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  1. This is tricky. I have 48 songs that I've only heard once live. 1. Frankie Fell in Love 2. Brilliant Disguise 3. Don't Change (I am an Australian after all). 4. Roulette 5. Johnny Bye Bye (85 style) hon mens: Stayin' Alive, Friday on my Mind. Wild Billy, Reason to Believe, Nebraska, I fought the law, Brilliant Disguise.
  2. And if you haven't read Rick's books - well what are you waiting for?
  3. Such a great writer. I really don't have time at the moment, but I forced myself to read that slowly and savour the language. Some things are just more important than work. How's that next book coming, JF?
  4. Mick on guitar, Paul on bass and Topper on the drums.
  5. Shaheen Shah Afridi Winner. Honorable mention to Bosstralian for BITUSA/War. I was there and it was unbelievable Not my first though
  6. Tracks is all at the same time magnificent and ordinary - I love it but it's not an album.
  7. My daughter has a female cat called Bruce. They're not so hung up on gender these days...
  8. I had listened to the slow Sugarland a lot on the excellent Sugarland bootleg from Lincoln, Nebraska 1984, so I loved hearing the different arrangements. I guess we'll get it on the BITUSA box set. It's hard to believe it has never been released.
  9. I particularly loved Disc 2 and 3 - the Darkness outtakes. Particularly One Way Street, Candy's Boy and even The Fast Song. Listening to those different arrangements of the Darkness songs was great. From memory, the sound quality was excellent on those two disks but in these Post Tracks days, they probably sound terrible. Other favourites off the top of my head were the rockabilly versions of You Can Look and Sugarland, County Fair, Alone in Colts Neck was probably my most listened to disk of the set. Some of disks with endless variations of the same song didn't much interest me after a listen or two.
  10. This is how I think @Jerseyfornialives his life. Is that really you, Rick?