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  1. We got "Dream Baby Dream" full band. I couldn't be happier!! The band all seamed to really have fun - I don't recall seeing them (and Bruce) smile an laugh so much at a concert...
  2. It is Gothenburg #3 Something extraordinary is bound to happen! The longest show ever? Lots of rarities? Full River album? Or just an "ordinary" concert? Anyway I will enjoy every second!
  3. Oh, I really hope he plays "Dream Baby Dream" to honor Alan Vega!
  4. Some thoughts about the Bruce Springsteen concert in Rome 2016. Kirsten booked the trip and concert for me as a birthday present thinking that it would be nice to visit Rome, which it was, and to see what supposedly was the last concert of the tour. It turned out not to be the last concert on the tour and we got a bit disappointed. I set off with low expectations, as the venue is not the best – it’s not called the “dust bowl” for nothing. But we had great company, stood way in the back, which was fine, and the weather was perfect when the concert started. And what a start it was! “New You City Serenade” in all its epic beauty was played “for Roma” with strings. I was so grateful to be there at that special moment and afterwards thought “now he can play whatever the fuck he wants for the rest of the set”, but there were much more to come. I was happy to hear “Jackson Cage” and a beautiful “Independence Day” followed by tremendous fun with “Boom Boom” and “Detroit Medley”. Cue forward to the next amazing rarity that made the entire crowd of 70.000 (?) stay dead quiet. “The Ghost Of Tom Joad” played solo with guitar – a request from the people doing “God’s work”. Stunning performance! Then we got an emotional “Point Blank”, a fun “Bobby Jean” and Patti & Bruce doing an intimate “Tougher Than The Rest”. I couldn’t believe my luck – this was a fantastic setlist. Little did I know, as he kept going. The best version of “Drive All Night” I have ever heard with a “Dream Baby Dream” interlude, then “Jungleland” and the show would end with “Thunder Road” played solo with guitar. I couldn’t have wished for a better setlist and it rivals Gothenburg 2012 as my best show ever. 3 hours and 50 minutes of pure joy and love. Thank you Kirsten, my love – Thank you Bruce – Grazie mille Roma!
  5. Incident, Racing & Dream Baby Dream!
  6. Rome Pit

    Roll on Rome!
  7. Nebraska video from Paris

    Beautiful version!
  8. THE WALL - beautiful song!! In the beginning of the last verse of The Wall he sings: "On the ground dog tags xx the flowers..." I can't figure out the xx-word. Can someone help me out with that one?
  9. All I Need

    I am ISO 18 Tracks vinyl in EU press.
  10. This New Thing I've Found

    I have had a few vinyl albums coming in: Live In New York City. EU pressing, unplayed Working On A Dream. EU pressing, sealed WIESS, HOL pressing AO Vivo, BRA pressing Pictures here: https://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/groups/663596530323837/