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  1. Orakelet

    Hi J

    Do you have the full Tempe audio (DVD-rip + 10 tracks)?

    Would be very happy to get those files...

    Regards Helge

  2. Ramrod from American Madness a Darkness Outtakes Collection
  3. I saw three great shows (Oslo 1&2 + Copenhagen) but this is the last time I will only see shows early on the tour. As always the shows (or should i say setlists?) gets better towards the end of the tour.
  4. I'll Work For Your Love. The best song since TOL... I watch you slip that comb through your hair and this I promise you...
  5. Iceman from Tracks. My son's (now 6) first Springsteen-song. He was just hours old... My baby was a lover, and the world just blew her away...
  6. Loose Ends from Tracks. Just love it!! How could something so bad come from something that was so good...
  7. Was fantastic in Copenhagen. Absolutely a fantastic song!
  8. Thunder Road, from our own LB's recording, from Copenhagen. Great work Lars!!!
  9. Long Walk Home got an airing in November. But I would agree that the album has been woefully under represented, Cheers. What's the general opinion of it among fans? Does everyone rate it as highly as me? Long Walk Home should be played every night on every tour. And songs like Devil's Arcade, I'll Work For Your Love and Radio Nowhere gets played way too rarely IMO...
  10. i hope so mate how are you by the way I'm good Chris! Only 44 days until my next show
  11. Are there, based on previous shows, many Australian tapers? Is it likely that we all will be hearing this in a couple of days?
  12. Agree And I am really glad that I have tickets for both nights in Oslo.
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