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    There is nothing quite as harrowing as having a sick child and not being able to do anything about it. The past few months had been rough. A wave of depression and anxiety had hit and caught me off guard, alone in a country that’s not my own and was feeling less so by the minute. Away from what I would call home, faced with hardships I’d hardly ever imagined, forced to do monotonous, dumb, repetitive, alienating jobs. All my dreams had been crushed and I knew very well it had all been my fault. There’s no easy way to live with this. It’s the sort of thing that can crush you unless you’re lucky. So I stripped away everything and tried to keep the very minimum, the essentials of what still could make me happy. It was family. I saw myself as part of something else, I realised we’re animals and there’s nothing that makes you happier than holding your naked baby against your naked chest, wiping his snot, smiling as he bites your nose, as he scratches you when over-excitedly he waves his hands and laughs at your silly face. When he became sick a few days ago it wasn’t anything serious but I was struck at how connected I was to that person, how infuriating it was to be powerless as he cried in pain. He woke up a lot that night and one of those times he started crying so much, I just held him and tried to calm him down. He wouldn’t. I tried everything and he still wouldn’t. That’s when I thought I’d play some music on my phone because that always helps him calm down. Clarence came through the dark of the bedroom with those lonely, beautiful notes in the intro to The River on Live in NYC. His crying started to fade away as he stared at me, my face lit by the glow of the mobile phone, and he just stood there listening. The electric piano, the harmonica, that voice... That beautiful piece of music now had a place in this very basic, animalistic, primitive relationship. It belonged there and I rejoiced as he let the music soothe him. He was sleeping by the time it finished and I just enjoyed watching him looking so calm, cheek against my arm, blessed by Bruce.
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    Before today I had never heard or seen anything from Bruce's residency on Broadway. Overall I hadn't listened to much Bruce music over the last years. Just the odd song here and there on the radio. That was it. Kinda lost interest after the Wrecking Ball tour. Had not listened to High Hopes, nor have I seen or heard anything of Western Stars, beside the first single. Last week I subscribed to Spotify for a three-month trial. Browsing around, searching for albums I wanted to hear but never got around to, I stumbled onto Springsteen On Broadway. I hesitated, but I thought it might be good music to listen to while cooking. And I thought he'd deserve another shot. About a minute into the album I put down the knife, sat down and started to listen. I ended up listening to the whole album. And I loved it. It moved me. He made me laugh, made me think, made me emotional. And without going into why I lost interest in him in the last years, why I even started to kinda dislike him, I can say that after today we made up. I forgave him. ;-)) Now I see that there's a Springsteen On Broadway Netflix special. Gonna look for some Netflix trial next. :-)
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    Misleading thread title of the year award
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    Well, Johnny works in a factory and Billy works downtown Terry works in a rock and roll band lookin' for that million-dollar sound Me, I got a little job down in Darlington, oh but some nights I don't go Some nights I go to the drive-in, there're some nights I stay home I followed that dream just like those guys do way up on the screen I drove my Challenger down Route 9 through the dead ends and all the bad scenes But when the promise was broken, I cashed in a few of my own dreams Whoah Well, now I built that Challenger by myself, but I needed money and so I sold it I lived a secret I should'a kept to myself, but I got drunk one night and I told it All my life I fought this fight, the fight that no man can ever win And every day it just gets harder to live this dream I'm believing in Thunder Road, oh baby you were so right Thunder Road, there's something dyin' out on the highway tonight Well, now my daddy taught me how to walk quiet and how to make my peace with the past I learned real good to tighten up inside and I don't say nothing unless I'm asked When the promise is broken you go on living, but it steals something from down in your soul Like when the truth is spoken and it don't make no difference, something in your heart turns cold Well I followed that dream through the southwestern tracks, the dead ends, and the two-bit bars When the promise was broken I was far away from home sleepin' in the backseat of a borrowed car Thunder Road, and when it washes away with the rain Thunder Road, you learn to walk among the remains Thunder Road, remember what me and Billy, we'd always say Thunder Road, we were gonna take it all and throw it all away
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    if you are a Hot Laker Chickie then you know Bruce wrote this song for you...
