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  1. And Stones doesn't disappoint, even without having to face Lewandowski.
  2. I see that under the new format for the Champions League, which looks set to be ratified this week to come into effect in 2024, Liverpool (if the format with it's co-efficient were in place now) would be able to qualify for next season's Champions League by finishing as low as 7th in the Premier League. How fair is that?! Edit: I see now that UEFA have put back a decision on the new format to 19 April.
  3. It is indeed a pity, as the monotonous routine by which England sail through the qualification stages of a tournament, stuffing a succession of really poor teams, does them very little good when they are then required to face the harsh rigours of a tournament proper. So it's a shame that Poland will not be at full strength, to give Maguire and Stones in particular a slightly tougher test than they had together against San Marino and Albania.
  4. It's sad to see the state of the Irish football team these days. I've been watching football for nigh on 55 years, and individual by individual I'd say that their current squad of players is by some distance the weakest I have seen. Seamus Coleman I'd say is the one player in their squad who has any resemblance to a footballer of international quality.
  5. One of my life regrets is having been to Villa Park several hundred times, but not on either of the nights when Bruce was playing. To this day I do not know why.
  6. Blimey, that Newcastle performance tonight v Brighton has been truly miserable.
  7. Along with Eddie Gray, Peter Lorimer was one of the two Leeds players in that Revie era side who was well liked by fans of other teams. He scored some terrific goals, but will also be well remembered for two 'goals' that never were. One was the mystifyingly disallowed goal, a volley, in the European Cup Final v Bayern Munich, the other was his close range effort that drew that incredible save from Sunderland's Jim Montgomery in the FA Cup Final (1973 I think).
  8. Mourinho is a goner. Once a top flight manager takes on his own very expensively paid players in public in the way he just has there will only ever be one winner, and it's not the manager (and especially not one who has yet to do anything substantive to earn himself any credit with the club's owners).
  9. RIP Martin Johnson, a wonderful reporter of cricket for the Independent, the Telegraph and, when I first starting reading his reporting in the early 1980s, the Leicester Mercury.
  10. I think you will generally find that at the top level of the game, the more matches a team wins the more tournaments it gets to play in, and in turn the more matches a team wins in those tournaments the more matches it will get to play in a season. I suppose you could call it the price of success, which I suspect most supporters of most football clubs would consider a price worth paying.
  11. They have, yes. A shame they did, and a great shame I thought that they never really became more well known, which is partly why I thought I'd include them in the list of 5.
  12. I'm afraid I saw the original line-up just the once, at the De Montfort Hall in Leicester, which I think must have been 1986, shortly after the release of the Seer album. Just to say, there were obviously three classic Big Country albums, The Crossing, Steeltown and the Seer, but the two that followed those (Peace In Our Time, and No Place Like Home) are also damn fine albums, and all 5 are now available in a single set, for around £12. What a band. What a sound.
  13. Minus Bruce, and in no particular order: Rod Stewart and the Faces, up to 1975 Big Country Richard Hawley Rory Gallagher And, finally, a little known band, Paper Aeroplanes
  14. I've not watched Coronation Street for years. Is Tyrone still in it? Or is he now playing left back at Manchester United?
  15. My personal favourite song of hers was I Can't Make It Alone, her voice was achingly beautiful, corny as that might sound.
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