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  1. I'm in too , Ican't believe it... last week on standby. Dec,15 Mezzanine row H !!
  2. I'm so sad to read these news. I remember meeting Rich in Asbury Park in 2002, on an Asbury Park tour by Jean Mikle, in the company of some Greasy Lakers, including our CosmicKid. Rich was such a friendly and very funny guy. Mr. sixty9chevy still wears proudly the engine7 T-shirt he got from Rich at a tombola in Asbury Park. I looked at my pics from that wonderful AP trip and there he was, firerich7,sitting on that fence at Wesley Lake, like Bruce did in 1980, the Palace in the background, have a look: Like Anders before me I have some additional memories of Rich before I met him: I was sitting in front of my computer in Germany after 9/11, shocked by these horrible news about the World Trade Centers, finding Greasy Lake for the very first time. I remember getting glued to my PC, fascinated by this great community I found there. Firerich7 ,his name and what he did to help his fellow New Yorkers back then, I remember strongly, admiring him. I remember too, like Anders did, sitting there with tears in my eyes. My wish to belong to this communiy was born these days back in September 2001. 4 weeks later I became a member of Greasy Lake. RIP Rich.
  3. Beate is one of those people you meet in your lifetime who leaves a mark on your heart. Thank you GL for bringing her into my life. I'm so glad we've shared special moments together, my friend!

  4. Beate is pure, unadultered enthusiasm, for life in general, and Bruce, in particular. Everyone should have the pleasure of meeting her at least once in their life.