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    Where to even begin with this? As you get older, and lose yourself in work to do, unfortunately it gets harder and harder to stock and enjoy the moment . I find myself in perpetual search for peace and the ability to appreciate the moment as I did when I was young. But alas, enough about me, this post is about Bruce, quite because Western Stars provided a moment of meditation and contemplation for me last night. Getting lost in the swells of those beautiful scores I was compelled to take stock; the particular moment came whilst listening to Stones and I was struck by the realisation that Bruce won’t be creating forever, and sadly the years are running out. I’m not ashamed to say that I shed a tear . In part these were tears of Joy, that our man has created a truly beautiful piece of art here. They might not all be his best songs, although a few truly do stack up against his classics, but the whole album is oozing with dedication to the craft and as a sum of its parts is truly special; It feels as though it was honed with the same obsessive dedication as his ‘classic’ albums and for that I felt thankful and truly privileged to be along for the ride. These tears of joy were also tinged with a slight sadness, not because of Bruce’s aforementioned mortality but because of his restlessness. I posted previously that I found it funny that the media are saying that this is not a candid album. Just because these songs are character driven allegory doesn’t mean that they don’t, in part, reflect Bruce’s life, soul and anxieties; take for example the stunt man who climbed trees at nine and the protagonist in Tucson train who cant shut of his brain. We know full well from his autobiography that these are fundamentals of his character. He obliterates himself on stage for us and for himself the same way the wrestler and the stuntman do, in order to stop chasing the proverbial wild horses even for a moment. Clearly his restlessness has been fundamental to his art and his success. Indeed restlessness if often the preserve of the genius and I use that term sincerely to describe Springsteen, he really is a one in a billion. But that restlessness should not be taken for granted by his fanbase, it has clearly come with costs in his life of which we have often been the beneficiary. Of course, he has also led and incredibly privileged life but he is an interesting case study isn’t he? That one can literally have anything they want in this world and still succumb to depression and self-doubt. And I suppose that this is the underlying point of my post, I wanted to take stock and appreciate our man, let him know, if we could, that he has done ENOUGH, hell, more than enough for us (and more importantly for himself) and that to produce something like this nearing his seventieth (SEVENTIETH!!) birthday should command nothing more than stunned reverence. Your fans love you because you ARE that cowboy in the whirlwind. You are the man who came home and didn’t settle for washing up and STILL don’t. And for that you are an inspiration for millions. You have been the wrestler thrilling us with gladiatorial turns for nearly 50 years and for that we owe a debt of gratitude. Life aint nothing but a cool black ride for you Bruce, but you can be satisfied with your achievements. You have done more in one lifetime than a thousand combined. You have lived the dream, although it might not always have felt like it, and you continue to shine with relevance. You are far from a faded glory, although we appreciate your sensitivity to the passing of time and life’s constraints. I’m sure you will continue to create for many years to come but do so on your own terms, indulge yourself, you owe nothing to anyone. Anyway, in all sincerity, thanks Bruce for gracing us with this album, your continued dedication to create and for providing a moment of contemplation which made me stop and consider. Your best has always been good enough and more importantly it has always been appreciated.
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    Firstly, forgive me. I have not read through this entire 100-odd page thread, nor very much of the several other threads on this record here. That is because I wanted to have my own thoughts and take on this, to me, important release, and not be swayed by the likes and dislikes of others. Secondly, opinions, as the saying goes, are like assholes. Everyone has one. So if you will, please allow this asshole to state his thoughts and opinions on this new album. Sitting back and thinking on what my overriding feeling is after having now listened to Western Stars several times, from start to finish, I would have to say that it most certainly is… pride. Pride for and proud of Bruce Springsteen. One of my heroes, a man I love like blood and someone, like so many of you here, I hold in very high reverence. Proud because a few months shy of a landmark age far beyond a number anyone would ever have linked with the words ‘Rock Star’ back when he started his career, he has released a work that (God forbid) it were his last, it would be a fitting swan song and a beautiful way to end an incredible almost half century of recordings. I have no doubt there will be more to come though. What drives it home even more so for me is that other artists I love, who are of similar ages, have also recently released new albums. Not bad, perhaps, but, to my ears, possibly just going