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    In a Camaro with this dude from N.J.
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    Nothing to get excited about. They're just searching for a bad enough picture to put on the cover.
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    Just finished watching the Tempe 1980 concert and it is 01.30am right now. What. A. Show! Hearing these shows is fantastic, but seeing it (and most of it in context as opposed to random youtube videos) is simply awesome. The energy, the fun, the craftsmanship of the band and the obvious friendship between them ... My eyes are open now. For me these are now the definitive versions of Born To Run, Badlands, The River, The Promised Land (never knew he used two harmonica's for the intro), Cadillac Ranch and Drive All Night. Detroit Medley is now my all time favorite version and perhaps even my favorite 'song' from now on. What a fantastic and energetic performance after 3 hours performing. I have it on again while I'm typing this and will watch it again before going to bed. I love it when the house lights come up during Good Golly Miss Molly and stay up during the rest of the song .. there is something magic about seeing the whole house rocking and dancing. Video of this performance should be sold at the pharmacy as medicine against depression!
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    Apparently, the delay has nothing to do with the show itself but has everything to do with Erik's essay. It seems that the forthcoming show is so phenomenal that Erik turns into a quivering wreck every time he sits down to write. He's presently lying down in a darkened room (again) composing himself to finish it. There will be more tears.
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    This needed it's own thread for the car alone. Of course, I missed him by a couple of days again. That's Danny Clinch with him.
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    Story https://www.app.com/story/entertainment/music/2020/08/06/bruce-springsteen-and-his-blue-camaro-hits-streets-asbury-park/3306672001/
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    Just received this box and I feel like a kid in a candy store Have just started listening to the intended 1979 single album and looking forward to the documentary and (most of all) concert footage of Tempe 1980. Have seen some on Youtube, but I suppose that didn't do the footage justice. What are (were) your thoughts about this set when it was announced/released/when you first got it. I like reading people's opinions and thoughts!
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    The River outakes are great....however the Tempe 1980 footage is just breathtaking. Best live footage of Bruce I have seen. Would love to have seen Bruce and the ESB at that time, but just missed out by a year or two before I became a fan. Enjoy.
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    I think there’s a fair few archive shows I haven’t listened to all the way through and there’s many more than that I’ve only played through once. A week extra to catch up is no hardship whatsoever.
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    We saw Back to the Future this evening and La La Land a couple of weeks ago - both at Warwick castle. Really enjoyed them, excellent sound and a very clear view of the screen. Toy Story 4 coming up next week - to infinity and beyond...
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    Shea Stadium, 1.10.2003 DVD 1: https://we.tl/t-qnEHpb1uF0 https://we.tl/t-2Tm7P0wSC7 https://we.tl/t-ptFp2luKiD DVD 2: https://we.tl/t-2TkogOvnQN https://we.tl/t-1TSsIfrQpL https://we.tl/t-Qc78cbdoNM Links expire in 7 days.
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    A beauty of a song from a beauty of an album.This was one of the first if not the first Bruce songs that really made me take notice of his music,I remember being obsessed with it about ten years ago constantly playing it on my old iPod,and it still sounds great today. Anyone else in the YBCD appreciation club? Also is it true it's only been played live once?
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    If we had never heard "Tracks", the River box would be insane. However, allot of it is duplicated. I will say the outtakes that are on it are breathtakingly wonderful. Time that Never was is for me an alltime classic. Party Lights is also amazing. Really, in a way, The story of the River is what wasnt included on the massive two LP party, tearfest, you name it. The Ties That Bind LP would have been amazing.....and if you can get your hands on the complete Tempe 1980 audio. (I know a guy, who knows a guy)
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    "The Time That Never Was" is stunning #THIRTYFIVEYEARSINAVAULT And as I said in my review of the Tempe show, it's the greatest live documentation of Springsteen and The E Street Band. Ever.
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    Finally got to listen to it. Well. It's horrible, awful, an assault to the ears. Is this Steve's revenge for all the lost discussions on song selection for The River album?
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    I absolutely love the stories, they were what made him stand out for me the first time I saw him but my favourite is The Wish from SOB. His relationship with him mum is the relationship any woman would want to have with her son.
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    When you think about 'Good Rockin' Tonight' from 1978 as my favorite opener of all time than the contrast with this opening version can't be any bigger. Stripped of everything except a piano and a voice. Brilliant, powerful and effective. My 2nd favorite opener of all time!
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    When this series started, I obsessively played each release several times in the weeks immediately after they came out but now I'm like this also, most times once only and sometimes not even all the way through due to time constraints. Means there's plenty of hidden gems floating around. This week, I noticed the May 2009 show hiding away in my list... a show I've played once at most. I really enjoyed hearing it again
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    My theory on the delay is they had a really awesome cover photo ready for the release but have now gone searching for a worse one...
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    Set aside a few hours to play July 9 1981 through twice. It’s absolutely phenomenal.
