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    Greasy Lakers are the best Tomorrow there'll be sunshine xxx
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    So I just listened to Western Stars for the first time in a few weeks. Imagine you're Bruce Springsteen. Just for a moment, imagine that. You've written "New York City Serenade." You've written "Jungleland." You’ve written "Darkness on the Edge of Town" and "Wreck on the Highway" and "Reason to Believe" and "My Hometown" and "Valentine’s Day." You’ve written "My Beautiful Reward" and you’ve written "My City of Ruins." You’ve written "Matamoros Banks" and "Devil's Arcade." You've written some of the greatest album closers in the history of rock and roll. And not just because you're one of the greatest writers in the history of rock and roll—although you are—but because you not only understand the importance of sequencing, but are also a master of it. And yet somehow, after all those—or perhaps because of them—years later you are still capable of writing "Moonlight Motel." And then…you sit on it for five years. You just leave it in the can. Because you're Bruce Springsteen. If you're any other artist, you rush the thing out. Maybe you don't even wait for the rest of the album. You shove the song in the world's face and you scream, "Lookit! Lookit! Look what I can do! Look what I did!" But you're Bruce Springsteen. So you don't do that. You just...wait. Until you've done a bunch of other stuff and you feel like the time is right to finish up this project and you do and it's a damn masterpiece. And not of course it is. It's not a given. There are a lot of truly great artists—absolute titans—who peaked and never again came close to being that great again. In fact, perhaps only Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash have ever come close to doing what Bruce Springsteen has done this century, which is to continue to write and record and release albums which can stand shoulder to shoulder with their very finest work—their very finest work being fine indeed: masterpieces, in fact. The [mainly younger] guy who once wrote things like: My father's house shines hard and bright It stands like a beacon calling me in the night Calling and calling, so cold and alone Shining 'cross this dark highway where our sins lie unatoned and You've got to learn to live with what you can't rise above and Like a river that don’t know where it’s flowing I took a wrong turn and I just kept going and It was a small town bank It was a mess Well, I had a gun You know the rest and They prosecuted some poor sucker in these United States For teaching that man descended from the apes They coulda settled that case without a fuss or fight If they’d seen me chasin’ you, sugar, through the jungle last night and They died to get here a hundred years ago, they’re dyin’ now The hands that built this country we’re always trying to keep down and If pa’s eyes were windows into a world so deadly and true Ma, you couldn’t stop me from looking but you kept me from crawlin’ through and 41 shots—and we’ll take that ride Across this bloody river to the other side 41 shots—my boots caked in mud We’re baptized in these waters and in each other’s blood and You end up like a dog that’s been beat too much Until you spend half your life just covering up and As I lift my groceries into my car I turn back for a moment and catch a smile That blows this whole fucking place apart and Remember all the movies, Terry, we'd go see Trying to learn to walk like the heroes we thought we had to be And after all this time, to find we're just like all the rest can still–can now—write a verse like this: Now the pool's filled with empty, eight-foot deep Got dandelions growin' up through the cracks in the concrete Chain-link fence half-rusted away Got a sign, says, "Children, be careful how you play" Your lipstick taste and your whispered secret promised I'd never tell A half-drunk beer and your breath in my ear At the Moonlight Motel And the only thing that could be even better than all this? Is that he says he's going into the studio with the E Street Band soon for a new album
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    Swiped this off Doug Watson on FB - Doug, if you are here, this is pure brilliance!!!!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm posting this with a heavy heart.. As much as I love Bruce Springsteen and collecting anything and everything related to him, it takes up too much of my time and I am struggling to keep up with the everyday basics such as cleaning and helping out around the house, so something has to give. Therefore I have decided I will be getting rid of my lifelong collection. Below is a list of what's available. Serious inquiries only, please don't insult me with undervalue offers. Thanks for reading and understanding. 1. Dustpan and brush 2. Sponges 3. Dusters 4. Mop and bucket 5. Vacuum Cleaner 6. Window cleaner 7. Dishwashing liquid 8. Laundry detergent 9. Laundry basket 10. Cleaning sprays 11. Scrubbing brushes 12. Bleach 13. Toilet brush
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    There is nothing quite as harrowing as having a sick child and not being able to do anything about it. The past few months had been rough. A wave of depression and anxiety had hit and caught me off guard, alone in a country that’s not my own and was feeling less so by the minute. Away from what I would call home, faced with hardships I’d hardly ever imagined, forced to do monotonous, dumb, repetitive, alienating jobs. All my dreams had been crushed and I knew very well it had all been my fault. There’s no easy way to live with this. It’s the sort of thing that can crush you unless you’re lucky. So I stripped away everything and tried to keep the very minimum, the essentials of what still could make me happy. It was family. I saw myself as part of something else, I realised we’re animals and there’s nothing that makes you happier than holding your naked baby against your naked chest, wiping his snot, smiling as he bites your nose, as he scratches you when over-excitedly he waves his hands and laughs at your silly face. When he became sick a few days ago it wasn’t anything serious but I was struck at how connected I was to that person, how infuriating it was to be powerless as he cried in pain. He woke up a lot that night and one of those times he started crying so much, I just held him and tried to calm him down. He wouldn’t. I tried everything and he still wouldn’t. That’s when I thought I’d play some music on my phone because that always helps him calm down. Clarence came through the dark of the bedroom with those lonely, beautiful notes in the intro to The River on Live in NYC. His crying started to fade away as he stared at me, my face lit by the glow of the mobile phone, and he just stood there listening. The electric piano, the harmonica, that voice... That beautiful piece of music now had a place in this very basic, animalistic, primitive relationship. It belonged there and I rejoiced as he let the music soothe him. He was sleeping by the time it finished and I just enjoyed watching him looking so calm, cheek against my arm, blessed by Bruce.
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    Looks like we are back. Sorry for the interruption. First thing I should say is that I'm not sure if we are on safe ground yet. The underlying problems that caused all of this may not have been solved yet, so be prepared that things could turn bad again. I don't have time to explain in more detail at the moment what's going on, but I will when I'm sure this has all been solved.
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    My Scooter & The Big Man Jack-O-Lantern. Happy Springsteen Halloween.
