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    OMG WE GOT THEM!!!! VENI VIDI VICI WE CAME WE SAW WE CONQUERED!! We dropped by at around 10:15, and they had 2 tickets available, 500 each. I believe orchestra row P! we are going to BRUUUCE!!!! Tonight!!! Can you believe that!! And getting tickets was a lot easier then we thought so! Yeaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!! YES YES YES
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    Today is a good day. After a very difficult last few weeks, my very emotional brother has rang me with some very good news. The chemo has been working. Abbey had the second lung operation the Thursday before Easter. They found 7 spots on her lung. She found out today that 6 of the 7 spots were already dead, the other spot was the size of a pin head. All gone, all out of her. She is absolutely ecstatic to hear this news, we all are. The stress and pain that young women has been though over the last 9 month is simply beyond words. And at long last the light at the end of a very dark tunnel is shinning very brightly. Abbey was allowed home yesterday after her latest round of chemo, she has some side effects but no where near as bad as it has been. She has four more rounds of chemo to go to finish the course. The news she got today has give her the lift she so desperately wanted to hear, all those previous rounds of chemo, all the suffering that she has endured and it works. Abbey has to have four more rounds of chemo to complete the course, then ring that damn bell and tell cancer to fuck right off. ( sorry for the swear word Abbey if you read this ) I, once again just want to thank everyone for the kind words of support, the gifts, the letters, the pictures everything that you all have done to give Abbey a lift. it's all been priceless, I'm sure in time Abbey herself will find a way to thank you. I also want to say thank you to all the wonderful nurses, surgeons and cancer experts ( especially Gail ) at the RVI, heroes every one of them x
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    And a group photo from outside. A lovely Sunny Day by the Thames!
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    After today's news I'll be posting at every opportunity i get, in fact it's just a matter of time before I'm on everyone's ignore list I've never used this smiley for ages I hope to see Abbey real soon, can't wait. Uncle Roy is very proud of my beautiful brave niece.
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    The weather is indeed very bad!! But we still wanted an autograph so we went outside to get it... At 4 o’clock we were at the theatre. We were the first in line! It was actually very quiet due to the bad weather. Then, at around 5... Kevin arrived! Then, around 5:30, a woman arrived and we think that was Barbara Carr (although not 100% sure) Then, around 6... Jon Landau arrived! And finally... at 7... there they were!!!! YEAAAAH!!! Patti immediately jumped inside, but Bruce took the time to sign every item at the first row!!! So yessss he signed my book BEST TRIP EVER
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    Is a masterpiece. I mean the album version on Darkness. It's one of the best recordings ever made. That's all I have to say.
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    I'm not going to tell anyone I know in real life that I've read 21 pages about a group of ladies I've never met or spoken to organising a lunch and then reading about the lunch.
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    So....I guess they were dancing in the dark?
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    So ... I got there first. Being from London I had to look as if I wasn't lost We had a prime spot on the South Bank overlooking the Thames (thank you Louise for recommending the restaurant! Did I call you Lou Lou up there ^^^^ somewhere? ). It really was a wonderful few hours spent with like-minded ladies who "get" Bruce, just like ALL the ladies on the Lake. Such a shame many of us are so far apart. The wonders of that face-time thingy though - it was unreal to be able to say hello to @rosiejaneymary and @MadameMarie from Rachel's phone. I was quite overcome! Really good food, lovely wine, fabulous weather and great company - old friends and, I hope, new ones. See you further on up the road. Oh, and @AMIW, that thirteenth person? Hanging on for dear life from the railings behind us.
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    Interesting thread. Sorry if I don't paraphrase this correctly but I'll try. While thePhisherman clearly believes very strongly that one brings their own experience to a show, and this somehow invalidates the worth of that show, I would contend that the experiential value of a rock show is the only reason rock shows (or any live shows) exist. Without the added excitement of being at the show, there really is no reason to go. And if no-one went, the tapes would sound pretty flat. I love tapes and the tapers. I have almost every Springsteen tape that's available. I enjoy listening to them (some of them way more than others) but would not trade one of the tapes for any of my live shows. However, I wish I was able to be at some of my favourite live shows (e.g. The Main Point) which I only know from the tapes. I also like to travel. There is nothing like visiting foreign lands and experiencing the sights, smells, sounds and the general feeling of a place. Not sure I'd ever get that from someone showing their home videos of when they visited Paris. And to get back to the original thread, I was able to go to SOB with my wife. Cost us a bloody fortune and while she loved the show, I thought it was fine but nowhere near my favourite Springsteen experience. About what I expected. Beautifully done, great sound, made us laugh, made us cry, all the usual stuff. Am I glad I went? Damn right I am. Got to spend 10 days in NYC, snuck down to Philly to see Alejandro Escovedo, and even got to see Hello Dolly on Broadway. Would I trade that experience for a tape of it? Nope.
