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    Not I - the 5th, 8th, 10th, 17th, and 20th were my 5 This recording of SFM sounds wonderful, doesn't it? But like you I was at the 6 Jul 85 show at Wembley - "this songs especially for London", with Steve, too - and the context adds so much. I appreciate how much Bruce cares about the ability of multi-track recordings to then be remastered into a finished product that is extraordinary for recordings of live shows. But I do wish he'd relent and consider special shows where all they may have is a two-track soundboard cassette to work with. I bet that they work wonders, and thus open up the archive releases to many shows with special moments. While the finished product may not have the full aural experience obtainable from multi-track masters, my decades of listening to G-Dead 2-track soundboards, and soundboard/audience mixes, firmly convinces me that there is a product there that fans would love to hear. As could be seen from my earlier thread dedicated to them, those 10 nights in Jersey in August of '84 represent a special time for me. I expect those who were not fortunate enough to live them live can now put on three shows from the 10 in outstanding quality and come close to creating the actual experience.
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    I remember it well, it was my first Springsteen show, 8/6/84. The 18 year old version of me went to the Meadowlands Arena that night, totally stoked about hearing snippets of the first night at the Arena via WNEW-FM coverage of the event. I remember getting there, and knowing that I was going to have to engage in something rather sinister (to my 18 year old mind), dealing with a SCALPER! So, after roaming around the parking lot and Arena, I eventually found a "hey buddy, do you need a ticket" type of guy. My mind remembers the ticket price was $12.50- from memory, and yes I have the ticket stub still. For the princely sum of $60, a lot to an as of yet college attending kid, I was IN! Sort of felt like an underage alcohol purchase or something more illicit, but the deed was done. My seat was on the first level, exactly across from the stage. So, even though I was totally across the Arena from Bruce, that didnt matter, my eyesight was good and my spirits high. I remember the song Trapped, not knowing what it was at the time and saying, "boy, I dont know this one, but it is good". Of course, it later came out on the USA for Africa comp a year later or so. And, having a couple songs on 75-85 live from 8/6/84 was sorta cool, you know, your first show and all. One distinct remembrance, not being able to speak above a whisper the next couple days at work after the show. I was working at a job at AT&T that was as a support person, and boy, I was really hoarse, due to singing all the songs at the show, I am sure, much to my fellow concert goers dismay. Didnt matter, I was a kid in heaven! I can say this song or that song was great, but in truth, it was all great, no lie. Another remembrance, attending an Elvis Costello concert at the Garden State Arts center a few weeks later, with a good friend. He was touring behind a horrible record of the time, Goodbye Cruel World. The show was so bad, that as my recovery after the show, on the drive home I blasted the Born in the USA cassette from my 1973 Plymouth Duster casette deck and again shredded my vocal cords, and for good measure, banged my fist on the dash enough times to crack it! (as a collector of old cars now, I would be really pissed to have a cracked dash, but that is how stuff like that happened long ago) Glad they are releasing it- I think you can guess I may pick this one up.
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    According to the blog of Nugs https://blog.nugs.net/
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    Seems this will be today's archive release
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    Well, I can say it's been a number of years since I've visited the Lake. Browsing through I don't recognize many names that were around from way back in the early 2000s. I'm actually surprised I remembered my password to log in! LOL Any old timers around? Balloon Man, Partner Sonny, Redheadedwoman? Those are who I can remember right now. LOL It's been a while but maybe during these times we are all home much more than normal it's time I read through and catch up. This place was one of the best places to be way back, and I have many fond memories reading through the archives, and the Banner stories, and Greasy Lake Vols 1-4. Took me back to a different time and place.
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    Finally, a 84 version of Racing in the Street. It's not Kansas City, but I'll take what I can get
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    Just a little pre-warning that within the next few days - probably during the weekend - I will install a new upgrade to the forum that will mean quite a few, mostly visual, changes. I know, change is hard, but it has to be done. I don't expect too much downtime, but you never know. Depends on how smoothly it goes.
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    1. The Promise the other 9 in alphabetical order: Atlantic City (Live NYC 2000) Backstreets Badlands Born To Run Darkness On The Edge Of Town Murder Incorporated Prove it All Night (Live ‘78) Racing In The Street Roulette Doing this brings it home that all my selections were written by May 1982 (Murder Inc being the last).