through the motions or hoping the tried and tested formula works yet again. Not Bruce, not with this album. He is not trying to pander to any audience. New, young, old, even us loyal fans. He has made the album his heart led him to, which he felt inspired to and wanted to make Western Stars is an album. A record. It’s not a collection of songs or singles. This is why I only listened to the three pre-release tracks a few times before June 14th. I knew I did not want to dull the effect of listening to the songs in the correct setting an I wanted all of them to be new to me, as much as possible. I have listened to Western Stars several times now, probably not anywhere near as many as some here, but enough times to know it really is a true album. It has a start, a middle and a beautiful ending. The songs all have a perfect place, a perfect setting. Listening to it piece meal or on shuffle just seems wrong somehow. Like the great albums made back in the Seventies I still listen to over and over, that just don’t make sense in any other order than that in which the artists so painstakingly set it out. We know Bruce used to agonise over album track listings back in the era many think of his best. He may not have agonised over this one but he most definitely spent a lot of careful thought over it. And it was worth it because it is perfect. The beautiful segue between Chasin’ Wild Horses and Sundown is a perfect case in point. Another point I have to make is that, for those of you not particularly enamoured with this release, that’s okay, it may well not be everyone’s cup of tea, but make sure you’ve given it fair due. I say this because in 2019 I worry that too many people are judging new music based on listens on tiny plastic ear pods playing highly compressed versions of the music. And that won’t do this music justice. This is, as Bruce said, a big record, an expansive record. It needs space, and volume. Listened to on good earphones (phones, not ‘pods’) or better yet a good set of stereo speakers, it is a living thing. It breathes and moves. The arrangements, probably quite polarizing to a Springsteen fan base, are simply magnificent. I know with all certainty that I will be listening to this album, in whatever format, when I am the age Bruce is now, and hopefully beyond. I hope to experience it on vinyl soon because I think that will be sublime. I am still exploring each track, each one is growing and speaking to me as I listen. Songs that seemed grey at first listen are coming alive, more and more colours coming out as they play. We know Hello Sunshine is a classic, and likely will be the song or one of the songs from this album to be included on the next Essential/Best of type collection. But of the 13 songs, I truly don’t hear a throwaway. Arguably Sleepy Joe’s Café is the lightest, most fun song, designed to be fun on stage, but every one of these songs deserves it’s place on this record. Moonlight Motel is one of the most beautiful album closers I’ve heard in a long time. And lastly, yes, I love There Goes My Miracle. Love. It is just magnificent. One of the most spectacular vocals Bruce has ever committed to tape. And I know that’s not everyone’s opinion, but I will be willing to bet that if we ever got the chance to see and hear Bruce perform this live, with or without an orchestra, it will take your breath away and be hard to forget. Lastly, I appreciate that in this digital age of small square artwork jpegs, Bruce still takes the time and effort to create album art… Be it Danny Clinch’s stunning photography or the simple time it takes to choose the right font… It matters. It was worth the wait. E Street Band record or not, tour or not, with or without orchestra, I have these 50 and a half minutes of beautiful, lovingly crafted music to enjoy over and over for many years to come.
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    I doubt very much Bruce Springsteen will read this thread, maybe one of his mates or advisors will read..i dunno ( mates and advisors..pass it on) It's a slim chance i know, but if one of the above does read this thread, please, please tell him..or you That this album, is absolutely fucking fantastic !!! I've tried to say what i mean in words that are not swear words..i just can't fucking do it ! This album is fucking awesome, it's just absolutely fucking awesome ! so... Dear Bruce Springsteen.... thank you very much you , you can never know how much you and your wonderful music means to me.
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    Here’s what I love about all this. The average music fan who keeps up to date with what's going on will have noticed today from newspaper reviews and online chat that Bruce Springsteen has a new album out, and apparently its pretty good. The casual Bruce fan thinks, ‘yeah, I’ll pick that up next time I’m near a record store,’ or ‘I’ll get that as a present for X, Y or Z.’ Then there is us. All over the world a bunch of devotees are combing over the lyric booklet, listening on repeat, noticing the vocal similarities with other songs, checking who played the drums on track 6….taking delight that Moonlight Motel mentions a screen door. Basking in wonder that our guy, aged 69, can still make this magic. I love it. Love that you are reading this and I’m reading your thoughts. And I will happily bet that Western Stars is playing in all of our homes, right now. Welcome back Bruce. And thanks for bringing us all together.
