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  1. I was at the 2011 Glasgow Show at The Royal Concert Hall. Pretty poorly attended with the balcony tickets relocated to the floor. "Support act" was a 80 minute JCM cine film rockumentary, which I found very interesting. Great live show with an excellent band. Would be good to see him back across
  2. I've entered my shows into mybosstime .com and it totals at 20 (+ one pre-show in Belfast 13) It confirms that I have only heard my all time fave, Candy's Room at one show (Dublin 02) - Must have had some bad luck to keep missing Candy. I did see the only ever performance of Rock Ballad (with Elliot Murphy, Paris 92) and one of two performances of In Dreams (Belfast pre-show), and a song called Satan's Jewelled Crown, which I have no memory of, but was apparently played at Milton Keynes 93. Interesting to have the experience catalogued, so thanks to Lakers for highlighting this resource
  3. Demand for probably the last ESB tour will ensure stadiums. A number of the usual stops e.g. Hampden and Wembley, will be out of commission for periods due to UEFA Euro 2020 commitments
  4. Absolutely brilliant. First time I’ve been to a gig at Bannermans, and a great venue. Willie was in top form. In the main it was just him on acoustic guitar and his bass player, but towards the end of the set he had full band made up of local musicians, including girl on electric violin who thought she was just up for one number, but winged it through to the end. Had to run for last train, just as they were starting I Want to be Sedated, which I believe was the final song. A sold out enthusiastic crowd, and hopefully he will be back next time.
  5. Can't see it as it clashes with Willie Nile gig in Edinburgh Trailer looks great
  6. .I am not sure who has his current beau is, but his wife/partner had a baby last year, and I believe is staying in east end of Glasgow if that fills in any gaps. After a sticky spell, seems to have turned the corner with the fans so hopefully onwards and upwards.
  7. Glasgow last night was a blast. Stevie's voice was fantastic and previously reported sound issues were non existent. Men Without Women and Voice of America, two great albums, only combined to provide four songs in the Setlist, but the Summer of Sorcery tracks are great live, particularly the title. The SSJ homage was a nice touch "thanks to Southside for keeping my music out there, while I've been pretending to be a gangster for the past 20 years". I thought show was better than 2017, and Stevie says they will be back, they always come back. On to Willie Nile in Edinburgh tomorrow for another great night out.
  8. Yes, I will be taking my One Guitar twisting down the Champs El Cowgate, looking forward to it Ken. Was at Little Steven and DOS last night, so good week for music. Catch you next time, maybe Bet Fred Cup, if Jam Tarts win on Saturday
  9. The November 2017 show at Glasgow O2 Academy was pretty close to capacity at around the same ticket price
  10. I am every thankful for @riverdude2 for sorting me out for tickets for Hyde Park. I already had holidays booked to USA when Hampden date was announced, so HRC was next best. At that time a UK Bruce Tour was an annual occurrence, and sometimes even more regular than that, (05 D&D, 06 Seeger tours a and b, 07 and 08 Magic, and 09 WoaD). i watched Glastonbury at home on the Saturday night, and flew down to a London on the Sunday morning. I thought he had put everything into Glasto, and would be pretty shot at HRC. Arrived as Gaslight Anthem, were doing ‘59 Sound with special guest, and got a great spot in the sun. Didn’t really think James Morrison met the description of Hard Rock Calling but was pleasant enough, and quite enjoyed DMB. We shuffled forward a bit and found ourselves a couple of rows behind the attractive girl with the Greece flag, and enjoyed an amazing night. Vocals weren’t great on London Calling, but otherwise a near perfect performance, given the exertions the previous evening. Racing and Jungleland were standouts, also Brian Fallon delivered a great performance on No Surrender. Also my last show with The Big Man. While, I was pretty much blown away, the GL reviews were pretty flat the day after. Maybe a bit over exposure at the time. Great to have it captured initially on TV and Hard Rock Cafes, and then full show Blu-ray release
  11. Willie Nile bringing his One Guitar to these shores in 2019 with 5 UK dates. Opening show in Edinburgh on 22nd May