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  1. "I was standing like a pilgrim on The Great White Way" - Steve Earle and The Supersuckers - NYC ( my favourite song about NYC, along with Romeo had Juliette).
  2. If you go back and read this thread, you will have no doubt that there are a lot of sanctimonious flogs on The Lake these days. A quarter of the legal limit. Get over it. Peace and Love.
  3. Hi @Daisey JeepWe are all well over here, and hope you and Gary are the same. I pop in every now and then to see what's happening. Not much to talk about these days. I saw the article in the NY Times and thought I'd see how The Lake was handling it. Interesting reading...
  4. Nice to see that some things last. I hope everyone's well.
  5. You're all welcome. Some us down here despise the systemic injustices we have that Daisey accurately pointed out. But the majority of voters clearly don't. And she didn't even mention our Black deaths in custody problem and the lack of a treaty. Half the country burns every summer, but the CFA will sort that out. But the beaches are nice, and the weather's pretty good (for the moment). No worries. "Where the geckos are paid to live in the sun."
  6. Sorry if I was bragging. I didn't mean to come across that way. I had some info that I thought people would be interested in. I will remove the posts I made.
  7. I am excitied about it - I'm an E Street Band fan. I need to hear it more (and in good quality) before I'm going to rate it. But on first listen, it sounds pretty good to me. It always takes me many listens before I process favourite songs etc., but Rainmaker, Burnin' Train and the opener caught my attention. General consensus in the post listen discussion was that the old tracks were fantastic, but Priest was the one that stood out to me. Not sure if it belongs on this record though, but, I'll wait and see. You will start reading reviews after October 15 which is when the review embargo is over.
  8. No, I'm not saying that. The sound varied over Zoom from poor to appalling, and I don't rememember that lyric, but I can't say for sure. Seems doubtful doesn't it? Maybe THIAT is trolling
  9. Based on their comments I am sure THIAT has heard the album. No factual errors in any of that as far as I can remember. I agree with the comments on One minute, you're here, especially. Sony have released the album to industry insiders and some journalists as a 48k stream. One of those insiders played it to a handful of their friends over Zoom, which is how I experienced it. I suspect the same applies to THIAT. No idea if THIAT is one of my co-conspirators or these Zooms are happening all over the world.
  10. Last night I found myself listening to the whole album, although the sound was being played to me via Zoom, and was far from perfect. I was sort of anticipating more "River Rockers" than it contains, but there's a diverse selection of tempos. I am not going to venture into spoiler territory here, but the general consensus from the group afterwards was that it's a very strong record. It always takes me multiple listens to absorb a new record, so I'm not going to say much - I don't have a proper opinion yet, although what I heard last night has me very excited. The others listening loved the three old tracks - I'm not yet convinced. Priest was the best of the three on first listen. Burnin' Train was very popular. I was sure 1000 guitars would rock hard, but no. I love Ghosts and look forward to hearing the album in good quality when it's released. Stay safe y'all
  11. While I'm here, here's my attendance record for the BITUSA B sides. Pink Cadillac twice (both at the Showgrounds in 85) Jersey Girl. Nope Shut out the Light twice (Showgrounds 85 again) Johnny Bye Bye (Showgrounds 85 again) Stand on it. Nah. But I wish. Janey. Brisvegas 2017 Santa Claus. Amazingly I have seen 41 shows and never seen this. And that's fine with me.
  12. In my (not so ) humble opinion, Shut out the light is easily the BEST of the BITUSA B sides and should have been on the rekkid, but Stand On It is the one I listened to the most. I should add that I bought all of those singles and made a tape of them (as we used to do). Side 3.
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