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    Fookin' amazing... Drove down to a small town near L.A. for the movie...it was an amazing trip. The movie is so good, so well done...I am beyond the ability to put this into words.
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    As it's not April 1st, i'm taking this as real and not some sort of ironic joke. We must not applaud the brilliance of this Scorsese / Kubrick hybrid until the very end. Thats right folks - you must somehow control your emotions of seeing arty shots of Bruce riding/walking/biking through a desert / his profound musings / charles giordano's glistening head until an appropriate time. I'm not sure I'll quite be able to restrain myself.
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    I saw it this weekend and it is fucking immense, especially on a big screen and with great audio. Unlike a lot of people this album was/is a bit of a grower for me but this blew me away. Great job Bruce, seriously.
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    It was mentioned on E Street Radio that women are quite taken with this album. I would agree. My wife likes Bruce, and I have taken her with me to 15-16 concerts including Broadway, but this album has really captured her. Also, her daughter, my step-daughter, is obsessed with it. The funny thing is so is her dog. She sent me footage of her little dog howling to the instrumental of Chasing Wild Horses. The little guy was looking up and howling at the top of his lungs.
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    I'm not "pretentious" enough to have attended more than two classical concerts in my life, but no one applauded between movements at either one. I believe it's considered poor etiquette to clap between movements. I don't think it's pretentious. As far as this film goes, I'm a lover of the part of the desert where much of the interludes were shot and I'm looking forward to enjoying them and hearing what Bruce has to say about an album that's touched me profoundly. I don't want to not hear it because some people don't have the sense to realize they're applauding a recording. Will I clap? I might. When it's over.
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    I don't see the note as any different than the onscreen reminders to silence your phone, not smoke and be generally respectful of others around you.
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    The whole theater applauded when Luke blew up the Death Star.
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    For me a masterpiece is an album where all the songs are great and that you don't get tired of.
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    I shared this on a couple of Bruce Facebook groups yesterday. Fits this thread nicely, I think. So with apologies to anyone who may have tripped over it already: Some spoiler-free thoughts on Western Stars, about 24 hours after I walked out of the theater: Wow. My expectations were fairly high based on the buzz. But the film exceeded them. Let's start with the music. I said when the album came out that it was a crime that Bruce wasn't going to tour behind it, and I am even more crushed now that I will never be able to see it truly live. Playing a few songs on the next tour with the band will be great; playing all or most of them with an orchestra? It would have been amazing. We are lucky that this film is the next best thing -- the sound is stellar, the orchestra is phenomenal, and Patti adds an excellent new element. The overall sonic experience feels much like I imagine it felt for those lucky enough to be sitting in Bruce's barn when this was filmed. Now for the interludes. It shouldn't be a surprise that they are heartfelt and add a new element to our understanding of each song. After all, that's what both Bruce's autobiography and Broadway did, at a macro level. Here, Bruce lets you in on what was going on inside his head with respect to each song as the album came together. It. Is. Awesome. But Bruce shares a lot more than just the basic idea underlying each track; his introspection results in his sharing much of the wisdom he has gained over the last 70 years. I feel like I need to go again with a notebook so I can capture his exact words, but likely will instead sit back and soak it in again, saving my note-taking until the Blu Ray is available. Speaking of the Blu Ray, don't wait for it! I am sure I will enjoy seeing it at home. I am sure you will too. But the sound and the scope, particularly of the scenes shot out West, won't be the same at home. (Just like Broadway isn't the same on Netflix as it was in the theater.) So if you are anywhere near where it's being shown, find a way to go. You won't be sorry. It's great fun to see Bruce play with folks who are, for the most part, new to him. You can tell he enjoys it, and the looks on the faces of a number of the musicians when they suddenly fully realize that they are backing Bruce Springsteen is the kind of joy that is a wonder to behold. This all said, thank all that is holy that Bruce has publicly and repeatedly said that he intends to tour again. Because absent that assurance, this sure would have felt like a capstone to his career -- although what a capstone it would be.
