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  1. Just one more observation, which is to wonder if the brave English who were spitting on the Danish fans last night will be brave enough to spit on the Russian boys, the next time these two countries might come together at an international footballing tournament. Somehow, I think maybe not.
  2. How strange. Being spat on by opposing 'fans' is all just part of 'fandom'.
  3. Ironically, the only reason that Schmeichel was unable to parry the the ball away to safety rather than divert it back from whence it had come is that Kane's penalty was so shit that the ball ended up too close to his body. The laser being beamed into the goalie's face (presumably by one of England's finest) may or may not have had an impact.
  4. I'm assuming that's meant to be ironic.
  5. Funnily enough, I thought that it was a bit cringeworthy that after 7 continuous hours of live football coverage on BBC1 last night, the delayed news programme that eventually followed the football began with -yes, you've guessed it, news of the football. God help us if England actually win the damn thing. And I'm a football fan. And English.
  6. Just watch, and see how often the ball is played to Sterling and the play slows right down while he dithers on the ball before then heading himself into a cul de sac, leading to a loss of possession and threat. Players available to England currently include Mount, Sako, Grealish, Sancho, Foden and Rashford, all of whom in my view are far more intelligent, intuitive, skilful and incisive players than Sterling, and much more likely to fit into a pattern of team play that is fast and exciting, but also cohesive, and likely to find success at international level. All of them are better than Sterling at spotting, timing and weighing a pass to a team mate. I don't think that Sterling's two goals in the group games are sufficient to hide the inadequacies in his play, or make up for the negative effect on the team's overall performance that results from his (it would seem) automatic place in the starting eleven.
  7. Yes, which is ironic really, as the England team would actually be a much better team without him in it! In my view.
  8. Well done Wales, on a thoroughly deserved qualification into the knock out stage. Next game, likely to be against Finland, Denmark or Russia, I'd be surprised if they don't make it into the quarter finals.
  9. Alternatively, Scotland were a much more cohesive unit than England, and on the balance of play were a little unlucky to have not won.
  10. Having commented during the game on his penalty, I think it only now fair to say that other than the penalty, Bale was terrific in this game, and what he did on those two corners in added time was magnificent. Massive credit though to all of that Welsh team today, who were simply superb.
  11. Bloody hell, Bale, that was absolutely dire. I hope it doesn't cost Wales, as they've been great so far (73 mins).
  12. The way that the tournament is set up, this is not really a group of death at all, as all that each of France, Germany and Portugal will need to do in order to qualify for the next stage is to beat Hungary.
  13. I'm surprised Scotland didn't pick Adams from the start, as he looked lively, and infinitely better than Dykes.
  14. Well, I am that rare thing I think, an Englishman who (for various reasons) identifies more as British than English. So, I am always happy for Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland to win at football, rugby, whatever - and, indeed, for them to beat England when they play them; that's then my dislike of English arrogance and jingoism, and my desire to root for the underdog, coming out. In actual fact, I think I would go so far as to say that I enjoy international football tournaments all the more if England aren't in them!
  15. One of the reasons I stopped going to test matches was the near certainty that you would be sat behind (or, even worse, in front of) a large group of drunken oafs intent on visiting their 'hilarious' (ie disruptive and obnoxious) behaviour on those near them, plus the absolute certainty that things would continue to degenerate as the day wore on. This general pattern of behaviour seemed to be much more prevalent after the introduction of rules limiting the amount of alcohol that could be brought into grounds, meaning the drunken oaf types would simply make many more visits to the bars (which was of course the real reason for the rules being introduced).
  16. So Trippier and Stirling both get to start on the left, as Southgate opts for an innovative cul-de-sac formation.
  17. I suspect that your son will have seen more of the cricket during his breaks than many of the ones he'd have been serving beers to will have seen in the entire day's play.
  18. Actually, I think Burton Albion could be a surprise contender for promotion next season, in the two spells he's been there as manager, Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink has done fantastically well for them. Good place to live if you're a real ale fan too (or it least it used to be).
  19. Yes, generally speaking the way that this tournament has been concocted seems a bit all over the place. In my view it is a nonsense to have 24 teams in a tournament, and for a total of 36 group games to have to be played, simply in order to eliminate 8 of those 24 teams.
  20. Yes, and it will be interesting to see if Jordan Henderson has the nerve to snatch the ball off the would-be penalty taker again, but in a situation where there's real pressure on to score.
  21. At the time he made the tweets Robinson was employed as a professional cricketer. Michael Carberry (a black man, and a former England batsman), spoke eloquently about this yesterday on Sky TV, well worth a listen.
  22. That would be the sort of apology that consists of (as in this case) the perpetrator expressing his regret to 'anyone who may have been offended by what I said.' And as sure as night follows day, now we have the Culture Secretary and 'the Prime Minister's Office' piping up against the ECB's decision to suspend Robinson.
  23. It's £33m, not 22, and it's how Norwich City are set up, signing and/or developing young players, some home grown, some not, who they can then sell on at huge profit, which can then be invested back into more of the same. They have done it in recent seasons with players like Maddison and Godfrey, and others whose names escape me, and though they might yo-yo between the top two divisions they enjoy a level of fan loyalty which is pretty impressive for a small city club. For a club like Norwich, parachute payments provide every incentive to not depart from this model, and I suspect that they will be stronger this coming season than they were in their previous season in the Premier League, even without Buendia.
  24. You may have been thinking of Paul Lambert as manager at Aston Villa for a few years. He joined Villa as manager after doing quite a decent job at Norwich City. As Villa's manager he was totally inept, quite clueless, and after two or three miserable seasons he was deservedly sacked. Since leaving Villa, Mr Lambert has managed at Wolves, Stoke and Ipswich, and has done very badly wherever he has gone.
  25. I can't quite believe that Gareth Southgate has chosen only 4 right backs in his final squad of 26 and, not only that, he's gone and left out John Gidman.
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