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  1. After VaBossfan finds his, of course. Got shut out during the on-sale, like so many of you. Please pm me. Thanks so much.
  2. RIP Prince

    Rest In Peace, Prince...
  3. 4/20/16 Baltimore Review

    Beautiful, Diane!
  4. The Baltimore concert

    I'm sorry that happened Bushy but I hear ya - I feel the same way! Hoping that after a while we'll feel differently and want to climb back on the train. Hope your son enjoyed his first Bruce show!
  5. I remember that show so well - lots of Lakers that night. Jenny rode with us to the show, we were all half sick. She told us about those poor people on the way home afterwards. Y'all were good souls to offer your tix to them. We must not have seen it because of doing GA....I also remember it as one of the most crowded pits I've ever been in. Have a great time tonight, D and to all who are going!
  6. Springsteen Cancels Greensboro Show

    I've read all 55 pages of everyone's opinions and debates, and I've had a week to think about things, so I may as well jump on the train. Not looking for any more debates, just to be able to give my opinion. Maybe this will get us to page 56. Last night would have been a week after the Greensboro show. It was a bitter disappointment when Bruce cancelled. We didn't lose any money...were able to cancel hotel reservations etc. But we won't be able to recoup the memories we would have made from hearing the band and the river again and sharing the experience with many Bruce friends. Bruce's shows, on many levels, are more than just a rock show to me. And each show with the E St. Band, especially now that everyone is getting older, is a gift...and one that I cherish. Who knows when or if the opportunity will come again. I still think Bruce was wrong to cancel and could have chosen a better way to take a stand for this cause and also honor his commitment to his fans who bought tickets to the show. He could have played, donated the money, as many other artists are doing and made a public announcement that he would refrain from booking future shows until the law was overturned. I believe he's a big enough name that his message would still resonate if he had played the concert. At any rate, it's done...I'm moving on. I pray something good will come of it. But it will be a while before I will want to see a show or listen to Bruce...just how I feel right now and I'm hoping this won't last. I can still be happy for everyone else looking forward to their shows and wish them well. As someone previously posted: Bruce interviewed in 2002. "When somebody buys your ticket, it's your handshake, it's the old story, and they only have this night. They don't care if you're great the next night. What about tonight, y'know? I thought those things were real, and we took our fun seriously." (don't know why my posts always show up in this format-tried to get rid of the double-spacing)
  7. Thanks so much for all the scopes Marrilla G....great fun y'all!
  8. A beautiful and poignant review, D. You've captured so much of how I feel about seeing these shows now and the passing of time. I truly savor every moment of Bruce's shows and still follow the no bathroom break rule and no talking during songs. Loved Jeff's review too, he's really an elegant writer. Both of your reviews moved me to tears. Thanks for sharing them. p.s. Told you the maracas were amazing!
  9. Have a great time everyone! Maybe Bruce will play Incident for Andrew.
  10. Thanks 1651997 and Marilla Gorilla for the setlist and periscope links. And to Andrew for all the humor. Nite all.
  11. It's truly a great one! The Philly peeps should be happy with this one...I know s2s will be.