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    One of my favourite things about Bruce is that he is not afraid to own cheesy. Romantic rock’n’roll ideas might have been cheesy in the 70’s in the aftermath of the big rock’n’roll wave, but he owned it triumphantly in Born to Run. He then owned cheesy synths to create perfect little pop songs in the 80’s and perfect grandiose politically charged anthems. He owned cheesy when went full-on folk singer in the 90’s long after (and long before) that was seen as cool. He, of course, owned cheesy when he took bluegrass and Dixieland jazz and folk and Celtic music and made a statement about how relevant they all still are to this day. He’s the anti-hipster. Nothing about him is ironic or less than fully engaged and honest. He doesn’t act silly onstage because it’s silly to be silly. He does it because it’s fun. Because there should be no such thing as a guilty pleasure. This album is definitely a step forward in carrying this tradition. I understand how it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. To this day, I’m embarrassed to be his fan when I hear the cheesy synth on Dancing in the Dark. But it’s honest. There’s nothing ironic about it. It claims the beauty of “uncoolness” and makes it cool. I’d take one Western Stars over a whole album full of Lucky Days. I don’t love Bruce because he does what I’d like him to do. There’s nothing exciting about art that doesn’t defy you. I like Bruce because he challenges me, he keeps me on my toes. He takes me for a ride and at the end of the road I’m different than I was before. And this album is one hell of a good ride. Thanks for this, Bruce.
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    I'm saddened by the people on this thread who are criticizing this release. This was a great show but more importantly, this was an important show to long time members of Greasy Lake. As others have mentioned, we had a huge tailgate at this show in memory of Rich Nappi. I am happy to say that Rich was my friend. He was brash and funny and very kind. He was a NYC firefighter who died in the line of duty on April 16, 2012 while fighting a fire in Brooklyn. On 9/11/01, Rich was home and he raced into NYC while the towers were burning. He saw and experienced things that day that he kept mostly to himself, but shared from time to time. He was brave and he was a hero and he is missed by all who knew him. We had a tailgate to memorialize Rich and hundreds of people came. It was a great tailgate. It was not even 6 months after he left us, so it was still very fresh. Rich's wife MaryAnne was there, along with their daughter. Then it rained just before the show, and after people had already gotten into the pit. It poured. Lots of thunder and lightning. They delayed the show. We laughed that it was Rich playing a joke, because that is just the sort of thing he would do. When it stopped raining, there was a rainbow briefly over the stadium, and yes, that was Rich. Someone got word to Bruce about Rich and about the event, and he dedicated Into the Fire to Rich and MaryAnne. We knew it was coming because we heard it during the soundcheck, but still, when it was played, I cried all the way through it. It was also Bruce's birthday, and there was cake and his mom was there. The show didn't end until after 1am due to the rain delay. I am so glad this show was released. You bat-eared sound hounds who criticize every mix can go ahead and discuss the levels. You setlist snobs can go ahead and discuss the merits of the setlist. You're going to have to take it from me that this was a special show. Miss you, Rich.
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    There is a hint of sadness, of regret, along with acceptance, in all these songs. The best days of all these characters are behind them; they soldier on; some, like the crane operator - with some hope in their heart. They are not desperate like the men who inhabit "Nebraska", but they have taken knocks and are doing their best dealing with them. "Don't worry about tomorrow, don't mind the scars"... "Ride me down easy, ride me down easy, friend"... The wayfarer is trying to outdistance the past, but "when I go to sleep I can't count sheep for the white lines in my head". The road is even running on through his calmer hours. Unsettled - just as the guy chasing wild horses: "The only thing up here I've found is trying to get you off my mind". One of the great lines of this album comes from the shortest song: "I lie awake in the middle of the night, makin' a list of things I didn't do right". I've done that many a time. "Stones" would really bring you down if it wasn't for that quiet, soft "Hello Sunshine" which is a gentle admonition to self: "You walk too far, you walk away" - "You fall in love with lonely, you end up this way". The absolute culmination and masterpiece is "Moonlight Motel", which I somehow always think of as "Heartbreak Hotel". "It's better to have loved" - he cannily leaves the conclusion "than not to have loved at all" to the listener. And then comes this uttlerly beautiful scene - just a little sketch, like so may things on this record - of drinking to the past and to the place that is now abandoned and desolate. Brings a lump to my throat every time. Almost everyone has commented on the lush production. The strings and the horns and the steel guitars pick you up where the words and the mood might drag you down. There is a lot of food for thought, but you just scape by depression. In that context I have made my peace with "There goes my miracle" which I didn't take to at first. This record will keep me company for a long time. It is just right for my autumn years.
