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    Hello Greasy Lakers, my name is Darrin... ABBEY's Dad. I will keep it very very brief. When we were told that crushing news in August last year, we couldn't really think properly as things happened fast after that. We have watched our daughter go through pure hell and pain like you wouldn't believe for nearly a year. Please understand, me writing this, just does not cut it with my brain, as words will never ever explain what my Abbey went through and how her Mam and I felt and went through watching her and not being able to do nothing to help medically. I wanted to tell you all about what she went through but I can't, my eyes are so sick of crying. All I know is that most daughters look up to their Dad, but it's the other way round for me, I am so proud of her it's ridiculous, the major leg operation, the TWO lung operations, the other 4 operations, the 24 Chemo's, the terrible Mucositis, the very painful infections, and all the rest that comes with it and believe me, it's a lot more, so much more. But one thing I know for sure, Abbey seen how nice, people from around the world can be with messages, posts and money/gifts, but the caring topped it all for us. Thank you Springsteen fans from the deepest part of my heart, the lovely feelings I got when I seen the letters/posts and gifts from such caring people, go directly to my daughter, and the messages you have all sent Roy have been just bloody WOW!!! Thank you. Abbey... My Daughter is doing great now, learning to walk etc as she is the strongest person I know, and she will be at collage in Sept etc etc etc, learning to drive etc. Btw, my brother Roy saved my ass many times, because I lost the plot so many times, but he kept dragging me back. thanks Bro. Btw, look out for the video Abbey has just sent me singing Ariana Grande, Dangerous Women, and she's thinking about starting a YouTube account with it. This Dad is Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo proud and I love her to the moon and back a billion trillion times. VID-20180623-WA0000.mp4
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    The Underworld is going on hiatus. It has not yet been decided if or when it will be coming back. I am posting this, but it is a joint decision by all of the moderators and administrators of Greasy Lake. This post is just to let you know, so that you won't be surprised when you can no longer find this forum. The Fight Club has degraded into a very unpleasant place. The moderators have tried several different approaches with the intent to get the conversations there to be civil and respectful. Despite that, the tone and content continues to create problems in a place that we intend to be a fun and inviting forum. Obviously, not everyone is part of the issue, but unfortunately the decision will affect both the innocent and the guilty. Moderating this forum is like playing whack-a-mole – as soon as we delete one post, two more posts pop up that also need to be deleted. We warn one person about something, and two more people pop up and do the same thing. It may be that you haven’t seen very much of this, but we have seen it all and that simple point leads to this decision by the administration team. I would guess 95% of our moderating issues are related to bad conduct in this forum. It is not just the name calling or the blatant rule breaking that has caused us to come to this decision. It is the bullying and ganging up that is going on, and the outright contempt that people here display towards one another. The animosity is palpable and it is ugly, and it cannot continue, we are a community of friends and this forum divides more than it unites. Greasy Lake is not a political website, it is a Bruce Springsteen fan forum. There is absolutely no need to have a political forum on a Bruce Springsteen website. Having this forum has become a stain on our community and therefore we are turning it off. We may decide that Greasy Lake is better off without this forum, or we may decide to bring it back. We are using this period to assess what the future plans will be. If you wish to talk about politics, the internet is a big place, we are certain you can find somewhere else to do that. Bruce is a political entity, and if/when he acts or speaks about politics, that will likely be allowed on the main page in the Circuit, but we will make those decisions on a case by case basis. If you decide to ignore this simple request, we will deal with you swiftly, determining your choice to be an act of disrespect for the people who operate this forum and for the members that are currently here. Snarky comments about Mods on other threads will be treated the same. We do not want the animosity that has built up to bleed over into other forums on GL while the FC is on hiatus. No name calling or other bad behaviors and no political posts will be permitted anywhere on this site. Don’t start threads about discussing this decision in other forums, it is a non-negotiable decision at this point. Please don’t flood the Mods with PM’s disagreeing or agreeing, blaming others, or trying to influence our thinking about future plans. We have tried many methods to keep the political forum edgy but friendly, each have failed. Like many other forums, we are making the decision to have a “politics free” environment, to improve the relationships among the community here. On many occasions we have shared the warning that if the forum didn’t improve in tone and content that this would be the outcome---today is the day that becomes reality.