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    After many years of wondering who will play Bruce in a film about his life, John Stamos will play Bruce Springsteen. Stamos, better known as Uncle Jessie in Full House says that he is 'Honored to play Bruce, and is a big fan. Stamos is no stranger to music, as he plays drums for THe Beach Boys. Other stars to play in the films are Billy Bob Thornton as Douglas Springsteen Emma Stone will play Patti Ryan Gosling to play Danny Samuel L Jackson will play Clarence Kevin Bacon will play Garry It is rumoured that Johnny Depp will play Little Steven. Martin Scorsese will write the screenplay and Mel Gibson will direct this 4 part TV mini series.
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    Now things have calmed down a little, it does appear that we, as a group, have done pretty well on this round. I think everyone who really wanted tickets and hadn't already been is in, plus some people who are lucky enough to be going for a second or third(!) time. I would have loved to have gone again and, having a code, it was hard to pass those tickets on, but I really can't afford another trip to NYC. I am very thankful to have seen the show once and need to remind myself that several of my friends have not had the opportunity, nor will they unless the show travels. So, I say well done to everyone who is going and please, please Bruce, think about those who are not so fortunate.
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    After many tears, nausea and lots of hyperventilating... I will be sat front row, in the centre, on the 29th September, my 21st birthday, seeing Bruce Springsteen. My ultimate dream has come true. I’m still in a state of shock and so thankful, beyond words. I will be inches away from my hero, finally. I’m so so happy. Oh and one more thing... omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgmg
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    WOOOOOOOW THAT WAS AMAZING!!!! Especially those moments when he sang off mic, he was literally directly singing to me! (us) And of course Patti!! Very glad she was there! It’s been my first show with her. TTTR and BD are also some of my favorites songs, so hearing those live was amazing! And whooooh long walk home!! Loved the performance. And the Rising!! I loved the lightning effects during that song. Got literally brucebumps. Oh wow... This was so great... I’ve got to let this sink in for a moment... It was so special and wonderful and fantastic and amazing and great and emotional and life-changing and funny and ... Definitely worth the trip!!!
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    My favourite Something in the Night isn't by Bruce, shock, horror! Let me explain..... We've always played Darkness on heavy rotation in the car. Many years ago, driving up to Scotland for our annual holiday, we ended up sitting in the inevitable M6 roadworks. As Something started we heard a squeaky 6 year-olds voice coming from the back seat: 'I'm riding down Kingsley, figuring I'll get a drink.......' We looked at each other, then over our shoulders and there he was, eyes closed, singing it word and phrasing perfect. Never heard better. A song that will always be dear to me. Now he listens to hip-hop and denies ever liking Bruce, but we know different. Maybe one day he'll come back into the fold.
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    Let’s hope so, otherwise it puts a whole new meaning to “I’m pullin’ outta here to win!”
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    Do you remember those moments when you hear an amazing song for the very first time? I had the pleasure that it happened to me today. As always I was browsing through all the sense and nonsense posted on The Lake, and I came across the 'Never played songs poll - round 3'-thread. In this topic @Jesus was the sheriff and @jukebox mention that 'Stray Bullet' should win the poll. Now, I am one of those poor souls that never got around to purchase the Ties That Bind boxset, and I never bothered to look up the outtakes. Actually, I thought every outtake that was in TTTB was already included in Tracks or was published in some other way. So I kind of skipped the entire boxset altogether (big BIG mistake, I know). Anyway, since I didn't know the song and it got a lot of acclaim in the thread, I decided to look it up. And... WOW WOOOOOOOWW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It just blew me away. This song is incredible! It might just as well be his saddest song? In my opinion this song is better than the entire River album combined!! Unbelievable it didn't make the cut. Probably a JLM decision Anyway, here's to Stray Bullet:
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    A couple of my photos. Everyone is smiling.
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    All in the same carriage now We're smiling inside
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    Danny Devito was lined up for the Jon Landau role, but JL was reportedly incensed by this and wanted Arnold Schwarzeneger instead
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    Let me get this right: The albums originally released in the vinyl era (Vol. 1) were remastered and released on CD. The albums originally released in the CD era (Vol. 2) will be remastered and released on vinyl. So will Vol. 3 be on cassette or what?!
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    I've said it before, will say it again. I suspect his motives are not financial, rather a desire to be near his mother who has not been in the best of health. If that is the case, although selfishly I would love to see him over hear touring, I don't begrudge him doing so at all. Some things are more important than music, no matter how much we love it.
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    I have add that when I first heard about the Broadway stint I wasn't for it. I thought he wasn't being my Bruce. My Bruce should be with his band He's a guy from Asbury Park, for the working people, not someone that should be on Broadway. I thought this while still wanting to see it though. And after last night, seeing it, it wasn't anything I originally thought it would be. By doing this, Bruce is allowing us inside, even more than the book did. I urge anyone that has reservations to please go see it if you get the chance. You will not be disappointed.