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    I’ve read so many wonderful heartfelt posts on here, and I know nothing that I write will compare, but I’d still like to share a few thoughts. Rumours and hints about this album have been around for years, and it did get to the point where we never thought it’d see the light of day. As a young fan, I’m quite accepting of no new music from the older bands/musicians that I like. I’ve always felt very lucky with Bruce, because he’s still touring, and very active. I was such a huge fan of David Bowie as a teenager, and knowing I would never see him live broke my heart. So maybe that’s why I go a little overboard when it comes to Bruce. I will admit though, that despite the rumours, a part of me really did believe that we may never get another Bruce album. That was honestly ok. Bruce has given me more than enough, and I owe him a lot. I was content knowing I’d seen him live, because that’s all I ever wanted. But when the rumours started of a single being released, and then Hello Sunshine coming out (while I was mid-flight to New Jersey nonetheless) I couldn’t help but feel shock. I was so happy. I said before about how I felt like Springsteen On Broadway was my ‘thing’.. my ‘experience’.. because so many of you got to go to tours that I didn’t, and for this I finally had the opportunity and had the best experiences of my entire life. I feel like the same applies again with Western Stars. Finally, an album for me. For me to now grow up with. Some of you had Born To Run, some of you had Darkness and some of you had The River to help you navigate your way. Yes I still have those albums, and yes they will also do that for me... but Western Stars is here and now. It’s what I’ll be listening to at this key stage in my life, and what I’ll listen to in years to come and reminisce about being 21 again. I just can’t believe I have this. To have such a beautiful album from Bruce in 2019, it’s a total gift to his young fans and his old. Just listening to the album now, properly for the very first time, I couldn’t help but cry when the opening notes of Moonlight Motel started playing. I felt the song in my heart, in a way that Born To Run does. Now I’m not comparing the two, but for Bruce to have brought out two songs 44 years apart that can make the hairs on your arms stand on end, make your heart heavy with love and your soul feel happy.. now that’s something special. I’ve been lying with my headphones on, my eyes closed, totally entranced for the last hour. I’ve had memories come and go, hopes and dreams projected like a mini movie screen in my mind, and all I can think is what an amazing album this is.To make me feel such a way, and to give me so much joy. I’ve been to the desert and back in 51 minutes, but I don’t think I’ll ever really leave. This album is going to be with me now, forever.
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    Having not been around for a new album release before, I have to say that I've thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone's reactions. Some brilliant posts here and not a word of praise too overblown or undeserved for this majestic work of art. Western Stars has simply blown me away. It will be the soundtrack to my year, perhaps the rest of my life.
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    Not sure if this what you're asking but Bruce certainly helped me in my battle with Leukaemia,Wrecking Ball took on it's own meaning to me,I was very much life bring on your wrecking ball,try your best to knock me down.My eldest son gave me a tablet so I could listen to music,listening to Bruce got me through alot in hospital,there were some dark times & I was glad his music was there to take my mind away from that darkness.
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    LoverInTheCold: Richfield Whistle!!!! Congratulations on a well-deserved win! Last year we had a version of one of Bruce's most famous songs take the prize (Dancing in the Dark), and this year the winning song hasn't even been released by Bruce. It goes to show that in this contest, it's all about the talent and the interpretation skills demonstrated by the contestants. And as usual there was no shortage of either. Richfield Whistle won by only 1 point to the two runner-ups: Empty Sky by Jerm23 and Open All Night by Okely Dokely. Altogether it was a close race with 8 songs ending up within 10 points of the winner. But let's not get too hung up on points. The contest element is just an excuse to put a spotlight on the musical talent that the Lake is so full of. So thank you to everybody who participated! It has been a real pleasure to listen to every single contribution. In fact, listening to all the songs inspired me to create some artwork for this year's contest album. I can't imagine where else I found the inspiration . For the winner @LoverInTheCold I have used the same design to create a unique t-shirt that will only be printed in one copy. Please send me your size and shipping details and it will be sent to you shortly. Finally, for those who care, here is the distribution of points: Richfield Whistle: 59 Empty Sky: 58 Open All Night: 58 Johnny Bye Bye: 53 Night Fire: 53 Soul Driver: 52 Fire: 50 Nothing Man: 50 Cover Me: 49 Kitty's Back: 47 Dancing in the Dark: 40 Once again, thank you to the participants, those of you who voted, and everybody who added their thoughts and comments. Download all the songs with embedded artwork and album tagging.
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    My name is Ricky. I do not want a man of my own.
