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  1. That’s us. Hadn’t bothered activating it until today, but in now
  2. A 12 hour birthday special house party from the Hungry Heart crew starting at midday BST https://www.hungryheartevents.com/?fbclid=IwAR1icWeZkx0ldyVTCxieYFI9-NznLpHVjKdM5wisaDf0fsgPN21beEL0bSY Running order below.
  3. I saw two SSB shows - Manchester (May) and Wembley (11/11). The difference over those six months was stunning, not sure if it was the crowd being more familiar with the material or the better venue but Wembley was a top show for me. Will add this one to my basket.
  4. https://www.hungryheartevents.com/ A heads up if you are looking for a Bruce fill tonight, The Hungry Heart House Party Live stream is focussing on archive live performances from UK and Ireland shows. i have caught the last couple and they are good fun with a great mix of classics and underplayed songs, if previous experience is anything to go.by, should run through till midnight or so.
  5. I suspect BBC content stream will be blocked outside UK, but I am sure other territory broadcasters will pick it up too.
  6. For anyone looking for a Bruce fill. Tonight’s show focussing on 20th anniversary of Live in NYC and a whole variety of Reunion Tour tracks https://www.hungryheartevents.com
  7. What are we thinking for Bruce tracks Badlands and American Land?
  8. 4 years ago to the date I was at Croke Park. This is very reminiscent of Temple Bar that afternoon
  9. Not over familiar with DKM but I like what I hear so far. Think the live show will be a blast
  10. In last week’s “Ask the Fallons” segment Jimmy’s wife Nancy was talking about her time working as assistant to Clarence during the E Street Band hiatus. She was very complementary about her time with The Big Man.
  11. I was at the Seeger Session show at Wembley Arena in November 2006 when he debuted the Long Walk Home as a "work in progress". Stunning rendition with the SSB which already sounded like a classic on the first airing.
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