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    I still can't believe this beautiful brave young women is the same Abbey i used to take to the pictures when she was just a bairn. I'm so proud of her. I also have so much respect for Abbey's mam and dad for..well just for everything. In the words of a bloke we all like.. Tomorrow there'll be sunshine And all this darkness past
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    I don't usually promote my writing or my blog over here on this forum, but this one is for my fellow Tramps on the fourth of July. Roadside U.S.A. Blues
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    It's about time, Boss: https://www.theguardian.com/music/2018/jun/20/bruce-springsteen-denounces-inhumane-border-policy-during-show
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    When the man I was going out with won his firm's national prize for best something-or-other, which were travel vouchers, he asked me where I'd like to go. Then he realised by the big grin that he didn't really need to ask … we were airborne and on our way to Asbury Park! From the moment we touched down and got in our taxi, headed for my personal Mecca, I was in seventh heaven. The turnpike had me in raptures - the taxi driver was dumbfounded - and, as soon as I'd thrown my luggage into the hotel in Red Bank, we were off in another taxi (I couldn't hang around for buses) - we were off to Asbury Park. I'd 'sort of' arranged to meet Vini there (yes, a long-lost Laker) but hadn't quite got the meeting-point worked out. We were walking around the beach area when I heard 'Eileen?' and there was Vini in his car! He showed us round, well, everywhere - we met Tinker and saw inside the surfboard factory - went to see Southside's and Bruce's family homes, got all the necessary photos. Best bit was finally stepping inside the Stone Pony - wow, that was on another level - Wonder Bar was great, too. Mind you, I'd had more than my customary two drinks and was last seen by Vini (that night) sitting in the back seat of a taxi, laughing my head off! And you know what? Our hotel was paid for by a Laker. She'd read all my daft posts back then and wanted to 'pay me back' for the entertainment! I STILL don't know who that was. Oh, I went to New York, too, for the day - got lost, wandered about, had a meal in Bleecker Street and gazed at the inside of Grand Central Terminal. Daniel (sadly missed Laker) and I used to chat about going to Asbury Park. He never got the chance - I did it for the both of us.
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    I must own up Darrin i do keep going back to Roys thread and having a look at Abbeys beaming face ringing that bell, you should be very proud of her,i know i really admire her for getting through her treatment. I've played your part, but the other way round my husband was diagnosed in 97 with a Stage 4 cancer and given 2 weeks to live without treatment and i had a 18 month old baby and a 4 year old.The cancer was sub grouped and we started chemo on the Friday,he went on to having a stem cell transplant(modern bone marrow)and is still alive today. The one thing he said was "I'm glad it's me and not one of the children". Whatever subjects Abbey chooses to take at college i know she'll put her heart and soul into them and excel. I wish you and all your family all the luck in the future.
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    JUNE 20, 2018 Bruce’s Remarks before “The Ghost Of Tom Joad” In response to the requests for the text of Bruce’s remarks before he performed The Ghost of Tom Joad last nite... here is a rough transcript: I never believed that people come to my shows, or rock shows to be told anything. But I do believe that they come to be reminded of things. To be reminded of who they are, at their most joyous, at their deepest, when life feels full. It's a good place to get in touch with your heart and your spirit, to be amongst the crowd. And to be reminded of who we are and who we can be collectively. Music does those things pretty well sometimes, particularly these days when some reminding of who we are and who we can be isn't such a bad thing. That weekend of the March for our Lives, we saw those young people in Washington, and citizens all around the world, remind us of what faith in America and real faith in American democracy looks and feels like. It was just encouraging to see all those people out on the street and all that righteous passion in the service of something good. And to see that passion was alive and well and still there at the center of the beating heart of our country. It was a good day, and a necessary day because we are seeing things right now on our American borders that are so shockingly and disgracefully inhumane and un-American that it is simply enraging. And we have heard people in high position in the American government blaspheme in the name of God and country that it is a moral thing to assault the children amongst us. May God save our souls. There's the beautiful quote by Dr. King that says the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice. Now, there have been many, many days of recent when you could certainly have an argument over that. But I've lived long enough to see that in action and to put some faith in it. But I've also lived long enough to know that arc doesn't bend on its own. It needs all of us leaning on it, nudging it in the right direction day after day. You gotta keep, keep leaning. I think it's important to believe in those words, and to carry yourself, and to act accordingly. It's the only way that we keep faith and keep our sanity. I've played this show 146 nights with basically the same setlist, but tonight calls for something different... - Bruce Springsteen (From FB)
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    Email from Jayne. Linda had the op around lunchtime today. She is ok, but still groggy. Jayne visiting this evening, so will let me know either later today or tomorrow how she is. She thanks everyone for their love and thoughts.
