything else. In 2000 I made a copy of the G-Dead in Eugene in August, 1993 when I found out a lawyer (from Guam) I was working on a deal with had been at the show. The look on his face when I handed him the CD was priceless. In 1988 I flew back from a business trip to Miami and went from Newark Airport to a Neil Young show somewhere in NJ in a field. When I got to what I thought was a good taping spot I found myself with another taper who had disassembled his Nak-700 mics and mounted the capsules in his hat (with a sewn in mullet wig) and ran the power and sound cables to his belt. Elaborate, for sure. I spent a lot of time with Deadhead tapers, just the nicest people, and learned a lot from them. I traveled to lots of shows and saved some magical memories. Getting back copies of shows was amazing - I remember in early 1988 when I finally tracked down a copy of the magical 8/20/84 Meadowlands show with Drift Away. I still get Brucebumps when I play it. But this was the show that started the journey. 1984-11-02 - LOS ANGELES MEMORIAL SPORTS ARENA, LOS ANGELES, CA BORN IN THE U.S.A. / PROVE IT ALL NIGHT / OUT IN THE STREET / ATLANTIC CITY / REASON TO BELIEVE / USED CARS / JOHNNY BYE-BYE / DARLINGTON COUNTY / GLORY DAYS / THE PROMISED LAND / SHUT OUT THE LIGHT / MY HOMETOWN / BADLANDS / THUNDER ROAD / COVER ME / DANCING IN THE DARK / HUNGRY HEART / CADILLAC RANCH / DOWNBOUND TRAIN / I'M ON FIRE / STOLEN CAR / PINK CADILLAC / BOBBY JEAN / RACING IN THE STREET / JUNGLELAND / BORN TO RUN / DETROIT MEDLEY - TRAVELIN' BAND - SHAKE - SWEET SOUL MUSIC / TWIST AND SHOUT - DO YOU LOVE ME / SANTA CLAUS IS COMIN' TO TOWN Set includes "Stolen Car" and the return of "Johnny Bye-Bye", three months after it received its premiere in New Jersey, which includes the "Mystery Train" outro. It'll remain a regular in the setlist for the remainder of 1984 and the first leg of 1985.
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    Sorry for the lack of updates, folks. As was presumed, I didn't bring my laptop on this trip, and we simply spend the last three days sightseeing until our feet fell off. Our morning flight home was delayed until mid-afternoon because of a backlog from the rain yesterday in NYC. Just as well, because the internet was extremely slow in our hotel, and would have frustrated me to no end. The show itself was fantastic. Truly unlike anything Bruce has ever done. It's definitely not for the casual fan. My biggest takeaway from the show? My wife FINALLY "gets" Bruce... she admitted that this was her favourite of the shows she's seen. Although the stories were all scripted, she really enjoyed listening to Bruce tell them, and finally sees what I see in him. The highlight of the show, for me, is The Wish. Although I would have loved to hear some more stories about his dad, I loved being able to hear this song live for the first time.
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    I've just got back from seeing Abbey at her dads. I passed on some gifts that lakers have sent her, you will never know how much the gifts/cards and well wishes have cheered her up, thank you all so very much. She's still got some discomfort on her tongue as it's swollen from mucositis. But no pain and no high temperatures . She has a great appetite, she asked me to bring some cheesecake... New York style of course and double cream, she loved it. Her weight has gone up a bit she was 9 stone originally but went down to 7 stone over the last few month, now she's back up to 8 stone. The plan is one more week at home then she's back into hospital for two more rounds of Chemo, then the operation on her knee in four weeks time. The surgeon who is doing the operation has been head hunted by a top London hospital but he has promised Abbey he will not go until he has done her operation. It was lovely to see her, she's an absolute superstar, she's passing her time doing arts and crafts, watching some TV and filling in her diaries. She is sounding very positive. Thank you all again for your support. x
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    I mentioned once that Spike loves working on the projects we get from AKA Products, the wheels and tires for remote control monster trucks. Here he is, back to his smiling self after a few rough weeks, working on his favorite job. And here he is today, in full Boss mode with his new leather vest, bandanna and shades. We'd like to be this badass, but we ain't.
