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    Greasy Lakers are the best Tomorrow there'll be sunshine xxx
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    I have been lurking on here since last summer having found the forum looking for news about Western Stars. I Found a lot of of speculation as well! Bruce has been very important in my life. Especially when my life has been cast by shadows. He really must have lyrics for every part of human experience. I am working from home (and I do consider myself lucky to that extent). But I am feeling isolated and what better for a Bruce fan to do than reach out a virtual hand to other fans. I am not usually a joiner of forums but you seem a great bunch. But then why wouldn't you be being Bruce fans?
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    Subscribe and get free toilet roll ?
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    So my wife came to me the other day and said “do you know how you can listen to a song thousands of times until one day you really hear it and it hits you how great it really is? That just happened with me and Shut Out The Light”. I was proud, of course, but it also made me think that although it’s always been one of my favourites, it’s got to be on my top 10 favourite Bruce songs. One of Bruce’s finest songwriting moments.
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    After I've heard the Archive Series releases straight through a time or two, I tend to listen to them piecemeal. I'll listen to a few tracks from one show that lead me to another show and so on. These Tunnel Of Love shows, though, I have a hard time breaking away from and usually listen to all the way through. The set was so finely constructed and the performances so tight and brilliant that I prefer to get on the train at the first stop and ride to the end. I rode down to the lake today, intending to spend an hour by the water, but I put on this latest show and I've been here two and a half hours so far.
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    Backstreets: Slow dancing in the dark on the beach at Stockton's Wing
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    A quarter of the worlds 7.8 billion people are now in some kind of lock down ! By my calculations that must mean approximately 653 million at home listening to Bruce Springsteen I hope lakers are all keeping well
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    Mine needs tidying up.....
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    Just like the other guy that said he's new, I am too. Been browsing this place for a while and finally decided to make an account. Growing up today it gets a 'lil lonely sometimes in sunny California talking Bruce. Started with BTR about a year ago and been discovering ever since- I'm less experienced than all of you with this world, but hopefully it gives a little faith that there's a new generation of us. A little about me- I fly planes, plan to fly in the Air Force, and am originally from the great state of New Jersey! I'll see you all around.
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    Looks like it was taken in the era when you could still eat in a restaurant
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    Hi folks. It’s been a while since I visited here and posted, but I knew all the Lakers would be looking out for each other. Here’s hoping you are all safe and well, and we all get through this ok, with a bit of music and humour along the way.
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    Opinions vary, but I'll go along with yours.
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    Finally finished it. Freakin tremendous. TOL tour encores were on another level... this is by far my favourite Medley.
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    Hello, Accountant Pete! Can you hear me?
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    .... my reaction would be 'f#$k, now I need to get Instagram'
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    Where's your footage of Bruce chasing a guitar wielding Roy Bittan from 1978, eh? EH!? I'd have liked to attend the ToL Express Tour, just a case of not being born yet and all that. Ah whey.
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    This is amazing. I just listened to Walk Like A Man and my eyes got teary during the bridge. What a moment that must have been to watch live. Can't wait to listen to the rest of the show!
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    Favourite songs (I'll confine it to five). My faves change but these are permanently in my top ten. Across the Border -An immensely moving gem. How I wish this humane masterpiece was more widely known. American Land- a rollyking delightful anthem of Americana. Land of Hope and Dreams- Simply beautiful. A great Everyman anthem. Independence Day- Something special to every person who failed to understand their dad until it was too late. Long Walk Home- No politician or philosopher has defined the rule of law better than Bruce. "That flag above the courthouse means certain things are set in stone. Who we are, what we'll do and what we won't". Favourite concert: Royal Albert Hall 16 April 1996. Bruce proves he doesn't have to rock to prove he's the most charismatic performer in the world. Favourite concert moment: Wembley 4 July 1985. Started with Independence Day in my first Bruce concert. Magical.
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    Watched this again for only the second time last night. In the whole, utterly breathtaking. For me it's one of the jewels of his entire career. No other recording artist in the world could could have written and then performed a show of such emotional intensity and power almost continuously over a year and half. I'd forgotten that he did Long Time Comin' and it was one of the highlights of the show, as was when he talked so poignantly about his mum Adele, but nothing beats his description of his love for Clarence for sheer emotional power. Musical performances were excellent as well...fabulous duet with Patti on Brilliant Disguise and Tougher than the Rest. My only gripe with Bruce as ever is the swearing. I'm no prude and I can swear as much as the next person, but for a songwriter who has put together some of the most eloquent, poetic lyrics ever written during his amazing career, and can describe the experience of human life in all it's stages so brilliantly as he does in this show, it really does him no favours. He doesn't need to do it and it added absolutely nothing to the show except a few forced laughs from the audience of mainly millionaires.
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    Well past experience told me not to be TOO optimistic but I can't deny that this (with all that is going on) is more than disappointing (it feels kinda embarrassing in a way!)………...why bother...……..seriously WHY BOTHER!!!...…...or at least just let that sort of thing unfold as a (?) surprise to anyone who may be listening and then let us all find out about it after the event via social media or Backstreets...……..don't build it up like that!!! As posted on another thread - this is more like it!!!!!!!!!!! Dear oh dear!!!
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    Dylan's a genius. Just push play, and when the song is over the quarantine will be through. Literally.
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    Thank you, Karsten. This place has been much-appreciated over the years and helped a lot of us get through some tough times. This is another one of those times. Thank you, also, the Moderators who help keep this refuge running.
