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    After much discussion and thoughtful consideration, the Admin/Mod team has made the decision to shut down the political forum. Over several years, we have tried many different “versions” of this in an attempt to have nuanced, thoughtful conversations about political events and Bruce’s opinions and how those opinions may have shaped some of our thinking. However, each attempt has met with failure, as the forum has denigrated to name calling, insults and different levels of hatred and animosity in every form we have provided. Our overriding goal for the community is to provide an inclusive place, where people can feel safe to discuss their love for Bruce and the music he has given us. While other interests on the site seem to be well supported (other artists as an example) and in these forums, differing opinions are welcomed. Friends are made in these forums, and new things are discovered as someone brings them to our attention. The political forum seemed to only create “enemies and allies” and the spirit exhibited divided Greasy Lake members more than it united them. So we have chosen to focus on what unites us, our love for all things Springsteen. The internet has an endless amount of places where politics are discussed, we have decided we don’t need to provide a place for that here. No doubt, some day in the near future, Bruce may comment on a political topic. We will allow a civilized discussion of Bruce’s thoughts or the actions he chooses to take on the main page. Other than that, no political topics will be allowed. Please don’t try anything like the topic “I wonder what Bruce thinks about __________?” in hopes of that being approved. On a personal note, I enjoyed the political forum and will miss it. However, I also miss many friends who used to post here more often, who have decided to spend time elsewhere. Many of these friends told me personally that the “Fight Club” was a big part of that decision. I hope some of them hear about the change and decide to revisit our forums and share their thoughts and ideas about topics. I am sure I am not the only one who misses their voice. In the meantime, this is a final decision so there is no need to reach out and ask if we might change our mind. We will lock the forum to replies and allow a few days for you to read/archive anything you wish to save. There are some threads there that aren't of a political nature, if you would like those moved to "Loose Ends" please ask a Mod or Admin and we will tow the thread to the forum. Please don't drag your political "enemies list" into the new forums, we will be encouraging those previous animosities to be forgotten. Our goal is for us to be united as a community of friends. Focusing our attention on what unites us and eliminating the endless debates about what divides us is hopefully a step in that direction Mikey, For the GL Admin/Mod Team
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    I truly love this entire album, and WS remains my most favorite. How most others feel about Moonlight Motel (which I think is beautiful), I feel about Western Stars. Was listening to it again this AM, and different parts still move me to tears, and I don’t even know exactly why. To me this song is a masterpiece in every sense of the word. Love the vid as well.
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    It’s almost been 2 months since this was released, and we still have the album on repeat in our car so I listen to it every single day. It’s definitely made me develop clear favourites, but also realise that there really isn’t one bad song on the album. I have to say though besides Moonlight Motel, I think Chasin’ Wild Horses is not only one of my favourite Bruce songs ever, but in general one of my favourite songs ever. I had wondered how long it would take for the novelty of a new album to wear off, and it really still hasn’t. I still can’t help picking up the album in my hands and marvelling at it.
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    Some guy said they're finishing up the Tom Morello guitar overdubs as we speak.
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    It's been leaked. The new download is to be a MASSIVE career overview. This is gonna cost !!!
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    Yes, I agree. Everything for the past decade, almost, has been looking back or inward. High Hopes was a round up of detritus, the The River box is self explanatory, The River Tour had nothing new. Then the book, SOB, and even Western Stars revisited old material. BBTL put him firmly back in a time warp of mullets, cassettes and sleeveless shirts like some sort of artefact. The rumour is that there is a box set in the planning that will be even more retrospective stuff. And now we hear that Western Stars The Movie is very inward looking too. Some of the Bruce quotes I've heard and read suddenly appear to reveal Bruce aware of his own mortality as if it is something that is no longer further on up the road but just around the corner. I know that myself and @janeymarywendy touched on this a while ago in another thread that garnered no other opinions, but it really feels like there is a load of housekeeping going on over there.
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    Crazy to think it has been 3 years already. My best "Bruce Week" with 3 legendary shows, Philly # 1, Philly # 2 and up to Boston for the final night of the tour. Anyone of these shows would have been my "legendary" show by themselves, getting 3 amazing shows between Sept 7th and Sept 14th still convinces me I saw Bruce at his best as he wrapped up a week I won't forget.
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    Ok, I’m at the venue. There is a short lineup of people waiting to get into the Fanzone — the place right beside the red carpet. About 15 people in front of me in line.
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    Hi Daisey, just realised missed your birthday! Sorry to read about all your troubles, sending you a big hug ..