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    Glad people have been enjoying my photos of the promotional lyric booklet! This was distributed at a Columbia listening event in London at which I was a very lucky guest yesterday (they also had one in Dublin the same day). As well as playing the entire album in sequence, we were treated to the global premiere of the new video for 'Tucson Train' (apparently being released this Friday 31st). I made notes of my first impressions of the album on a track-by-track basis for Badlands, now up on their site: http://www.badlands.co.uk/news/bruce-springsteen-western-stars-album-review/ Personally, I loved the album on first listen - I also really liked the two tracks released so far, although I know it's divided much opinion among fans. Not long now till everyone can decide for themselves! Dan
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    Seeing Bruce for the first time in 1988 changed the course of my life. The experience was so overwhelming that I could hardly contain myself. I needed a way to somehow channel it out, to share it, to manifest it. For years I tried in different ways. I wrote a lot - not necessarily about Bruce, but still influenced by him - I reached out to other fans. But it wasn't until the internet was invented that I found the perfect way to get everything I had to say, all that emotion, out of my system. That's how Greasy Lake came to be, which was followed by years of meeting so many of you, including my wife, and seeing tons of shows and traveling the world, none of which would have happened if it wasn't for Bruce. But everybody's life is different. When I saw Bruce for the first time, I was a pretty empty bottle that needed filling with something. Bruce appeared at the right time in the right place. It could have been something else, I suppose. Maybe your life was already in a good place when you heard Bruce for the first time, and maybe it just became "great music" to you, nothing life-changing. And that's absolutely fine.
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    I have so loved reading these pages since June 14th while I nurse my new hip replacement and will shortly load my CD for at least 2 full hearings! So many great posts Laker family! Now, onto Western Stars! BRUCE!!!!
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    I'm not a regular poster on here but I do drop in from time to time when something new breaks and it's been great reading all the positive comments about the new album from the many regulars. This particular time feels to me like such a special landmark in Bruce's recording career that I thought I'd throw in my own brief twopennyworth about the record. Anyroad, so a dozen or so listens in and all's I do is crave the next play. And with each play the thing becomes increasingly more beautiful and compelling and a different track seems to come to the fore such that I've no idea which one is most appealing to me. Indeed, it seems as if the thing is actually a single precious and painstakingly created and assembled entity that demands to be listened to as that one entity of thirteen equally vital albeit quite widely disparate parts. How Bruce has managed such a feat will no doubt come clear in time. Or perhaps not. But for now, I guess all's we humble admirers can do is give thanks that he's done so and rewarded us with something so truly special. I've loved the man and his music ever since The River album in '81, but this thing really does have me in a kind of wide eyed emotionally drained awe.
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    Eek! (From my phone, so possibly sideways? Upside down? Anything's possible!) Haven't unwrapped it yet ... champagne wasn't a bonus track, don't worry!
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    There are a lot of brilliant lyrics on the record, including all the lines mentioned here. There are subtleties in the details that elevate what might seem like a casual lyric into poetry. I think my favorite line on the record is in the title track when Bruce sings "tonight the riders on Sunset are smothered in the Santa Ana winds." It's one of those lines where the subtle detail is what makes it such powerful poetry and the way Bruce's voice and the music swells makes it epic. They don't ride horses out on Sunset Boulevard. These particular cowboys are bikers. I hear that line and I can see them, riding in the sun-washed L.A. evening with the warm Santa Ana winds in their faces. I think the most subtle line on the record, the one that strikes me as a quiet political statement on a decidedly non-political record, is in the same song, when Bruce refers to the Mexicans as "our American brothers."
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    It's definitely Viagra, that little blue pill, but don't be so sure the character is actually taking it. On the set the makeup girl brings me two raw eggs and a shot of gin Then I give it all up for that little blue pill That promises to bring it all back to you again He's shooting a Viagra commercial. "Giving it all up" is the acting, his performance. The other commercial work he's done is a credit card ad. These are both the kind of commercials you'll often see a handsome, older actor in. Whether he takes the Viagra himself is never mentioned in the song, but remember what another cowboy once said in another Springsteen song. Stay hard.
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    My eldest is named, Live At Hammersmith Odeon. He gets bullied at school.
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    I'm very happy that I am a fan of Bruce Springsteen's wonderful music, i was right over 40 years ago, all those years on and I'm still correct. The man is a musical genius
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    Hi Everyone! I’m new to the lake and I wanted to introduce myself. I’m Declan, 24 and live in Maryland. Bruce’s music has always been present in my life because my mom, a jersey girl is a die hard fan and has seen Bruce around 30 times. Bruce really started to click with me a few years ago and now I am a huge fan as well and have seen him 4 times and plan on seeing more! Earlier this year, I met Max after a show with his jukebox. One of my friend’s second cousin is Nils. I look forward to getting to know you guys!
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    My first proper listen on my own (even Oscar is out!) and the tears have come - started with Western Stars... God bless this man.
