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    Never in a million years did I think I'd be here, doing this..... It all began earlier this year. I was in my local library, browsing, when I saw his little face looking up at me. Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen. I quite like a bit of Bruce, I thought. Born to Run by Frankie; meant to be a nice bloke; plays three hour gigs; loves his fans, and ain't that funny bloke from the Sopranos in his band....Yeah, sounds good. Think I'll give it a go. Wow. Then I took the next step. The songs. Wow. I bought his first three albums. I went on YouTube and watched a gig or two. I saw the crowd. The drummer. The sax. Wow. I've barely scratched the surface of the man. There's so much to listen to, so much to read. I've just ordered three Springy books off eBay. I'm nearly 50. I'm an old punk. People like me never listened to Bruce Springsteen. But that book changed everything for me. Now I know how a Christian feels when they say they've found God. Thanks Bruce. Nice to meet you.
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    Got them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    This is the kind of party where you can be late and still be right on time.
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    We've got a new client this week. He's not very social. This afternoon it got so hot in the workshop that we shut down the project and all the clients went to areas with central air and had free time. The new client, Anthony, was sitting by himself and Spike said "He needs a friend." I said "Yeah, he does." So Spike walks over to him and shakes his hand and says "I got too many monster trucks to set up by myself. You wanna help me?" And a friendship begins. I'm not jealous. Much.
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    Yes I was! More tomorrow but it was a great show!
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    I introduced you guys to Spike's new friend Anthony last week. Today at lunch, Anthony's case manager commented to me that she was amazed at how he had been interacting with Spike. I joked on the square that no one could resist Spike's charm. She said, "No, seriously. Anthony's social goals were set at a six month mark. He doesn't interact." I figured after I finished my lunch I'd drop by the client lunchroom to see what they were up to. No monster trucks today. Today Spike brought in his Superhero figures, which he brags about all the time but never brought to work before. I asked him later and he said "Anthony told me he likes superheroes." There are a lot of toy heroes in that picture, and one real one.
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    I've been listening to this show all weekend. I play segments of it through the day and at night, when it finally cools off a little, I sit out in the dark and get stoned and listen all the way through. I called it spellbinding in more than one post and I'll say it again here. It's spellbinding, enthralling and so so fucking dark. I am forever faithful to the full-throated rock and roll down on E Street, but I do like it dark sometimes. Really dark. Out here where it's deadly and dusty. There's just so much in the show, not just the songs, but in Bruce's banter, too, that sparks my memories. The Ghost Of Tom Joad was a departure for Bruce. It was a very Western album. On all of his previous records, Bruce had been an easterner glancing West. On this album, he was an easterner transplanted, looking hard into his new frontier. I, too, had been an easterner glancing West and then I actually went West and I know that the first time you go from Jersey to California, especially if you go by road, the difference in the landscape and the space and the sky and the people can be shocking. The myth of California is a fraud, but the reality is better, brighter and much, much darker. I guess a lot of the connections I make to the songs on that album are because I traveled rough through the places he sings about, worked with the people in the songs so a phrase or a word of detail just send me down old roads. When he mentions the Central Valley towns, I know exactly where they are on the map. I know if there's a truckstop or a river there and if it's an easy or a hard hitch out. When he mentions Eucalyptus trees in Sinaloa Cowboys, I'm seventeen years old again, riding up Interstate 5 with a stranger, who's telling me about the Eucalyptus trees planted along the highway and how the trees were originally brought here by Australian miners during the gold rush. When he tells the story about his motorcycle trip and he describes the little desert towns, I know he's been there. He talks about a brief encounter with a Mexican man and I remember a hundred brief encounters in the desert. The native American who gave me a handcarved pipe in the shape of a hand holding a bowl. The two men I encountered on Old Woman Springs Road, one leading a mule, one dragging a cross. I remember working in a strawberry shed and a Mexican girl there who taught me a new way to dance. I remember actually sleeping in the aquaduct, riding on a freight train, smoking round the campfire. Bruce has taken me down a lot of different roads over the years but the roads he travels on these songs and stories are the roads that stole my heart away from Jersey. It's a great, great show. And, damn... it's so enticingly dark.
