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    Some nights, this is all I need... I remember how it floored me. In those days before the internet, I had only a vague idea of what to expect from the Tunnel Of Love Express. I still remember realizing toward the end of his introduction that he was going to play Born To Run. I felt a seed of doubt. The band wasn't on stage. It was just Bruce with his acoustic guitar and harmonica. The moment he began to sing, I was absorbed and before he was finished, I was crying. Just a little. It was beautiful then and it's beautiful now and the way it made me feel that night, my first year off the road, my first Springsteen show since I put my backpack away, is a way I want to feel sometimes still. The song that had always roared like a justification for my running away now whispered like an affirmation that slowing down isn't standing still, but it's close enough. Wo oh oh wo oh oh...
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    I forgot to post a picture of Dozer looking through his stocking on Christmas morning!
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    I just hope he does with this E Street record what he did with Western Stars; write great character-driven songs, widen his comfort zone and give us something memorable and moving.
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    our own hoserboy Would be proud... oh and over in jersey right now asking Sam for tickets for the next tour miss you rich
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    Happy New Year to all our friends here on the Lake!
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    We took Nabisco and Ivy to the beach today for the first time ever. Didn't go too bad, though neither one of them wanted anything to do with the water.
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    I wonder if Bruce is aware of how many plans WE all have for him on the next tour?
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    If they do a BITUSA tour they should open with Protection, what a banger that one is.
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    The highlight of the 88 show for me. I'm a perennial cryer at gigs, this one had me in floods. The spoken intro played a part........"....this song has kept me good company on my journey, I hope it's kept you good company on yours....". Wonderful.
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    I beg to differ - it's here as a service of people need it, and some years that will be more than others. It didn't have a critical mass this year, but that doesn't make it a flop. The fact you started it gets a hat tip from me, and that we did get a cross section of regulars tells you it was appreciated. We. Take. Care. Of. Our. Own.
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    I was at that show, front half of the floor. When Bruce came out the "Bruuuuuuuuce" was so loud I truly understood the meaning of "could not hear yourself think".
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    1983-08-02 (MJK5510) -----> https://mega.nz/#F!eAFjnCJa!EO2NAofRE83pwi52n6Bwuw 1 week
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    One soft infested summer me and Chewie became friends...
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    Bridge Over Troubled Water was released Jan. 26
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    Week of Jan. 24 - Johnny Cash and June Carter, If I Were a Carpenter
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    Starting the listening day with a few 12” singles and ep’s. Forgot just how great the flip side of Passionate Kisses was.
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    Flac with Info and Artwork 1996-12-05 Columbia, SC - The Township Moron (Piggham Records) https://mega.nz/#F!5A52lYjJ!OKQHok2DXV1jmnxwf9Tr_Q
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    Do you guys think there is any chance Nugs would release the 2019 Stone Pony "Boston College" benefit show (2019-11-16)? Would love to hear that show and it will be great to have at least one 2019 show... O yeah, I'm new here - hi everyone!
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    Absolutely gutted tonight to hear that Rush drummer Neil Peart has died after a 3 year battle against brain cancer, In my early teens I was a huge Rush fan and saw them several times in the early 80's including one memorable gig in 1980 at the Apollo in Glasgow when I was 15. Peart was quite simply without any shadow of a doubt the greatest drummer I have ever seen or heard. I hate drum solos, but seeing a Neil Peart drum solo live in concert was a breathtaking experience. Have a look at one on YouTube if you want to see what I mean. The man was just a machine and technically brilliant. He was also a hugely intelligent man who wrote the bands lyrics which were quite incredible. I went off them a bit around the mid 80's but then I went to their 40 year anniversary show at the SECC in Glasgow in 2004 and they were still amazing in concert and Neil was still as awesome as ever. Really sad to see one of my all time heroes of music pass away too young. Thanks for the memories. RIP Neil
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    Once again, nice for some writers... Imagine doing that though, writing a blog post in advance to get it out asap when the show is released. You wouldn't see me doing that in July 2018 for The Roxy '78 or doing that in November 2019 in preparation for a potential Vietnam Vets release somewhere down the road. Nope, not me.
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    To wrap up, there have been a lot of Bruce interviews in recent months where he says the E Street Band are touring in 2020. Are you pretty sure it’s going to happen? Until I see a press release, I don’t care what he says, alright? I mean, I’ve gotten in trouble before, so I’ve learned my lesson. I don’t care what he says. Yes, I hope so. I even may think so. But until there’s a press release, all I can say is that I hope so and I think so.
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    1984-12-06 Unbooted ----> https://mega.nz/#F!OIkzQarb!0jspVfgMA1R1LnlKAv66LA THIS IS COMPRESSED. 1 week only
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    I LOVE the acoustic version of BTR from 88.
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    I'm with ya JJ! Not really. Absolutely not, actually. I just thought the brief second of not being alone would make you feel better.
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    "The answer to these and other mysteries will now be revealed..."
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    He’s going to turn up his workout with Hello Sunshine? I assume his workout is some sort of meditation or yoga. Or just a nap.
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    Nassau 1980.....that because the night solo with the new mix..... If the kids weren’t asleep upstairs and the wife didn’t want to watch TV I would play this show at full volume on my home speakers tonight synchronising the start time to reach midnight as at showtime. What a way to see the new year in it was for those fans that night. And I absolutely love the new mix which came out a few months ago.
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    He was at, and shouted this at, Wembley Arena in 2002. No word of a lie.
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    Moondance was released the 27th
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    I love this. My goodness, he's written some great songs over the years.
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    When we stood at the altar the gypsy swore our future was bright, but come the wee, wee hours maybe baby the gypsy lied. - Brilliant Disguise.
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    I loved the movie. Very uplifting! I'm reading the book - Greetings from Bury Park by Sarfraz Manzoor and it is darker than what the movie portrays.
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    Sounds like a scene from My Big Fat Greek Wedding! BTW... that first line, taken out of context... um
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    I think Nugs are basically winging it at this point. When we had the '25 concerts lined for release' the First Friday was really consistent. Since we passed the 25 mark, delays have become more and more the norm.
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    I would have loved to have been at all three ....But of course i have to vote for the one i actually attended. Happy and Healthy New Year to All. Thanks for sharing my obsession.
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