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  1. I wonder if the next step is to bring SoB to Europe, with week long stop offs in various cities in the autumn, keeping interest heightened in advance of a Summer 22 E Street Band tour.
  2. Thank you, wasn’t aware of their existence
  3. The traffic jams, the beer tokens, the sunshine, the other band, the reopening of The Bowl. Some pro shot footage has popped up in my YouTube alerts Hopefully more will emerge.
  4. Only gig I have commitments to at the moment is Richard Marx at Edinburgh Queens Hall on 5th September, rescheduled from April 2020. Although I would be hopeful of UK gigs being up and running in some fashion, not so sure of the logistics if the rest of Europe is still recording high case loads when it comes time to make a final decision. Here’s hoping that clubs, theatres, arenas and stadiums are hosting events again soon.
  5. The greatest writer of rock anthems ever. I turned 10 in 1977 and Bat Out of Hell was the first real album I ever heard. Absolutely stunning, the songs, the motorbikes, the guitars, the spoken intro’s, the stories, a defining moment in my musical journey which I still love nearly 45 years later. A great body of quality work followed, Dead Ringer, Bad for Good, Fire Inc, Pandora’s Box Original Sin, Back into Hell, not to mention Bonnie Tyler and the hits for Air Supply Making Love out of Nothing at all, and Boyzone No Matter What. So sad when one of the musical greats, that you felt a
  6. That’s us. Hadn’t bothered activating it until today, but in now
  7. A 12 hour birthday special house party from the Hungry Heart crew starting at midday BST https://www.hungryheartevents.com/?fbclid=IwAR1icWeZkx0ldyVTCxieYFI9-NznLpHVjKdM5wisaDf0fsgPN21beEL0bSY Running order below.
  8. I saw two SSB shows - Manchester (May) and Wembley (11/11). The difference over those six months was stunning, not sure if it was the crowd being more familiar with the material or the better venue but Wembley was a top show for me. Will add this one to my basket.
  9. https://www.hungryheartevents.com/ A heads up if you are looking for a Bruce fill tonight, The Hungry Heart House Party Live stream is focussing on archive live performances from UK and Ireland shows. i have caught the last couple and they are good fun with a great mix of classics and underplayed songs, if previous experience is anything to go.by, should run through till midnight or so.
  10. I suspect BBC content stream will be blocked outside UK, but I am sure other territory broadcasters will pick it up too.
  11. For anyone looking for a Bruce fill. Tonight’s show focussing on 20th anniversary of Live in NYC and a whole variety of Reunion Tour tracks https://www.hungryheartevents.com
  12. What are we thinking for Bruce tracks Badlands and American Land?
  13. 4 years ago to the date I was at Croke Park. This is very reminiscent of Temple Bar that afternoon
  14. Not over familiar with DKM but I like what I hear so far. Think the live show will be a blast
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