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    I received a package from @CmonMrTrouble and delivered it to Spike this morning at work. Before he opened it he just sat and held it, looking at it, and he said "Why me? What did I do for this?" He hadn't even seen what was inside and already he was more grateful than you can imagine. He asked me "is this Bruce stuff? Is it rock and roll?" I said "I don't know. Why don't you open it and find out?" I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but he was crying. So was I. It was a tremendous moment. There were quite a few shirts in that box and each one he took out got a "Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuce!" He picked his favorite immediately and wore it the rest of the day. "The Old Man's rockin' on this one!" Spike wrote a thank you note and asked me to give it to you, Mikey. Allow me to translate and to say that this is a big deal of a thank you note because it's basically a list of Spike's favorite things. It says: Gabby Gabby (That's his bus-driver who he adores and is going to give one of the shirts to) Spike Bruce Rick (I'm proud to be included and hey, not too shabby coming in fourth behind a hot Costa Rican bus driver, Spike and Springsteen) Mike (Your name is Kim now, Mikey. Deal with it, bro) Thank you Sinner comics Joan Jett AC/DC Not sure what Thic ars co translates to and Spike couldn't remember, but I'm sure it's something badass. Quiet Riot He labored over that note for a good long time. Thank you, Mikey. I can't write a note as eloquently nonsensical as Spike's so I can only say thank you.
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    If I can take a little of Spike's spotlight for just a moment, I wanted to tell all you guys who follow and post on this thread that it means a lot to me, and to Spike. I love my job, and I'm lucky to be with the clients every day, but it's really hard sometimes. There are moments when it's as emotionally draining as it is uplifting, and when it's too overwhelming for the wages we get. It's impossible to not become emotionally attached to the clients and so their daily struggles become ours and sometimes I lose perspective and momentarily forget that their triumphs are ours, too. This morning was rough. Really rough. I won't go into details about the client or what happened, but we were all devastated at our morning meeting by hard news. Throughout the day, Spike was my rock, though he'll never know it. He makes me smile and laugh, sometimes cry, he makes me examine my own sense of worth and he makes me feel humbled and happy and strong. And after work, when I have time to sit and be sad like I am today, I'll look through this thread and it's very uplifting to see how much Spike is loved and how involved you strangers have gotten in his story. So I thank you. For being here.
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    So despite all certainty that the Gods of Rock and Roll would ensure that I wasn't going to get to see this show, This Bear will be eating a pot of honey on Broadway on Jan 24th............... This Bear is very happy..
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    I'm seeing Bruce Springsteen and I cannot stop crying
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    This is the joy that is working with Spike. I've got him on my crew for the job we're working on now. We're assembling, filling, packing and shipping big sock displays for WalMart and Big Lots. You can see the displays in some of the pics I've posted. My crew is banding the cases, putting them on pallets and loading them onto the trucks for distribution. In the course of the day, I have to say the word "banding" a lot. "Tighten up that banding." "Get a new roll of banding." "Careful not to twist that banding." Every time I say "banding" Spike mumbles "E Street Banding" and then he just giggles. God, I love him.
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    Not directed at you Paolo, but even though I am disappointed in the high price tag of this show and a bit disgruntled about not being able to try for a ticket at on sale time, I am and always will be a diehard Bruce fan. I also have no doubt that this will be a great show.
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    So we had 16 clients late for work today. All of them ride the same bus as Spike and all of them came in blaming Spike, saying he was late for the bus and made them all late. He had a pretty good excuse. "I couldn't pick which Bruce shirt to wear." I think he made a good choice.
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    This thank you card should be addressed to @CmonMrTrouble, not me. Just strolling around the workshop looking badass in his "The Old Man and The Big Man Clarence" shirt. And then a sudden "Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuce!" And then the fist in the air, and if this don't make you smile, go out and get yourself a soul.
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    There was an earthquake? Okay, I missed it but we get about 10 000 in a year. I guess with the election this weekend, the news is all about that. I think there were some in the lower North Island but no damage has been reported. To be honest, I have been laid up in bed with illness. I have acute bronchitis, so I have missed on what has been going on. The only earthquake I have read about is the one in Mexico. Thanks for your best wishes, but I think everyone here is all good.
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    At Madison Square Garden tonight, Bruce and Stevie joined Sir Paul during the encores for "I Saw Her Standing There". Oddly, they did it twice in a row which probably means it was recorded for extra camera angles and such. I'm actually seeing Paul at MSG on Sunday, looks like I went on the wrong night! Unlikely that Bruce is going to show up there again. I was lucky to see Bruce show up during Brian Wilson's encores a couple of years ago at the PNC Arts Center in NJ when he sang backing vocals on "Barbara Ann" and strapped on a guitar for "Surfin' USA". That was a pretty cool moment.