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    I dont think I will have time to post anything tomorrow, as we have to drive to Newark, drop off the car and get ourselves to NYC, but I just wanted to say a big thank you to Andrew for creating this thread and to everyone else who has followed our travels around the US. I have a sense of nervous anticipation for tomorrow! Will certainly post something either straight after the show or Friday morning. Now I am hoping for sweet dreams...
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    Thanks to you both for asking, yes you can write to Abbey at the same hospital address, or if you want to send it to her home PM me and i will send you her home address. Abbey has had lots of cards and letters, she loves them. Honestly loves them. She starts another chemo tomorrow, the last one before the operation (30th Nov) I have to correct something i posted earlier about her weight she was originally 9.3 stone she lost weight down to 6 stone but now she's back up to 7 stone, it's my mission to bring Abbey as much cheesecake as possible. I'm also going to mention all her pets, her pet cat Trixie, her dog Oscar ( stays with her mum) and the very fluffy rabbit Chip, after the chocolate not the potato kind . I forgot to mention Oscar in my last update...sorry Oscar. She has been keeping herself busy with lots of arts and crafts, it's very impressive if i do say so myself. NYC is mentioned a lot, Abbey loves NYC. The day i get a postcard from NYC off Abbey will be a truly wonderful day. I can't thank all you kind and generous lakers for all the nice things you have done to show your support for my brothers beautiful, wonderful daughter. Sure we are all Springsteen fans, but it's not about that, it's about just very, very nice caring people. On behalf of my brother Darrin, Abbey (x) and myself Thank you very, very much x
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    First of the #Not_A_Verified_Fan members in YankeeLand to get a ticket despite Landau putting all 3 on the Do_Not_Sell List
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    A friend of a friend posted this about last night. Very accurate.
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    It was 8 years ago tonight the greatest performance of NYCS and some other songs - grown men cried right behind the string section
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    I think if you quoted the whole opening verse from the album version “guts” would make more sense Well I'm riding down Kingsley figuring I'll get a drinkWell I turn the radio up loud so I don't have to think at allAnd I take her to the floor looking for a moment when the world seems rightAnd I tear into the guts, hmmm, of something in the night The protagonist is just “driving off” trying to get to a place/state of mind where the world seems better. This becomes more apparent if you check out the original opening verse to the song as premiered live on 1st August 1976 Well I'm riding down Kingsley figuring I'll get a drinkI turn the radio way up loud so I don't have to thinkAnd I ease down on the gas looking for a moment when the world seems rightAnd I go tearing into the heart of something in the night I suspect “heart” changed to “guts” as literally and figuratively it sounds more visceral but it’s more about finding a state of mind I think. If you’re interested in the lyrics and genesis of Something In The Night, in my opinion every Springsteen fan should be as it very much illustrates the song writing process that Bruce goes through, check it all out at http://www.springsteenlyrics.com/lyrics.php?cmd=list&letter=s where multiple early versions are documented. Due to the legal wrangles he was involved with in 1976-1978, Something In The Night evolved in front of audiences rather than in the studio which I think makes it relatively unique in the Springsteen canon of works. Here’s the full lyrics from that premier performance on August 1st 1976, it’s a very different song to the final album version, Well I'm riding down Kingsley figuring I'll get a drinkI turn the radio way up loud so I don't have to thinkAnd I ease down on the gas looking for a moment when the world seems rightAnd I go tearing into the heart of something in the nightAnd I picked this chick up hitch-hiking, she just hung her head out the window and she screamedSaid she was looking for someplace to go, to die or be redeemedSo you can ride this road to dawn, without another human being in sightCause baby everybody's gone looking for something in the nightAnd me I gotta stop penance, I gotta stop my fooling aroundWell I got this stuff running around my head, I can't live with or live downShe wants me to push this machine until the whole world disappears out of sightAnd just me and you baby, surrender to the cannons of something in the nightWell now tonight no sins are forgiven, no sins are forgivenAnd when I look out at the street sometimes I can't tell the day from the night And now it's just winners and losers, mumbling about some vague wrong and rightAnd kids like us, rumbling over something in the nightAnd now you people out on the island, you lock your doors and take your children by the handPut on your black dress baby, because tonight the devil will walk these streets like a manI don't know about you, but I'm gonna, I'm gonna bring along my switchblade, in case that fool wants to fightIf he wants me I'll be running down the highway, chasing something in the nightWoahhh there's something in the nightWoahhh there's something in the night
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    Oh boy! That was absolutely fantastic! Loved every second ... the songs, the lights ... Brandon. Kate and I managed to get our photos taken with him.
