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    Well let me tell you what happened to me last night. It was my second time seeing the show. Last time I was alone, about 6 rows back, on the aisle, and this time I was front row, essentially centre. My husband took the seat right in front of Bruce, and I took the one beside, so the mike was covering less of his face. Also, my view was between two monitors, so I could see him head to toe (a perfect view ). Of course the show was amazing. Touching and funny. I laughed, smiled, listened, nodded, and cried. He’s just so engaging. It’s interesting, the first time I heard Born in the USA played like that, really loud and slow — the Tom Joad tour in 1997 — I really didn’t like it at all. Now I LOVE it. And The Rising simply takes my breath away. Being so close, having that opportunity to watch him play the guitar, string by string — it was such a once-in-a-lifetime treat. I tried to take in every moment. When all was done, I stood up and just clapped and cheered. There’s no way I was going to take photos like my neighbors — I just wanted to be in the moment and show my appreciation. And when he was done, I reached my hand towards him, hoping for a handshake. He looked over, smiled, started walking towards me, and said, “Here, I’ve got a pick for you.” He reached into his jeans pocket, and put it right into my palm. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I was stunned and sooooo over the moon. I held onto his fingers just for a second and said thank you with a massive smile, and he smiled back, then he moved on to shake other hands, including my husband’s. But I’m the only one to whom he gave a pick. Oh my god. I still can’t quite believe it. He’s just SUCH a nice guy. Sigh.
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    "We'll be seeing you.."
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    Just back from a highly succesful (and equally expensive) trip to the theatre. Was first in the cancellation line....first two tickets became available for Thursday night..... Then ten minutes later I got two tickets for tonight in Bruce’s guestbox.....for which we had to revert to Mrs CB’s creditcard since mine maxed out.... Finally an autograph from Bruce as he drove up.... I’m so happy I could scream!
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    Just back from the show....and I only cried twice....real proud of myself! Our seats were unbelievable...first two seats in the box, literally where Obama sat....I guess.....
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    I’m sure you’ve all read the many incredible and eloquent reviews from lakers who have already been to the show, so I’ll try not to bore you too much with my sleep deprived ramblings.... IT WAS AMAZING!!!! I can’t believe I was able to witness such incredible songs and storytelling performed so beautifully and with so much heart and soul in such an intimate venue. And Bruce is SO FUNNY! I laughed out loud so many times, but also made up for that by sobbing through Land of Hope and Dreams. Every song was flawless but a particular standout was the Rising- not a song that I’d been expecting to be a standout at all, but it was just perfection. Bruce’s voice sounded soooo good: it was really strong and rich but also soft and husky when it needed to be. Kind of randomly, I also loved the lighting, which is not really something I normally notice but it was so atmospheric and well done. I feel like the show reinforced a lot of things I already knew or felt- the sheer sense of connection and understanding I feel with Bruce when I listen to his music- but it’s even more heightened in the setting and with the storytelling. You listen to him talk and sing and it feels like he’s the one listening to you. I’m just overwhelmed by what an incredible person and performer he is and how lucky I am to have witnessed SOB (a huge thanks to @Fifer for sharing your spare code because otherwise my 3 time waitlisted self would never have had the opportunity!)
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    So it’s half seven, I’m in my seat ready for the show to start at 8pm and Bruce literally just randomly strolled across the stage- I practically had a heart attack! Cannot believe this is happening!! Didn’t manage to get a photo of the moment but here’s an obligatory playbill picture
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    Seriously, don't open the spoiler if you want to be surprised on Friday.
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    “Good evening fine citizens of St. Louis!” Best show I’ve ever seen...Backstreets, Jundgeland, Drive All Night, Mountain of Love, and this opener...I remember walking out after the show stunned...Bruce didn’t want to stop playing that night. And the fact that it happened in St. Louis was just the icing on the cake.
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    So, if you enlarge the notebook on the music stand... ...and play around with the contrast and tonal settings... ...and sharpen the image a little...everything is revealed!
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    Gee. I'm a Nam Vet that believes Bruce has spoken for me a lot. I hang with a lot of bbrothers who feel the same he has the same right to speak to war as anyone. Some of my best friends, vets and civilians went to prison for resisting that war. Most vets I know function fine in society that doesn't mean the don't suffer from some form of PTSD. War has that effect on most peeps ya know. Anyway. Nice to meet you. Hi to all of my old and dear friends. Maybe I should return and hang out a little more.
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    I don't know how many people have either read the book or seen the new movie JULIET, NAKED written by Nick Hornby (who of course wrote High Fidelity starring Bruce) but it is about a man played by Chris O' Dowd who worships an artistcalled Tucker Crowe and has a room dedicated as a shrine to him that;s Ethan Hawke ie Tucker Crowe visiting the shrine dedicated to him posters, cassettes, ticket stubs , Cds etc he even runs a Tucker Crow podcast for 250 hard core weirdos I wont spoil the plot for you but the funniest line that describes many of you lot comes from the long suffering girlfriend played by Rose Byrne who says "Do you really need 200 recordings of the same song?"