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    Was ready to ride it out in Tampa, but when that track shifted and we were looking at a Category 3, i decided it was time to leave. Found a hotel in Macon Georgia Sat AM. Waited till 10pm still way ahead of landfall and drove empty roads in good weather to Georgia. Now looking like what Tampa is getting is bad , but far from worst case scenario. The drive with my kids, two rabbits and bird was an adventure to say the least and we have quite a Florida refugee camp of people and pets here in Macon. Bowling tonight, the Allman Brothers museum tomorrow and will head home Tuesday to see what Irma did to my house and neighborhood. Thanks for the well wishes all.
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    It's funny how you describe your feelings and how easily I can relate to them. I was blessed with a mother who spent most of her career working with handicapped children. When we were growing up, we spent certain periods of time with her "other kids." My Mom insisted we see them as "Special" not in a negative way as so many do, but with the realization that their disability made them better than us, who had all the advantages of healthy bodies, loving parents, ect. I befriended Billy when I was probably 8-9, he had Muscular Distrophy and was already wheelchair bound. At school, we both suffered the taunts of the other kids, me being taunted because Billy was my friend. I never felt bad about that, in fact it stiffened my back to the fact that people are often stupid/ignorant and that if I stood firm to what I believed, I could ignore the noise of those who were obviously the ones who were truly disadvantaged. The lesson I still remember from Billy (who died when I was 12) was that every freaking day he was happy. Of course he had bad days, and as his disease progressed, there were more of those than I probably remember almost 40 years later. It shamed me when I was in a bad mood, but Billy could be happy with a wheelchair, a belt holding him into it, a breathing tube and a big smile for everyone who greeted him. Well into adulthood, I would remind myself that my personal happiness was MY choice and my circumstances were never as bad as Billy's and somehow that helped me drive through the difficulties with a smile on my face and in my heart. I am glad you found your own "Billy" and I am glad you have shared him with us, we are all better for it in some way
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    Enough's enough. People have had their opportunity over the last few days to rant, complain, whine, and threaten. Great. You got screwed by the Big Guys. None of us like it, wish it, or condone it, but unfortunately it's part of life. It's done and you now have a 2nd opportunity which rarely comes along. Safe to say most of us are tired of the negativity spewed about over the previous few days - Comments about legal suits, armpit hair, "Yanks" getting all the tickets, real ESB tours, etc, etc. What a tedious bore. The presumptive ownership and entitlement of BS by some is rather astounding and disgraceful. I'm inclined to accept the photo below (thanks BD) as a goodbye to us all. Beats most other RnR goodbyes (plane & helicopter crashes, Elvis at a toilet, John shot down, too many OD's to count, several swinging from a noose, Cobain - what a mess, yada, yada). Dance on, Bruce. You made life better for us. Thanks for the ride.........
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    Profitering on Broadway? Serioulsy? I know many people think these prices are crazy, and I get it. $850 for a seat is expensive for a two hour show. That said your accusations and those of others on this board are baseless and without merit. There is no evidence Bruce is a "profiter" and the comparison others have used to the "banksters" who caused the financial collapse in 2008 - here's my TL/DR - shut the fuck up. Who are you? Do you know all the contracts involved? Between Bruce and the theater? Between Bruce and the unions? Between Bruce and the all of the employess of Springsteen, Inc? No you don't - because if you did you would be violating every business and legal ethic by talking about them in public. So the truth is you have no idea what Springsteen, Inc's costs are related to this - or what Bruce does with his money. You have identified yourself as member here, so any one who wants to come along and complain that I used your real name should direct themselves to you. If you are a Springsteen fan of any time then you have had the chance to see him make money and numerous donations he has made over the last 40 years to people. Why are you trying to throw Bruce under the bus as a "banksters" after 40 years of good work when you have not actual evidence of him compltely changing who he is? Is this a hard show to attend? Sure of course it is - small venue in one city. We, as a fan base, have aksed him for more, more, more - more tours, he delivers, an autobiography, he delivers, now a show on Broadway - where he will read from his most intimate stories; he will play songs and get into his writing and feelings. And yet it is still not enough. Hoenstly it's pathetic, people want to do nothing but take from him - you all don't know what this is costing, you don't know what else he is doing and yet you are willing to assume the worst even though there is no reason to actually support it - rather you merely channel your disappointment in not seeing the show as some sort of betrayl. Pathetic.
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    Generally speaking, Bruce songs sound better live than in their original studio versions. But the studio material is key. So many of those albums are put together very carefully, song selection and song sequence merging to an end result that is more than the sum of its parts. I guess what I am trying to say to any new fans out there - just because the songs seem to sound better live, don't think you can just get a bunch of live releases and bootlegs, and then skip the studio albums. The studio albums are the thematic foundation for the live shows that developed. The studio albums are the main roots (the outtakes are like the smaller roots) and the live stuff is like all the branches. Or something like that.