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    Just ordered Live In Dublin on vinyl, and have been listening to it while making supper for the kids (not the vinyl, obviously...). That album and tour was...The Shit. I honestly don't think Bruce has been more inspired and playful on tour - or record - since...ever? Even of you don't care for the songs, the spirit and musicality - musicianness, if there is such a word - is completely undeniable. The May 20th show in 2006 is easily in my Top 5 shows ever, ESB or not. And the surprise when SS was released? I thought it'd be more or less like the 1998 We Shall Overcome...boy, was I sooooo wrong. 2005-2006-Bruce: cone back, mang!
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    Not one for starting too many new threads but I felt this was worthy of one. The single time Bruce played in My Hometown... Great day, great show and great memories that will last with me for a lifetime.
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    For those of you who aren’t familiar with Ken, he writes this daily series called “Roll of the Dice,” which is always jammed packed with information, along with a bit of his personal perspective as well. He almost always starts with ‘today in Springsteen history...’ and then goes on to educate/re-educate/reminisce with the E Street Nation. If you don’t care for this album, or this song...obviously just go on to the next thread of interest. If OTOH you love this song (calling @rachelharms!), this may be of some interest.
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    If we need to explain the difference between being described as hot and being described as greasy you may be having a fairly quiet Valentine's Day.
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    How does he get away with "Hot Laker Chickies" and I get scolded for "Greasy Ladies?"
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    The Capitol Theatre, Passaic NJ, 9/20/1978. Nothing further needs to be said. I was there and no one can ever take that experience away from me. Bruce at his absolute best.
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    I have to add that the guy I was at my first gig with, was also my first, and he was the one who had introduced me to Bruce. Forever grateful. At the time of the concert, he was already my ex boyfriend, and my wicked plan was to somehow win him back during our trip to Munich (stupid adolescent me ). But he was so into Bruce that I could have jumped straight on his dick in the pit, and he would have just pushed me away, without taking his eyes off Bruce. Excuse my language, please.
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    Thunder Road was Bruce Springsteen in 1975. Western Stars is Bruce Springsteen now. I also consider Western Stars to be as good a record as Born To Run. I would say the main reason Bruce has sustained this level of interest and commitment from me is because he's allowed himself to evolve and experiment and hasn't been writing Thunder Road for 40 years. Just because you don't have an affinity for a certain song or album Bruce records, that doesn't mean it's not Bruce Springsteen. I also don't do much in the way of trying to convince my friends that Bruce is everything I think he is.
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    A sealed copy of every LP vinyl issue. An opened and playable copy of every LP vinyl issue. Approx 40 copies of The River across all formats, 33 on LP. That reminds me, I'm late for my weekly appointment with my counsellor. Must dash.
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    I've been on a Counting Crows kick lately, taking the deep dive into their discography and live performances. Recently, I was listening to this concert, celebrating the anniversary of the band's debut album August and Everything After by playing it in full. During the song "Rain King," which starts at around 39:30 in the attached vid, I found myself smiling like an idiot when singer Adam Duritz (a huge Bruce fan himself) suddenly breaks rank and launches into a Springsteen classic. I'll let you experience it for yourselves.
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    I've got bad news for you, this is a fake, yup a fake. It just so happens I'm the leader of the International Springsteen Posters Fraud Squad ( Newcastle division) I will try and keep you out of prison for this fraud, however what you need to do is send the poster to me so i can identify it properly, in fact you better..just to make sure..send me all your Springsteen posters so we at the International Springsteen Fraud Squad can check 'em out like. no need to thank me
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    I was here just before the hypothermia kicked in
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    That's what makes the Archive Series as a whole such a wonderful thing. I've been thinking a lot tonight about the comments focusing on what I believe should be an expected repetition of certain songs across the series. It's inevitable and unavoidable that there will be some that appear in the majority of setlists. The beauty of this series isn't going to be found in the warhorses and standards, though there is plenty of beauty in those songs and some definitive versions spread across these volumes. The real pleasure I get from the series is the one-offs, the rarities, the covers, the deep album cuts we wouldn't have live version of without the archives. It's a treasure trove full of familiar riches and rarer gems. Across the entire series, there isn't a show among them that I wouldn't have loved to have been at.
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    Hey, electric rocking The Ghost Of Tom Joad without Morello sharing the vocals. I've been waiting for this.