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    I remember you! Happy to see you’ve been well and all is good ....... Hope you’ve purchased every archive release! lol Brad
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    Thank you for that Nick21 ... makes sense to me. I always wondered (back in the tape trading days) why there wasn’t any soundboards from that tour; there are some that are pretty close: Certainly that second night in Pittsburgh and Tallahassee come to mind. But that swing through the Midwest saw incredible audience recordings as well: KC; Lincoln; Ames; Denver. I like the 'Devils’ & 'WOAD’ tours .... I like them all! But these days I’m looking for rare 80’s stuff. Thanks again, Brad
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    Completely different. Multi-track recording was notoriously expensive in the 1970s and 1980s. We also know, in hindsight, that Bruce and co were incredibly clumsy when it came to documenting his live career for decades. The one (small) glimmer of hope is that Erik’s line isn’t a cover all for soundboard tapes, so INC may have some two-tracks in the vaults. I don’t have any proof, but I suspect fans would rather hear a solid SBD tape from late 1984 than another Devils, Seeger or WOAD show. Same applies to 1976-1977.
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    Official now, what a bargain for a player like him. Much needed reinforcement. Wijnaldum on his way out now? Hope not!
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    Thank you very much NYC74 for your mic dropping generosity... Much appreciated!
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    Good to see you back again. As is often said about GL ... it's like home, it draws you back.
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    I've done this list a dozen times, and each time it changes. I swear, it gets more and more scatterbrained. 1. I'm Goin' Down 2. Radio Nowhere 3. Atlantic City 4. Badlands 5. Trouble River 6. Murder Incorporated 7. Human Touch 8. Lonesome Day 9. Roll of the Dice 10. Land of Hope and Dreams
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    Great Post ...... yes being hoarse the next day was always a feature of a Bruce show ..... I never understood how he could do that night after night
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    I can upload all stand by Born To Run Complete Sessions (Tape Transfer) (Mauro R.) https://mega.nz/folder/AxICDQzD#PL1wHdCdpP9NE2JSWBwtbQ Born With Nothin' In Hands - Remastered Born To Run Outtakes 1975 (Ev2) https://mega.nz/folder/1koEDI7S#B5HYzaVWTBYwGb4_aUQTOA The Born To Run Sessions 24 Bit 96 kHz (badlands69) https://mega.nz/folder/xpICzQaK#c-m1c5WQjoNdiP4RZSGYcw The Ultimate Born To Run Remastered Outtakes Collection https://mega.nz/folder/Yt423Kba#GAe5eB_11wCZIParoWGMnQ
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    the little tablet i use to join in here is final dead i mean a little computer tablet, btw
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    Bruce song's at there best are poems to me, chocked full of wisdom and insight about the human condition. Love Big Muddy, I also love the sound.... there should be wayyyyy more slide guitar in music.
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    Without a doubt, as far as I’m concerned. Just listen to the rhythmic session. Actually, I can still remember going through the booklet almost 30 years ago, in order to find out why the album sounded so thin and weak to me (except maybe for two-three tracks), despite the great songs it features.
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    I have read somewhere that there are only 4 multi-track recordings from NJ 84 the other one being 19th August, is that correct or did they record all 10 shows? 1985 shows recorded are also limited to Giants stadium & LA which doesn't leave a lot to go for the BIUSA tour. I'm looking forward to this being released later today, should be another great one!!
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    That doesn’t mean a thing. I have never seen an ESB show with Patti. So she really can do her own thing and the ESB can go also go out.
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    That's what im hoping No 4 has been a long time comin'
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    All Fools Day. The Saints; the title song of the album with Just Like Fire Would on it.
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    1. Drive All Night 2. Badlands 3. Brilliant Disguise 4. Thunder Road 5. Beter Days 6. Darkness on the Edge of Town 7. Rocky Ground 8. The Price You Pay 9. Land of Hope and Dreams 10. Hello Sunshine
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    Had a tooth pulled out in the morning and now I've got the fever and am laying on the couch watching the Pittsburgh 2016 video. The song playing right now: Lost in the flood.
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    No Klopp, no Thiago. A transformational manager operating at a different level over the past few years. Ridiculous to think people who love the game dismissed and ridiculed him. Last laugh and all that....
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    here we go: https://mega.nz/folder/tFoxQCya#v1skavoheEHdSn3OuChWDQ 1999-09-24 philadelphia - The Big 50 (I'd Rather Be In Philly!) - ev2 - flac enjoy!
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    What do you listen to at (almost) 2 a.m. in the dark (except Nebraska album)? The Ghost of Tom Joad. (The song, studio version).