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    Many years ago of my third grade students made this just before state testing was to begin. Seems appropriate for now! xo
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    Did Bruce know about this Corona thing before anyone else ( )? LiveNation just pulled the plug on all tours world-wide. Tellya what though...If Bruce did decide not to do an ESB tour because of Covid, I wouldn't blame him...Considering the entire band (xcept for one member) is now within the most vulnerable age group. Jeezuz I feel old .
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    I have to say 1988 Bruce is the peak for me, Tunnel of Love is probably my favourite album and this release is something special. I wasn’t even born when the tour happened so this has been my holy grail. It was such a fantastic experience to listen to into the late night. To have a pristine verson of Walk Like A Man is what stands this release apart from the other archive shows. I think this release is going to get a lot of airplay in my house.
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    To me, it just seemed like another Springsteen tour. I didn't miss the warhorses and I loved all the new stuff we were hearing; not just the Tunnel songs, but the new covers, Be True and Roulette. I welcomed the horns, was in love with Patti and enjoyed it.
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    All he said was "Folks, my name's accountant Pete!" Welcome and enjoy. I've come and gone from several forums over the years but this one gets in your blood. You'll see.
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    In these crazy and scary times we are all going to need something to get us through the difficult days ahead. It’s fair to say that I have always turned to the music of Bruce Springsteen when things have got tough and it’s no exaggeration to say that it has never failed to make a difference. The same can said of running. So, whilst I still can and it's still allowed, I am going to start every week day with a 3 mile ‘run’ before work (working from home, obviously). Obviously, I listen to music when I run and it goes without saying that my iPod is crammed to bursting with Bruce. So, I’ve made a playlist all of his studio albums (I will resist live stuff for the moment) and will hit shuffle for 25 minutes or so of righteous pavement pounding. I then intend to blog the results later in the morning. If you want a 5 minute distraction, here is a link to the blog. I did the first run this morning and the shuffle threw up some interesting choices!
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    Absolutely mindblowingly fantastic. 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    Q magazine once said of TOL, that the darkness on the edge of town had seeped into the master bedroom. I thought that was pretty good.
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    It is time to thank all of you for being here and helping all of us together through these bewildering times. Thank you, Karsten, for keeping the ship afloat. It is good and meaningful hearing from different parts of the world how things are - aside from all the official statements. Above all: Take care!
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    Neil diamond releases alternate version of sweet Caroline also dog content
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    Hope everyone is doing well. Sending love from locked-down NJ!! Happy Mother’s Day to all who are celebrating... XO
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    Can't stay home because of my work. Working with children in crisis situations. But washing my hands like crazy. I bet Bruce is writing new songs like 'Devils And Coughs', 'Not In The Streets', 'It's Hard To Be At Home In The City' and of course 'The Fever part 2' with samples of Human Touch.
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    Seems he’s been busy... (Thought we could all use a laugh)
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    Oddly enough this was the song That affected me the most on todays darkest day (a day without football) so it is on my playlist
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    I have to say that when it recently became strongly rumoured and then mentioned by some well in the know Lakers that Bruce's album and tour had been pulled, and there was unlikely to be any tour this year my heart sank. I had been saving up for along time to go an see him play live in New York/New Jersey/Philly and I was really looking forward to doing that this year and visiting Asbury Park in the process. It's been a lifelong ambition of mine to go see Bruce perform in his own country. With the Coronavirus now breaking out all over the world I am now filled with a mixture of relief and gladness that this tour is now clearly very unlikely to be happening in 2020. I still hope and believe that once this darkness is over we will see yet another great new Springsteen album with the band, followed by what will almost certainly be a final world tour....hopefully in 2021. I can then finally get the chance to see my all time hero of music in the USA before he finally calls it a day.
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    I love this song, it could possibly be one of my favourite Springsteen songs actually. I love the actual music and the way the band plays. It sounds like a train struggling to stay balanced on a rickety old track going across an unstable bridge. It's like the band could fall apart at any moment and you don't know if they'll even make it to the end of the song before it all collapses. Dig the lyrics and vocal delivery too.
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    Just been thinking, with everything going on in the world right now and it being the end of times, it's as good a time as any to be really grateful for what we've gotten the last six years. All hail the Live Downloads project.
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    Haven't bought it yet, but I guess I'm kind of familiar with most of it, in a way. My first bootleg was a taped copy of the April 4th concert, from just a week later than this nugs release. Finally a Detroit medley from '88, and Walk Like A Man. I love 1988. That Be True from this show was released officially in 1988 did show how confident Bruce was in that it was well played. Looking at pictures from '88, it struck me that there were new outfits for everyone, new instruments (Roy's piano was grey, and of course Garry had a new bass; I still can pick out which tour a picture the quickest by looking at Garry's bass) - save for Bruce's Fender. The only piece of equipment that wasn't new and shiny. A fabulous contrast to the suits and ties and white shirts.
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    I think Nugs just saved a life today!
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    I think I need professional help. I've had days (a week, probably) of listening to nothing but Moonlight Motel also.
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    Cheers for making the rest of us feel ancient
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    Isolation and social distancing can ignite his creativity.
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    Enough pissin' and moanin' now, I've been listening to the show while making dinner and I've gotten used to the mix a bit more. The horns are fine and present on Cover Me and Rosie to name 2 songs, that is they're not too hidden. The show itself is enjoyable (of course), like Bruce starting singing the wrong lyrics after the guitar solos on Roulette but getting it right quickly. I'm just a prisoner of the Tunnel of Love Express