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    I love this album for various and personal reasons. Many years ago a fan fellow laker (can't remember who) sent me a 're-arranged' version, stripped down by some genius or other - you can hear Bruce's breath at times. He didn't wanted it shared generally, but I think time sufficient time has passed. So - ONLY for DnD fans here it is. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wcqg3rqvou0h5l3/AADFfTPFtsVHRl1DyiZcLe-pa?dl=0
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    Epiphany. He'd drive all night just to get her some shoes because he's singing to the barefoot girl from Jungleland.
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    Now I have a moment to unwind my thoughts on this song, which could be the greatest song written by Bruce, and possibly the reason why his music means so much to me. I don't know which is best. I have a distinct memory of standing in the pit in the front row between Bruce and Steve on the Magic tour. This song started and I was so moved by it. I was aware of how much this song means to me as a story, but also an analogy for me about life, or more specifically about American life a life of compromises, its a shame to call it that. It's the crushing hand of fate and those that desperately want to be free of the life of compromises and the world of adults. He's free on the track, was once freed by her love, now its just escape to the edge of town, an addiction. That's how I see it or like how I feel it. I never race cars, but I live dreaming to be free of this mortal coil. The music is so beautiful and the ending is what got me that night in Oakland. As soon as the song started, I was just so emotional. Anyone who has been in the pit knows what you're hearing most are the monitors on the stage and the sound was magical. I stood there emoting during that ending part. I looked up at Bruce, who was strumming and swaying with his eyes closed and I was watching him and as the song was getting to the end he saw me, made a connecting glance at me as if he'd seen that before, a forty-something bald dude sobbing at the lip of his stage. He looked at me and seemed to nod, like it's ok. He must get alot out of those connections. I've heard him talk about those kind of interactions. But more importantly the song means the world to me as I've dealt with the realities of my life. I love the Philly version from '16, Hyde Park '09, and there is one from somewhere on You tube I can't identify. But that night in Oakland '07 is my favorite.
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    For the vast majority of Bruce’s most dedicated European fans, even those who have seen him live 50+ times, this was a financial bridge too far to attend in person. Particularly those with young families like myself. (Although I’ve only been to a paltry 47 shows). The ticket cost, flight to NYC and hotel before you even start, meant I never even considered it for a second. And I’ve not listened to any of it yet. Instead, my boys are going to get everything they asked Santa for for Xmas, as I can afford to bring them that joy. And now I have the perfect Xmas present of all for myself when they are tucked up in bed asleep, which is to watch this show in all its 4K UHD glory with high resolution audio blaring through my headphones virtually every night over the festive period. Absolutely wonderful, thank you Netflix.
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    I was watching the trailer yesterday late at night, sitting alone at the kitchen table in the dark (the Douglas connection!) as my oldest son came downstairs. He had caught Bruce's voice and asked me if Bruce had started shooting commercials! I showed him the trailer and he said it was "nice". I was still under the influence of the Esquire interview, so I just told him I loved him. I don't know if this is the appropriate place, but I would just like to say that I think I am a better parent because of Bruce.
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    Bruce and Vini Lopez last night. This makes me so happy!
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    I’m full on sobbing right now...
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    Nee need to say sorry to all those that were there J That's the beauty of live performances I've seen Bruce in many places over the years, Leeds arena was by far and away the best sounding show I've been to. I guess Secret Garden isn't your fav Bruce song, that's fair enough but lots of fans love it. It wasn't a "snooze fest" for me, it was perfect. And i was glad i was there. It's in my top 5 Bruce shows, despite what I'll write next I know it wasn't you who mentioned the dickheads talking during the quiet songs but these people really did get on my nerves, i heard a few as you do at every concert EVER ! At every artists show Where i was sitting a few rows in front of me were the gobshite "fans" you can spot them before every concert for every artist As the show started i found myself looking at them praying that they wouldn't spoil the show or particular song, but i knew it was coming. And as usual the drunk one liners come out..they actually think that they are entertaining us FFS Anyway.. i want to hit them with a bat Lots of people tell them to STFU and eventually they do just that so i put my bat down I forget about them as the show goes on, until another one of my fav songs starts...i pick the bat up again the idiots are again told to stfu, they down, bat is put down again. by the end of the show i've long since forgot about the gobshite fans and indeed the gobshite fans are rocking away like the rest of us. As I walked out the place on a Bruce high i did actually here one of the said gobshite fans "Bruuuuucccing" as we walked out. ( i left my bat next to my damn seat ) To all those dickheads who do that shout out try to be funny and spoil other peoples show thingy..please kindly FUCK RIGHT OFF! J if you have the chance to see one of your fav artists at Leeds arena if you haven't already, i'd recommend the place big style, it's superb Leeds arena does not sell bats btw, and that's good.
