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  1. Well the prize for the worst goal celebration of the weekend must surely go to that Spurs' twat who scuffed in the opening goal today against Marine, and then gave it the big I am with his folded arms.
  2. Colin Bell was a great footballer, skillful and brave in equal measure, and in an era when there were some really nasty bastards on the football field he was respected by fans of all clubs for playing the game in the right way. It is remarkable that Bell played as many games as he did for City, given that his career was badly affected by a serious injury at the relatively young age of 29, and goodness knows how many games he would have gone on to play for City had the injury not been sustained.
  3. Spoken with a true sense of entitlement. But if you do get so lucky as to sign Villa's Jack Grealish, I look forward to hearing United fans complain when they get to see cloggers (and I'm thinking here of someone like Matic) being sent onto the field with the sole purpose of fouling him whenever he has the ball.
  4. Ah yes, the banter, between Liverpool and Manchester United 'supporters'. Such fun.
  5. Well done Scotland. Great stuff.
  6. If you're going to attempt to take a penalty like that in such circumstances, and you fail in such a manner, you deserve no sympathy from your manager or team mates.
  7. I'm beginning to think I may be a simpleton, but this is another Bruce song where I do not understand the meaning of his words. This is becoming incraesingly common (for me). What is this 'burnin' train' of which he speaketh?
  8. Though very different to each other, I have to say I'd much rather listen to Willie Nile's song of the same name.
  9. I agree. 'Really odd' is how I'd describe it though.
  10. At the risk of seeming stupid, or naive, what is a shooter?
  11. The Ghana Lions. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/africa/54102723 UTV.
  12. Well it's a bit of a standing joke amongst us Villa fans, the number of full backs we have signed over the last 10 years or so who have turned out to be something between mediocre and terrible (not all of which, I should add, has been the fault of the player in question). Hopefully this fella will go on to fulfill his promise, and he seems nothing if not very likeable. I look forward to seeing Cash in our new away kit - our own Man in Black.
  13. It requires a thread of its own really, but my favourite national football teams of all time are: 1. Brazil 1970 (Pele). 2. Holland 1974 (Cruyff). 3. France 1982 and 1984 (Platini).
  14. I've quite enjoyed watching the games on tv despite the absence of a crowd, and I would be very surprised if crowds are allowed to return to top level games at any time in this coming 2020/21 season. I do miss though the experience around going to a game, ie the getting ready, the travel, and having a drink or two in the city centre before and after the game.
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