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    Following on from my previous thread of first songs you’ve heard Bruce play live.. what was the last song you heard him play? Mine was This Hard Land on my 21st birthday in New York... We were all stood up in the theatre because we’d just done a standing ovation for the end of the show after Born To Run. Bruce then announced he had one more for us, since Patti was absent. Pretty much everyone was stood filming it, so it might not be as memorable for them as it is for me. I just kind of stood there completely transfixed and in shock at being just centimetres away from my hero. Bruce caught me singing along and smiled at me, and we sang the last line of the song while looking at each other. As soon as the song was finished, he walked straight over to me and handed me his guitar pick. And then, of course, I burst into tears Ever since that moment I’ve been wondering what the next song I’ll hear him play live will be Encores can range quite a bit however so I’m intrigued for the answers to this one!
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    1. HITCH HIKIN' Avatar Strings, arranged by Rob Mathes 2. THE WAYFARER David Sancious - piano Matt Chamberlain - drums Patti Scialfa - vocals, vocal arrangement Soozie Tyrell - background vocals Curt Ramm - trumpet and flugelhorn Rachel Drehmann - French Horn Leelanee Sterrett - french Horn Stone Hill Strings 3. TUCSON TRAIN Matt Rollings - piano Gunnar Olsen - drums Toby Scott - loop programming Curt Ramm - trumpet Barry Danielian - trumpet Dan Levine - trombone Charles Pillow - oboe Andrew Sterman - alto flute Alden Banta - bassoon Rachel Drehmann - French Horn Leelanee Sterrett - French Horn Stone Hill Strings 4. WESTERN STARS Matt Rollings - piano Jon Brion - electric guitar, moog Matt Chamberlain - drums Marc Muller - lap steel Rob Lebret - electric and baritone guitar Lenny Castro - conga and tambourine Curtis King, Cindy Mizelle, Michelle Moore - background vocals Curt Ramm - trumpet Barry Danielian - trumpet Dan Levine - trombone Charles Pillow - oboe Andrew Sterman - alto flute Alden Banta - bassoon Rachel Drehmann - French Horn Leelanee Sterrett - French Horn 5. SLEEPY JOE'S CAFE Charlie Giordano - accordion Jon Brion - farfisa moog Gunnar Olsen - drums Lenny Castro - conga, shaker Curt Ramm - trumpet Barry Danielian - trumpet Clark Gayton - trombone Ed Manion - saxophone 6. DRIVE FAST (THE STUNTMAN) David Sancious - B3 Gunnar Olsen - drums Marc Muller - pedal steel Luis Villalobos - violin Stone Hill Strings 7. CHASIN' WILD HORSES Marc Muller - pedal steel Barry Danielian - trumpet Rachel Drehmann - French Horn Leelanee Sterrett - French Horn Avatar Strings, arranged by Rob Mathes 8. SUNDOWN Matt Rollings - piano Gunnar Olsen - drums Curt Ramm - trumpet Barry Danielian - trumpet Clark Gayton - trombone Patti Scialfa - vocals, vocal arrangement Avatar Strings, aranged by Rob Mathes. 9. SOMEWHERE NORTH OF NASHVILLE Charlie Giordano - piano Marty Rifkin - pedal steel Soozie Tyrell - background vocal, violin Patti Scialfa - vocals, vocal arrangement 10. STONES Jon Brion - timpani Gunnar Olsen - drums Luis Vilalobos - violin Rachel Drehmann - French Horn Leelanee Sterrett - French Horn Avatar Strings, arranged by Rob Mathes 11. THERE GOES MY MIRACLE Gunnar Olsen - drums Jon Brion - moog, timpani Lenny Castro - tambourine, shaker Curt Ramm - trumpet Barry Danielian - trumpet Clark Gayton - trombone Michelle Moore, Matthew Koma - background vocals Patti Scialfa - vocals, vocal arrangement Stone Hill Strings 12. HELLO SUNSHINE Matt Chamberlain - drums Marc Muller - pedal steel Avatar Strings, arranged by Rob Mathes 13. MOONLIGHT MOTEL Matt Rollings - piano Jon Brion - drums, celeste Greg Leisz - pedal steel Avatar and Stone Hill string people
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    ive had one full listen and im.jotting this down at 2.32 in the AM to see if i think different listening in the day light on a bright sunny blue sky day/tomorrow morning the orchestration is drop dead gorgouse its so vast and sweeping just like the background to the lyrics, and lush like a desert oasis, fleshed out by those strings And french horns i grew up with country music and i love the acoustic albums so i feel right at home here but bugga me i feel depressed after closing with moonlight motel - although its a stand out track to me - i see those dandelions growing in that old pool as vividly as if i were there But in contrast to WOAD, which also had beautiful sweeping majestic music, that album made me not afraid to get older and this new album has me shit scared for what happens to us loners when we get old i know part of it is because Gary is only a couple of years shy of Bruce and he is having a really rough time right now with old man aliaments but Bruce's characters have always been overwhelmingly resilient in the main with good doses of faith, hope, love and community thrown in for good measure - or is that just ESB albums ? now im always drawn to the darkness in Bruce's songs and i hear some of my beloved characters in this album- just older Dry lightening, loose change, Reno, actually alot of D&D and Joad, the big muddy.... this is an album of loners getting old and for the most part alone and lonelly don't think that loners don't get lonely? sometimes we are happy with our own company and other times far from it im making a mental note for the sake of mental heath and self preservation to never drink with this album even though it cries out to be listened to alone at night on my front porch with a whisky and a cigarette AND i dont even smoke ! in fact ive had to get up and consume a rather miserable substandard block of inferior imported chocolate just for the sugar rush to wake up my