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    He made the required statement 45 years ago on the cover of his “make or break” album. He’s repeated that inclusion statement throughout his career. He denounced this very issue when it wasn’t the “cool thing to do” in 2000, with American Skin. He helped electing and re-electing the first African-American President in 2008 and 2012. Don’t get me wrong. I would appreciate a statement, but let’s face it: it would largely be “preaching to the choir”.
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    I agree with Frank, but I would like to add that aging massively affects how people react. Older people observe the world around them with a deeper understanding of life but tend to shift focus from issues of broader significance to extremely personal matters. They don’t see the need or want to waste their time fighting, they slow down and become more reflective. Actions turn into meditations, mostly about personal past. This is also why I doubt Bruce will release another political album. There's a war outside still raging you say it ain't ours anymore to win?
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    This. 20 years on, and in so many ways the 'distance between the American dream and American reality' that Bruce has stated his work addresses has never been greater. At 70 years of age, I could understand him just despairingly throwing his arms in the air and saying "Well, I tried". I truly believe he feels these things deeply, he'd be more consumed with worry about the world his kids and any future grandchildren are about to inherit as this stage in life.
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    Dunno if I'm allowed to discuss this but my answer is "no," - he's spoken out for years now, we know how he feels on things and he doesn't have to make a statement every time even if other artists are doing so. Which doesn't mean I wouldn't be happy if he did, just that I don't think he "should." I mean if Taylor Swift wants to say something as it's been stated she's regretted not speaking out before now, then great. I don't think Bruce should do anything he's not ready or wanting to do or had done before, regardless of what others are doing.
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    One of the things coming out of the George Floyd civil unrest is that, regardless of what is in their heart, anyone who stays silent about this issue is complicity supporting institutional racism. That's why, in the last day or two, I've gotten emails from the Disney Co., Paramount Studios, and others, spelling out their opposition to racism and their support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. And I get it. These corporate behemoths want to plant their flag firmly on the right side of history. But I was surprised that I got a similar email from The Rolling Stones this morning, which made me start to wonder, should Bruce release a similar statement|? Like the Stones, I think that people who follow Bruce's career know exactly where he stands on the issue of racism. But is it in his best interests to release a statement spelling his views out? I personally believe there's far more to be gained from releasing a statement than not, but I'm curious about what others think, especially because we have so many European fans here. BTW, please don't responds with "All Lives Matter" or any similar garbage. That's a fucking given. What isn't a given is that Black Lives are included in that sentiment. Until they are, "ALM" is a lie.
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    To be fair, this thread leaves me speechless.
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    1988. France. Live on French TV, the night before the Tunnel Of Love Paris show...
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    I don’t think anybody “should” make a statement out of a sense of obligation.if he wants to make a statement, he should feel free to do so. Personally, I don’t care one way or the other about what he has to say any more than any other person. Every voice should be given equal importance and carry equal weight.
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    “We kind of live in Orwellian times where what’s true can be made to seem a lie, and what’s a lie can be made to seem true.” Bruce Springsteen, introducing the song in New Jersey in 2007
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    I appear to still be able to get it on my desktop
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    I wish our office had the same thing, as we are about 4 blocks from Police HQ's here. Where there has been protest most everyday now. Hopefully they don't come our way.
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    I live in a residential area within the boundaries of a large Midwestern city. We are under curfew here from 8pm until 6am. Haven't had this since the race riots in 2001. This is definitely concerning, but not what we would come close to calling a civil war. We've had these periods of social unrest before...1968 comes to mind. One of my neighbors is a SWAT member for the Cincinnati Police Department. He wears the body armor and carries a high grade weapon as he patrols in groups downtown. I have real concern for him and his wife and kids. This is nothing to mess with, and I hope he is safe. Quite honestly, we live in a mostly white enclave here and we have seen more and more blacks walking and shopping here in the neighborhood. My daughter works in a donut shop in our little neighborhood village, and she also noticed many more blacks shopping in her store over the weekend. It's a very welcome sight to see more diversity in our area, but sad that it's under such awful circumstances. But, at least in our metropolitan area, it's nothing close to a civil war. The city and county government are doing a very good job (as they did with Covid) on properly patrolling the streets and keeping the violence and vandalism down. If you're watching CNN to get an idea of what's going on here, then it's likely a very skewed look at our situation. Just know that there is another side to their story.
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    According to Badlands we can still get this, but only on a laptop or desktop, for some reason it doesn't work on a tablet or phone. I certainly hope I can get tomorrow's as it could be a good one...
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    Ok! Thanks for the political commentary. We should probably break for commercial.
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    I imagine Bruce and Patti are also thinking of Sam and are grateful that New Jersey has been more peaceful than a lot of other states.
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    I finally watched the Amadou episode last night - horrific stuff yet when Bruce is watching news footage of George Floyd's death, which we all know he is whether he's homewordbound or not, he's probably thinking "here we go again" but is too exhausted and disgusted from it all to add something to social media about it. It's not as if he can re-write American Skin.
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    i have a friend who says if you do something out of obligation only, its not genuine and without love i do like the idea of 21 shots up on his u tube young Jake was pretty darn phenomenal when i saw 21 shots
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    People who are legitimately protesting against police brutality want real change, but not civil war. That said, there are plenty of bad actors, most from militias and other right-wing toy soldier groups, but some extreme left groups as well, who want to use this unrest as a platform to start a larger confrontation. Truly sad times in America.
