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  1. It's Christmas morning down here in OZ. Although I don't post much lately, I still check things out her from time to time. Nicky, I hope youare already enjoying Christmas morning, and that Gary is letting you play some Kitty's Back. We have about 20 coming over for lunch so that should be fun. Ms Bear has been working her arse off for the past few days. I've done a little. I hope everyone enjoys their Christmas, and that 2020 brings them everything they could hope for. For those of you missing loved ones today, I hope that you can compartmentalise your grief and enjoy the day. Cheers.
  2. I'm not surprised. It's about 43 degrees outside at the moment, and I'm about to walk home from the office. It's only about a 5 minute walk but I'm not looking forward to it. Have a merry Christmas everyone. Stay cool if you're in Melbourne's hottest December on record. Stay unsinged if you're anywhere near the neverending Sydney fires. Climate change? Scomo says now is not the time to talk about it. Maybe we can talk about it in the new year. When the prick comes back from Hawaii.
  3. I have a recording of it.  Do you want it in mp3 or flac?  I think I have both.  They are on a disk at home - I will dig it out tonight.  I can give you a dropbox link for you to download it from

    1. kenjisan


      Flac would be wonderful thanks very much.

      Am curious as to the source, but won't pry :) 

      Do you need my email address for the dropbox?

    2. kenjisan


      PS sorry I haven't responded early just found this on here. Didn't realise there was the individual posting thing as well as messages.

  4. Now forgive me if this topic has already been raised - I haven't been around much lately. Apparently (according to JMac), the Australian promoter Michael Gudinski announced on the radio this morning that the band will be down here in Feb/Mar 2017. This is consistent with the info coming from sources close to Gudinski over the past few weeks, first about the Chapter and Verse book, and also about these dates. Grab your ticket and your suitcase...