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    Or at least write a trashy book about it. So trashy I couldn't put my real name on it.
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    Who is this lucky fella called "Lunch" ?
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    Another lunch has been mentioned a few times recently, so... We thought a Saturday might be better this time, as that might be easier for people working. It needs to be after Rachel has been to New York (again!) and I think there are a few people doing NYC in October, so we are looking at November - 10th, 17th and 24th being possibilities. It is important that Linda is able to come and we talked about this when we met. She is able to go to London again, as long as Jane ( @JaneyJaney ) or I are able to meet her in Birmingham. However, she does not feel able to manage the escalators and the tube, so meeting close to Marylebone would be the easiest. There are a few places within walking distance. Alternatively, we could go for Birmingham. Much easier for Linda, but maybe difficult for others. I guess in the end we will go with when/where the majority of us can manage. Apologies to everyone who got bored with the time the arrangements took last time!! (Andrew!) This time it might be worse... Here's hoping for another happy get together - the more, the merrier!
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    I’m about to board my flight to Newark, see you soon Bruce!!
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    If you listen carefully by holding up an empty glass to your laptop it is clearly the legendary lost Full Band recording of PONY BOY
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    Bruce with Child, Monmouth University, 1969.
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    Thanks so much for your advice. I managed to get my Playbill signed last night. As for the show: it was perfect. Warm, intimate, both hilarious and heartbreaking. Broadway is a two hour exploration of Springsteen’s America and (which has kind of been discussed over the last few pages in this thread) his own mythology, and what his take is on that. It was a thoroughly moving experience.
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    Kburke - there was a reason that you got the pick. Either he liked your energy, or the look on your face watching him, or because you didn't have a camera, or something. You will never know what it was, but that pick is "living proof" of the connection that you made. Good for you.
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    This is what he was driving and pretty much how he looked when my friends and I saw him driving near his Holmdel house back in 1979 or so.
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    Yeah we have had a blast so far (only rained on us once, when in Florida) and after a very hairy drive in late last night (went a bit wrong and were driving in some areas of Union City where when you hit a red light you probably shouldn't stop!!!) we have had a terrific first day in NYC. We were late in last night because we overstayed our time in Asbury Park (didn't leave until after dark!). As someone who hasn't been to Asbury in about 20 years in was terrific to see the town on the up and such a buzz on the boardwalk with everyone sitting out at bars and restaurants and bands / musicians playing all along the boardwalk - loved how the Wonder Bar has a few nods to the old Palace Amusements (which hadn't long closed when I first went there 30 years ago!). We had enjoyed going round all the Bruce houses etc in Freehold and even had an ice cream at the Jersey Freeze - we then went to the Tilt-a-Whirl down at South Beach, Bradley Beach, Belmar and then ending up at Asbury (didn't make it to the BTR house) - it really did set things up nicely for tomorrow night! Today we did Liberty Island & Ellis Island and late afternoon we had to come back to our hotel so that we could return the car to Alamo on W44th (before heading back out on the street again). We dropped the car off and walked a couple of blocks to the Walter Kerr theatre with the intention of picking up my ticket (Will Call) AND asking if they had anything (for my wife & daughter). We thought we may have missed Bruce arriving (as it had just gone 6pm) but the crowds were still there! We only had to wait about 15 mins and although we were behind the second barrier area with my camcorder zoomed I was able to fill the screen with a close up of Bruce who was looking really fit and healthy! Once Bruce had gone in we made our way to Will Call. Turns out I can't collect my ticket until tomorrow! I asked if they had anything for tomorrow and the guy said he had just a single. Dilemma, as we felt like we'd have to take it but hope to still get another as it is really a 1 or 3 situation for us - 2 doesn't work! At this point the guy asked how many we needed, to which I replied 2, for my wife and daughter (who were there with me anyway). He had a proper look on the computer for a few mins and then proclaimed that he had 2 orchestra seats - good seats - and in a heartbeat my credit card was whacked for $1700 ha! Ah well - you only live once and this time last year we were dealing with breast cancer.........it was a no hesitation no brainier......we are ALL going to see Bruce tomorrow night. Tonight by the way we went up the Empire State Building. My seat (that I've had for months) was pretty darn good - Row F Seat 110 - but today we picked up a Row C Seat 109 (which I will now be sitting in) and also a Row H Seat 103 - so the 3 of us will be within 5 rows and 7 seats of each other and ALL in terrific seats. We are all looking forward to seeing Bruce tomorrow night and it will be a true once in a lifetime family experience / memory.
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    Me: They're not cat treats, Blue. Blue the Cat: Why in the hell would you shake a bag of jelly beans, asshat?
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    Even Burt Reynolds in that black Trans-Am All gonna meet down at the Cadillac Ranch