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    Great thread - this is more like it! My guess is that he would certainly renew that gym membership....
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    Don’t know if I can adequately put it into words. For one thing, as Sally said...keep in mind this is not a concert. So if you go in wanting that type of Bruce experience or thinking that’s what it is, you’re going to be very disappointed. All I can say is sitting in that small theatre listening to Bruce himself share his life’s experiences was indeed transformative. First and foremost, in my opinion, he is a master storyteller. Be it in song form or in the narrative of his B’way show. So that of course was a huge part of it. I just loved hearing how Bruce became Bruce. How all of his experiences gave way to how he became Bruce the man, Bruce the musician, BRUUUUUCE the performer, Bruce the son, father, brother, husband, band leader, friend etc... Also, it was very moving hearing him express his gratitude to us fans, and what he hopes he’s done for us. All of his narratives interspersed with so many beloved songs, in such an intimate setting, was, in a word... magical. Another piece... and I can only speak for myself, but while he was taking us on his journey, I was reliving all the decades of my journey as a fan: -Everything he and his music has meant to me for pretty much my entire life; the endless memories attached to him and his music. -The many, many deep friendships either originally made or made deeper/stronger because of him; and sharing the live B’way experience with 3 such individuals was part of the magic. As I’ve said before; there are TONS of other bands/singers that I absolutely adore. That music also means a lot to me. I’m extremely blessed to have seen just about everyone I’ve wanted to see live, and have throughly enjoyed every one of those many, many non-Bruce shows. But for me, Bruce and his music is in an entirely separate category. I’m not exactly sure why, but that’s just the way it is and always has been. Since 1974. Also, B’way has always been, since I was a very young child, a special place to me. (I LOVED the last two shows I saw; Ain’t Too Proud (love Motown!!!!!) and Come From Away.) Anyway, as much as I love other bands/musicians, I can’t think of anyone else I’d be interested in seeing a one man show like Bruce’s. So I understand why others might not be interested in SoB. You simply may not wish to sit through listening to hours of him telling stories. I found him able to bring us to tears in one breath and be hysterically funny in the next. Other criticisms I’ve heard are ‘his stories are in the book,’ or ‘we’ve heard most of them already in various concerts’, etc... Very true. But this was different. Again, it was not a concert. I’m also aware that lots of people don’t care for acoustic Bruce or acoustic versions of his full band stuff. As has been said before, a lot of why those of us who loved it as we did is something you feel. So while I tried to explain (in this rather looooong post!!) as I said, I think the crux of it can’t be put into words.
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    Just played the whole... He is a magical artist, pushing through with a rough voice. Pulling us all along. Jersey said something about its not importand which show is released, just that we get these releases. Obviously it's not Summer 81, but its magical still. A interesting tour for an album that meant nothing to most. I loved it, as everything has a reason to be, as does this show. Love The Wrestler and KIngdom of Days, all of it in some way. Thanks Bruce.
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    Fortunately I can listen to as many 2009 shows as possible because Bruce's voice was in great shape that year. Even though we already have 4 shows from that year, there's still many more opportunities for shows to be released. For God's sake give us more shows from that period!
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    I can't believe it's been six years... I hope he comes back. If he doesn't, you'll have to travel. Next tour is the No Excuse tour. Everybody has to go.
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    I really think that Wembley 02 might be a decent Brexit hangover cure.
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    I kept my promise to myself, and played the Original studio 'Western Stars' cd and then the 'Songs from the Film' soundtrack. The Original is like a decompression chamber for me, easing me out of the fraught everyday into the bliss of Bruce: each song is like a facet of a well-cut and polished jewel, scintillating and gleaming in individual perfection and making a beautiful whole. Gorgeous. The 'Songs from the Film' cd is a bonus, and hearing the songs performed live in this way is an extra treat, but the Original studio cd in its entirety remains essential listening for me.
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    Galveston Bay mentions the golf of Mexico.
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    It was originally titled Little Girls In Their Summer Clothes. Bruce's people advised him that some editing would be appropriate.