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    There is no way I can express adequately what Bruce means to me, even now, after over 40 years of faithfully following him. Different background, different upbringing – but there was my early yearning to get out, to leave all the narrowness behind me, to just drive away. Which I couldn’t. I didn’t have a car, and I couldn’t even drive at the time. I just stood on a bridge above a freeway in Germany and dreamed myself away. When I came to the States at age 20 to study at a university in a small town, there was that urge again. And there were others; we would just jump into a car and drive and drive, with no apparent aim or destination. We were trying to shake something off, and didn’t know for sure what it was. Some years later, back in Europe, I (finally!) discovered Springsteen, and he expressed those things perfectly. Born to Run, Thunder Road, those were the signature tunes then. And more than others, Independence Day. I have been hooked ever since, not just because of the music, but because of the lyrics and the emotions expressed. Poetry is something I have always lived with – German poets whose names will mean nothing to most of you, and the great English and American poets. And here was this scruffy kid with not much formal education who wrote lyrics that went straight to the heart and the soul. He has emerged from those beginnings as a mature person, well read, of firm convictions, a deep human understanding and the undiminished talent to express those things in prose and songs. And being able to let rip on stage and have fun as well. The closeness I feel to this man has something to do, no doubt, with the fact that we are contemporaries – I am two years his senior. And the stages he has gone through resemble mine. Without his talent and genius, of course. So, happy birthday, Bruce. Stay hungry, stay alive. Keep the black dog at bay.
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    I'm sorry there seems to be some dissatisfaction with the way we run things. Let me just put a few things straight: When each of you signed up you agreed to the terms and conditions One of the terms is that we do not discuss moderator decisions publicly. The rule has existed for 15 years, so if that means GL is on a downhill spiral, we've been so for 15 years It's understandable that you don't agree with all moderator decisions or that you can't accept the terms. I respect that 100%. But the consequence you must draw is to either live with it or leave. We are a private forum. Not a democracy. Your constitution doesn't apply here, and your free speech is limited to the terms you agreed to when you signed up. Anyone who contacts us privately in a civil manner will get a response. I can't guarantee that you will like the response, but we will give you one. That's all for now.
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    I have been lurking on here since last summer having found the forum looking for news about Western Stars. I Found a lot of of speculation as well! Bruce has been very important in my life. Especially when my life has been cast by shadows. He really must have lyrics for every part of human experience. I am working from home (and I do consider myself lucky to that extent). But I am feeling isolated and what better for a Bruce fan to do than reach out a virtual hand to other fans. I am not usually a joiner of forums but you seem a great bunch. But then why wouldn't you be being Bruce fans?
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    What can I say to honor my hero tonight on the eve of his 70th Birthday? I wish I knew him, I only know him from the songs and how they have been there for me since when I was small. I cant really remember the first song I really heard. I have a memory of hearing "Born to Run" in our apartment in Canoga Park. We have all heard these songs, and some of us feel differently than I do, but what matters is we all hear them and we are all moved by them, They make us feel better or worse. They help us dream and connect to a part of ourselves that wouldnt exist without them. There are ideas in those songs that have changed me for the better. The one song that means the most is "Darkness on the Edge of Town", the closing song on the samurai record of the same name. Our person, who moves through the record opens the song in resignation. They are still there out at the trestles doing what they do, and I am here in front of this mountain and I have a ten thousand pound boulder that I have to push up this hill tonight. She isnt here, cause it wasnt her style. But if she ever wants to see me, I'll be here amidst the Darkness that gives me life, that makes me feel alive, its all I know. This song has taught me to be me, and only me. Thats what Bruce has taught me with his music. "All you need to do is risk being your true self." I was born with secrets that I have carried through my life, and when I heard this music, it taught me to love myself despite them, I cut them loose as they were dragging me down. Freedom is a magical thing. This music has given me a life I never knew I wanted. The most important thing in the song is the end. We are still pushing that boulder, but whats more true is to give it all we have and to never stop. To be on time and to pay the cost of wanting these things that others dont...Its not a free ride. The cost is being honest and true. Those things are rare and they are only found amidst the Darkness. This is where we live. These things can only be found here, and Bruce is the only one that could have written the sound track to my life. We all have other favorites. Currently I listen to "Backstreets" (The live versions from '78 thanks to the magical archive series) I am listening to "Into The Fire". I hear "My Fathers House". I am listening to "Incident on 57th Street". All these songs say something to me, but together they tell my story and in some ways yours.... More importantly than the music, Springsteen's life has been a blue print to learn how to live, to deal with your problems and be honest with yourself. Give what you have to others as they may need help. Helping people will help you carry your troubles. I want to wish my hero a happy birthday tonight.
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    As I listen to Nils' BLISTERING solo in "Youngstown" on the nwq "Live in NYC" vinyl, as I experience goosebumps, I am transported back to 1999. You don't need Doc Brown's Delorean to go back, you just need music that is implanted in your memory, like the reunion tour was. Maybe you were lucky enough to catch the Jersey shows when he dusted of our two favorite ladies - "Sandy" and "Rosie." Maybe you were lucky enough to have been in Philly for his 50th birthday show at The Spectrum, or the night after, when he opened the show with "Incident." Maybe you heard your favorite Tracks song played, or maybe you got hooked on the new arrangement of "Youngstown" or you finally got to hear "Murder Inc." for the first time, OR maybe you were in a state of pure and utter bliss because THE F-ING E STREET BAND WAS BACK TOGETHER!!! Or maybe your soul was runnin' on empty, like mine was on July 18th, the second show of the Jersey run and U.S. Tour. My father passed away suddenly seven days earlier. He was 55 and in good health, he just had a freak heart attack in the middle of the night. One minute he was there, one minute he had left us. He was my best friend; my consigliere, and my light in dark places. My mentor, my guiding light, and my cigar smoking buddy left us suddenly and without warning and to say I was hurting inside was the understatement of the year. My soul was truly running on empty, I had forgotten what it was like to laugh or even smile that week...until July 18th. For those three hours, he wasn't gone and I wasn't hurting. Bruce and E Street lifted my soul and made me realize that this too shall pass, that there was still a lot to be happy about in this insane world. For three hours, I sang, played air guitar, danced, and was as happy as I had ever been. That's why we love Bruce so damn much. That's why music is more than background sound to tramps like us. Anyway, this is something I have had the need to purge since 1999.
