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    On a train going through the Highlands of Scotland listening to WS is pretty much perfect.
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    It must definitely be from a bootleg, it's not allowed to request official released material here!!!
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    I see Mr Van Zandt performed Tucson Train live last night. Nice touch! Edit: just listened to it. Absolute train wreck.
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    Oh thanks ! Finally after five or six years of search
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    Here is: 2009-07-14 Glasgow, Scotland (Essexboy Version) https://mega.nz/#F!UZQGzQpI!SI61gXKGeXdKJAggsNnNAA
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    Those on this forum who saw both Darkness Tour and River Tour in person seem to think so. About your other point, I would add the 2002 shows, which also had, as you say, solid, steady and compact setlists and a theme to the show. Short and intense shows, just like in 2007.
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    I consider the Reunion Tour and Magic Tour (2007 leg) as his best 2 tours of the past 20 years. Solid, steady, and compact setlists, no kids on the mic, minimal “Boss mode” tomfoolery, and the presence of a theme to the show. I realize that 1978 is viewed as an act of God around here, but was it really objectively better than The River Tour (1980-1)?
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    its weird when i went to bed last night i saw that Thom Zimny had won for SOB i thought that was awsome now its all doom and gloom because Bruce didn't win well done Thom over the years he has given us many wounderful things and his work deserves recognition and his accolades applauded
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    Never seen one yet. Just the one source circulates and that was a MD recording I think.
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    Guess at February ESB album release for March & April US first leg before late May / early June to mid July European stadium tour.
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    I still like this song a hell of a lot. I don't give a fucking SHIT what most people think about it. GREAT lyrics.
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    He got them from Brucebase, but he didn't check the recording tab on the gig page http://brucebase.wikidot.com/1976#280576 http://brucebase.wikidot.com/gig:1976-05-28-halsey-field-house-annapolis-md First known performance of Frankie Ford's "Sea Cruise" especially for the Naval Academy. Last show of the Chicken Scratch leg and final show of the Born to Run Tour. On StageSetlistPerformancesGalleryMediaRecordingStorytellerNews We can say with some certainty that a taper was in the audience. To the best of our knowledge this tape exists but has never been released into the public domain.
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    I'm sorry and confused because I made my wishlist from Brucebase. I was sure these shows existed, but I'm sorry I made that request. Thanks Mick for uploading these four shows.
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    Stop Lying Woman (Big Bill Broonzy)
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    He got them from Brucebase, but he didn't check the recording tab on the gig page thanks for reminding but i get tired of typing extensive shit
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    This is the first and last time I will ever do your homework for you!!1975-09-14 - MUSIC HALL, HOUSTON, TX 1975-09-14 Music Hall, Houston, TX The last known "A Love So Fine" until its resurrection over 20 years later in 2000, in its slight lyric/title variant "So Young And In Love". "Thunder Road" is the slow version with Roy on piano and Bruce on harmonica and vocals. According to a fan who was there, the last track was played after the house lights came on. Bruce came back on stage with the line "Hey! Where ya going? We ain't done yet!" Recording No tape has ever surfaced for this show. 1976-05-28 - HALSEY FIELD HOUSE, U.S. NAVAL ACADEMY, ANNAPOLIS, MD NIGHT / TENTH AVENUE FREEZE-OUT / SPIRIT IN THE NIGHT / IT'S MY LIFE / THUNDER ROAD / SHE'S THE ONE / BORN TO RUN / PRETTY FLAMINGO / GROWIN' UP / IT'S HARD TO BE A SAINT IN THE CITY / BACKSTREETS / JUNGLELAND / ROSALITA (COME OUT TONIGHT) / RAISE YOUR HAND / 4TH OF JULY, ASBURY PARK (SANDY) / DETROIT MEDLEY / SEA CRUISE First known performance of Frankie Ford's "Sea Cruise" especially for the Naval Academy. Last show of the Chicken Scratch leg and final show of the Born to Run Tour. We can say with some certainty that a taper was in the audience. To the best of our knowledge this tape exists but has never been released into the public domain. 1973-07-23 - MAX'S KANSAS CITY, NEW YORK CITY, NY this date is very iffy https://mega.nz/#F!uv4wxK6L!08IbLXVx49WR96tGFP06Qg Next time show some consideration please it takes time to research and upload files! If you find either one of those shows, you owe me a copy
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    thank you! and thank you to all
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    Dancing in the Dark on Sirius Radio (80’s on 8)
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    Any tickets for press people who declined/can't attend the premiere or declined complimentary tickets will go back on sale the 26th...so worth a shot for people who weren't able to get a ticket! (removed the person's name)
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    I Will (The Beatles)
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    No. For all its glory, the Darkness shows are too similar. Besides, the The River tour gave us the greatest Bruce show of all time.
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    Thanks Mick Yes, i let you my list (all artists... Bruce Springsteen is in the BS section) You can ask me what version of shows i have cause it's not always indicated ! You can ask me if you want some shows... https://mega.nz/#!rdZSEYYJ!LbT-smFM-wubslg_i1necoeaLgBO5UM-ILEc8owyqQc And THANKS for Duluth !!
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    New album out today and its bloody awesome.
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    and me....Factory is one of my favourites from Darkness. Simple, yet it says all that has to be said. Great to see it played in concert at the Manchester Arena in 1999.