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    Up to Meeting and, thank God, justice has been done to one of the best shows and boots I’ve ever heard. Best archive release by miles. Don’t even try to argue. I bought the Piece de Resistance silvers waaay back in the day so I know this one well but ffs this is incredible. Also, C sings on Streets of Fire??! I’d never heard that before! Yes, I like this one .
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    Not to make anyone jealous, but I’ve actually never listened to this show’s bootleg at all. That means I have the privilege of listening to this show for the first time when I take a long drive to pick up some friend’s tomorrow morning - safe to say I cannot wait
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    This is my favourite by a distance. Very atmospheric and Bruce is sooooo gorgeous in this (with and without a shirt)
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    Seeing as I couldn't stay logged off and seem to be back on here 24/7, I guess I should try and get back on track with posting 'half decent' content that makes me feel like I've done something helpful for the forum. I've enjoyed posting these threads in the past, hopefully you've enjoyed them as well. This time around it's Devils & Dust complete from live shows in 2005, mainly because I'm running out of albums and want to at least save Born to Run in '75 for a bit longer. "Devils & Dust" "All The Way Home" "Reno" "Long Time Comin'" "Black Cowboys" "Maria's Bed" "Silver Palomino" "Jesus Was An Only Son" "Leah" "The Hitter" "All I'm Thinking 'Bout" "Matamoros Banks" And just in case this seems really unappealing for the majority, I present, well, more unappealing and unrelated to the album videos from the 2005 tour. "Frankie" "Waitin' on a Sunny Day" "Walk Like a Man" If you enjoyed this concept, please be aware that there are other threads like this: The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle, live in 73/74 Magic, live over the years Live 75-85; (Most of) Working on a Dream, live in 2009; Born in the U.S.A live in '84/'85; Wrecking Ball live in '12/'13; Darkness live in '78; The River live in '80/'81; Tunnel of Love live in '88
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    Updated: "The Ties That Bind" http://brucebase.wikidot.com/stats:the-river-studio-sessions#toc3 The Wild, Innocent..... read "The Fever" and "You Mean So Much To Me" http://brucebase.wikidot.com/stats:wild-innocent-e-street-shuffle-studio-sessions#toc3
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    Same over here, really. I've been playing WS since day 1 and I'm still playing it, from beginning to end. Not only marvelling it and enjoying it, but it really does still grow on me. Can't put my finger on any other album that gave me this feeling, think I must go back to either 78 or 75, and you know what I'm referring to here...only during my vacation I didn't listen to it daily but the moment I got back home it went into the play and repeat mode. Never really expected an album like this, soundwise and qualitywise. It's just a superb album that really fits my life today, being older and not runnin' anymore. Just a shame all you folks out there who didn't buy the album are really missing sth there. Even as a long-time Springsteen fan I can truly say, rather write, that he, Bruce, really put the best into it. And one true classic has been born, the absolute highlight of the album, Western Stars itself. Everything that really is so great about this album comes together in this one song Probably the number one album this year, I really can't think of any other one to knock it of the pole position. And, honestly, I must say that there is a lot of great music out there, apart from Bruce. Mission impossible made possible as only Bruce can do.
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    The best version is of course the one for hoserboy
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    Enjoy the re-up while you can (before it probably gets removed again.)
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    How big of a must-have is this show? Last time I downloaded a show was November when there was a 50-percent off sale. And that was after asking the Mrs. permission. This time, I'm asking her for forgiveness.
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    This had me going back to the LA '85 review to see what I wrote about that one and bloody hell there's a stark contrast where it concerns vocals! LA '85 Passaic #1 I mentioned earlier in the thread I was overwhelmed by this show and that really was the case for "Racing", "Thunder Road" and "Jungleland". I don't know if it was that or the fact I've written in detail about them loads over the last year and a bit, but I really struggled to find the words. Seriously, I finished the show, wrote everything up about the other 21 songs and went back to replay those three immediately afterwards. I was dumbfounded by them. Still am, tbh.