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    Some nights, this is all I need... I remember how it floored me. In those days before the internet, I had only a vague idea of what to expect from the Tunnel Of Love Express. I still remember realizing toward the end of his introduction that he was going to play Born To Run. I felt a seed of doubt. The band wasn't on stage. It was just Bruce with his acoustic guitar and harmonica. The moment he began to sing, I was absorbed and before he was finished, I was crying. Just a little. It was beautiful then and it's beautiful now and the way it made me feel that night, my first year off the road, my first Springsteen show since I put my backpack away, is a way I want to feel sometimes still. The song that had always roared like a justification for my running away now whispered like an affirmation that slowing down isn't standing still, but it's close enough. Wo oh oh wo oh oh...
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    I missed much of the excitement here today, but I want to add to Karsten's thoughts and share just a few of my own. I have been a part of the Greasy Lake family for over 20 years and I know a few things are 100% true 1) No one has ever been banned without MANY discussions and warnings. The Mod team doesn't want to censor voices or lose any, we value the world wide set of opinions and ideas that we get here. This may be hard to believe as someone you cared for is now banned, but that person had many opportunities to adjust to the rules here. If they choose to not meet community standards, then we have to take steps to preserve the community. Every civilized society has rules/laws and an authority to enforce them - it isn't different here. BTW - if you look back at old posts, Jerseyfornia and I were friends - we had many nice conversations about life, music, Spike and writing. However, that friendship doesn't mean the rules don't apply. Like many of you I am sad he is gone, and I miss his voice. I also hope someday he will wish to return, but what he did today shows disrespect for the ones who provide the forum, not appreciation and a desire to be part of it again. 2) One of the non-flexible rules that has never been adjusted is complaining about Moderation on the board. I replied to several PM's this evening and did my best to answer your questions. But there is no provision for "Protesting in the streets" here. Even when I personally may agree with your POV, it doesn't mean I won't eliminate your complaints from public posts - we just don't leave them up, and this is also true in almost every place I visit - including Facebook, Twitter and others that arbitrarily control our posting, without explanation or arbitration. Here, we are willing to hear and discuss your concerns, we just do it through PM's 3) Finally, no forum will EVER meet the needs of everyone. I have made many friends in my 20 years as a member of Greasy Lake. Sadly, not all of them post here anymore, even though we remain friends. The forum has evolved, the internet has evolved and many of Bruce's fans are 20 years further down the road and don't spend as much time on social media in their 50's as they did in their 30's. If the forum in it's current version doesn't meet your needs, it's OK to not visit so often, if at all. Many have set up alternate forums, and found these to be much more difficult to run and maintain than they expected, and very few of them last more than a few months and die off due to neglect or lack of interest. But maybe one of those might suit you better, it's hard to say but worth exploring. We have a special place here, this little community on the internet. I feel your passion and love for it, it has burned in me since I found it in 1999 and it matters as much to me today as it ever did. If you didn't care about GL, you wouldn't protest about what you don't like, I hear you loud and clear and so do the Moderator team. What we aren't sure of, is whether you hear us? We want Greasy Lake to continue to be a safe haven in a crazy world, a sanctuary for Springsteen fans and a place where the fighting, arguing, nastiness and racist language that surrounds us in the real world isn't tolerated. We think that's what you want too, and that is what we believe drew you here in the first place. If you want to talk, I am listening - PM box is currently empty
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    Hello everyone, I'm Stefan, 41 years old and from The Netherlands. I've been an Elvis Presley fan for 30 years, a Mark Knopfler fan for 20, a Eric Clapton fan for 10 and a Joe Bonamassa fan for 5. These are just the ones I'm a fan of, there are loads more that I like (mostly artists from the '50s to '90s). For some reason I've never been a fan of Bruce and until 6 months ago I only casually liked some songs (like 'Hungry Heart' and/or 'The Rising'). But, for some inexplicable reason I started listening to the live 75-85 set on Spotify last January and .......... it clicked! I've been listening to Bruce , mostly live concerts, for like 85% since then. This only happened before with Elvis as with the other artists the 'click' came also, but with more struggling along the way. It feels like i was under some rock for the last 30 years. How could I have missed all this? I really love all Bruce, being it the '70s (definitely my favorite period with personal favorites like Íncident On 57th Street', 'Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) 'Thunder Road, 'Lost In The Flood', 'Frankie', 'It's Hard To Be A Saint In The City', 'Growin' Up', 'Racing In the Street', 'The Fever'). the '80s (Both 'The River' and 'Born In The USA' are brilliant albums and both tours are greatly fun to listen to), the '90s (Reunion shows are excellent and the last archive release from that year opening with 'Incident On 57th Street' is wonderful. The 2002-2020 area is quite equal to me (for now) in a good sense. Love the Rising Tour, the Magic Tour, The Working On A Dream Tour (great DVD from London!), the Wrecking Ball/High Hopes Tour and the 2016 River Tour). I'm less into the acoustic stuff (with all artists that I like) so I have no archive releases of the '96 and '05 tours. I do have some audience recordings and I will give those a try sometime. (Am I correct that the '05 tour is also heavily piano influenced? I love Bruce playing the piano.) Also I haven't found my feet yet in the Tunnel Of Love tour (I got all 4 official live releases, but as I bought 3 just today I only listened to the New York one, which I like but as said hasn't really clicked yet). Got about 55 archive live concerts (I really love live music) and apart from the ones I bought today (the 2 '77 ones, Cleveland and Houston '78 and the 3 remaining '88 shows I didn't have yet) have listened to each and every one of them. I also got several 2016/17 concerts. I bought all 10 USA shows from the second USA leg of the tour and those are among my favorites. Bruce is a totally different performer than the ones I mentioned above. I really, really like his energy, his interaction with the audience, his guitar playing and interaction with the band. Speaking about the band, this is probably the best 'backing' band I've ever heard. From Roy to Gerry to Max, Steven Nils and Clarence they are all great musicians. I love Max's drumming and when I earlier this year watched the London 2009 blu ray for the first time it amazed me that he produced such a full and forcefull sound from, what seems to be, a small drum kit. Obviously, I have never seen Bruce live (should have gone in 2016 when he played in my hometown of The Hague), but with such a wealth of well recorded live material I can live with that. Should the chance ever arises to see him I won't hesitate for a second. It surprises me to become a fan of someone who is around for about 50 years on the music scene. It's great fun, amazing and exciting to delve into such an amount of music and I'm enjoying every minute of it.
