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  1. Patty Smith would sing this in concert ........as away to fulfill her obligation as pop act
  2. watch it a while back when my wife work second shift almost shit my pants when a was half asleep and saw someone standing over turned out to be wife who work late [OT] that night............. the movie left an inpresstion
  3. people in these big ass SUVs who drive them like Yugos that may fall apart if they hit a bump
  4. Oh gawd....even when I was a "prisoner of the plane" that was massive piece of celluloid crap. You know a move sucks then!! the movie was not only bad but the premise was like ......OK just what kinnda drugs where involved there
  5. Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter ...........................delightful crap so bad it was good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Mark of the Vampire ......Dracula nothing better then Bela on a Hollween night
  7. So to quote a line from the movie airplane ......."you like gladiator movies "
  8. next time threathen to exile her to Passaic ...............best line in the movie
  9. Now Voyager ..........got to love Bette Davis and her eyes "Don't lets askfor the moon we have the stars" classic
  10. Patti Smith also did a kickass version back in the day
  11. IT FOLLOWS just got done watching it and I'm pretty creeped out right now scary as hell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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