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    I'm excited because I have no idea what to expect. Whether or not new songs will be performed, whether there'll be new versions/takes on existing songs. Whether Bruce will interact with the audience, and if he'll share things that perhaps weren't in the book. I love the idea that it's something different. The fact that it's in such a small, beautiful theatre is exciting. Moreover, I'm excited because I'll be seeing Bruce again, because I'll be seeing Bruce in the US and also because I'll be seeing solo Bruce. These are things I never thought would happen. It's little over a year ago since I was sat in my darkened room at 4am watching Bruce on periscope praying I'd get to see him again someday. So I'm pretty damn excited to finally hear that 34th Bruce song live.
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    Holy shit, you think we read every page of this crap?
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    I also wrote to Ticketmaster, telling them that I moderate this message board, and describing what happened to our international friends. Let's see if they respond to me.
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    A friend got us 2 in orchestra on 11-21. I am not ashamed to say I paid $750 plus but I don't treat myself enough and anyone who knows me will agree. I'm stoked!
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    Thank you to everyone here that said how happy they were for me. What a great night! Everyone sounded great. I missed Jaimoe's Jassz Band and missed the beginning of Peter Wolf. But what I did see of Peter was amazing. He really sounds great and has so much energy. Stevie and band were awesome. So great to see Eddie there too. When Bruce came out though the crow roared! Jackson Browne still sounds like a young guy. His voice was unbelievable. Of course, Bruce was the icing. I kind of expected him to show so it wasn't a total surprise but still a surprise none the less. We had great seats too. Maureen was right behind us at one point. I saw TC and Stan as well. My Android camera (iPhone next time) wasn't cooperating until I messed around with the settings. The pictures I got of Peter Wolf and Stevie/Bruce are very blurry. I have some of JB and Bruce that came out better though. Here are a few.
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    Spike's been waiting since he got his shirts for a day cold enough to wear his My Lucky Day hooded sweatshirt. This morning it was pretty chilly. By noon it was in the high 80s. At lunch he says, "I'm sooooo hot, Rick." All I could say was "I guess this isn't your lucky day after all." Don't worry, folks. I went to the on-site thrift store and bought him a t-shirt so he wouldn't sweat out all his coolness. What does he say when I give him the shirt and tell him to change out of that hot hoodie? "This one doesn't have Bruce on it."
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    Sad. I can't sue anymore. I so much wanted to sue Ticketmaster. Got in. I kept getting error messages so changed browsers and it worked. Note: never use Safari for Ticketmaster. Seats aren't so good, priced too high but...couldn't miss this. A big part of all our lives is winding down, and we've been invited to a retrospective. At least that's how I'm looking at it. For those who aren't in yet, don't despair. There will be drops. There are always drops. Eventually the codes will disappear and you'll want to start your day with a look at Ticketmaster. Some of us will get sick, have conflicts...many of us will offer seats here at face. I've scalped other shows and festivals, made some decent money, but I never would profit off of a Bruce show. For me, it's different. Always sell at face or less to the folks here, as you've always done for me. Hope Rory got in. His passion, inspired me. A lot of you in your PM's and posts really lit something inside of me. It's nothing new. When I lost my wallet in San Sebastian it was Lakers, strangers other than here, who lent me money so I didn't starve. Couldn't get a ticket for the show in Leeds, a five minute walk from my flat...you guys came through for me. This is a great group of people united by a love of something, some art, some philosophy, something greater than ourselves. It's a good place. Anyway, yup, getting seats hugging the wall on a cold December night...it's emotional. As for Ticketmaster: when I have a choice, as I always do in the UK, I will use someone else. It's all we can do. Now, I want Harry's Place. I need Harry's Place. Need to strategize... Thanks everyone.
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    What a freakin' shit show that was with my credit card not taking the security number. There was me also not figuring out how to enter my province as the state kept popping up and I didn't see the "canada" link. What a dunce, as if this was my first rodeo. But I'm in, baby, I'm in!
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    Excellent post from @Mocker. I've done my share of moaning since Thursday, but, deep down, it's disappointment at not getting a ticket. There is little doubt that TM screwed up, at least as far as those of us in Europe go, but that truly isn't Bruce's fault. I need to move on from all the negativity. I still believe he is a good guy, someone who is approachable and friendly to random fans he meets. Being him can't be easy, despite all the money. I can't imagine not being able to step outside my front door without being recognised etc. but he doesn't shut himself away. Trouble is, he has made himself to f***ing popular, we all want him to be special for us as individuals and he is, but we can't all be special to him as individuals. Still hoping for a ticket, but life will carry on without one.