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    LINK: https://cantfindtickets.wordpress.com/category/live-downloads-archive-series-reviews/ Hi. With Friday's release delayed and it giving me the opportunity to post my review of Apollo 2012 this week instead of next week, this means I've finally reviewed all 56 shows unearthed from the Archive so far! I know this mightn't be worthy of a dedicated topic and I imagine it won't interest everyone, but I'm a little proud of myself to have gotten this done so I couldn't really resist taking a bit of delight in it. Hopefully these reviews have been of use to anyone who's read them and I can't thank those on here who've read and given feedback (good and bad) over the last two years enough.
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    Was looking forward to this. Ah well, on the bright side September's release will drop just 3 weeks later.
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    Did they like it? I couldn't tell .... couldn't understand a word they said. I think they should just listen to a track without the video. BTW when that rap song came on at the start, my dog ran out of the room.
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    Happy to - but as I always say, the rating is a reference, the words are the most important aspect of these reviews for me. Also, a reminder of personal preference etc. etc. Any questions about certain ratings I believe I've covered in the reviews themselves. September 19th, 1978 – Passaic, NJ (10.25) September 20th, 1978 – Passaic, NJ (10/10) November 5th, 1980 – Tempe, AZ (10/10) July 3rd, 1988 – Stockholm, SE (10/10) June 5th, 1981 – London, UK (10/10) July 1st, 2000 – New York, NY (10/10) December 15th, 1978 – San Francisco, CA – Winterland (9.75/10) September 27th, 1985 – Los Angeles, CA (9.75/10) October 18th, 1975 – The Roxy – West Hollywood, CA (9.75/10) October 23rd, 1999 – Los Angeles, CA (9.6/10) July 7th, 1978 – The Roxy – West Hollywood, CA (9.5/10) August 20th, 1984 – East Rutherford, NJ (9.5/10) September 30th, 1999 – Chicago, IL (9.5/10) July 24th, 2013 – Leeds, UK (9.5/10) November 16th & 17th, 1990 – Los Angeles, CA – The Christic Shows (9.5/10) November 22nd, 2009 – Buffalo, NY (9.5/10) September 25th, 1999 – Philadelphia, PA (9.4/10) December 31st, 1980 – Uniondale, NY (9.25/10) December 29th, 1980 – Uniondale, NY (9.25/10) May 23rd, 1988 – New York, NY (9/10) April 22nd, 2008 – Tampa, FL (9/10) June 25th, 2005 – Stockholm, SE (9/10) July 9th, 1981 – East Rutherford, NJ (8.8/10) July 28th, 2012 – Gothenburg, SE (8.75/10) September 21st & 22nd, 1979 – New York, NY – No Nukes (8.75/10) December 16th, 1978 – San Francisco, CA – Winterland (8.5/10) March 28th, 1988 – Detroit, MI (8.5/10) July 31st, 2012 – Helsinki, FI (8.5/10) August 5th, 1984 – East Rutherford, NJ (8.25/10) November 24th, 1996 – Asbury Park, NJ (8.25/10) November 19th, 2007 – Boston, MA (8/10) August 3rd, 2005 – Grand Rapids, MI (8/10) November 8th, 1996 – Freehold, NJ (8/10) December 31st, 1975 – Tower Theatre – Upper Darby, PA (8/10) April 23rd, 1988 – Los Angeles, CA (8/10) November 8th, 2009 – New York, NY (8/10) August 23rd, 2008 – St Louis, MO (8/10) September 22nd, 2012 – East Rutherford, NJ (8/10) November 22nd, 2005 – Trenton, NJ (7.75/10) June 16th, 2003 – Helsinki, FI (7.75/10) March 19th, 1996 – Belfast, UK (7.5/10) October 13th, 1986, Mountain View, CA – The Bridge School Benefit (7.5/10) December 8th, 1978 – Houston, TX (7.4/10) August 9th, 1978 – Cleveland, OH – The Agora (7/10) April 30th, 2006 – New Orleans, LA (7/10) May 4th, 2009 – Uniondale, NY (7/10) October 20th, 2009 – Philadelphia, PA (6.9/10) February 7th, 1977 – Albany, NY (6.75/10) July 25th, 1992 – East Rutherford, NJ (6.75/10) February 8th, 1977 – Rochester, NY (6.5/10) June 24th, 1993 – East Rutherford, NJ (6.5/10) July 31st, 2005 – Columbus, OH (6.5/10) July 11th, 2013 – Rome, IT (6.5/10) March 9th, 2012 – New York, NY (6/10) All ratings are open to be altered depending on future releases and future listening, but for the time being these are set in stone. I also really hope I haven't accidentally linked to an entirely different release...