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    My next door neighbours don't have problems with hearing it
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    Well... not much to say that others haven’t said! And... on the flip side, don’t want to say something that might not yet be known to those who haven’t yet seen it. The barn setting for the ‘concert’ was fantastic. It’s absolutely gorgeous. That orchestra... OMG is all I can say. Really... just... OMG!!! Mr RJM kept saying the same thing. The intros to each song, the old home movie footage/photos along with breathtaking footage of the west were brilliant. All the songs sounded fantastic, with Western Stars remaining my personal favorite. We got into a conversation with an older gentleman after the film. As we were exiting he asked Mr RJM a question, who pointed at me and said, ‘she’s the expert...’ Of course one thing led to another and we stood chatting for at least 15 minutes. His 49 year old son is a Bruce fan and was supposed to meet him at the theatre, but was unable to go; so he went on his own. He wasn’t too familiar with the album, but said he was blown away by how beautiful it was. He also said he met up with Bruce accidentally one weekend in Montana in the 80s, and that Bruce was the nicest, most down to earth person you could imagine. Anyway... Glen Campbell song was FANTABULOUS!!!! The footage after the film was great. A few friends couldn’t go last night... funny how they knew I’d be happy to see it again!
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    just saw it myself and yes, you MUST see it in a theater with an amazing sound system!!!! Agree with the assessment about Stones, very powerful. Two great things about the movie without giving anything away. The sound mix is awesome and how they isolated Bruce’s voice to where to can hear every word to every song clearly brings the song into focus even more. i will see it again
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    Bruce stop in St. Louis on both TGOTJ and D&D tours in this theater
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    Yes. Sunny Day kids can build castles of sand there instead of doing other things on stage.
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    Happy 69th Tom. It boggles my mind that I miss you as much as I do. I guess it's just a deep connection to your music that for some reason, I never knew was there...
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    Bloody hell, there's an awful lot of hot air being expended on a simple suggestion!
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    Maybe he should have handed out notes at Leeds that said please refrain from stupid shouting during the acoustic numbers at the end of the show.
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    You see, folks, pretentiousness is when you apply a greater importance or significance to something than it actually holds. The note doesn't do that. Asking for quiet so others can hear the spoken parts doesn't attach any more importance to it than what you've all attached in your mind. I bet you're all just usually rowdy and noisy at the movies, clapping after every scene you enjoy? No, I didn't think so. You'd expect those around you to be quiet enough for you to enjoy and hear any film you went to. Why should this be any different?
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    He's only kindly requesting you to give a chance to the folks next to you to fully appreciate the nuances of the dialogue and the full performance. It's that simple.
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    No....I think she left in tears because her "idol" cursed her out. So, you tell me....who's the snowflake now?
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    https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/bruce-springsteen-returns-nj-hometown-003124369.html Bruce Springsteen returned to his hometown of Freehold, New Jersey to offer a surprise introduction to the first public multiplex viewing of his concert/documentary film, “Western Stars.” Dressed simply in a brown jacket, Springsteen took a moment to say a few words at the AMC Freehold 14 movie theater on Saturday night. “We knew we weren’t going to tour, so I tried to figure out a way to get the music to you,” the 70-year-old Rock and Roll Hall of Famer told the audience. After making a few brief remarks about filming the movie at his barn in Colts Neck, and in Joshua Tree National Park, Springsteen asked a small favor. “If you have applause, I would save it for the end of the film,” he said. “Because the editing and the pacing of the film has its own message.” “Thanks for coming out,” he continued. “Thanks for supporting me all these years, and enjoy ‘Western Stars.'” Demand for the movie at home was so great it screened in two theaters, 4 and 9, with Springsteen popping into both, said attendee Pete Maimone, who posted video of one of the appearances. This was the second time in a month Springsteen returned to Freehold. In September, he came in for the opening of the exhibit “Springsteen: His Hometown,” performing one song with Joe Grushecky at the grand opening. The exhibit is currently on display at the Monmouth County Historical Association on Court Street in Freehold. “Western Stars,” which Springsteen co-directed with longtime collaborator Thom Zimny, opens nationwide Oct. 25, after two nights of public sneak previews in select theaters, held Saturday night and again this coming Wednesday.
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    A very detailed review here is mine some singing some talking some horses some desert scenes some crying...
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    There was soft clapping from the audience here and there, and lots of clapping at the end. All good.
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    so Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuucing is out then
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    Maybe this has been a problem with the preview showings and that's why he's addressing it? I don't know though. Just a thought.
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    After reading and seeing the fun @Promise61 and @ukjohnney had at their Alice Cooper concert. Had to:
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    Flac with Artwork and Info The 2012 Wrecking Ball Compilation Part 1-4 (Flynn) https://mega.nz/#F!kNJgkKgA!jKUpkCctwg4H-Tz5F9Paaw Valid for one month
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    Night of the 22nd, during their annual Ryman residency... Jason and Amanda duet on vocals.
