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  1. Not seen SS since The Brook in Southampton a few yrs back....must catch up and see him next time .......Best wishes to You and Mike .....Vegas

  2. He's gradually making progress after suffering from extreme anxiety recently - messages of support are a big help! Hopefully he'll resurface by the time of the Jukes tour. I'll tell him you know Dave W and it should click for him - cheers!

  3. Ah ....hows he doing Dan ?.......I've never actualy met Mike.....he's a friend of a friend at school. Tell him Dave Williams mate and he might know.....He lent my mate Dave a cassette of Bruce Philly 84 and I never looked back....all Mikes fault :-) ..Vegas

  4. Hi! I saw Mike Saunders today and he said he'd heard from you, but didn't recognise 'Vegas Johnny'... please let him know, cheers!

  5. Hey You! Explain your Screen name!!

    Names John and I got married in Vegas ....