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    Released a year ago today and I still love it. Best since the 1980s, at least for me.
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    the last thread like this was hoyed in the bin.. love this
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    I adore WS for various reasons, I was obsessed with it for months after it was released, and I still listen to the album very regularly. It's a therapeutic record, the strings and orchestrations are magnificent, glorious. It widens up my mind somehow, works like a panoramic lens, everything seems wider, and the pain eases, as if it gets diluted by music. Thematically, best album since TOL, maybe even its sequel. Some very notable lyrics throughout the album. WS demonstrates that an artist should always follow his artistic calling, even if it means deviating from the usual, typical, and commercially more profitable. The only thing I hope for is that Bruce is going to sing at least a couple of these songs live eventually. If I ever get to hear MM live, I'm going to faint. Maybe I should put this on a sign?
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    This is my first post here so I'm hoping I'm not breaking any forum rules right away. I used to hang out on Greasylake about 20 years ago but I've long since forgotten my user name back then. For some weird reason I've spent these years between on BTX though I prefer Greasylake. Anyway, I wanted to share this with you... Feeling nostalgic I started re-reading some old issues of Backstreets and in issue 20 found an article called "Bruce video in the works" (from early 1987). Since I'm typing this on my phone, I'll only quote the parts that I found really exciting: "Arthur Rosato told the Courier-Post that he's spent the last year looking at over 500 hours of Bruce video." "Rosato and his assistants filmed more than 80 shows from the Born in the U.S A tour, the Courier-Post reported." The Courier-Post had actually interviewed Rosato so those numbers should be accurate. So far we've only seen "War," "My hometown" and "Born to run" from at least a year of work Rosato put into the project.
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    That’s exactly how a great Bruce album is supposed to be: artistically different, but Springsteen to the core. A masterpiece, IMHO.
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    https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2020/06/bruce-springsteens-playlist/613378/ New Bruce Interview.
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    How about this instead?
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    G'day all @ GL Have been lurking here for over a year, couldn't put off joining any longer. Special appreciation for all the legends uploading so much content in the bootleg thread. As for myself, up until 18 months ago only had a very casual appreciation of Bruce. Wanted to see what all the fuss was about so started listening in chronological order... and well... I certainly didn't expect that dive to completely dominate my music library. The live archive catalogue alone has really hurt the old credit card! I've been lucky enough to see all my favourite artists (that are still alive) & prior to Covid 19 hitting us I thought the most realistic chance of seeing him would involve flying to the USA this year. Closest I've ever come to seeing him was accidentally getting stuck in traffic @ Hanging Rock in 2013... how I'd love to have that time back! Anyway, I've probably gone on a bit long for an introductory post. Cheers to everyone here.
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    My kids did me proud today with this, any other presents for Dads?
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    In my opinion it joins the list of Bruce's masterpiece albums. An absolute joy to listen to from start to finish with some real classics in there. The movie and soundtrack only reinforced to me how great this record is. Production, melody, lyrics, emotion, performance...it's got everything. The quality of the songs is what really makes this album, only enhanced by the marvellous orchestration. If this was Bruce's last album (and I very much hope it wasn't), then what a way to finish up an incredible recording career.
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    This is the best first post I've ever read on this forum. Welcome!
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    I had my children Baptized, receive their First Holy Communion and participate in Confirmation. I lead them toward God and Jesus, but at this point it is up to them whether or not they want to continue because I won't force my beliefs on them. There was a period of time that I was a laxed Catholic. I guess I can still be considered that by some because there are certain rules that I disagree with the Catholic Church. I feel it needs to move a little more towards modern times. I don't think you will go to Hell if you don't attend Mass on a weekly basis. I don't know how I feel about Confession because I think confessing your sins in prayer directly to God should be enough. There are also times that I question my faith, especially when you have so many people that berate you for believing. But I do believe in God, I do believe in Jesus and I do believe in Heaven. When I find myself questioning it I just look at the sky or a sunset or my kids and I realize that how could there not be a God.
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    When the album was announced I really feared for its safety. Whilst the description sounded like something I was hopefully of liking, it also sounded like something that I thought many would detest. It was therefore quite a relief when Hello Sunshine arrived to a mainly positive reception. Even then I couldn't have imagined the album would be greeted with words like 'masterpiece'. I'm sure Bruce must have been really thrilled by how well the album was received by both fans and critics. I've never tried to rank the album against his previous work, and don't intend to start now. It's just so different from earlier albums that I consider comparison both impossible and pointless. I don't know how he did it, but he somehow made an album that sounds 'classic Bruce' despite sounding nothing like 'classic Bruce (I know what I mean ) There are some songs that would work well live either solo or with the band, I hope Bruce backs down on suggestions that the he wouldn't be playing them live when, and if, they performances are able to resume.