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    'You don't know what you got til it's gone' I am missing the FC more than I thought I would. I found it really interesting to read the opinions of ordinary people from various parts of the world. I got more of an insight into Trump's America than by reading the papers, precisely because the comments were not from journalists, but there were also thoughtful threads on many other topics. For example, the fires in Portugal which TomJoad brought to our attention - I had no idea that badly managed forestry was a contributing factor. Steve's wonderful piece about what racism looks like from the school teacher in Johannesberg is another example which comes to mind. I appreciate that some posts were abusive and out of hand and I would skip over any in that vein, but on the whole I think it was an informative and interesting place to hang out.
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    I've been dwelling on this whole no more FC thing....and came to the conclusion that this place needs the FC. I've read somewhere that we can go to all sorts of other websites to talk politics...this is true. But none that will be filled with a group of people that pretty much all have that one common denominator....I'll call it the 'Bruce Factor'....it's there, it's real and it shows up in all sorts of FC threads. Speaking only for myself....I don't want to find some other place to talk about the various shit that happens around the world. At some point the FC, with it's unique blend of folks from all over the planet became the one online place that I was comfortable spewing out whatever nonsense was on my mind as it pertained to events going on around all of us. Sure there have been times I got angry at some post I disagreed with....sure I've been insulted...talked down to....but that's all part of what occurs when people discuss politics or other difficult subjects. I agree that there's no reason for people to get overly nasty with each other...especially a place like this...with our common denominator/Bruce Factor a constant presence. A thicker skin by some folks would be good....some other people should work on pausing and thinking before hitting enter on a nasty post would be really good. A balance can be reached. Anyway....I hope the FC works it's way back....it's been an integral part of the Lake for a long time....IMO.
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    Working on that right now - a "members only" forum where only logged in members can read and post. A place for "non-Bruce" stuff, but also a more private place where friends can talk freely without worrying about the entire internet reading what they say. Of course, nowhere on the internet is private, but at least it's better than wide open for all eyes to read. Likely it will be the new home of many of our favorite threads from the FC (that weren't completely political) like the air travelers thread, Sky's thread about the amazing things in space, maybe the dog thread (OMG NOOOOO!) could even find a home there -- coming soon to a forum near you, stay tuned!
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    Springsteen made an unusual personal choice with the Broadway shows and I think the reason is that he's aware he's entered the last phase of his artistic career. When your art is your life and your life is your art you tend to do some predictably unpredictable stuff while aging. I think Bruce feels just like any other artist of his caliber when they realize that soon all this will be over because simply they won't be physically capable of doing it anymore. They start thinking about the artist friends they've lost, they look back in their own past goods and bads, what chord would have been better in that song, which show they gave their best in and which one they fucked up, they miss their youth and get nostalgic about their own creations, they wonder if they 'll be missed when they depart themselves. I think the recent book & theater stuff ultimately showed his aging and thankfully it seems he's trying to deal with it smoothly. I would like it if he included some more political stuff as well in these very political times, particularly in the same vein with the stuff he did with Morello, but I understand that he perhaps has to deal with more personal priorities right now and perhaps politics is not among his first. Nonetheless his last statement shows he's at least trying to be consistent with his more political past and hence I welcome it. But these are not times that we need to wait first for a celebrity to tell us to act. Or at least they shouldn't be. The FC was always something special for me and I'm not happy seeing it gone. I think the decision to end it is a mistake. It's a place full of mostly good memories and I will miss it a lot.