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    That's the Bruce Springsteen i listen to.
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    He'll even talk to a volleyball if people aren't around...
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    Every so often my folks surprise me.. they'e just come back from Sainsburys with this
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    Mine would have to be an acapella version of Paradise By The C
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    Me and my people watch some Premier League Football this morning
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    Back in March I put up a couple pics of Dave hanging out on the roof. I still haven't seen him up there since. But here's a couple recent Dave shots. One hanging out on front step and one of him snoozing on a table in the sun on a warm November morning. Good old Dave....
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    If this is not the face of a job being well done, I don’t know what is. This is just a selection of what I could buy in the last two years since the archives started and the end is not even in sight. Almost every major tour has now been covered, some twice, with more to come. There’s probably always room for improvement but I have can’t think of another artist of Bruce’s stature who treats their fans on new material on such a regular basis. I must admit I much prefer this program over the Dylan bootleg series or the recent releases by the Stones. The budget options alone make every release worthy of their price of entry.
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    Autumn in New England. Taken while walking the dog in a park 5 minutes from my house. I used to hate the fall because it means winter is next, but it's so glorious in New England that I have to love it.
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    It has been a little while since I visited this thread now, and I just wanted to share these photos with you . I had the most amazing time, camera in hand, snapping photos of Asbury Park etc a few weeks ago now and looking back, I'm quite happy with them. Here are a few random ones:
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    Sunrise yesterday morning Cadillac Mountain Acadia National Park, up at 4:30 to get a parking space. 100's were there somebody was playing "Here Comes the Sun " on their phone/iPod sounds cheesy but was cool at the time
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    Prompter...no prompter... I don’t really care one way or the other. I would just like a freaking ticket. Thank you.
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    Hello, fellow Spike fans. The thread's been quiet on our end because Spike's been having a bit of a hard time at work. Everything is straightened out now and he's smiling again so there will be some updates soon. I have some great pics of him working on his favorite job. I'll get em posted soon, just having some internet issues that will be resolved tomorrow. In the meantime...I haven't gone to a store and bought a physical CD in years. Today Spike showed me his Born To Run and Darkness discs and they are unplayable. In some places you can see right through the discs. So I went out after work to pick up the CDs for him. Well, what kind of world are we living in when those two records aren't stocked in what passes as a record store and when did Best Buy the only decent record shop in town? I may be old and nearly dead, but I'm grateful to have had my youth in the time that I did. Spike will be along again shortly...
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    I got a ticket for Saturday night! I am soooo excited, hope to make it to the stage door beforehand for a quick pic. Thanks to all the Lakers for your info and reviews - very helpful!
