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  1. Sorry my mistake it was GOTJ that featured on HRC Serve 2 CD. I must have picked up the DaD from a bootleg download
  2. If I recall correctly, I have a Hard Rock Café compilation charity CD which features Devils and Dust live from Dublin. It is a fantastic version and shame that it hasn't made it onto this bonus material
  3. Now back from CA trip, and can confirm that Steve Tyler's voice is in perfect shape. In fact for a 71 year old he moved round the stage with impressive energy and the band put on a great show. Good to see that differences have been resolved with drummer Joey Kramer who is back in the line-up. Only gripe, as a casual fan, was the setlist could have featured more of the "hits", with Dude, Angel, Janey, Crying, and even the show title Deuces are Wild all omitted. Had a chuckle re @Jimmy James comment about how much money I was saving being at the show rather than on the strip. Re-watched Western Stars on the flight (both ways), which was interesting as had a drive through Joshua Tree National Park, where the non barn scenes were filmed. If there is to be on ESB shows in 2020, time to plan next vacation.
  4. Stage view looks excellent. Can’t comment on the cost of those, but I have Tier 4 cheap seats, which after TM fees worked out at £90 per ticket. Venue capacity is around 5,000 according to Wikipedia
  5. It was a great night and I hunted down the Sunday Post preview piece which gives a flavour of the shows
  6. Thanks, I will report back my experience. It's only a part of the trip so even if Steve is struggling it won't be a disaster, although Mrs Fifer might want to have spent her time doing something else
  7. Was able to pick up a spare at the door for The Old Fruitmarket show last night. First time at the venue and thought it was great. Not over familiar with Roddy Hart's work, other than his Radio Scotland show, but his band The Lonesome Fire were first class providing the backdrop to the Springsteen songbook. In addition to the expected classics there were top notch performances of Highway Patrolman, 4th of July Asbury Park, Streets of Philadelphia, Brilliant Disguise, and my personal highlight was Phil Campbell's version of Western Stars (closely followed by Craig Finn's Jungleland). From the opening chords to Growing Up to the close of Thunder Road 3 and a half hours later, the respectful, sold out audience were treated to a musical treat and fantastic 70th birthday tribute that will live long in the memory.
  8. Haven't seen the Grammy performance, but a bit concerned as I have tickets to see them in Vegas in a couple of weeks. Haven't seen Aerosmith for about 15 years and was really looking forward to it. I did pass on the upgrade option to meet and greet Tyler and Perry for $2500, or the other 3 guys for $750. There was a time when Macca was rolled out for big TV events such as Jubilees and Olympics and he was awful, but he seems to have rediscovered how to sing of late.
  9. We know Ricky and Lorraine are big Springsteen fans, so they choose to cover him on their recent Radio 2 Piano Room set. Slightly surprised by song choice as everyone and their dog has had a shot at DITD, but still a listenable version.
  10. Went to see them at the Corn Exchange Edinburgh a few years later, after just catching the end of their performance at Hyde Park, with Bruce playing on '59 Sound Good live band
  11. Thanks to the good Dr for hunting out, maybe of use to someone else, but I would only be able to make the Monday night show, so still on the lookout
  12. I tried to book for the Monday night show at The Fruitmarket, but this is also sold out (bar wheelchair spaces). If anyone hears of a spare ticket, I would be grateful for a shout.
  13. Maybe a similar strategy to The Rising tour, which brought a barnstorming leg to Europe in the fall of 02 and summer stadium shows in 03?
  14. Interesting choice of The Falkirk Stadium for Scottish dates for Killers and Westlife, as only 8,000 seated capacity venue.
  15. Decent turnout for a cold Monday night in Dunfermline at £15 a ticket, with around 3/4 full. I thought the film was a great concept and the music performances were sublime. Similar to HRC 2012, the big screen production adds a lot to the experience. Didn't mind Q and A, maybe because Edith is a "Local Hero" and seemed genuinely enthralled by the movie. I noticed the trailers for Shakira and INXS concerts coming to the cinema, so maybe this is the new gig going.
  16. Caught Jake’s show at King Tut’s, Glasgow last night. He and the band are in great form. In UK the rest of the week catch them if you can.
  17. Odeon Dunfermline is showing. Went to see Springsteen and I there in 2013 the day after I got back from Belfast Wrecking Ball, and it was amazing to see the HRC section on the big screen after the film. Well worth the cinema admission cost (although popcorn and soda hideously overpriced).
  18. I didn't see RR that night, although I once saw Dougie Vipond walking along Princes Street. Good show, and I think that is the first time I have heard Pony Boy on the radio
  19. Great. Probably wont make sunderland, as my tour buddy works at a school. Lucky he has a funeral to go to on the 22nd. Booked up for Florida in July so will miss HRC too.

    Will you make LOD in Glasgow?

    Looks like a good bill.