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    He made the required statement 45 years ago on the cover of his “make or break” album. He’s repeated that inclusion statement throughout his career. He denounced this very issue when it wasn’t the “cool thing to do” in 2000, with American Skin. He helped electing and re-electing the first African-American President in 2008 and 2012. Don’t get me wrong. I would appreciate a statement, but let’s face it: it would largely be “preaching to the choir”.
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    First of all, please excuse me for intruding this way but I'm not sure how exactly things work out here. But it feels right to be here and explain why. I've been surfing the Lake for quite a while now but very soon I found out that it was much more than just a useful source of information, previews and 'educated guesses' … I realized that in the end it's all a matter of love, the love that we share, each of us in our own different, intimate way, but so strong that makes all of us so connected one to another. It's this connection that brought me here. My personal love affair began in 1985, the 21st of June. She was a really lovely girl, older than me, and a huge huge Bruce fan. I never managed to express my true feelings for her. I would have followed her anywhere, and so there we were, the night when it all began. That day in Milan was a really special moment for all of us there and it's known to be a special day for Bruce himself, finally back to the roots as the Bruce Zirilli vinyl I still treasure pinned down so aptly. As I said, it was love, a youthful enthusiastic love, but not for her, I never found the nerve to tell her how special she was and we just slowly drifted apart. But the man that was talking to me that night, that was sharing his music and his feelings with me, he took my hand and walked me through the light and darkness of my life. I could share so many of those moments when I felt one hundred years old and he was there to show me there was always hope, that if I looked hard enough I would recognize the many who cared, that every time you fall you must stand back up and try harder. But I don't want to stretch your patience more than I already have. So I'll just thank all of you out there for keeping the dream and the love alive. And thank you Laura, wherever you are: now I can tell how grateful I am for that magical night and that you will always be in my heart.
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    Ironically, we had to drive to the outskirts of Munich for the film, which happens to be the place where my first Bruce show took place in 93. A lot happened to both of us since. The life that happened, and had us both mostly unprepared... I wasn't nearly as shaken or emotional, as I expected. I found myself totally drawn into the music, and although his spoken interludes were moving, they haven't sweapt me of my feet this first time. I know I will be watching this again, and I'll be crying my eyes out, but it just didn't happen for me this first time. I was just so overly mesmerized by the musicianship of all on stage, particularly by the string section and the back vocalists. Patti was lovely, singing well and looking good. Bruce looked sustainable, and the guitar held high, it was an omen.. I have to say a few words about the drummer. No one mentioned him so far, but to me he looked like one overly dedicated obsessive guy, who would have played for three days in a row without sleeping, for free. Reminded me of The Animal, loved him so much. Oh, and Charlie... What stood out for me weren't the little stories, although all very reflective, loved the bench one in particular, but the fact how dedicated Bruce still is, how much he still enjoys playing and performing, and how well he can blend with other musicians, not just the E Street. That 'something's gone look in his eyes' Captain talked about, I noticed that too. Hard to explain, but this album helps me speak to my dead, I think with these songs, Bruce took a glimpse to the other side, and came to terms with his mortality. I really feel this, listening to the album, and felt it watching the film also. It was in his eyes... Favorite scene, Stones probably, with the impeccable solo. Loved the bird perspective of the orchestra.. When we were walking out, my husband asked me why I thought he made the movie and if I thought the film was better than Broadway. I couldn't answer, and although he was waiting for my 10 minute speech, I reminded silent. The movie just confirmed that undeniable truth, that people need to follow their calling, and do the best where their brilliance is hidden, and just persist.... I was never prouder to be a fan.
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    Never seen this before. Yes there were snippets in the Blood Brothers video release but 15 mins of rehearsal here. Fascinating fly on the wall stuff if you've also not seen...particularly as this period and coming together of the band again is commonly described as being awkward.
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    Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere but this is a really good, albeit short, interview I’ve just come across. It’s so rare to come upon interviewers who ask meaningful, honest questions like these.
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    Just met Bruce outside Claridges got a photo and he signed my Born to Run vinyl. Absolutely made up!!!
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    There’s nothing quite like hearing new Bruce for the first time. No other artist will ever make me feel this way. Don’t ever stop Bruce. Music needs you.
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    Favourite songs (I'll confine it to five). My faves change but these are permanently in my top ten. Across the Border -An immensely moving gem. How I wish this humane masterpiece was more widely known. American Land- a rollyking delightful anthem of Americana. Land of Hope and Dreams- Simply beautiful. A great Everyman anthem. Independence Day- Something special to every person who failed to understand their dad until it was too late. Long Walk Home- No politician or philosopher has defined the rule of law better than Bruce. "That flag above the courthouse means certain things are set in stone. Who we are, what we'll do and what we won't". Favourite concert: Royal Albert Hall 16 April 1996. Bruce proves he doesn't have to rock to prove he's the most charismatic performer in the world. Favourite concert moment: Wembley 4 July 1985. Started with Independence Day in my first Bruce concert. Magical.
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    Happy 70th to our man!!! It’s been 47 years (holy cannoli!!!) since I began this journey. Like @berlintramp, I don’t have the words to adequately express what this man and his music has meant, and continues to mean, to me. Huge mountain of gratitude to Adele and Douglas!!
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    Released a year ago today and I still love it. Best since the 1980s, at least for me.
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    Just done with this thread.... I am afraid I'll get banned if I tell whats in my heart. I was beyond moved last night, and the true contents of the discussion of what it means will be discouraged. Up the thread someone said we have a choice between two horrible candidates. It is not true...moreover the fact Bruce chose to use his song in an important moment last night shows us how important this moment is.... I have always had a hot and cold reaction to the Rising. Last night I saw it for what it is. A call to action. A call to live in spite of the horrors we face. His best songs say something. If something is wrong, you look at it, and to yourself, inside yourself you ask what can I do? Where does this take me? On my back is that 60 pound stone of ugly history. Up those stairs is the afterlife of sorts, where I know I will go. The transformation is there. We must grab it. Last night was amazing. For once I was connected to this struggle through my political party. My hero contributed a song, that song was transformed into a call to begin again. I am in this fight and it hurts when people make it a joke about hair or wigs.