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    Seeing as I couldn't stay logged off and seem to be back on here 24/7, I guess I should try and get back on track with posting 'half decent' content that makes me feel like I've done something helpful for the forum. I've enjoyed posting these threads in the past, hopefully you've enjoyed them as well. This time around it's Devils & Dust complete from live shows in 2005, mainly because I'm running out of albums and want to at least save Born to Run in '75 for a bit longer. "Devils & Dust" "All The Way Home" "Reno" "Long Time Comin'" "Black Cowboys" "Maria's Bed" "Silver Palomino" "Jesus Was An Only Son" "Leah" "The Hitter" "All I'm Thinking 'Bout" "Matamoros Banks" And just in case this seems really unappealing for the majority, I present, well, more unappealing and unrelated to the album videos from the 2005 tour. "Frankie" "Waitin' on a Sunny Day" "Walk Like a Man" If you enjoyed this concept, please be aware that there are other threads like this: The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle, live in 73/74 Magic, live over the years Live 75-85; (Most of) Working on a Dream, live in 2009; Born in the U.S.A live in '84/'85; Wrecking Ball live in '12/'13; Darkness live in '78; The River live in '80/'81; Tunnel of Love live in '88
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    I was never a fan of Ramrod until LINYC. Based off boots I’ve heard, I actually consider the reunion tour to be in his top 3 tours.
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    Maybe Western Stars will be serialised to have another crack
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    Aye. That figures. He has developed a reputation as being somewhat compliant.
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    Hi, I have this version, which is probably the same source. Sorry, I don't know how to check in TLH whether it's lossy, so any tips on that would be gratefully received! https://mega.nz/#F!DRYVlAjC!1TS5YuJUSUzxn_VP2Tqbkw
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    I always thought this was intentional. To emphasize the monotonous sound of the machines.
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    4 words “we’ll be seeing you (ya)”!
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    Jesus Was An Only Son is a freakin' bloody tremendous song.
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    Harry Vanda and George Young are musicians, performers, songwriters and producers. George died a couple of years ago. Whilst not being the most famous, they are the most influential and the greatest duo in Australian music. The greatest fish in this little pond. The two most notable bands they were in were The Easybeats and Flash and the Pan. They wrote songs that were hits in different (often unlikely) places around the world for mostly Australian artists including Stevie Wright, Ted Mulry, Cheetah, John Paul Young, Rose Tattoo, William Shakespeare. They produced bands like AC/DC (George Young’s brothers Angus & Malcolm are/were in AC/DC), The Angels and Rose Tattoo. I don’t think they toured after the late 60’s. If they had I think they would be more internally known. Mark Knopfler must have also had some regard for them. He gave them two verses in a Dire Straits song. (Sultans of Swing). So seeing Harry Vanda at the JPY singing the Vanda and Young songbook show is in this little pond like seeing Paul McCartney at a Gary Puckett and the Union Gaps sings the Lennon & McCartney songbook show, if Lennon & McCartney had written all the songs for Gary Puckett & the Union Gap, plus A Flock of Seagulls, plus The Cure, and had produced the Clash. We were in the room with greatness.
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    I've been rewatching Californication and just finished Season 6. This has had me mesmerized since watching the last episode...
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    Last night John Paul Young singing the Vanda & Young songbook at a club in Sydney that holds about 400. Fantastic. I wasn’t even the most famous person there. Murray Cook was at the next table. Some may know him as the red Wiggle. But the biggest thrill was that Harry Vanda was there. This is bigger than the night I touched Bruce. Some of you may know that when Bruce first came to Australia he did a pilgrimage to prostrate himself before Harry Vanda & George Young to pay fealty. He was there! Harry Vanda! Harry fucking Vanda! My life has been blessed.
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    Oh - I saw now this thread was started by No Surrender81. It doesn't mean a thing about it actually coming out then. He often gives false hopes when he wishes for something. Can't blame someone for wanting something, like this coming out, but don't make your wishes for it the FACT that BECAUSE you want it, it WILL come out! It likely won't, not this year. Maybe Xmess 2020, who knows...
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    Loosely xlated means ‘hope you prosper for a long time’ specifically ‘long may your chimney smoke’ lesson 1 ended - more tomorrow - nighty night
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    Two others woad tour: https://we.tl/t-aWlAGxSNWw 2009-11-15 milwaukee - it's hard being the boss flynn iem version flac https://we.tl/t-NgkSl025lM 2009-11-18 nashville - This Was My Young Man's Music! (Ev2) flac
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    Daily dose or 4 of Western Stars for me. (No offense at all to Moonlight Motel. It’s truly beautiful. But WS is the one I NEED to hear every day!)
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    good ole Percy has added Streets of Fire on his YouTube Channel. Upload quality not the best but the vid with that new sound is a delight to watch. Looking forward to the first dubbed video of complete show
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    Dead at 75 ....Thanks for those amazing albums.
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    Friday we got the news about Eddie Money. Yesterday I saw the new Linda Ronstadt documentary which detailed her battle with Parkinson's. Then I came home and saw the news about Ric O. I suppose that continuing stories of death and decline of artists from that era are now inevitable, but makes it none the easier to accept.
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    The thing is, I'm not sure I'm up for posting on these dedicated music forums anymore. Nowadays I'll post something and an hour or so later I'll ask myself "what was the point?" These last two posts and the thread I'm about to bump are perfect examples.