endorphins as opposed to attempting to cut my wrists in the bathroom with a safety raiser ! now i like sleepy Joe's - its quirky in a way i find all that heaven will allow to be a high note on its album. sleepy joe's is a place id go drinking but these guys singing the songs on this album, they arnt strung out on a wire- these guys have fallen off the wire and not just yesterday this is the guy from the promise, maybe the dudes from Joad with or without the history of crime this is a lament for lost love and lost time the music might be big but the people are small and their troubles and lost loves have little consequence to the world Bruce giving a voice to to life's loners the lone wolves are old dogs now washed up but not quite washed out please make baby from Tuscon train get off at the right stop to be meet by the craine driver anyway one listen and a few bits and pieces a few more. ill listen and pay attention tomorrow, tonight this is just about how the album feels to me of course i love it ! and am dragging my sorry arse off to bed for another listen
  30. 14 points
    Simply the best that he has released in as long as I can remember. Its got depth, its got lyrics, its catchy, its brooding but hopeful. It has everything a Springsteen classic has.... but it also feels NEW and full of energy. This is not springsteen by numbers. This is a quality release!!!
  31. 13 points
    Listening to this album is just a wonderful way to spend 50 minutes of your time. As much as I treasure the archive series, I never get enough time to listen to a typical 3 and a half hour show from start to finish. It’s always listening to chunks of songs at a time. It takes a few days to piece it all together. Western Stars was made for your full unrivalled attention, and I have managed to find 50 minutes at least once every day since Friday. Every day has been great.
  32. 13 points
    Like a vision she’s rocking across the porch as the gramophone plays...
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    Music has always been a huge part of my life... I was obsessed with music from a very early age. My dad instilled that in me. I grew up listening to his collection a lot... We always had music on in my house. So discovering Bruce back in 84 or 85 want a life changing experience for me, it was just more music, just a new artist I got into. But music has always acted as a cathartic force for me, and music always helped me make sense of or deal with difficult situations like relationship breakdowns or death of friends and family or just general down periods in my life. Lyrics of certain songs would resonate harder, they would act as a form of therapy. So I can imagine that for some people, who discovered Bruce at a time in their lives when they needed emotional help and who felt that his lyrics resonated hard because of what they were going through it will have felt like Bruce changed their lives because it would have helped them through rough patches. And they may feel they would have not got through those rough patches as well without them.
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    I get that we're excited and I'm also one to suffer from recency bias, but ha'way mate, let's not get ahead of ourselves
  37. 12 points
    Why is it Western Stars that has supposedly broken those rock and roll chains? Why not Nebraska, The Ghost of Tom Joad, Devils & Dust or We Shall Overcome? He's been making records that fall outside of the rock genre for decades and, to the best of my recollection, continued to record and tour rock music after each of those records.
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    I have a love of the desert particularly Arizona. Cant explain it just feel really at home there and if I could I would be there in a heartbeat but unfortunately its not easy to move to America so unless I win vast amounts of money its not happening I started going when I was in my 20's with my first ever trip over the pond and I have been lucky enough to go several times over the years and have fallen in love with the desert I haven't been listening to a lot of Bruce lately and then he goes and releases an album that sweeps me off my feet and goes straight to my heart Last week was very stressful for various reasons and I couldn't wait for Friday to get my hands on it and soak it all in so I arrived home and put my headphones on and just let it wash over me. My goodness it absolutely blew me away. Brought back memories of desert road trips and my love of what I call my second home. By the end I was just sobbing and Moonlight Motel is an absolute gem I love it all but by far Moonlight Motel is my favourite and I still cant get through it without crying its just so beautiful and for me Bruce at his very best. My other favourites are Tucson Train, Western Stars for some reason love how he says the word 'charros' and the sweeping string section just blows me away, Chasing Wild Horses, Somewhere North Of Nashville, There Goes My Miracle is like my guilty pleasure song and I have to sway along to it!! and Hello Sunshine So Mr Springsteen yet again you have drawn me in and made my heart sing and my level of adoration for this man just gets bigger and bigger If only he would tour with this album that would be some night
  39. 12 points
    I have to disagree. Bruce is a genius for releasing Western Stars now. After telling his story in The Book and in SOB, and garnering their respective accolades, I was questioning whether or not they might be the twilight of Bruce's creative output, a solid bookend to his career. Yet he was all the while quietly putting the finishing touches on this album that has taken us, and the music world, by surprise and fired up the Bruce juice once again. Bravo, Bruce, bravo.