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    In no order: Jungleland The River Born to Run Independence day Backstreets Racing in the Street The Promise Incident on 57th Street Thunder Road Across the Border
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    1-5. Incident On 57th Street, Thunder Road, Backstreets, Jungleland, Racing In The Street (no ranking 1-5). 6. Candy's Room. 7-10. NYC Serenade, Something In The Night, The River, No Surrender (no ranking 7-10). I think these were also the 10 songs I mentioned the last time there was such a topic, is that certain enough? Even if I have a strange feeling The Promise was in that list but that seems impossible; better it seems impossible one of the songs 7-10 were not in the list (no way 1-6 were not in the list). 11. and 12. The Promise and The Price You Pay. TPYP I have loved since I first heard The River album in autumn 1985, but the past years it really became one of my favourites, one of the essential Bruce Springsteen songs. (And it goes without saying The Promise is of course the still-unreleased original version, not the band version from The Promise album, or the 18 Tracks version). Some songs like Born To Run, Badlands, The Promised Land, I have heard so often they are not really favourites (anymore). And you would not say from this top 10 some days Tunnel of Love is my favourite Bruce Springsteen album (well, almost). Finally, this whole post is about studio versions; otherwise it would become really difficult (and different).
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    Time for a group hug Remember Jimmy is one of the good guys around here who very really gets worked up about anything
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    and the last one @burgessliam22 https://mega.nz/folder/hFQQgYCT#xJjUXLxwpxnmcj_b6jFCzA 1978-09-30 atlanta - jems version - flac enjoy!
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    @burgessliam22 https://mega.nz/folder/oJBE3Qpb#ts52LrFnP5ofSfdJFWSukw 1975-02-05 Bryn Mawr, PA - The Prodigal Son Meets JEMS at the Main Point (M+) (Oats)
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    I loaded these up to Mega for you. Then you can create a new request for the others 1985-06-23 Montpellier, France (B.L. Tape Transfer) https://mega.nz/folder/sk4TkA5B#Mf_AImNgbUnP97-wt0KiZw 1985-06-29 Breathless in Paris Audio (Uber #17) https://mega.nz/folder/c05nXTbD#VyZl64NoY8HnL4T2gmtfSA 1993-04-19 Rotterdam, The Netherlands - Just Around the Corner (B.L. Tape Transfer) https://mega.nz/folder/AhwVhKpI#lewqKi5-AqsNrOAIPIcLnw 1993-04-24 Ghent, Belgium - Viva Las Vegas (Jockel Edit) https://mega.nz/folder/EwpXzDia#UnI7MU1QO5fvbfinlmBzYw
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    Here you go 1985-07-04 London, England - Independence Night (Crystal Cat Records) https://mega.nz/folder/lc43iChb#cz0LY3jSLsR7CtW2LxDpgA
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    @burgessliam22 Here are 1985-08-19 East Rutherford, NJ - Giants Stadium '85, Second Night (Earlmv Edit) https://mega.nz/folder/JQBAWKhZ#hj9a7MFavdl9EvkLC_HdSw 1985-07-06 London, England (Alternate Source) (cre001-mjk5510) https://mega.nz/folder/QNZ2SSJA#cRI-RbYvaR8cZ0t2oPsHWQ Enjoy!
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    Here is one 1999-08-12 East Rutherford, NJ (Telecaster Version) https://mega.nz/folder/xEZFFaqD#tijOSvkzvn_-Zi7hW3pu3A Enjoy!
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    1980-08-21 doesn't exist! Brucebase and springsteenlyrics still do! Here is 1981-08-20 Los Angeles, CA - A Night For The Vietnam Veteran (Scorpio Records - Master Plus Edition) https://mega.nz/folder/AMwXTQYZ#Gc8n_Wa80xogvBl3s4Sb8A
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    Here ya go! https://mega.nz/file/xhIkkYaA#J-ah-olVSzeBSE7zzPaiXKMpprI2ZpuJGlS985oX0HE
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    i'm loading... https://mega.nz/folder/6N13GKxI#4G2ecKRBfwH2yU5emTMByg
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    I only have this one! 1988-06-29 Rotterdam, The Netherlands - Home Of The Champions (Doberman) All that heaven will allow on track 107 and The River on 108 https://mega.nz/folder/0Ep0yKRS#RNu-_T1tOLyEq3q5_0HtTQ https://www.springsteenlyrics.com/bootlegs.php?item=3364&category=aud_live1988&page=2
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