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    Man people make amazing videos ...for half of this i thought there was all of a sudden high quality footage of the 1980 NYE Show that no one ever knew about ..... Love that other people are obsessed enough by this super rare cover to make a great video from it ....one of the top Bruce moments for me ever .....Probably THE top
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    As you may have noticed, we were offline again, but this time it was on purpose so the Invision support people could apply a permanent fix to the problems we have been having lately. I do believe they succeeded, but some profile pictures are missing. I can probably solve that within a few days, but you are also welcome to upload a new one to make my job easier ... Or the same one again if you'd like.
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    Sorry about that. Not sure what happened. I just know that I didn't find out anything was wrong until this afternoon after work, because - believe it or not - no one contacted me about it for about eight hours, and I was personally busy at work and didn't check in. So, please, please, don't hold back if you want to report that something is not working. Use GL's main contact form or go through our Facebook page (which is where someone finally posted something). Anyway, it just so happened that this was the evening that I was going to see the Western Stars movie in Copenhagen, so there was absolutely nothing I could do until now when I've finally gotten home. And surely, you wouldn't want me to miss the Western Stars movie to go home and fix the Lake instead, right? Well, again, sorry about the problems. I'm still not sure what was wrong or how I fixed it, but I must have. All I know is that it was probably all Mikey's fault.
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    Here we go then ... Broadway was never an option for me. Too far away, too expensive, wasn't able to take time off work, would've had to pay double for everything (I wouldn't have gone on my own!). If I could have overcome all of those obstacles the story would've been different (or if Bruce had toured with it). Anyway, no regrets, as it was great to live it through the eyes and ears of our friends who DID go. So at the moment, Western Stars will be my 'Broadway' even though it's through a screen. I don't cry much or easily, but from the opening scene of the horses (am I spoiling this for those who haven't seen it?) I got quite choked (as I said on another thread, Bruce must have watched the film The Misfits). Then, into Hitch Hikin' ... the sound is incredible. The barn, the lights, Bruce's little monologues, the ORCHESTRA!! Charlie!! Feels like you're right there with the 30 or so invited guests. Pictures of Bruce from way back (another choked up moment to think how far he's travelled, how his looks have changed, yet remain). I agree with whoever (was it @Kburke?) said The Wayfarer was a stand out. It's one of my less favourite songs on the album, but she's right! Patti is gorgeous, as usual. She brings a whole lot to Stones. Close ups of her and Bruce are lovely. Close ups of Bruce on his own are lovely! Brave to have the camera up so close! I won't say too much more about the film because there are so many of you still to see it. But the music is epic, the landscapes are too, and Bruce says some very touching things. Watch out for the hand on the steering wheel at the end. @Eileen, hankies at the ready! Take a cardi too, all of you, for the goosebumps moments. I had plenty. Thanks, Bruce. It's a winner.
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    Actually, coincidentally, I've just started a new project. It's about currency throughout the world. To that end, I wonder if people could send me money? As many currencies as possible. Any help would be much appreciated and would assist me greatly. Thanks in advance!
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    full ~85 minute set from 2004 at the Hit Factory NYC to promote 23rd St Lullaby
  33. 17 points
    I consider this show the best that I have ever seen. I can't wait to listen to it, and at the same time I'm afraid of listening to it for fear that it isn't what I remember. Anyway, if anyone is interested, I wrote this review a few days after the show when my feet had yet to touch the ground after what I'd experienced.
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    LINK: https://cantfindtickets.wordpress.com/2019/10/24/review-bruce-springsteens-western-stars-songs-from-the-film/ Featuring praise for "There Goes My Miracle" and "Hello Sunshine", as well as a 'spoiler' you might want to avoid before watching the film/listening to the album yourself. In short, I love Western Stars live. More of it please, Bruce.
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    There is a moment in the film version of Western Stars, its about 3.42....Bruce's voice meets the choir, meets the string section, meets the backing vocalists, and he sings 'Tonight the riders on Sunset are smothered in the Santa Ana winds...' And it is transendental It is beautiful, and I love it.
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    I will post this in hopes it finds you well. I will include these two quotes as an introduction to what I have written. The first one is a favorite quote from a movie where a Texas law man has decided to quit working at the only thing he knows how to do. For me its connected to Western Stars...the 2nd is in my opinion the seminal moment that makes Springsteen who he is and has fueld his artistry. He would never had made Western Stars or any other of his works without this central truth. As you will see what I get from the music is an affirmation that it's ok to be at a loss. Its ok to have thse feelings and we are not alone... The law man is eating breakfast on one of the first days hes no longer doing his life's work. He is describing a dream he had... "Okay. Two of 'em. Both had my father. It's peculiar. I'm older now'n he ever was by twenty years. So in a sense he's the younger man. Anyway, first one I don't remember so well but it was about meetin' him in town somewheres and he give me some money and I think I lost it. The second one, it was like we was both back in older times and I was on horseback goin' through the mountains of a night....goin' through this pass in the mountains. It was cold and snowin', hard ridin'. Hard country. He rode past me and kept on goin'. Never said nothin' goin' by. He just rode on past and he had his blanket wrapped around him and his head down...and when he rode past I seen he was carryin' fire in a horn the way people used to do and I could see the horn from the light inside of it. About the color of the moon. And in the dream I knew that he was goin' on ahead and that he was fixin' to make a fire somewhere out there in all that dark and all that cold, and I knew that whenever I got there he would be there. Out there up ahead." - No Contry for Old Men Now those whose love we wanted but didn't get, we emulate them. That's the only way we have, in our power, to get the closeness and love that we needed and desired. So when I was a young man looking for a voice to meld with mine, to sing my songs and to tell my stories, well I chose my father's voice. Because there was something sacred in it to me. And when I went looking for something to wear, I put on a factory worker's clothes, because they were my dad's clothes. And all we know about manhood is what we have seen and what we have learned from our fathers, and my father was my hero. And my greatest foe. Not long after he died, I had this dream, I’m on stage, I’m in front of thousands of people, and my dad's back from the dead and he’s sitting in the audience and suddenly I'm kneeling next to him in the aisle, and for a moment we both watched the man on fire on stage. And then my dad who for years, he sat at the kitchen table, unreachable, but I was too young, I was too stupid to understand was his depression. Well I kneel next to him in the aisle, and I brush his forearm, and I say, "Look dad. That guy on stage - that's how I see you." My Father's House (Broadway 2018) I live in a house that was purchased for me by my in-laws after I got married