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    I think Western Stars is a masterpiece..to go along with his other solo masterpieces Nebraska, The Ghost of Tom Joad and Tunnel of Love. It cannot be compared properly with his records with the E Street Band or the early 90's band. I know this album was written over six years ago but for any artist with Springsteen's (massive and IMO incomparable) back catalogue to come up with an album as majestic as this at this stage of his career is frankly astonishing.
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    Bruce Springsteen's music has changed my mind, changed my direction, sent me searching, kept me grounded, soundtracked my dreams, been my traveling companion, influenced my writing, got me up dancing and sent me down crying, played in the background when I had sex, given me comfort, made me think about my misdeeds and given me just one thing I could hold on to from my childhood straight through to this greying age. His music hasn't changed my life; not in any way I'm aware of. It's saved it a time or two, though. That ought to be enough to justify the strangely deep one-sided love I have for the man.
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    There are rare pleasures in life. We have limited time in this world. One of those rare pleasures is listening to a masterpiece of a new album from your favourite artist on the day it comes out. Even better on a Friday night after a hard weeks work. Lyric book in one hand as I listen, a pint of beer in the other. I waited until this evening and have just played the HD album through a pair of headphones which do it justice. They cost a few bob. Now I know why I invested. The verdict. I absolutely adore this album. I absolutely adore Bruce Springsteen for bringing this music to me. To us. He rarely, rarely lets us down. My favourite 5 at the moment after just one listen through are: Stones Western Stars Moonlight Motel Tucson Train Hello Sunshine The other 8? They are merely brilliant.
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    Bruce Springsteen's music changed me, it changed me for the better, if it wasn't for his music i would have got in to trouble, or should i say more trouble. I left a group of mates ( who i still think the world of btw) those mates were my "football mates" Life changing for sure. I met a Springsteen fan from Cornwall at a Springsteen show, although we have now since split up, we still have son..Bruce.
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    Western Stars Sundown Moonlight Motel Truth is, though, I don't think there's a weak track on the record. Before I heard the album, I had There Goes My Miracle as the weak link, but the album is a collection of vignettes and each song matters.
  45. 12 points
    I'm beyond eager for this record.
  46. 12 points
    Bruce Springsteen has kept the promises he made to us and to himself. That goes a long way with me.
  47. 12 points
    I am sure we will. We will raise a glass to absent friends and one very special 18 year old
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    It's absolutely freakin' brilliant !!! This is more like it. Man, those strings and horns !! I thought I was going to melt. Thanks, Bruce.
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    1. Kitty’s Back: Is that you playing all the instruments? Can’t be easy putting this together! It’s a really complex song and I wish I had the skills to put something like this together. 2. Soul Driver: You put this song in your world. That’s always a good thing. I immediately remembered the sound of your last submission not because it sounds the same but because there’s an identity there that’s your own. 3. Empty Sky: Nice clean rendition of a great song. It’s always a challenge to do something this stripped back. 4. Johnny Bye Bye: Great sound! Nice instrumental details when the band kicks in. 5. Richfield Wistle: One of my favourites. Again, it’s difficut to do something stripped back with a lot of things happening to distract from the flaws but this one is played and singing really well. 6. Open all night: I really like the zydeco feeling in this one. It suits the song well and sounds fresh. 7. Dancing in the dark: another rendition that takes the song to a very specific world. I love it when people do this. It’s still recognisable but you made it your own. 9. Fire: There’s a thread with a discussion about this song and I’m not its biggest fan. Putting that aside, I really like the laid back feeling you put into it. 10. Night fire: I love this song. You managed to replicate the complexity of the instrumentals, which can’t have been easy. I really like the extended outro. The song deserves it. 11. Cover Me: I think I may like this arrangement more than the original, which has never been a favourite of mine. I think it suits the song better than the histrionic original. Good job! I haven’t decided on points and to be honest, giving points to the songs isn’t something I particularly like. But overall, great job, everyone! I think Bruce would be proud of having such talented fans!
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    Great first post. Welcome.