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  1. The Ghana Lions. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/africa/54102723 UTV.
  2. Well it's a bit of a standing joke amongst us Villa fans, the number of full backs we have signed over the last 10 years or so who have turned out to be something between mediocre and terrible (not all of which, I should add, has been the fault of the player in question). Hopefully this fella will go on to fulfill his promise, and he seems nothing if not very likeable. I look forward to seeing Cash in our new away kit - our own Man in Black.
  3. It requires a thread of its own really, but my favourite national football teams of all time are: 1. Brazil 1970 (Pele). 2. Holland 1974 (Cruyff). 3. France 1982 and 1984 (Platini).
  4. I've quite enjoyed watching the games on tv despite the absence of a crowd, and I would be very surprised if crowds are allowed to return to top level games at any time in this coming 2020/21 season. I do miss though the experience around going to a game, ie the getting ready, the travel, and having a drink or two in the city centre before and after the game.
  5. Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee made quite an impression on me when I read it some 35 years ago, and was one of the relatively few books I chose to keep when I needed to get rid of most of those I owned, ten years or so ago. If you enjoy this book you will also enjoy Son of the Morning Star by Evan S Connell, about the Battle of the Little Bighorn and General Custer.
  6. As is too often the case, that was a good game ruined by a terrible decision to send off a player and reduce one team to ten men. How was that second yellow a foul, even? Both players involved dd no more than stick out a toe.
  7. There will be derby games - Albion and Wolves get to play the Villa. And Blues get to play Coventry. But I know what you mean.
  8. Ha ha. Yes, of course, if that goal had been allowed (20 minutes or so into that game) the score in that game would inevitably have remained 0-1, and all other results in games played since then would inevitably have then been the same as they have been. So yes, by dint of that one point in that one game the Vila have avoided relegation. And never mind the key VAR decisions that have wrongly gone against us this season (most particularly against Palace and against Manchester United). Whatever...whatever...Villa stay up. Commiserations by the way to Bournemouth and Watford, two good football clubs. As indeed are Norwich City. UTV
  9. Speaking here from a Villa perspective - if Arsenal do have one eye tonight on the Cup Final then so too will they on Sunday - when they play Watford in the last game of the season (Villa are away at West Ham). Forever the pessimist, I think Watford will beat an half-arsed Man City tonight, which will mean Villa going into the game against Arsenal pretty much already relegated.
  10. I shouldn't think their 9 remaining team mates are thanking them too much.
  11. The player (Konsa) was not outwitted by skill, the referee was conned by an act of cheating. The Premier League has now confirmed that the penalty should not have been given and, in effect, both the referee and VAR screwed up.
  12. We (Villa) were going to lose this game anyway, but that penalty being given and then VAR looking the other way is utterly disgraceful.
  13. I also saw that Manchester United team of 1971 at full strength, knocked out of the League Cup at the semi-final stage at Villa Park in front of a crowd of 62,500. Villa at the time were in the old third division, and that night, me 10 years old sitting next to my dad in the old Trinity Road stand, will stay forever etched in my memory.
  14. In that one short post you have truly encapsulated the magic of the FA Cup.
  15. Given the score in the one match you missed, I think you should be given the credit for a correct score anyway.
  16. What? All those years when they have won how many Champions Leagues, and other domestic cups? And many of whom will have signed up to 'supporting them' when they were winning everything in the '70s and '80s? Stuck by them indeed. The deal with supporting any football club should be to 'stick by them.'
  17. The football club that was stated to be represented on this banner has said it was disgusted and ashamed by it. So what exactly did you find 'funny' about it?
  18. West Brom v Birmingham is live on Sky Sports this afternoon. It should be interesting to hear the crowd effects that Sky are going to broadcast, and whether they go for realism, ie 90 minutes worth of 'Shit on the Villa' and 'We hate Villa more than you.'
  19. Back in 1970 Villa were fighting against relegation from the old second division, and were playing away at Leicester. Villa's Pat McMahon hit a screamer that hit the stanchion of the Leicester goal, and the ball came back into play. The goal wasn't given as the referee didn't see that the ball had come back off the stanchion. Villa went on to lose the game 1-0 and at the end of the season were relegated, by a single point. They do say that luck evens itself up over time.
  20. I saw Graham Parker and the Rumour at Birmingham Odeon, circa 1978, supported would you believe by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Edit: I think I'm getting confused. It was probably Southside Johnny I saw supporting Graham Parker and the Rumour at Birmingham Odeon. Tom Petty I think I saw as a headline act, possibly at Birmingham Town Hall (or maybe it was the Odeon). Bob Seger I absolutely did see at Birmingham Odeon. Further edit: Internet research now leads me to conclude that I did see Tom Petty at Birmingham Odeon as a support act - 11 May 1977, support to Nils Lofgren!
  21. David Platt - what a player. And did you know - Dominic Cummings has travelled further with coronavirus in lockdown than Crewe Alexandra have ever gone for a competitive game in their 143 year history.
  22. There are some truly terrible pundits. Robbie Savage is the first to come to mind. And how come Micah Richards appears to have got himself landed with a job? Self-appointed Man City legend. Someone's having a laugh. Cannot stand Martin Keown either. I quite like Alan Smith.
  23. It was indeed the European Cup Final, in 1982, in Rotterdam, which I was lucky enough to be at, as a 21 year old student. I will always remember buying an all-in package from the club for £29, that included a match ticket and return travel from New Street station. I thought of putting Spinksy into the list of underrated players, but decided to stick with the championship winning team of 80-81.. Cowans was indeed a great player, equally good with his right foot as with his left, a beautiful passer of the ball and despite his slender frame had a real knack for winning the ball in a tackle.
  24. Underrated: Jimmy Rimmer Kenny Swain Colin Gibson Gary Williams Allan Evans Ken Mcnaught Dennis Mortimer Des Bremner Gary Shaw Peter Withe Gordon Cowans Tony Morley
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