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    OR - we'll take indoor shows in the Autumn if it "is" to be this year!!! Ha! All this talk of Bruce getting older (fact!) but he is still 5,6,7 years younger than what's left of The Stones, Beatles and The Who (who unfortunately are STILL playing big outdoor venues) - I have never doubted that Bruce and ESB "will" tour / continue, health permitting, (for another couple of tours probably until he reaches the age those acts are "now") - BUT - what I was hoping for is that in the ageing and slowing down process that Bruce might get back indoors for the most part! Being realistic I sadly don't envisage that happening in Europe on this next tour (whenever it may happen!?) as I think the demand will be huge (after a 4 year gap) - in the States yeah, and the States in the fall is the most likely "start" for the tour if it takes place IMHO - with down under being early 2021 - Europe summer of 2021 (and a return to Glastonbury!?) - and then (after the obligatory holiday in Italy in July) back to the States Aug/Sept 2021 for some outdoor venues there to wrap up the tour! I think there are many reasons why the tour won't start until later in the year (IF it does at all of course - but I think there WILL be a tour) - the album isn't finished for one but his Mum remains a major factor (and rightly so as far as I'm concerned, and I think the situation with Adele was a very big part in the whole Broadway phase!) and it is potentially a very big year (summer) for Jessica as well...……...I wouldn't be surprised if Bruce and his camp already know that any tour won't kick off until the last third of this year (and yeah, perhaps they should let something be known in a subtle way to make that more widely known!?, but they most probably will take the view that all this second guessing and stuff in the press just adds to the fervour for when tickets eventually DO go on sale!!!, no such things as bad publicity and all that!!?). I, like many, had been holding off making some plans (holidays etc) but having been diagnosed (out of nowhere) with cancer last October - and undergone radical surgery at the end of Nov - I need to be getting on with life!, we have booked to go back to Kefalonia late Aug/early Sept (been 5 years) - so the closest we may get to Bruce "this" summer will be to sit down at the restaurant in the harbour at Fiskardo that he and Tom Hanks ate at - with their boat anchored in the little harbour ha! We have my wife's (who herself had breast cancer in 2017) 50th to celebrate as well this year (4th July!!) - at one point we had hoped that might have incorporated a Bruce trip of some sort!?, we have had a few in recent years/tours - those 2 amazing nights "indoors" in Paris in 2012 (jeez that's scary - 8 years ago!!!) and the San Siro last time out in 2016, but alas not to be it would seem! Maybe that long w/end trip to see New York all decorated up for Xmas that we keep saying we'll do one of these years could be on the cards instead!!? ha! (and indoor shows!!!). It WILL happen folks - fear not - we are (as Steven has told us) just going to have to get on with our lives in the meantime / be patient (good things are worth waiting for) - and we have been spoilt in more recent times - all the younger fans on here won't appreciate that this (3 and 4 year gaps between major tours) used to be the norm for Bruce and many big acts...…….ironically when they were all much younger!!? 1980/1 - 1985 - 1988 - 1992/3 - some solo tours in mid/late 90's and it is only since the Reunion tour of 1999/2000 that we have (until 4 years ago) had an incredible run of tours/activity and haven't (until now) had to go more than a couple of years without seeing Bruce on a stage in some form (not fashion!!) or other!.....…..he'll be back out there SOON now, the longest part of the wait is over (tell yourselves that as we wait for news!).
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    I am reminded of the comments in the autobiography where he talks, from memory, about what a thrill it is to perform in front of tens of thousands of screaming rock'n'roll fans every night - how if you could do it for just one night you'd never forget it, and how to do it over 40+ years is an unimaginable privilege. This doesn't strike me as being something you'd lose interest in doing as long as you and your band are fit and well enough. Plus it pays a king's ransom for doing what comes naturally. I think we're getting a bit ahead of ourselves here (this is the internet, after all). Reliable sources on BTX were saying that before Christmas discussions about tour bookings had fizzled out and that nothing was happening in terms of live shows in the first half of this year at least. So this casual Stevie remark isn't completely out of the blue. They seem to be still recording, aren't they? If not what was the point of Ron's recent Instagram posts - to stoke up hype for something that isn't happening? There's already enough hype out here - he doesn't need to stoke it.