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    I know some people on here aren't that keen on this song, but I've always really liked it. Love the studio track, especially the start with the double count in, and thought the live version in 2012/13 was one of the highlights of a great tour. As well as sounding good, it looked great with everyone in a line, at the end of the song. Even Garry got to sing backing vocals ( wonder if he needs Bruce's permission!) Although obviously not one of Bruce's classics, in terms of his feel good type songs, that you just want to sing along to, I'd put it up there with the likes of Cadillac Ranch and Sherry Darling. Anyone else got a soft spot for it?
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    Idiots - it was only $500 dollars to see it in person!
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    Hey guys i'm back, had a little bit to sort out, combination of a few things and some bad news made me kind of derail for a few weeks, @Twinkhas been great as ever, such a kind person to have about here and personally off site. @The-Riverhere is one of your shows mate, flac, everything included: 2007-10-26 Oracle Arena, Oakland, CA (Oakland Magic 2 aud mix - Ev2) https://we.tl/t-kqc8VXsmIB I have some requests, a challenge, is anybody interested? Feels nice to be back.
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    Found this on a blog. Bruce referenced Miss Sophie several times during the show and dedicated Twist and Shout to her. For those of you who’ve never heard of her, Miss Sophie was living in St. Louis in 1980 when her son and daughter went to a movie, spotted Bruce sitting by himself and invited him back to their house to meet their parents. Bruce accepted the invitation from these complete strangers and Miss Sophie cooked for Bruce and her kids. So, 28 years later, Bruce was obviously still fond of Miss Sophie, who was sitting in the family and friends section of the arena on this night.
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    What's not to like about it, it's fucking brill
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    I’m back from the show, in my hotel room and can’t sleep. I’ve got no one here to talk to about it so I’m writing my thoughts here. I hope this isn’t too repetitive for those of you who have already seen the show. But here’s what I took away from this performance. Bruce Springsteen is a story teller and tonight he told stories referencing important events from his lifetime. Starting with his childhood memories. The first time he saw Elvis on TV and discovered rock and roll. His first guitar. His first band. How he nearly went to Vietnam. And how some of his friends did, but didn’t come home. Meeting his beautiful wife Patti (who joined him for two songs). September 11. And he touched on current issues like gun control and the demonising of the free press in America. I laughed - who knew he was so funny? I cried, particularly when Patti joined him for Tougher than the Rest. I cheered. I soaked up every moment because I realise I might not see him again. I am so lucky to have experienced this, I wish everyone could. At one point, Bruce quoted Martin Luther King who said “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” Bruce reminded us tonight that while this is true, sometimes we all need to lean on that arc a little bit. I didn’t get to give him my packet of Tim Tams. I had no hope of getting close enough to give them to him outside. There were many more hardy souls who had waited in the cold a long time to see him. They hadn’t had the experience I had of sitting in a nice warm theatre listening to him. So I was happy to just stand on the other side of the street and wave him farewell. The Tim Tams and I are going home to Australia tomorrow although the Tim Tams may be coming home in my tummy. Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts and suggestions and for raising this far.
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    For the last few years it has been my little tradition to post this video on FB every year on the anniversary of the day my father took his life. This is possibly the one song that has meant the most and more to me as I've gotten older, more than any other. This performance gets me every time.
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    Oh my fucking God that looks even better than I'd imagined. If I hadn't seen this in person don't think I could deal or move on with life. In any fashion.
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    Let me try again. Whatever someone offered, I wouldn’t have sold. That’s just the way it is.
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    I have no answer to the question, but this thread has led me to a day of listening to multiple versions of "Racing in the Street." Firstly, completely agree with Bus Stop and J about Hyde Park '09 - both watched and listened to this one - The near orgasmic look on Nils' face during the outro pretty much sums up what you've both said. The version from Live 75-85 has had something of a negative effect in me needing the July 2nd 1981 NJ show a-fucking-sap. That being said, it's one of the all time greatest (top 3 at least), and after six years of listening to so many versions of the song, I'm 99.99% certain that 31/12/80 is the perfect version of the song. Houston and The Agora '78 have hyped me even more for the possibility of Winterland on the 7th, and when you get a moment, listened to one of the '78 performances of the song and then stick on a 2016/17 version afterwards, Milan #2, Philly #2, any you like. There's nothing else really to this, just do it because you get to hear two mint versions of "Racing in the Street" in a row. TL;DR: ESSENCE.
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    Borris usually has white sox but she has been playing in the dirt
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    Then again, he could be singing to those barefoot boys who left their homes when that whole incident went down on 57th street. I still like pot, though.