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    I hope the FC comes back....I missed whatever occurred that caused it's demise. While I had continued to read some of the threads, I also decided to refrain from posting there while a friend was on the banishment list. So a handful of 'conservatives' aka Four Horsemen or some such nonsense were either banished or not posting....so who blew the place up? I don't know what the answer is....but I didn't think things were all that bad. I've seen worse things said over the years go by without people getting banned or their feelings hurt. Hell, Mark used to get called the 'King Racist' on a fairly routine basis and he'd laugh his ass off about it....and the people making those posts didn't even a get a stern talking too...lol. Anyway - while I get the idea that a 'Springsteen' fan site doesn't need an area to talk politics...I still think that Greasy Lake without the 'Fight Club' becomes a far lesser place...despite the recent troubles.
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    I’ll miss it. Whatever was going on in the FC was a microcosm of what is going on in the broader society. Although we sometime like to think the Bruce community is different or immune to the tides of the times, it's really not. Things are uglier than usual in the broader world and therefore they are uglier than usual in the FC. Not really questioning the decision. It has to be a PITA to attempt to moderate that place. Think of the words moderate the verb, moderate the noun, and moderate the adjective. Then think of how little of any of thrm seem to exist today. RIP FC Besides, everything dies baby thats a fact. But everything that dies someday comes back.
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    I am going to guess a few of you missed a lot of what we deleted. Some posts didn't last more than a few minutes, so that is probably a likely explanation. The phrase "not for the faint of heart" was mostly intended to forewarn posters that topics would get heated at times. Some took that as an excuse to be crass, rude, vulgar and personal. Almost every person who has been banned in the last 5 years has been treated that way due to their actions in that forum. Regarding Sonic's comment about "unceremoniously suspended" I will repeat that no one has faced any suspension without multiple warnings and numerous efforts to help them remain a member here. But you also must be a respectful guest, this place belongs to this community and every community has a force (police) of some sort to maintain civility among the neighbors and to control those who would spoil what others value. Our decision regarding the political forum has been made with the same process of thought. If your beautiful mansion has overflowing toilets and human waste accumulating in the hallways, you fix the problem quickly and permanently. If that forum was causing members to hate each other due to their political differences, then it wasn't an asset. Instead, we will focus on what unites us, Bruce Springsteen, his band and his music. If you want political talk, I am sure you can find it elsewhere - we don't want to have people saying about GL what they say about BTX
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    Spetember 30th 1982. I was a sophmore at Syracuse. The University book store/record store did not have an opening day shipment of Nebraska. The morning was cold (It was Syracuse after all), I pulled the hood up on my sweatshirt stuffed my hands in the front pocket and began a long three mile walk to a downtown record store. The campus is actually surrounded by some bleak neighborhoods. As I walked under Highway 81, I moved briskly past burnt out buildings, broken glass, empty storefronts and a whole lot of desperation. This was Ronald Reagan’s America. But these were not the people depicted in those “Morning in America” campaign ads. I found the record store. A mom and pop place that no longer exists. The old man behind the counter had just put the display out. I grabbed an album and some blank cassettes. The store owner looked at me and said, “son, I don’t know what you are expecting, but this is nothing like anything you’ve ever heard before. Be careful on your walk back up the hill”. I guess my Syracuse Lacrosse Sweathsirt was a dead giveaway. So face down, bag tucked under my arm, it was an hour’s walk back through quiet, ominous desolation that I made it back to my room and listened to Nebraska for the first time. I sat up in my bed and listened. Played it through. Didn’t need to read along with the lyrics. Every syllable clearly shot from the eardrum to the soul. Then I played it again. And again. Till there was knock at the door and some friends asked if I wanted to go to dinner. And for a few hours I leff Nebraska behind. I couldn’t even describe to my friends what I had been doing. They knew I was a Springsteen fanatic. But this was different. This wasn’t about the guy who spoke to me about hope, girls, dreams and defiance all wrapped up in a first person rock and roll landscape that felt like home. This was about an artist who ripped open the soul of an America we knew existed but never thought about and laid it bare for us to consider. This is where we stopped imagining Bruce as the protagonist of all of his songs and saw him begin to tell other people’s stories. It wasn’t fantasy, hopes and dreams. It was chilling, stark, real. It was life. It was the neighborhood I walked through to purchase this masterpiece even though there wasn’t an empty field in site. It was America in all its beauty, tenderness and ugliness wrapped into one. It sure as hell wasnt Hungry Heart. This is where I knew that Bruce Springsteen would last forever.