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    Halloween with the Jersey Devil There I was.................... Strolling up 9th Avenue on Halloween with some of my best pals, headed towards the Walter Kerr for a Big Event....... Lots of little trick-or-treaters out and about visiting the merchants, along with some well-costumed canines. What's wrong with that dog's ears?.........Oh, bat wings! Our gang arrived at the theater around 4:30, sun disappearing behind the skyscrapers, temperatures getting a bit chilly. Immediately took notice of several fans positioned on either side of the backstage entry. Not too crowded.....we could manage a front spot. Debated waiting 90 minutes for our hero.........did I mention it was getting chilly? The lure (and warmth) of Hurley's was too strong. As my pals decided to wait for the man, told them I'd see them afterwards back home in the swamps of south Jersey. A Guinness or 2 later, in come 3 or 4 giddy ladies happily seeking their male companions at the bar, proudly showing their just-obtained autographed picture. Everybody happy! Small merchandise table was set up outside (under cover) on the side of the theater. A couple rather boring t-shirts, and 2 different posters. The original poster, with a run of 2000 is still available (about 500 left). They also have a new 2nd "guitar" poster available with a run of 4000. Either poster is $40. I like the guitar, but went with the original one, including one for my Kiwi pal. Recommend purchasing stuff outside, as the theater's interior merchandise area is too cramped and overcrowded within minutes of entry. Bar, too. Enough's already been said about the show, and I emphasize, it is a show, not a concert. Just a few observations........The sound is superb. I'm not an avid acoustic fan, but I've never heard an acoustic guitar sound better. Kevin is on hand, making regular appearances from the wing as Bruce uses a different guitar for every song. The show's lighting is subtle, but expertly utilizes the various elements of the austere stage to create shadows and support various song/story moods. The acoustics are such that Bruce occasionally moves in and out of microphone range, creating different vocal nuances. It was especially cool when he sang the first half of Promised Land with mic, and then sang the second half with no amplification. You were sitting 30 feet from Bruce singing with his pure voice to you. Wow! The show was Mesmerizing and Brilliant. I can attest that most had a pleasing glow leaving the theater. As confirmation to earlier comments by @jukebox there were a few in the audience who felt the rules were for other people. Sure enough, despite sufficient admonition prior to show start, 2 seats over from me, out comes the distracting, annoying cell phone with clumsy attempts to sneakily take photos. Where's Drac when you need him? Bruce made no mention or reference to Halloween. Given his past history with this holiday, I was very surprised. He also made no reference to the murderous coward's act earlier that afternoon a short distance from the theater. I did notice that he seemed to emphasize that we lived in very divisive times during one of his stories. Walking through the nighttime city afterwards, it was time for the NYC adult trick-or-treaters to be out and about. Now, That was Scary!!!
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    So it's Halloween time here in the US. Every year I look for something interesting to use for carving our pumpkins. I've come up with some great designs over the years using google, but decided to try an original this year with one of the pumpkins. So in honor of our recently deceased girl Juno, I decided to try and carve a pumpkin with her likeness. Here's the result, and I even added some freckles on her legs. All things considered, I'm happy with the end result. Still miss ya June Bug.
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    @rachelharmsjust posted my absolute favorite Springsteen picture in another thread. One of the big reasons why I love Bruce Springsteen is that he plays serious music with the abandon of a Jerry Lee Lewis or a Little Richard. His lyrics hit close to home for me and much of the subject matter is dreadfully serious but he always knows how to counter it, especially live, with this absolutely joy, this R&R exorcism and R&B catharsis that takes the edge of those songs that carry such enormous weight. His music and his act paint a full picture wherein a song like Crush on You is as much a vital part as Adam Raised a Cain. Where other singer songwriters stay dreadfully serious, and therefore often hopelessly bland and one dimensional, he never shied away for the silly and small moment that are also vital to life. One of the main reasons why few artists touch his body of work in my book. Anyway, curious to know what picture it is to others that captures the essence of your fan hood.
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    WARNING/DANGER WILL ROBINSON: SPOILER ANSWERS BELOW! -yes (Promised Land) -no (singing along) -yes (the Lord’s Prayer...it fit just perfectly with the narrative. Absolutely beautiful) -ugh (let’s not spoil the joy discussing the freaking knee/leg/ankle debacle! ) PS I’d pay another $200 just to hear The Wish and LOHAD again. OMG is all I can say.
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    Ahh, July 3, 1988.... the day I became a Dad!
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    I hereby propose a change in the local folklore around here. Everything was better in '88.
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    Not long now until we hit the 200 mark ladies!!! Some photos of Bruce and Steve because I'm SO not over last night!
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    It's my pup's 10th birthday today so I thought I'd share a pic of him! (Excuse the muddy face, he likes to bury his chews in the garden)
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    Well the Lakers in attendance tonight got a special treat.
