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  1. One of my favourite shows, I loved the Magic tour. I was standing with Yiman - had a great view (but then I always do ! ). Had a great afternoon session in The Pilot and an interesting ride back to the hotel afterwards on the floor of a taxi as Yiman, Luckytouch, Newcastle Roy & Goonerginge had grabbed the seats . Oh to be able to do that all over again.
  2. This months Classic Rock has a review in the books & DVDs section - expect a DVD release soon ?
  3. Nice strings but the song itself came as a bit of a surprise- not sure about it or how it will fit on the album alongside the first release. Certainly would have fitted in well on WOAD.
  4. I feel your pain, I sold most of my vinyl thinking I wouldn't need them, how wrong was I. Spent the last few years buying them back again
  5. Johnny still has his, I just didn't have the heart to get him done. Makes my eyes water just thinking about it plus it gives him something to play with when he's bored. Hope your trip home from manc land was an uneventful one my friend, sorry we didn't get to meet up
  6. He's the first Cocker I've had, he's eight in July - I got him for my 50th birthday, the best present I've ever had They're such loving dogs, I wouldn't ever be without one now.
  7. Well I make a rare visit to the lake and have a look in the lions den and guess what ? A certain spurs fan with a dodgy keyboard is back ! I'm out of here.
  8. Blue Oyster Cult - Agents of Fortune ! A Friday flashback !
  9. "Home is Where the hurt is" - JP Harris. Pure country, love it ! Honkytonktastic
  10. And a certain John Carver ! Wonder if he's related to the so called coach who took them on a record breaking run ?
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