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    I think that's over simplifying and not taking cognisance of the sociology and culture of the time. Yes, there were horrific events happened, things that shouldn't have happened in a million years. But, speaking personally, I'd take those days in a heartbeat over the sanitised, over hyped, over priced pish on offer today. Thinking back, Hillsborough, Heysel, Bradford.....the common factor is run down stadiums. Bradford was waiting to happen in one of the wooden grandstands around the country, Heysel.......if that wall doesn't collapse, just another average tear up in Europe, Hillsborough, dibble comes close to doing their job, just another cup semi. That's not to excuse, or make light of, the hideous things that happened. But anyone of us going regular in them days could've ended up a victim, or in the case of Heysel, an accused, at an event of that ilk. Speaking personally, the "edge" back then was part of the day. I was never a hoolie, I was too much of a piss head, but there was the odd scrape. I miss those days, and not just cos my team was good. So looking back, it's good that lessons were learned from these horrible events. But looking around today, I can't help thinking that somewhere on the road, the baby got thrown out with the bathwater.
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    20 years ago the song "American Skin (41 Shots)" positioned him once and for all on the right side of history regarding racism and police brutality towards the US black community. That song speaks louder than any spoken or written statement he could ever make. He could bring that song up in some way. Post a video of it on his homepage or something like that.
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    Steady on now, stay on the correct side of 'political'. We all need to make it through without casualties.
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    Started watching the first season of Broadchurch again. Still a damn good show and Olivia Coleman really is magnificent in this.
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    he best one ever! And all the cool people where there.
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    wow im off my game today
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    A hair cut? I usually have them all cut. What do you remember about your very first car that makes you laugh or cry today?
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    i so want to use glory days but it just wont quite work no matter how far i stretch the rules
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    Just as a heads up in case anyone hasn’t come across it, Max is doing a weekly Q&A from his house. He has done two so far and they come out every Monday. Go to Backstreets.com to find the link, or he has a you tube channel too. Some really interesting stuff being talked about. The questions are varied, some specifically about drumming/drummers but lots obviously about life as an E Streeter since 1974. You can send questions to him at : askmax@backstreets.com Find out how he winds down after a show (eventually gets to sleep at 5.00 am !), the story again of “stick” during the recording of Darkness, the lecture/warning (call it what you will) he got from Bruce during the recording of Out In The Street, favourite all time drummers, the story of how Jay stepped in to the band etc. Well worth a watch. I just sent in a question : favourite European hotel when on tour and ditto favourite arena/stadium in Europe (even though sometimes I remember hearing the band don’t even know what city they have landed in lol).
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    Those two posts have saved me the effort of saying anything.
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    There's Ted Nugent websites?
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    Here's the channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTpcc2WwAATBm_aXbQTI-BQ
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    I think I maybe read it in an interview with a Dutch music magazine, in a time when Van Halen did not talk to U.S.A. music press. Back on topic: Max was always considered the historian of the band, with a better memory than others, and for sure a much better memory than Bruce. Over the years fans often came to Max when they had questions about the history of the band, about certain performances, etc. (In a certain interview he still remembered how the venue at Notre Dame University in South Bend looked like, even they played there only 3 times (in 1976, 1978 and 1981)).
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    But that's the thing. It still has to be moderated. Why would anybody wanna do that to themselves? In your spare time reading through all the insults, the hate... Plus the emails, messages... That's hours every day. I wouldn't wanna do that for 5 minutes.
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    I am saddened that we seem unable to mention politics in any context unless, of course, we are quoting Bruce. I think we all have a pretty good idea of what he thinks about the killing of George Floyd, the handling of Covid 19 by Trump and other right wing leaders around the world, but we can't express our own views. I try to be respectful in my posts, I probably don't always succeed.There are people with whom I know I strongly disagree politically, but I try to be civil in my dealings on other threads. There are others who behave in a manner which I find unacceptable, but get away with it, hiding behind a veneer of smiley faces. Being largely unable to express my feelings is mostly preventing me from posting anything, which is a pity as I believe I have made some good friends here, some 'virtual' friends and some I have met and whose company I have enjoyed.
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    Take one black man, sitting on his own front porch Snipers on the roof of a church, looking through their scopes Take one black man, sitting on his own front porch Snipers on the roof of a church, peeking through their scopes Teaching you the fear Take one Chicano, with his hands cuffed behind his back Beat him 'bout the head, let him know where he's at (he's in Texas!) Take one Chicano, with his hands cuffed behind his back Toss him in the bayou, watch him sink like a rat Teaching you the fear Try to love another man, get yourself shot dead Put you up against a wall, with a pistol to the back of your head Try to love another man, one shot you're dead Teaching you the fear Divide and conquer, well that's an old old game Divide and conquer, being used again and again Hate the n*****s, hate the c****s, hate the Jews Upper class, lower class Hate the punks, hate the hippies, hate the cops Upper class, lower class, MIDDLE CLASS! Teaching you the fear!
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    The DVD version of one of my top 3 favorite movies ever, The Night Of The Hunter. MUCH easier on the eyes than the Blu-ray, which is far too grainy for my tastes (though not as much as the Criterion Blu-ray of 12 Angry Men, or what I've seen of The Killing by them also). Just got it on DVD this past day, have been watching the HD stream on Amazon Prime until now. A masterpiece in any form.
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    The Full Monty on TV last Friday night. Still one of the funniest films I have ever seen.
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    A Thousand Clowns on Blu-ray. Truly fantastic picture quality. Great film.