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  1. Damn Straight ENJ, save for the bookends of LITF and Incident, this is as close as you'll get for a party Bruce summer night setlist....Out in the Street, Hungry Heart, Jole Blon, This Little Girl Is Mine, From Small Things, Talk To Me, Rosalita, Ramrod....What a fun night. Was just going to post that this setlist seems perfect for a summer night party with Bruce friends. Would've given anything to hear this setlist! Happy for everyone who was there!
  2. I can't believe that either...seems like he was just born He is the most gorgeous baby - looks like an angel.
  3. no - wish I did. The person below me will pre-order the Darkness Set
  4. I got to meet John Boy one time in Scottsville, Va, (when the series was popular), he was there for the dedication of an historical ferry! If the show comes on, I'll watch it. What is a favorite show to watch in Sunny Morpeth?
  5. for some cooler temps...but I don't want to wish the summer away.
  6. sitting on the back screened porch at night with a glass of wine, listening to the crickets and watching the lightning bugs. (exciting stuff)
  7. I could visit Daniel and Nico in Seattle
  8. false - I wish. The person below me still has summer vacation plans.
  9. Thought I could, but had to turn off "The Shining" a while back if that counts as a horror movie. Are you ever afraid to stay by yourself?
  10. The Funk Brothers Martha and the Vandellas or Diana Ross and the Supremes
  11. true the person below me is running their ac nonstop
  12. had to look up plaice - seems similar to flounder, which I love fresh water or salt water fishing
  13. absolutely! the person below me has plans for the weekend
  14. wow! the explosive thunder storms we had tonight!
  15. the waldorf movie- thriller or comedy
  16. my relative's successful surgery today
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