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    if Paul Simon sold similar, he could just call it The Boxer.
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    I'm not even in England.
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    I'm home now. My review (which replaces AMIW's non-Broadway Broadway review ) will come later. From the front left side to the back window: tie that bid, shirlsdins, rachel harms, lou lou, kingstowngirl, Sue. From the front right side to the back window: JaneyJaney, jmw, Ann Jones, Davina, Rizla and moi.
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    John Eddie wrote this: I want two together But I’m broke and I don’t know Oprah Been on the wait list forever It’s a joke and I’m losing hope bruh I’m a verified fan so I just might get one Right when the Broadway run is over With my black tie and jacket And hair slicked sweet I drove through the tunnel Still In search of a seat But I’m not the elite I can feel the defeat Someone in the back Said this don’t look pretty Scalper on the corner quoted three thousand fifty I know a guy who knows Patti but I think that’s iffy It’s so hard to buy a seat in the city
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    Perhaps the Jersey girls should do lunch next time, and we Brits can meet for afternoon tea.
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    Thank you! What just amazes me, looking at that photo, is all the other people just casually going about their business, either oblivious to or pretending not to see the world famous people right in their midst!
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    Awesome. A Little Steven show on my birthday in Nashville. Thank you, rock and roll gods!
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    Sorry I can't resist... Every opportunity I get to show off this pic I take. 2012, Philadelphia, on a bus tour from NYC to Niagara Falls, had a one hour stop in Philly to see the liberty bell. We were standing facing it when I turned around and realised there was a Bruce Springsteen exhibit, a big part of what is on display at the Rock 'n Roll Hall Of Fame. I was still dreaming of seeing him live but I got to see many cool things I'd never dreamed I would like the BTR jacket, Clarence's sax, Bruce's guitars, handwritten song lyrics. Was pretty cool. (And yes, that's a very thunder chunky pre-cycling me in front of the hallowed 'Vet)
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    Finally got mine framed last week.
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    Just wanted to check in again and, again, thank EVERYONE for the warm welcome, wishes of good luck, and the specific ideas about how I might find a taker for my single ticket. I'm THRILLED to report that Hecate did *indeed* come through, pay for the ticket, and the ticket has been transferred to them, so they are going to see Bruce on Thursday!!! [Edited to add:] And I got an extra nice silver lining when Hecate noticed that my email addy and name reveal me as a giant mega fan of the Clash as well, and Hecate is a Clash fan too, so there ya go, I feel double good about who got the ticket Hammersmith75, thanks again to you for being the one to flag Hecate's ask on the other forum. And thanks to ALL of you who threw in ideas, and to the one other person who privately messaged that they might also be able to buy it though they weren't sure. Thanks everyone, I'm still crushed to miss it but glad a UK visitor and fan will get to go without paying scalped ticket fees, and relieved that I'm not eating that much money because, given the madness at my job, I need every dollar I can avoid wasting! Big hugs to you all, and thanks thanks THANK YOU!!!!
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    It's so very nice to see you all and I'm so happy you had a wonderful time (never thought it could be any different with all these wonderful ladies!)!
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    I had such a lovely day, I had to post a smiley picture to say thank you to Bruce for bringing us together, and thank you to the mods who keep this place a happy place to be.
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    It was very nice, if anyone's interested!
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    Hello lovely Laker Ladies!!! It was SO lovely to see you all via FaceTime. However, it would have been nice if MM and I were actually able hear you guys... Ah well! Glad you all had fun. We did too! Thanks MM, for making the trek down. xo
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    This is a big day in Lake history! Hope you all had lots of fun.
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    When I read "Greasy Ladies", this is the image I get:
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    Although being on medical leave is pretty much the same, so basically this is my life now
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    It is Saturday night I'm all dressed up in blue.. hey that sounds like a lyric from
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    This was a great great evening! I met my Bruce Hero!!! Since I didn’t have anything with me for him to sign (I just wanted to make a picture) I asked if he wanted to shake my hand, and he did!!! Tomorrow is our last full day... I am seriously thinking of just buying a Greetings vinyl and hoping for an autograph... On the other hand it might become awkward since he probably recognizes me and I don’t want him to think I’m obsessed with him... Anyway here are some pics from tonight. Patti looked lovely!!!
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    Server: are you ladies ready to order? Greasy Ladies: we're gonna need just a couple of months to decide.
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    I LOVE my fellow Canoodian Marilla! She gots me back and I'm sitting front row, baby!
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    When it gets to the breakdown part with just Bruce's voice and the kick drum and he sings "Chasing something in the night" and the guitar cuts in, it just kills me. It's not a fancy riff or anything, just chords but but it always stops me. I love that. His Tele tone was never better than on that album.