and had my son, we live in a small farming community and life has been good here...it is from this spot I reflect on things and listen to this music. I am now safe and sound thanks to recovery, mental health care, and the love of my family. I have been trying to make sense of what Western Stars, the movie and the record mean to me...I want to share my feelings with you guys because I have to. It means so much to me and it has sustained me and this might make sense to you. Towards the end of Bruce's autobiography he says to write your own story and as this music washes over me I have found the space to do that. You are reading this so I was happy with the result. I grew up in chaos. My Mom was a drug addict who didnt know how to do anything and consequently, my sister and me are a bit mechanically useless. My Dad was always mad about something, seemed to be greatly dissatisfied in his life and we learned to hide. We learned to make due and found ways to relieve the pressure. Our parents divorced and we had to live with our Dad after our Mom disappeared over the summer once. She didnt come back for 15 years. I lived with my Dad and his unpredictable emotions and discovered a deep love of Springsteen music as a way to make sense of what had happened and what was happening around me. His songs were a map out of this place I found myself. The crushing hand of fate was all around, In Darkness on the Edge of Town I found my twin's confession and saw myself in it and it will always be sacred. I am here because of what this music does to me and I enjoy hearing what others feel listening to it as well...You all know my story....Western Stars came to me in a bit of a crisis moment. I am unemployed and have been having trouble finding work. My uselessness is magnified these days. This music comes to me in this moment. I see things more clearly now that I saw the movie. I have never seen an artist bare his soul in a work so well. I see this project as a reflection of that man who needed to emulate his father. We are all in a sense that person. I have always seen his work a reflection of my life history. This record is uncanny in its ability to have found me where I live emotionally. I know My story is intertwined in the characters in all of the songs. I am the hickhiker, lost out on the road not connected to anything. The Wayfarer at once in need of connection but moved to move on. I see myself in Tucson Train and Western Stars. At one moment fleeing home to move somewhere hoping to find redemption. To be honest, the train we are left waiting for is the hope that it'll all be ok some day. Western Stars is the moment you realize the cake has been baked and you are left with all there really is left is expierience things "just again" and will never be new again. That man in the song, and most likely Springsteen himself is that man to be gratful for just waking up the next morning havin made it through another night. I am feeling really similarly now emotionally in this place I am residing currently. The stunt man is the risktaker in all of us. We need to risk to be alive, but at what cost? It is a heavy one to be addicted to jaywalking despite knowing the pain of getting hit or falling. But the freedom of the fall is magic as I fly through the air. Chasing wild horses is my current favorite as I have been an angry or sad person for so long. I regret what that has stolen from me. The final three pieces on the record bring it all home...The intro to Miracle in the movie was so moving, to me it means we all have lost that ability to see things like we did when we were young, that sense of amazement and wonder is gone. So the miracle is gone and we mourn its loss. I see us all as parentless children in search of that connection after it has left us. Hello Sunshine may be one of the most beautifully simple things he has ever written. Instead of sharing his personal story in it...he wishes us well on our search for happiness. In the end this is a love letter to all of us in our own spaces and perspectives. We are all connected to this music and I wanted to share my own personal reading on it.
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    I was obviously sat near the front and I was kind of in a daze walking out and I was just following other people not really paying attention to where I was going and there were two exits that we’re black curtains so I headed towards them and one of the security members opened the curtain for me and I walked through.... .... and ended up in the tiny private room where all of the friends and family and celebrities were.. i literally walked in turned to my left and Bruce was standing there talking to someone and I was like oh my god I’m not supposed to be in here and had to quickly turn back round and say sorry to security he didn’t even notice me walk in but I knew I couldn’t have stayed because someone would’ve kicked me out I seriously can’t believe I done that and I have no idea why security just let me walk through
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    hard after the news weather sport - (im allowing 3 min max including sponsors bullshit) and straight into Badlands (because every show should start with Badlands) 8min 30 seconds in opening yak - "Bruce Springsteen and the mighty E street band back in 1978 - when everything was better! at the Roxy! opening as God himself intended! with Badlands ! you're with Daisy tonight so i hope you have your cool aid on ice, welcome to my world of Bruce Springsteen on the eve of the great man's 70th birthday. next the opening track from his masterpiece break out album Born to run, that big invertation to us all to join him on this life long journey together taking you back to the Hammersmith Odeon, it's 1975 , the sublime Thunder road and yes, London is ready for Bruce Springsteen " length 5.51min (fuck the maths ) "its 15 min past the hour and we are celebrating Bruce Springsteen's 70th birthday tomorrow lets head on down to the board walk for 4th of July Asbury park from his 2nd album from 1972, the wild, the innocent and the E street shuffle,.thankfully beautifully remastered by Toby Scott and Bob Ludwig. with Phantom Dannny Federici on acordian. Sandy " length 5.58 21 min 20 in "i could not visit this 2nd album without indulging in a 2nd track, this is dedicated to the menory of our friend Miami Mark every time i listen to this most beautiful song i think of your sweet soul departed dear Welby, as this was your favourite this is for you and Billy the insanely beautiful, fly in your eye incident on 57th street and that's Bruce on guitar by the way from Uniondale Nassau veterns memorial colosseum New York 1980 " length 10.03 "now as all you die hards out there critiquing my play list tonight know, in an ideal world incident would lead into Rosalalita - a concert staple and fan favourite for many but 2 hours is just flying by, so ive had a word with Dennis and he's going to play it for you durring drive time tomorrow, especially for our Jersey girl Rosie its 28 min till the news on the top of the hour, you're here tonight with me Nicky, err i mean Daisey and we're celebrating Bruce's upcoming 70th birthday for 2 hours while i shere with you some of my personal favourites as we span Bruce's career now as you may know there was a bit of a delay between Bruce's breakthrough smash born to run album and his 4th album the masterful darkness on the edge of town he says he doesn't write songs about law suits, you can deside for yourself 1976 ! from the palladium ! one of his best songs ! one of the best versions ! the promise " length 6min "that was the promise. Bruce and the band worked on that thing for 6 months before Bruce desided he was too close to it and it got shelved to become a much saught after concert rearity performed on solo piano before finally being released full band in 2010 on the album of the same name to celebrate the 30th anniversary of our next most revered album that explained to me the meaning of life Darkness on the edge of town where to start ? if you do not own this i urge you to rush out and buy it tomorrow as soon as the shops open - and no clicking - get in your car and shop bricks and mortar ! keep people employed behind those shop counters one of the shorter songs on Darkness Candy's