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    and here is hoping that all your days contain an Extra Long Kitty
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    September 5, 2019 Just wanted everybody to know I was contacted by the admin and a moderator about posting TTTB I am going to post my summary I gave to both of them Bottom line is TTTB bootleg is banned from sharing in here There are many other ways to exchange a link if you absolutely have to This is for Greasy Lake, so let's continue to enjoy what we do I told them we will keep sharing outtakes of "The Promise" because Springsteen has never officially released what we share he re-recorded it once 1998, and destroyed one version with overdubs 2010 That is a good example of the controversy What I wrote to them: My take on this issue is that because of all the tinkering Bruce does to his "outtakes", without any details to his loyal fans, nothing he issues from past sessions can be trusted. On Brucebase, I created 2 very popular charts "Modern Elements" for The Promise and another for the TTTB River Outtakes, that describe which tracks have been overdubbed and with what. I am very involved with people on this board, BTX, SPL and Hoffman, where this subject is constantly discussed. Today on GL, the TTTB subject, more in regards to the JEMS upgrade from 2010 of the TTTB tracks. I started out saying that it was obsolete, that an official release (River Single Album) had now been issued. I think I changed my mind in just a few minutes. Nobody trusts Bruce on this anymore. We have decided several tracks on The Promise and TTTB are not outtakes at all. People are analizing Tracks now for tampering, which he definitely did. I take notes on all this, it is a HUGE issue in the community. There, I thought you should know what is going on. I am right in the middle of this, because I want to help people to get information on their music. Anyway, unlike the past, The River Single Album is not accepted as an official release of The Ties That Bind, based on Springsteen's behavior. The Promise blew people away, and we are waiting for a new box we know is coming with fear, because just remixing his unreleased tracks is not enough, he replaces vocals of 30 year old Bruce, with 60 year old Bruce, doesn't say or write anything, and many hardcore fans are still very upset. I think it is best for Greasy Lake for people not to provide links to any of the TTTB versions, because it may cause a problem for you, and people can trade emails or something else if they have to. Most of us have had copies for years, it is always new people. I will tell everybody in my group, but mainly the leaders, this is the policy, and they will enforce it. Anything you and your team want to do I will support. This is not that big of a deal, but it's not my call, and I appreciate being allowed here, and we all have to do what the boss thinks is best for Greasy Lake. Also, what I said I would is just suggestion, you tell me how you want this handled, and that's what we will do. We are all released on our own recognizance, and wearing ankle bracelets Post something wrong and the Greasy Lake militia is coming down route 88 for you and then we gonna make you dance like a Spirit in the night as punishment ------- No just joking you guys are very aware and always ask questions, me included If you want to exchange anything not approved, there are many ways to do it that's why this is no problem for us, only possibly for GL, so we will protect the board tw
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    I love the WS video. Beautiful video for a beautiful song.
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    Let me just say.......I'm glad I came of age during the 2nd half of the 20th century. Good night.
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    Always thought Caution Horses was under-rated on account of its predecessor. ‘Cos Cheap Is How I Feel has to be a contender for my favourite Junkies track!
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    All this talk of a snipping tool will make Bruce a tad uneasy
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    Is there a lemon tree shortage in New Zealand like?
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    Aaaaaaannnnnnd, they’re here. Less than 20 hours later, delivered by hand to me at my front door. What a miracle. (Now I can finally check to see if I’ve been singing the lyrics right )
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    1978-08-18 Philadelphia PA (Sound Check) https://mega.nz/#F!lv4EQKJL!xXWhVXOY18PZnPcPfsSe0A
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    Well I did say Arguably in my original post, however I still feel that Passaic was more important simply to due its widespread distribution. As it is the highest selling one and also the show that had the most listeners at any one time in the broadcast, this show more than any other converted the most fans and made Bruce THE live act to see. While he was well on his way and the 75 broadcast was a huge part of that, it simply pales in comparison due to the sheer amount of people who not only heard but owned Passaic and considered it the best show of all time. The only reason the tour is considered the best of all time is due to the availability of those 78 broadcast with Passaic being the biggest by far of all of them. After 75 he was still playing clubs and theaters with some arenas mixed in. After 78 he was playing arenas and stadiums and never looked back (when touring with the E Street Band) unless my memory is faulty and I am forgetting some theater or clubs shows on the River Tour. The Passaic broadcast was a huge part of making his live show a must see for the masses and not just to his already growing hardcore fanbase. Bottom Line simply does not have the same overwhelming praise and familiarity. That does not diminish it or its greatness but if I were to rank them it would be Passaic 1 and Bottom Line 2 in my opinion. But like I said originally it is arguable and other people may feel other shows are more important. It is really a matter of personal opinion either way. There really is no quantifiable way to settle the discussion. And yes I agree about moving the focus to the 70's. Hopefully more come out despite the lesser amount of recordings in that era.
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    Holy mother of God. The greatest live show by any artist ever. Better than Winterland, better than Vets. About to purchase and download. Stunned, excited and nervous. No Bobby C mix but JA. Hence the nerves. Please be “Stockholm” or “Nassau remix” (awesome sounding) and not a “Roxy” (muddy mess)... Behind door number one lies salvation, behind door number two lies crushing disappointment... The words of UncleJosh give me hope!
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    It really is that wonderful/brilliant/intense. And I’ve been listening to this show for decades. This I hear with new ears.
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