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  1. Interesting. Ed's gig in Cork (April 28) is very close to the proposed Croke Park dates (April 23 and 24). And he hasn't announced a Dublin show for his European tour which, although it's not out of the question, it would be a surprise if he skipped Dublin altogether. So now I'd guess those two Croke Park dates are for Ed and will be added to his tour at some point if the promoters get approval.
  2. More on this. Now it seems Cork is in the mix too. For someone, if not for Bruce. https://www.irishexaminer.com/news/arid-40698998.html
  3. There's an application from Aiken Promotions to Dublin City Council here for two concerts in late April. So I guess something's happening one way or another. https://www.dublincity.ie/residential/planning/active-land-management/outdoor-event-licences/outdoor-event-license-applications And, you know, we've stood in freezing rain at Bruce concerts in Dublin in July. April couldn't be much worse than that.
  4. Interesting update from Dublin this evening on the back of the news that Garth Brooks is heading to Ireland next year. Might be true, maybe not. Don’t think there’s ever been a gig in Croke park in April. But then there’s never been a concert backlog like this either I suppose.
  5. The surprises keep coming! If the Springsteen/Obama podcast was your thing, this might be of further interest. If it wasn't, you might want to keep scrolling. https://www.penguin.co.uk/articles/2021/july/renegades-president-barack-obama-musician-bruce-springsteen.html Personally, I'd be more interested in watching more footage of Bruce and Obama hanging out with his cars than reading transcripts of their conversations but others might feel different.
  6. Pretty much all new LPs these days are 2LPs, regardless of song count. For instance, Western Stars’ 13 songs were split across 4 sides of vinyl. 3 songs a side sounds about right here..
  7. I’ll See You in my Dreams is the name of a song dating back almost a hundred years. Memorably covered by Joe Brown at the end of the ‘Concert for George’ in 2002. Beautiful song, interesting to see if it’s the same one. Hopefully not. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sduEfCoYN3k
  8. That's a great post, Mayo - thanks for sharing it. And a reminder of the many ways that Bruce's music has touched our lives and those around us. Even if he never played that song in 2005 (but how great that he did!) Sad Eyes will forever have a place in your heart as you move through life. What a gift his music has been to all of us. Incidentally, Sad Eyes is my wife's all-time favourite Bruce song. She's not a huge fan of his but she comes to lots of concerts with me and dreams of one day hearing it live. It blows my mind he's only done it once in concert. Someday maybe.
  9. I saw it about a month ago in Dublin after a Western Stars listening party. I'm very familiar with the book that it's loosely based on and am generally a fan of its author but I can't pretend I loved the film or thought it was exceptional. It's a nice coming of age story and, sure, the music is great but I could do without the characters running through the streets spontaneously singing Born to Run. It's quite strong in the first half when the lead character discovers the music and understanding how it spoke to him personally but it lost some of that spark the longer it went on. I think if the same film existed but it was the music of a huge star that I didn't care about but others love (let's say Rod Stewart or Billy Joel) I'd really struggle to get through it. I should add that I generally don't care for musicals and at one point I realised that this film could very very easily be adapted for Broadway, the West End and beyond. And I wouldn't be at all surprised if that's already in the works. And if you've ever tried to convince Bruce deniers that there's a lot more to him that blue jeans, bandanas and Born in the USA, this film will set your argument back about 35 years! But it's a nice way to pass 90 minutes or so and if you're a fan, which I'm sure you are, you'll enjoy much of it. of course, other opinions are always available!
  10. Great show tonight. And last night's was no slouch either. Did anyone else feel that he got quite emotional during 'This Hard Land'? Thought his voice cracked on several occasions. And what happened to his finger? Looked quite bloody during the last song. Also noticed that, as he left the stage, he lingered at the top of the stairs with his back to the audience for a little longer. Just taking it in I suppose. Wonder what went on when he gathered everyone into a huddle before BitUSA. Perhaps just thanking them before the tour's last encore. One thing I don't see mentioned here is that, after telling the crowd that they'd seen the hard rockin, pants-droppin' etc., E Street Band, he delivered a variation on that spiel but it was paying tribute to the 'ticket seekin' line formin', flight bookin' burger eatin' E Street Fans insted. I thought it was a really nice touch for the band to give a little back to the fans. I'm sure someone will have the full content of it but it was lovely to see. All in all, a great 10 days or so in Ireland. Think last night's show was a lot more fun than tonight but maybe tonight's set was better. God, why even try to compare. Til the next time...
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