room - a song i once heard Bruce describe as like an orgasmic rush - opps hope the kiddies are asleep and not listening Houston 1978 " length 3.22 "17 min till the top of the hour 1980 and Bruce released an album he hoped would capture the sound of the band playing live its an album with bi polar disorder, alternating between heartbreak and good times its a double album, some said a brave career move, my friend Bob's favourite record in 2016 Bruce toured this album for the 2nd time, its themes and music standing up proud 36 years latter, the frill and froth now relavent in the contex of our lives, this time the album performed in full and in order. a brave but outrageously successfully move i give you point blank i forget where this one is from they are all fantastic from this tour" length 9min "news at the top of the hour in 8 min but first i got a little treat for you our only cover of the night stolen car from the river record performed by Patti Griffin almost as good as the Boss himself length 4.24 "and to take us into the news at the top of the hour, from an album that is pure genius and that has kept me company many a sleepless night, from the famed solo Nebraska album state trooper" album version 3.17 "well folks ive got a bit of an apology to make, something has happened to our news feed tonight- i think i broke it dont ask how i got a job on the radio in these days of modern tectechknowledgy? so lets just sneak in a wee bonus especially for Bruce's birthday last track off Nebraska, from the devils and dust solo tour 2005 in Seatle. reason to beleave with the bullet mic for ya ! " length 5.55 "its 6 minuntes past and your listening to Nicky i mean er Daisey and we're here tonight celebrating the Boss' 70th birthday with 2 hours of my favourite Bruce did you know that guy with the stick run over that dog in the ditch ? i only just found that out ! always learning always learning its 1984, im 13 years old someone is about to explode onto the popular culture of my time forget time and newsweek, this is the MTV generation from the biggest sounding album on the plannet im going to play for you a song i really only understood as an adult from the master of the 3min pop song, Born in the USA's im going down " length 3.32 50 min to go "1987, bolo ties and an express tour, a failing marrage, and a rearranged stage set up for an unhappy band change was afoot Steve heard this track and didn't think we would like it aint got you from tunnel of love" length 2.15 "an album that while i acknowledge its greatness scares the crap (you can't say shit on the radio ...or can you ?) outta me, so a little light releaf from Tunnel of love all that heaven will allow" 2min 40 15 min past only 45 minutes left "looking back the 90s were not nearly as bad as some fans make out Bruce is a dad, he's doing the school run, he's married, he surrounds himself with mostly different musicians one of my personal favourites from human touch, 57 channels and nothing on i think is well worth revisiting" length 2.28 "and now local hero from lucky town" length 4.04 "after a brief ESB reunion that spawns some extra tracks for Bruce's greatest hits album- its self, seemingly an album created to give his Oscer winning streets of Philadelphia a home - and that's certainly a track that could be said revitalized his career, so then it may have come as some surprise to many that his next album was a folksy album full of down trodden lossers trying but failing to do the right thing straight time" length 3.31 "such a beautiful album giving a voice to those who's voice had been forgotten by main stream America i have to play you the studio version of across the boarder with Dan on acordian" length 3.36 "well we only have half an hour to go so without further ado i want to play for you something from the ESB reunion Live in New York city album if i should fall behind" length 5.58 "Beauriful sax sole from the big man there. Bruce Springsteen is 70 years young tomorrow and tonight im celebrating with you his career, his birthday and im playing some of my favourite Bruce songs for you From Bruce's heartfelt response to 9-11 empty sky, off his very succesful the rising album, God bless those 3000 souls and their families, the hole you leave in our hearts will never be filled" length 3.35 (20 min to go, holy cow its gone fast) "2005 and another beautiful solo record and tour followed what i love about Bruce is he narrates without judgement Reno from Devils and dust,.live from East Rutherford 2005 kiddies time to go out to the mechanisms stand " length 4.19 "Magic, 2007 and an angry guitar record for an angry time in America the title track, Magic with Soozie Tyrell on violin and vocals in Milan" length 2.05 "it seemed like one tour merged into another and we got a new very grown up adult contemporary album Working on a dream in 2009 just in time for Bruce to knee slide his crotch into the super bowl cameras at half time my favourite is a darker track on a more upbeat maybe even optimistic album that what we had become used to life its self and all that wind in those black elms." length 4min "10 min till the news at the top of the hour if that connection is fixed in time Wrecking ball the album found us in the middle of the global financial cricis, Bruce was back, he was angry and he was keeping in the company of left wing mouth piece Tom Morrello- the one with the untidy guitar strings - plus we were all mouning the loss of Clarence big man Clemmons and woundering how we and more importantly the music was all going to go on without him and it trully was goimg to take a village to fill in for the big man amoumgst all the noise of uncertainty and loss we find our selves in prayer with Bruce and the lovelly gospal singer Michelle More rocky ground" .length 4.43 "sleepy Joe's cafe from the birthday boy's newest album, a light little number in a deeply reflective western themed album of beautiful desert vistas, broken dreams, regrete and heartbreak, the boss is older and his characters are tired but the music is some of the most beautiful of his career " length 3.13 "as we go into the news im going to leave you with the acoustic version of Bruce's anthem Born to run and im dedicating it to Bruce's late father Douglas and his mom Adele and everyone else's mums and dads too, the people who were on that journey out on that lonelly highway of life, long before Wendy's everlasting kiss the older you get the more it means thanks Bruce and thanks to all of you for listening and being my companions tonight hopefully we'll have news in a few moments and then Mitch will be along to entertain you over the next few, he's promised to play a few favourite Bruce tracks of his own good night and happy birthday Bruce " Born to run fades out into a few long moments of silence oh dear Mitch is locked out of the studio just a few technical hitches people how about Prove it all night from winterland 1978 followed by LOHAD from LINYC followed by Kitty's back from the the R&RHoF ESB induction Mitch has now broken into the studio with the help of the local fire dept Christ he has the bango record out on the desk ..... phew its ok he's playing lost in the flood ! incidentally this has taken me all afternoon and its been really enjoyable i dedicate this post to our friend @Cecilia Sweden who is retiring from a lifetime of junolism and broadcasting the news congratulations and best wishes to Cecilia and Mr Sweden for a wounderful retirement ahead of them
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    "Tunnel" and "Boom Boom" from 7/27, recently uploaded:
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    Our last show was Paris 13th July 2016 when he finally pulled out The River in Europe. The following afternoon my sister and I were having a final drink or two in the hotel lobby before heading for the airport when Bruce and Patti came and sat on the sofa next to us, they were waiting before heading to Rome. Of course we had to just go over and thank Bruce for The River the previous night and for all the years we had enjoyed his music. Did not really wish to intrude so made it brief and they were happy enough as there was nobody else around. If that was my last show then it will also be the first and last time I got to shake hands with Bruce and Patti.