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    The political message everyone expected is in the intro to "Black Cowboys", Still true. A shame, and you know its true. I'll refrain from sharing my political beliefs here. I am ashamed I am part of a community that allows censorship of our posts for fear of the anger it will generate. Shame on us. Not gonna make a post for 7 days.
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    Ffs Erik. Get a grip. That third paragraph is total cringe.
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    As are many believers. He's also, specifically, an intelligent human being who has discussed at length just how deeply his Catholicism has affected him and continues to do so. I mean, even in this interview, when discussing that they're not baptized, he admits he's uneasy about that (no longer his) decision.
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    Better than sex. Seriously though, I don't deem it necessary to compare albums from different eras. Writing is a refining process, determined by personal growth and ageing of the author. Though the rankings may be fun, they are not the best way to evaluate someone's work, especially with long-lasting careers.
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    This time last year, around this time actually, I was getting ready to go to my HS graduation. Since Western Stars came out on the same day, I made a deal with myself to not listen to the album until I fully graduated. Only listened to Tucson Train, Hello Sunshine, Western Stars and There Goes My Miracle until the time came. Didn't even get home until around 8 or so. Got out of my dress clothes and my robe, laid down on my bed, and put the album on. MM is the most beautiful song and I remember tearing up towards the end. Might do that again tonight.
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    Of all the ones they could have put up on YouTube - the bloody bullet mic abomination
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    Is this what you're after?
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    A criminally underplayed song from all the tours from the rising to present, Barca dvd was fantastic, love this song
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    After 4 G-Dead shows in 5 nights, and an obligatory day in the office, on the night of 7/2 I hopped the big TWA bird to London for the 3 shows at the old Wembley stadium. I had an excellent scalper in NYC, Vance, who set me up with tickets thru some tout off Piccadilly Circus. Arrived at Heathrow, got checked in to my hotel at the Hilton there. then took the tube to fetch the tickets. Back to the hotel for a little nap, then tube off to Wembley. Show printed to start at 4, doors open at 2, 80,000 all GA. I got there ~30 minutes early and thru pure luck got to a gate that would open, and was part of the rush onto the pitch. Each show I got to about the same spot - 20-30 people deep off the stage, dead center. Each show I had some wonderful folks around me who marveled at the Yank with the taping gear in his bag. While the most historical notes of this opening show were the world-premiere of his new song Seeds, Steve joining for the encores, and Nils just smoking a solo during Because the Night, the whole experience sticks in my mind. For that many people all GA the crowd was very manageable. At the break I went out to use the loo and fetch something to drink. One of the blokes asked me to bring him back a pint. When I got back to the same spot without issue, and with the pint, he was astonished. This show, and each of the three shows, I was struck by how good the T&S sounded in the encore. 80,000 voices, all raised on T&S and unison singing in stadiums, never sounded so good together. The energy in the stadium was immense. Happy days! About 15 years ago I digitized my recording of opening night for someone from the old SPL because this was his first show. While the middle night was out thru Crystal Cat ("Independence Night"), the first night wasn't. 1985-07-03 - WEMBLEY STADIUM, LONDON, ENGLAND BORN IN THE U.S.A. / BADLANDS / DARLINGTON COUNTY / SEEDS / JOHNNY 99 / ATLANTIC CITY / THE RIVER / WORKING ON THE HIGHWAY / TRAPPED / OUT IN THE STREET / GLORY DAYS / THE PROMISED LAND / MY HOMETOWN / THUNDER ROAD / COVER ME / DANCING IN THE DARK / HUNGRY HEART / CADILLAC RANCH / DOWNBOUND TRAIN / I'M ON FIRE / BECAUSE THE NIGHT / ROSALITA (COME OUT TONIGHT) / CAN'T HELP FALLING IN LOVE / BORN TO RUN / BOBBY JEAN / TWO HEARTS (with Steven Van Zandt) / RAMROD (with Steven Van Zandt) / TWIST AND SHOUT - DO YOU LOVE ME (with Steven Van Zandt) First of three shows at Wembley Stadium. Set features the world premiere of "Seeds". Little Steven joins in for the final encores.
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    The tillywilly Comprehensive Darkness Tour Rehearsals https://mega.nz/folder/CmhzBJSL#Noqx_fE3gudHn1qJt-Z8qQ
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    The best walk on music Bruce ever used.Spine tingling.
