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  1. Not seen SS since The Brook in Southampton a few yrs back....must catch up and see him next time .......Best wishes to You and Mike .....Vegas

  2. He's gradually making progress after suffering from extreme anxiety recently - messages of support are a big help! Hopefully he'll resurface by the time of the Jukes tour. I'll tell him you know Dave W and it should click for him - cheers!

  3. Ah ....hows he doing Dan ?.......I've never actualy met Mike.....he's a friend of a friend at school. Tell him Dave Williams mate and he might know.....He lent my mate Dave a cassette of Bruce Philly 84 and I never looked back....all Mikes fault :-) ..Vegas

  4. Hi! I saw Mike Saunders today and he said he'd heard from you, but didn't recognise 'Vegas Johnny'... please let him know, cheers!

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