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    I have asked Santa for the soundtrack on vinyl. I think I have been good enough this year...
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    He said ‘If I may make one suggestion...” He used the word ‘ask.’ He also included ‘if any’ in regards to applause. We can debate all day about if people clap in movies; but as many have experienced... yes, they sometimes do. Hell, the scene in BBTL you (and others) said you hated and made you cringe (in the restaurant with the racist bullies), the theatre I was in exploded in spontaneous applause. He’d like the audience to experience the film in a certain way. So he made a suggestion that he felt would enhance the experience of the movie goer. And knowing what we know about how Bruuuuuuuuuuuce fans can and do often act, the suggestion was warranted. So no, I don’t see anything wrong or pretentious or pompous with it at all. But for those that do, ain’t nothing anyone can say to change their mind.
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    The comparison to the more raucous rock and roll shows Bruce has put on seems like just one more complaint, one more over-sized sense of privilege to expect a musician to "Play Starry, Starry Night again, man" as Joni Mitchell once remarked. It is so irrelevant, too, because you didn't go to the early shows to clap and talk to the person next to you and "BROOOOCE"--you were there for the music. I could go on a rant here (oh so easily, don't tempt me, bro) about how we've become so self-centric that we forget basic courtesy. Other people exist. I loathe it when people are talking during a show, whether it is Bruce in a stadium or in a tiny bar where an artist or group is performing on stage. I'm only out because I want to experience the person I paid to see, not hear about the person next to me's last date. Usually, a politely worded request ends the second example. (If it doesn't, and ongoing talking continues, I mention it to management.) But I'm weird that way--I go to hear musical acts because I actually want to hear the music live. What is pretentious about any musician being concerned about his whole audience? If it's really just too challenging to simply watch a movie, it's best you do stay home. You can do any number of personal acts while you watch without disturbing anyone else. As for applauding at the end of the movie or even in the middle after a climactic scene, that is a relatively new behavior. It is not because the audience members think that the actors can hear them, it is intended as a communal act. It does seem weird to me at times, because I'm old. However, it didn't seem remotely odd after watching the movie with my fellow Chapel Hill-ites that we applauded when the movie was over. It was communal and it wasn't rude or invasive. It didn't continue when the extra footage was shown. On another note, for those of us who fell in love with Bruce-the-Storyteller, this movie is all of that, with a bag of chips.
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    I don't rate the three 'events' mentioned as being of any great merit (personally). Hearing the single BTR for the first time … seeing him in our City Hall that first time … meeting him that first time ... Never forgotten 'events' and held dear.
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    I heard one 'Bruuuce' last week and everyone just laughed. The size of the popcorn boxes that some people were carrying was what got me. I mean, people eat when they're watching Bruce?? He's telling people not to applaud (or breathe) after each song so's there's no chance of us missing any of his musings You all know how he likes to waffle, but what he has to say IS actually quite touching. I do feel as if, at least, this film-come-show is a little bit more accessible to his fans than Broadway was. Yes, I know it was a completely different thing, but anyway ... And @Eileen and @Promise61, behave yourselves, OK? I am now going to study Astral Weeks. Gawd, it's been a chore, P.
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    He actually came out before the film at the world premiere in Toronto, chatted a bit, and then made the same request of the audience, explaining that the film was a “meditation”. I agree it’s less likely that people will clap in a movie theatre at a regular screening, but with Bruce there in Toronto, and being the premiere, it was a real possibility.
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    Bruce in Colts Neck taken sometime in September 2019.
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    Speaking as both a passionate Springsteen fan and a passionate Mayer fan, this cover warms up heart tremendously. John has covered Bruce before ("I'm On Fire"), and he has spoken at length about his admiration for Bruce's music and lyrics. What I love most about this performance, however, is that he chose to play it because he just flat-out loves the song. This was no crowd pleaser or secret weapon; this was a self-indulgence for John, much like when Bruce plays a cover song or an obscure personal favorite overseas. More power to him.
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    Looking For A Moment When The World Seems Right from Ev2 https://mega.nz/#F!XqYygK5B!rdTgDEylp96YBdl3OR4r-w Link good for 3 weeks
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    Flynn 2001 Holiday Compilation https://mega.nz/#F!H6ISRSLY!dVHVat5JMF0dirmX5Tc1eQ Link good for 3 weeks
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    Love that one P. Love this one as well...
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    In my completely biased opinion, this is the greatest picture in music history