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    There are some beautiful and amazing stories shared on this thread. Loved reading them all. I really don't have a good story about my first Bruce concert (nor about the other first to be honest, haha!), but I remember like it was yesterday when I was at college mid-class scrolling through my phone (couldn't stand that course at all) and I saw a couple of Portuguese guys like me spreading the rumour that Bruce was coming to Rock In Rio 2016 as part of the River (Revisited) Tour! I actually started shaking a bit because I thought I had missed my chance to see my favourite artist when I skipped the concert in 2012 because I was just starting to get into his music and I got really nervous because that was the only time he had performed in Portugal other than on the 1993 tour. I don't think I've ever stalked so many Facebook groups looking for rumours, waiting for THE announcement. And then... I got an email when I got home. I read it and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that Bruce Springsteen was coming to Lisbon on the 19th of May 2016. The festival wasn't even supposed to start on the 19th! It was only suppose to start on the 20th with Queen + Adam Lambert (Queen, my only other sick obsession), but they switched the second date to get Bruce. I was ecstatic. I couldn't believe my two favourite artists were coming on back-to-back nights, it was insane. My dad being a huge Springsteen fan as well wanted to come along, and so did my mom who really only knows the big Born In The U.S.A. hits and the other usual suspects, plus the songs that I keep blasting around the house, and so we got the three tickets on the day they went on sale. The 19th arrived, I skipped the classes I had on the afternoon and to be honest I didn't get much sleep. I just couldn't contain my excitement. I stood in line for about 2 hours before the venue opened, and I just went to the main stage, saving my spot for the big moment. My mom isn't a big fan of crowds so my parents stayed in the back, on a more relaxed spot. While I was there, I got to meet three or four online friends I knew from the Portuguese Bruce group and we all were unaware of what was reeeeally going to happen. Being a festival, we had to wait a while before our man would make his appearence. Stereophonics played for about an hour and I really enjoyed their set. Xutos E Pontapés (a Portuguese band) played next, and it was fun because everybody here knows their lyrics by heart but I'm not a big fan of their music. The roadies are switching the gear, I'm standing there on my phone playing whatever game I was playing to pass the time. Suddenly, I start hearing people clapping and I see Jake walking on to the stage and the entire E Street Band follows. And then... "Olá, Lisboa! Olá, Portugal! A-ONE, TWO..." I recognized it just by the count. Max plays his intro fill. The single loudest E chord I've ever witness hits me like lightning. 'Badlands'! I couldn't believe it. And then, off I went. Those 3 hours felt like 30 minutes to me. Time really is relative. I wanted the heart, I wanted the soul, I wanted control. I spent my life waiting for a moment "that just don't come". But it did come. And I couldn't be happier that it did.
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    "Blinded By The Light" is the ramblings of a fuckin' lunatic.
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    HI Daisey! Around 1982 a couple of my mates and I had left school and started working. Which of course meant that we were now men of means. I recall one night (there may have been drinking involved) that 4 of us pledged that we would head on over to Europe/USA the next time that Springsteen toured, as we were sure that he would never come down here. Then he released BITUSA and all bets were off. He was coming down under. Tickets went on sale and I was queued at the BASS outlet at Myer Melbourne. I bought 10 tickets (All GA) at $23 each for the 3/Apr/1985 show. A lot of money for me at the time but 9 other mates were depending on me. As I was walking out, they announced a second show as the 80,000 tickets had sold out. So I joined the queue again and bought another 10 tickets for the following night. Result. At the time I was working for a travel company and air tickets were cheap for me. I put the word out with all my Sydney work contacts that I needed tickets for some shows up there. Sure enough, one of them came through for me and let me know that I could have 2 tickets for not much more than list price. Result. So I went to my boss and explained to him that I would need to take a couple of days off to go to Sydney to see Springsteen. He didn't really get it. I couldn't believe it when he said I couldn't. It goes without saying that, well, he ain't my boss no more. No Result. So finally the time came around and as the Melbourne Showgrounds was an 80,000 General admission venue, we queued up and slept out overnight. The organisers put us all in the Hall of Manufacturers overnight where a few hundred of us tried to get some sleep. Mid afternoon, they opened the roll-a-door to let us into the venue. The crush was frightening, but eventually we burst out into the sunshine and sprinted about 800 metres to the stage. My group selected a nice spot about 10 metres back centre stage. Result. We had about 4 hours to wait. No problem. I can still remember the paperback I read (A Kiss Before Dying by Ira Levin) as I was waiting. I also remember that I was wearing a Stoneage Romeos shirt (I love the Gurus). As the day progressed, more and more of my extended group began making their way in. As luck would have it, the security at the venue was being run by a firm (Newbreed security) that was managed by the brother of one of us. We knew most of the team, and as our various colleagues came in, the security team brought them around to join up with us. By showtime, there may have been 25-30 of us huddled together in the best spot in the venue. Dusk approached. We waited. The sun moved further west. We waited. There was a law in place at the time that any international act must have a local support act, and so, to their credit, the promoters put an unamplified string quartet on the edge of the stage, where they played 4 very enjoyable string versions of Springsteen songs. From 10 metres away, we could just about hear them. They finished. The sun moved further west. It was almost over the horizon, when - BAM. You never forget your first.
