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  1. This is my go to.
  2. Great stuff COOP! I have very much enjoyed reading this so far, even though my musical taste and yours are poles apart. I can't help but think you may have killed Gus with the first posts. His head probably exploded. I hope you're ok Gussie,, and that your recovery is swift and painless.
  3. HI Daisey! Around 1982 a couple of my mates and I had left school and started working. Which of course meant that we were now men of means. I recall one night (there may have been drinking involved) that 4 of us pledged that we would head on over to Europe/USA the next time that Springsteen toured, as we were sure that he would never come down here. Then he released BITUSA and all bets were off. He was coming down under. Tickets went on sale and I was queued at the BASS outlet at Myer Melbourne. I bought 10 tickets (All GA) at $23 each for the 3/Apr/1985 show. A lot of money for me at the time but 9 other mates were depending on me. As I was walking out, they announced a second show as the 80,000 tickets had sold out. So I joined the queue again and bought another 10 tickets for the following night. Result. At the time I was working for a travel company and air tickets were cheap for me. I put the word out with all my Sydney work contacts that I needed tickets for some shows up there. Sure enough, one of them came through for me and let me know that I could have 2 tickets for not much more than list price. Result. So I went to my boss and explained to him that I would need to take a couple of days off to go to Sydney to see Springsteen. He didn't really get it. I couldn't believe it when he said I couldn't. It goes without saying that, well, he ain't my boss no more. No Result. So finally the time came around and as the Melbourne Showgrounds was an 80,000 General admission venue, we queued up and slept out overnight. The organisers put us all in the Hall of Manufacturers overnight where a few hundred of us tried to get some sleep. Mid afternoon, they opened the roll-a-door to let us into the venue. The crush was frightening, but eventually we burst out into the sunshine and sprinted about 800 metres to the stage. My group selected a nice spot about 10 metres back centre stage. Result. We had about 4 hours to wait. No problem. I can still remember the paperback I read (A Kiss Before Dying by Ira Levin) as I was waiting. I also remember that I was wearing a Stoneage Romeos shirt (I love the Gurus). As the day progressed, more and more of my extended group began making their way in. As luck would have it, the security at the venue was being run by a firm (Newbreed security) that was managed by the brother of one of us. We knew most of the team, and as our various colleagues came in, the security team brought them around to join up with us. By showtime, there may have been 25-30 of us huddled together in the best spot in the venue. Dusk approached. We waited. The sun moved further west. We waited. There was a law in place at the time that any international act must have a local support act, and so, to their credit, the promoters put an unamplified string quartet on the edge of the stage, where they played 4 very enjoyable string versions of Springsteen songs. From 10 metres away, we could just about hear them. They finished. The sun moved further west. It was almost over the horizon, when - BAM. You never forget your first.
  4. It's Christmas morning down here in OZ. Although I don't post much lately, I still check things out her from time to time. Nicky, I hope youare already enjoying Christmas morning, and that Gary is letting you play some Kitty's Back. We have about 20 coming over for lunch so that should be fun. Ms Bear has been working her arse off for the past few days. I've done a little. I hope everyone enjoys their Christmas, and that 2020 brings them everything they could hope for. For those of you missing loved ones today, I hope that you can compartmentalise your grief and enjoy the day. Cheers.
  5. I'm not surprised. It's about 43 degrees outside at the moment, and I'm about to walk home from the office. It's only about a 5 minute walk but I'm not looking forward to it. Have a merry Christmas everyone. Stay cool if you're in Melbourne's hottest December on record. Stay unsinged if you're anywhere near the neverending Sydney fires. Climate change? Scomo says now is not the time to talk about it. Maybe we can talk about it in the new year. When the prick comes back from Hawaii.
  6. I have a recording of it.  Do you want it in mp3 or flac?  I think I have both.  They are on a disk at home - I will dig it out tonight.  I can give you a dropbox link for you to download it from

    1. kenjisan


      Flac would be wonderful thanks very much.

      Am curious as to the source, but won't pry :) 

      Do you need my email address for the dropbox?

    2. kenjisan


      PS sorry I haven't responded early just found this on here. Didn't realise there was the individual posting thing as well as messages.

  7. Now forgive me if this topic has already been raised - I haven't been around much lately. Apparently (according to JMac), the Australian promoter Michael Gudinski announced on the radio this morning that the band will be down here in Feb/Mar 2017. This is consistent with the info coming from sources close to Gudinski over the past few weeks, first about the Chapter and Verse book, and also about these dates. Grab your ticket and your suitcase...