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    Exclusive preview of the vista from the $75 seats.....
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    You don't gotta be a true detective to know that if Bruce is hiding, the first place you look is on the backstreets.
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    Just posted on .net "Sparks are flying down here on E Street, as it's come to my attention that the very people who paid not only to have E Street paved with gold, but also put the diamonds in its sidewalk, seem to have been sold wings of lead, had their tyres slashed, and actually have a head on collision smashing in their guts, right now. Please be assured, as you folks stare up at this mansion on the hill, from a safe distance because you can't get past the steel gates that you paid to have completely surround the old place; the truth has been spoken, and although it's made absolutely not a jot of difference, there's a fire down below and it's most definitely comin' up here. Which is really good because the night's gettin' cold. But that's beside the point and the point is this, you folk have been met with indifference, and I don't know why, but be assured, right now, there is some significant trouble in paradise. But more than that! I have here the knife that will cut the pain from your heart, and it's yours for just $65! That's right! In partnership with HBO, that sign that counts just exactly how many of you people have fallen away because of the weak lies, will be torn down and thrown away, by me, your Prince Charming, king on a white horse, Bad Scooter himself, initials are BS for a fuckin' good reason, The Boss Himself, Mr Brooooce Springsteen!!! (insert applause). Because by way of 56 channels with nothin' on and one channel with of the best $65 pay per view you've ever seen, the edited highlights of one of my record breaking, utterly amazing, run of Broadway shows will be beamed directly into your livin' rooms, where I want you take off all your clothes, and revel in the livin' proof that is your local hero, Broooooce 'Sell It And They Will Come' Springsteen! See you further on down the road losers, I'm pulling' outa here to wiiiiiin!" (insert big jumpy guitar bit). *show to air at an unspecified time sometime in the new year. **potential viewers must, for a small fee, register with 'HBO Verified Desperate Fan' not after October the 3rd, to qualify for the prize draw to go through to the Pay Per View Live Simulcast lottery. ***codes you will need to buy the pay pre view simulcast, will be released to the winners, immediately after the winners have been informed, not more that 10 minutes before the show is due to air, in order to stop television sharing, which is a bit like secondary marketing, which is bad. ****HBO, JLM, and Bruce Springsteen Inc. will accept no responsibility for the technical difficulties during this partial show broadcast. *****the length of partial show broadcast will be announced 20 minutes before airing or not less than six months after you've paid, which ever comes first or last, (or is it the first shall be last and the last shall be first? Dunno, don't care) in order to make it harder for bots etc. to watch with their many lensed eyes. ******"ongoing conversation", is a trade marked and patented product, with it's own internal logic, and unauthorised use of this product is prohibited. *******in event of cancellation, Partial Unplugged, will be shown instead. ********no refunds.
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    Two views from my back garden : -
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    Incredibly fortunate to be going on Friday, Nov. 10.
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    Today 42 years ago one of the greatest Albums of all time was released and the start of my Bruce journey, the writing on this Album IMO is just phenomenal never get tired of hearing it. Long may this man continue to sprinkle his magic.
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    Who would have though a half a dozen T-shirts long stored in a drawer could bring so much happiness? I am glad they found an appreciative home, and the thanks being given are yours as much as mine. Without you telling the story, we ALL would have missed out on Spike and the smiles he has brought to each of us.
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    Procedure went well, now I'm just an unhappy camper stuck in the hospital overnight.
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    Turnabout and fair play and all that.
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    Oh my God what happened I've been sleeping Give me a tick to read the link Gary had gone to work like normal and Borris is asleep I'm.sorry I didn't see this thread earlier I sleep in a bit on a Friday Thanks so much for your concern
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    Got em. Seamless this time. Just a shame last week was such a mess.
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    I was up at a retreat on the Potomac River this weekend, and saw this view early in the morning...went running back to get my phone to snap it. Potomac River, Maryland on the left bank, West Virginia on the right. Looked almost like a painting to me, with the mist rising.
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    I don't know whether this is enough to get me shot, drowned in the lake, excommunicated, but we have bought two tickets through Stubhub for the night we were going to be in NYC anyway, before our flight back home. They are $600 tickets, which the guy selling was asking $700 for. Sorry if I am offending anyone, but it was too good an offer to pass up on. Needless to say, that is my entire Bruce fund now spent!