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    my fav version of a wonderful song
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    For me Bruce's best work is when he reduces the political to the personal - takes the effect that the big issues of the day have on the ordinary men and women and their families, good or (usually) bad. The Nebraska album is this in a nutshell.
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    You gotta be a little zen about the archive series. It's not the idea of which show we're getting that matters; it's the idea that we're getting any show at all.
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    Problem is, I can't remember the names of my three children and five grandchildren. But Bruce lyrics? Not a problem.
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    I never knew Lynn Goldsmith was now a bus driver
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    It only comes across as pervy because of how people choose to interpret Bruce's words which are just normal to him but in other people's normal are wrong,it gets lost in translation If I said to Bruce "its looking a bit black over Bill's mothers " he might think I was weird & be wondering what the hell I was on about,sometimes words & phrases don't travel well,even in the same language. There are plenty of songs that mention little/young girls in a much more seemingly pervy way than I'm On Fire but everything these days is looked at under a microscope to find the potential bad in it.
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    dont worry about next year, live your life for the present, tomorrow dosent always come
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    meanwhile in Italy the Pope had to announce the news to the crowd of Italians who had already started doing roll calls
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    Some Epic stories on here .... My story is more about the pain of NOT seeing Bruce ....I had picked up Darkness on release day from Sam Goody's at the local mall and rushed home to listen with my best Bruce buddy .... by the time the sax solo started on Badlands i was in full rock and roll ecstasy. My friend happened upon a ticket for a show in august ..... we whined and pleaded with the guy who bought the tickets to ditch his Brother and take me. I thought i had a shot .... didn't happen. Flash forward to October of 1980 and tried to get two tickets for the Buffalo show ...and they sold out .... i was really upset .... I'm sure i was whining quite a bit when i heard my former Dorm RA said he knew a kid in his dorm who had extra tickets. Now i liked this guy ...but he could be a bit of a storyteller at times ....and as the weeks went by and there were no tickets .... I was sure i had been bullsh@#ted....But miraculously ....they appeared .... my girlfriend let the Greyhound drive all night from Albany .... and we were in my friends car on our way from college to the Buffalo Auditorium ....at which point the car broke down .....that was it ..... i was cursed .... but somehow we broke down like 50 yards from a service station and made it .... finally .... Blown away by the chutzpah of opening with BTR ..... I Fought The Law blew the roof off ...my girlfriend got the one song she wanted ( For You ) ...We Got Santa ...and i have this memory of just holding my girl and swaying to the beauty of the music in the dark ...which i realize must have been Drive All Night .... And of course Detroit Medley ....which pretty much ruined me for any other encore .... And that show that sent us scrambling to Nassau Coliseum 27 days later hoping we could somehow get in. I didn't know that "The Drop" was a thing for 20 some years after that ...But apparently we were the big time beneficiary of that phenomenon on that New Years Eve almost 40 years ago.
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    I think the solution has been exemplified a few times in this very thread. Get the shows you want, skip the ones you don't want.
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    Can't even be bothered looking at all this again....suffice to say that anyone who doesn't have The Ghost of Tom Joad in amongst their best ever Springsteen albums really cannot be taken seriously as far as I am concerned. An absolute masterpiece of a record.
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    And before you start listening to WS, put all knives away.
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    My two little terrorists decided to settle down and watch the Super Bowl last night with me.
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    With respect to Bruce fandom, this may be one of the cutest, most adorable pics I've ever seen. Priceless.