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    If any of you have regrets, remember you were lucky enough to see him perform live. There will have been - and in the future there will be - lots of people who would have loved to go to a Springsteen show, but ultimately they never got the chance. Whether it's down to the end of touring, the mortality of E Streeters or the mortality of those particular fans, you and I have been very fortunate to experience live Springsteen.
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    Complete revision of Tunnel Of Love - Studio Sessions page, including details on the song 'Tunnel of Love', recorded last for the project. New Info on Candy's Room, including filming date of CANDY'S ROOM (NY '78) from Thrill Hill Blu-Ray. Update to unreleased 'Bells Of San Salvador', detailing FIVE misnamed tracks on Lost Masters Volume 10.
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    Before today I had never heard or seen anything from Bruce's residency on Broadway. Overall I hadn't listened to much Bruce music over the last years. Just the odd song here and there on the radio. That was it. Kinda lost interest after the Wrecking Ball tour. Had not listened to High Hopes, nor have I seen or heard anything of Western Stars, beside the first single. Last week I subscribed to Spotify for a three-month trial. Browsing around, searching for albums I wanted to hear but never got around to, I stumbled onto Springsteen On Broadway. I hesitated, but I thought it might be good music to listen to while cooking. And I thought he'd deserve another shot. About a minute into the album I put down the knife, sat down and started to listen. I ended up listening to the whole album. And I loved it. It moved me. He made me laugh, made me think, made me emotional. And without going into why I lost interest in him in the last years, why I even started to kinda dislike him, I can say that after today we made up. I forgave him. ;-)) Now I see that there's a Springsteen On Broadway Netflix special. Gonna look for some Netflix trial next. :-)
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    Everyone's comments and expectations have got me even more excited to see the film day after tomorrow, but there's one thing I don't share with most of you and that's the desire for a nearby showing. Western Stars is going to be showing just up the 15 in Riverside, but a twenty minute ride to watch the film alone seems a little boring. It's gonna be a warm, sunny day and I'll take an 80 mile motorcycle ride over the mountains, enjoying every twist and turn of the Palms To Pines highway, to see the film in the desert with @took me long enough. It will be a cold ride home, but I always feel warmer when my heart is full.
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    Played it twice yesterday. Today, wearing my headphones with my apple lossless rip on my iPhone. My God. What a performance. I remember watching this show after spending the day worrying about money. I went to a USC football game during the afternoon and decided to head down there. I saw George Travis milling about around 6:45pm. I'd spoken to him Tuesday night before the 2nd show. Told him I didnt have a ticket. He said go to the box office and smiled, he knew I was looking for a single. I walked up to the box office and pulled a good one in 118 about a third up. In other words the perfect seat on Roy's side. I will never forget this night... What sticks in my mind about the reunion tour is that I never knew it was gonna be after the band had been broken up. Tracks coming out in Nov of 98 after the HOF induction was a miracle. Nothing more can be said other than that. Seeing the band perform in Jersey, then Boston was amazing. Seeing this music live again and the band healthy and so in time just made my life so rich again. I moved home back to Los Angeles from Boston in time for the on sale of the L.A. shows. It was the greatest time to be a fan. That idea of a rededication of the purpose of the band. The new song LOHAD was a nightly highlight. I was home again and single, soon to meet my wife...I had no idea what was in store for me as I moved on down this number line we all travel in our own ways. Here we are twenty years later, all older, having lived a life during that time...we mourn those that have been lost on this road, we celebrate the victories, and think of the failures. So much is missing now and we will keep going. Spurned on by this music. This night was perfect. Its great to have the archive series to relive it, or maybe hear it for the 1st time. Thank you for reading and listening.
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    The final amount for the Stamp out Suicide campaign was £5311.85. Thanks to everyone who bought a T Shirt/Hoody, if we can have helped save one life it will have been worth it.
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    Happy birthday, Brucie boy. I feel inadequate to call myself a true fan when compared to some of the nutters die hards on here I haven't been with you from the beginning (DITD girl, me), I don't have any interest in the archive series, haven't been to AP (yet), I don't know when your childrens'/Patti's birthdays are (yeah, I could Google, I suppose), I didn't go out of my way to go to Broadway (but happy for my pals who did, and they know it). Hell, I haven't even seen Blinded By The Light . But we've had a blast so far, eh? Some of the best days/nights of my life have been spent at your shows (once again, I'm waaaay down the list in the amount of times I've seen you). There's something about you ... even mr jmw knows that. Thanks for Western Stars too Anyway, I wanted to make it a bit special, this day of yours, by quoting some songwords that came into my head this morning. They are as much about Greasy Lake as they are about you. Do I love the Lake more? Crikey, there's a question! And have you (and you Lakers out there) read Karsten's story on the front page today? He deserves the front page. Without him we wouldn't ... well, you know the rest, Bruce. "I close my eyes and feel so many friends around me in the early evening light. And the miles we have come and the battles won and lost are just so many roads travelled, so many rivers crossed. And I ask God for the strength and faith in one another, cos it's a good night for a ride, 'cross this river to the other side, my blood brothers".