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    So after my first foray 11/2, the 3rd was an off day. I went to the Venice boardwalk to connect with the tape trader I'd met the night before. Sunday I had a leisurely day and was able this time to get to my seat on time. Vance, my scalper, had again gotten me a very nice seat, basically the middle of the floor. The last of 7 shows in 11 nights at The Dump That Jumps. At this show Bruce dedicated Shut Out the Lights to Ron Kovic, in the first set. My Hometown followed. In the narrative Bruce used you really got a sense of lost, and found. Missing friends, missing ideals, and yet found connections to family and homeland. Bruce had recently turned 35, and he bravely displayed in public his own vulnerability and uncertainty, especially with the acoustic material that featured so prominently and was relatively unknown to the audiences. While the Garden of Eden story for Pink Caddy, and Racing and Jungleland at the back, were all highlights, the thing that just stands out for me to this day is the acoustic No Surrender. As I said, Bruce had just turned 35 and he was missing his friend of 20 years, Steve. [And Steve for Bruce - listen to "Drift away" from 8/20/84.] Bruce was clearly proud of what Steve was doing, yet the longing for his absent friend came though in this performance. This isn't the fist-pounding, campaign rally, defiant version - this is the young kids (I think of pedaling bicycles, not driving cars ) learning about life with close friends, friends for life, and missing them desperately when confronted by a later inflection point in life. And this tour was certainly an inflection point, for a number of reasons. Here is that track - The next day I flew to SF to visit a friend from grad school. I rented a car to drive across the Golden Gate, thru Marin County and Muir Beach and Muir Woods, and up to the lighthouse at Stinson Beach. Driving thru the woods with that track playing from the tape deck I was just in tears. What I know is that the night of the performance, and every time since that I've played it, I feel, right to my bones, the connection that Bruce has for Steve, the love for his friend (and I think Bruce had that for Clarence as well). The ability to impart that emotion to each individual in the audience is a big part of Bruce's magic as an artist, IMO. Eight years ago now I shipped my master tapes off to Flynn so that he could make this recording available for a 25th anniversary release. I let him name the boot, and he chose "Washing Sins Off Our Hands" to commemorate the Racing in the Streets that was just so fine. Track down the entire show if you want - with my moves my copies are somewhere in storage. 1984-11-04 - LOS ANGELES MEMORIAL SPORTS ARENA, LOS ANGELES, CA BORN IN THE U.S.A. / PROVE IT ALL NIGHT / OUT IN THE STREET / ATLANTIC CITY / JOHNNY 99 / REASON TO BELIEVE / NEBRASKA / JOHNNY BYE-BYE / DARLINGTON COUNTY / GLORY DAYS / THE PROMISED LAND / SHUT OUT THE LIGHT / MY HOMETOWN / BADLANDS / THUNDER ROAD / COVER ME / DANCING IN THE DARK / HUNGRY HEART / CADILLAC RANCH / NO SURRENDER / BECAUSE THE NIGHT / I'M ON FIRE / PINK CADILLAC / BOBBY JEAN / RACING IN THE STREET / JUNGLELAND / BORN TO RUN / DETROIT MEDLEY - TRAVELIN' BAND - I HEAR A TRAIN - SHAKE - SWEET SOUL MUSIC / TWIST AND SHOUT - DO YOU LOVE ME / SANTA CLAUS IS COMIN' TO TOWN "Johnny Bye-Bye" includes the "Mystery Train" outro. "Shut Out The Light" dedicated to Born On The Fourth Of July author and anti-war activist Ron Kovic who is in the audience. Another fine show, and the last night of a seven night stand at the Sports Arena in Los Angeles. Audience tape. Two recording sources are available on CDR 'Los Angeles 84 Last Night' and also available from Mark Persic's master recording and titled 'Hearts Of Fire Grown Cold' (Ev2) missing the first four songs but patched from a second source. A second recording source was released from the Jim S. master tapes as 'Washing Sins Off Our Hands' (Flynn). The video footage for the "Born In The U.S.A." music video is shot at the stadium.
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    Finally after a few fabulous days in NY I get to visit Asbury tomorrow, tour with Stan booked and weather looking good. Can't wait
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    I Love Rock & Roll came on the shop radio today, so...