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    Bruce being as cute as he can be in an interview by Bob Harris, 1978 for BBC Arts
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    I don’t think calling WS a masterpiece cheapens the albums you mentioned. What makes these albums masterpieces? If you ask me, a unique, definite sound, a sense of narrative, and a relevant songwriting. When I listen to WS, I can clearly hear the author of Darkness, Nebraska or (another masterpiece you didn’t mention) TOL talking to me. That’s Springsteen at the top of his game, even if it’s not rock’n’roll.
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    Coincidentally I've played all the studio albums in order of release and landed upon WS and Songs from the Film just in time for this first anniversary - not planned at all but a nice surprise. Bruce has such a great and varied body of work to reflect upon, and WS is still very much like a blessing to me. I got a bit teary during 'Drive Fast, Fall Hard', thinking of my late dad - the poignant and so humble "I'll keep you in my heart" being repeated set me off but that simple and plaintive "Keep me in your heart" tipped me over the edge.
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    That’s inflation for you, Hammersmith in 1975, tickets £2.20, £1.65, £1.10, worth every penny I’d say I should know, I was there for the extra show. My ticket stub, £1.65 plus the cost of a stamp for return postage, went west many years ago but I’ve still got the concert poster, the only merch on sale, as a souvenir of a night that had a massive impact on my life.
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    Hello Everyone! Thanks for having me! I’m a long time Bruce fan. I saw my first show on the Darkness Tour. I’ve been following him around ever since. I live in Buffalo, NY. I’ve met Bruce twice and am an acquaintance of Steven’s. From the land of peace, love and no mercy! -Gary Z.
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    I'm pretty sure I've spent five hours writing this tonight, so I really hope it's worth your time! https://cantfindtickets.wordpress.com/2020/07/04/new-from-the-springsteen-archive-september-25th-1999-philadelphia-pa/
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    Well this hits the spot... Incident is glorious... I'll never understand the "I pass" and "not for me" comments... $12.95 for the lossless download and I'm transported back to 1999, which beats the hell out of 2020 right now. But to each their own...
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    I remember reading about the setlists on backstreets as the days to the L.A. stand counted down. He always will give his best to Philadelphia, and always has. The magic town that made him famous. I cannot wait to hear it. We are lucky for the archive series. I cannot believe the last two years, Just godsmacked and overjoyed at this.... Incident into Ties (Love Conquers All, that thin line binds us inspite of our failures and desire to make our way) Point Black (An epic amidst the night of epics) Atlantic City (a great song) NYC Serenade into Streets of Philadelphia (Isolation and breaking free) JUNGLELAND (HOLYSHIT) I will go on once I hear it....thanks for reading. ***REFRESH****
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    Mick and the boys to sue The Donald for unauthorised use of their music.
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    It is a strange quote, teetering on the edge of that America-centric nonsense that comes from some folks in that country. (You know, the types that ignorantly and without any trace of humour honestly believe there are only two types of people... Americans and those that want to be Americans). I'm sure Bruce isn't truly of that mindset. And he's selling his art very short limiting it to just being about America... I love the mythic America he colours his songs with, but it certainly isn't what brought me to his music or keeps me listening to it.
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    I’m pretty sure I read this entire thread as it was unfolding and I didn’t see anything wrong with any of the posts. Maybe the mods could create a post that quotes some of the deleted posts so the rest of us have an idea of what doesn’t belong here so it would be easier for the rest of us to understand? Just a thought. On the religion topic, I always find the people 100% sure about their belief to be disingenuous and somewhat scary. I am a devout Catholic. Baron and raised, walked away from it in my late teens/early 20s before returning after studying up on it a bit. Yet I would never tell you it is the right religion and your religion is wrong. I believe strongly in God, yet I would never honestly tell you I know God exists as a fact. I have no problem with an atheist or an agnostic who acknowledges that they don’t know 100% that they are right the same way I don’t have a problem with a person of faith who will acknowledge the possibility that they are wrong.
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    Detroit Medley is missing of course
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    Still consider Moonlight Motel lyrically one of the best songs he has ever written.
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    Woke up after having the most glorious of dreams: Bruce Springsteen opening a summer evening at Camp Nou in Barcelona with this heart breaker.
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    Album and a half! Absolutely love it! He's still got it! Wish there had been a tour last year with it - Bruce in theatres with a sizeable band with strings would have been a lovely show
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    Definitely my most played album since the 80’s. I would estimate that of the 52 weeks of the last year I have listened to the album (or the later Songs from the Film versions) in about 52 weeks of it.
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    One for hardcore fans this, with rasping vocal and mumbled lyrics but there is just something magical about it. I love it.
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    People lining up ready to hand their hard earned cash over for this stuff, while Thom Zimny sits in his room full of vintage Bruce footage reels, cackling maniacally, pondering which little snippets he can show to the next exclusive audience of 200 people in AP. Makes sense to me...