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    They definitely picked our pocket a little......but of course I'm just a prisoner......still a shame though.....at 25 or 30 bucks I would have found excuses to buy it for people .....Happy Flag Day....here's the greatest r n r show you will ever see lol
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    What is hard to get across is the electricity in the air that night, peaking just before the lights went out and the opening salvo of BITUSA levitated us out of our seats. Bruce and The River and that tour had been huge, at least by any standard that existed before the BITUSA tour ended. Nebraska had dropped without much popular mention. The arena was fairly new, the shakeup of people on-stage was unexpected - heck, there was even a girl in the boys club! So this opening night was highly awaited, and yet most of us didn't know exactly what to expect. Remember, no internet, no cell phones, not the extensive fan network we have now. There is a reason that both first and last nights, only 15 days apart, were released officially. And it's not that they were the only recordings available
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    I loved the Tempe disc. I got the 2 DVD version box, then later got the Blu-ray separate from someone who had it on ebay by itself for $16 plus 4 shipping (not a boot). The Blu-ray is better looking, though some distant shots have a good deal of grain. Completely outstanding footage, probably the best concert video I've ever seen (I can't think of what could possibly be better to me). This also shows how Marc Brickman really added to the live shows in terms of lighting; Appel thought him a total genius, the greatest lighting designer in the world; Landau, due to wanting complete control, dismissed him! The shows were to never look the same again, never as spectacular thanks to Landau's horrible decision. It's magnificent. Glad you are enjoying it. I personally didn't like, esp. in restrospect, buying the River once again, and re: the outtakes...again, Tracks covers most of it. I liked Meet Me In The City very much even if a new recording basically, and also Party Lights. I thought Stray Bullet was beautiful musically but too tragic to listen to for long. The part I liked least was the documentary; it's just Bruce, so it's obviously completely one-sided, not showing the absolute frustration of the band members for it taking forever, and obviously not showing how bad the arguments with Steven and Landau must have been. It shouldn't be called a documentary. I wish the Tempe disc had been offered as a standalone release later, personally. I think it should have been; it's just too much of a gem.
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    wild's goalie alex stalock's mask in 3-0 shutout of the vancouver canucks
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    Well it really was at the start of my real fandom. Yes I seen Bruce in 78 and 84, but I was still stuck in my heavy metal daze. So I didn't know what I was watching, except that I knew it was great.
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    Well, luckily I have some sort of a time machine and will be magically transported back to Tempe 1980 tonight. The coming nights i'm also planning on visiting London 1975 and Houston 1978
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    Welcome home dad. I know it's going to be a long road to recovery, but you're strong & we'll all be right there with you. Played your favorite..."In My Life" as you were wheeled in & it was good to see you smilin'
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    I love it too. I do think people nowadays get far too hung up on what have always been stock phrases, clichés even, in romantic lyrics. Wanting to read something sinister into it. That needs to stop. As Eileen said, these are words of passion, and typically that brings with it hyperbole. It expresses strength of feelings. In the words "the way the rivers belong to the seas" I sense a suggestion of the lovers being "one flesh", a concept that's as old as Adam and Eve. We aren't meant to take any of it literally, any more than the words in 'Janey' (till every river runs dry, until the sun's torn from the sky). The part that's always quoted as being particularly contentious: And if I could, girl, though I know it'd be wrong I'd lock you deep inside till the last rains fall And hide you from the emptiness of it all To me that's just expressing a desire to protect her. It's "wrong" because he knows it's unrealistic, he can't protect her from all the ills of the world. Nobody can do that. I'd say it's almost parental, only somebody would be bound to take that the wrong way. Anyway it's a deeply romantic, passionate and moving song, and I am sorry that Bruce apparently doesn't like it. Perhaps it comes from a place he'd rather forget.
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    One of those songs which get stuck in one's head. Great guitar riff. One of the great things about Bruce is that he still plays songs 30+ years after their release and does them justice. 1985 vs 2016 ... both brilliant (and again an example of the great storyteller Bruce is) in their own right.
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    Yeah, I made a mistake with the High Hopes releases thinking there were 31, there's only 30. So that means: 57 (from Friday 14th of course) concerts in the Archive Series + 30 concerts from 2014 + 89 concerts from 2016 - 17 + 1 Springsteen on Broadway + 1 Western Stars: Songs From The Film = 178. Apologies for the Fake News with #179.
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    That dancing in the dark video is the reason I became a fan. I vividly remember watching it for the first time on Top of the pops in the UK. And I bet there’s plenty like me who can say the same.
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    Might be an unpopular opinion on a rock and roll forum but I love Taylor Swift. Had tickets to see her live this summer I kid you not. 1989 is a fantastic album for example. Ryan Adams thought so too and covered the entire album - it's worth a listen. Also liked the Lover album. Have an open mind and you might like it too. New Springsteen is bullshit ofcourse, totally different artists, music, genres etc.
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    I am feeling a magic show or a BiUSA one. I dont mind if I am wrong.
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    Funny thing today ESR played the famous St. Louis 08 show. Got to listen from the opening Than She Kissed Me to the start of Backstreets. What a show!!
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    I was so excited when this came out.....The River and that tour made me a fan for life and to finally have footage from that tour was a dream.......just the Sherry Darling dance moves alone.....goofy fun Bruce at his peak
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    He's can't possibly qualify as an angel on someone's chest.
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    I'm not kidding. I could watch this for a whole day on repeat with an occasional 'Light Of Day' and a 2002/3 'Mary's Place' thrown in for pleasure.
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    I was there, wet like a chick, but with a big smile on my face! What a night!
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