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    LINK: https://cantfindtickets.wordpress.com/2018/06/20/a-guide-to-springsteens-archive-series-part-2/ Posting this as a new thread just to make it more accessible, it might not be seen by everyone past the first page of the other thread. Like I said a week ago, this won't be of much use to everyone here, as the fair majority will have plenty of the releases, but in the event that there's some Lakers now or in the future wondering what the crack is with these archives and wondering which ones to get, hopefully this will be of some use. If everything goes to plan, Part 3 will be posted around this time next week, and then Part 4 the week after that. Enjoy.
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    I was 15 years old in 1978. Pure teenage angst and desire. When 15 year old me hears the Born to Run album and then Darkness on the Edge of Town, it means everything to me. It speaks directly to all of those conflicted emotions of everything I feel or think I need to feel. He captured the things I wanted for myself and things I should have wanted but I didn't even know how to express. The music was brilliant, but the point is that brilliance was based on who I was at the time. I can tell you this, nothing Bruce or any artist creates today can move me like that, not because they've lost the gift, but because I am a 55 year old man who has lived a lot of life, felt a lot of things and is in a much different place emotionally. I know a lot more about life. Magic was a hell of an album. Listen to it, next to Born To Run. A lot of what is on Magic could fit right in on that Album musically. Maybe there isn't a Thunder Road or Jungleland on it, but there are plenty of songs equal to She's the One, Night or Meeting Across the River. 55 year old me is not going to be behind the wheel of my car screaming along with "You'll Be Coming Down" like I did with "Night" but if I am objective, it is just as good a song. I am just in a different place emotionally. Bruce really felt Wrecking Ball was some of his best writing and I agree. An album well suited for the times. It just didn't have the impact of an earlier release because a middle aged and older audience just doesn't react to the work the way an audience in its 20's does. We just can't work ourselves up over songs about recession and despair the way we did when we were just trying to get the girl and then everything in life would be right (so we thought). This is probably why I loved "Springsteen on Broadway" so much. As much as still enjoy a live band show, for the first time in decades he impacted me emotionally the way he did when I was a teenager. I don't think any album could do that now, but that performance, that story was the way to reach 55 year old me the way he did when I was 15. I think he understands that and that is why (along with 1million dollars a week) he continues to extend the run.
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    I joined GL in 2004 mainly to get Springsteen boots for my wife, who for personal reasons had begun listening to him again after years of avoiding his music.. I like Springsteen a lot but not as much as Ms RB. I got caught up in some of the discussions but after awhile "the best live opening of Prove it All Night" threads just didn't do much for me (not criticizing anyone who can discuss such threads eternally). Then, I discovered the FC. It was a godsend. I love talking politics and am further left than anyone in my personal orbit. Meeting those further left as well as others I disagree with was fun and eye opening for me. I've never been banned or even warned though I have made posts that I regret and kicked myself hours later for those posts(have sent PM apologies on occasion). Agree with Rob. I don't thing Springsteen would want the FC shut down. Today, the NPS oked a "white civil rights rally" near the WH by the same person who organized the Charlottesville rally. There is now nowhere on a site about a singer who expresses political views to discuss that. One last thing, to sonic. How can someone who is crazy about the Beatles have such screwed up political views?
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    I haven't heard anything. I only have an email address for Linda and I am not sure whether Jayne or Carol are reading these whilst Linda is in hospital. I have tried phoning on the only mobile number I have and left a message, but I have a feeling Linda was experiencing phone problems. As soon as I hear anything I will post on here.
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    I didn’t realise how much Bruce stuff I had until I thought of posting for this thread... there’s stuff tucked away in cupboards and under my bed which I haven’t even had anywhere to put! This is just a section. The amount of stuff I still need to frame or position somewhere is ridiculous! But my favourite part was always this little shelf
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