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  1. Yes indeed. I've heard the open top bus parade is taking place this evening, at 5pm?
  2. It's only the same as playing on a Saturday and then again on Tuesday, which is the norm, and in reality they'd be likely to field two very different line-ups in these two games anyway.
  3. I don't agree. I'm no huge admirer of Terry, but he did a good job for Villa last year, gaining the respect of senior and less senior players and an initially sceptical fanbase, and a number of players this season (most notably Chester and Grealish) have seemed to miss his presence. As Steve Bruce has mismanaged and decimated our defensive capability both pre and early season, we are in dire need of sorting out at the back, and Terry can do this straight away. I don't expect Terry to be around as assistant coach long-term but Dean Smith is no mug, and I think he will benefit from having Terry around for as long as it suits all parties. We have also appointed a highly respected director of football, and it looks to me as if the club is on a much sounder footing now than it's been on for some years.
  4. By which I take it you mean there is no English Premier League (or championship) football on television. So have you maybe thought about going to watch your local team play?
  5. And when the return trip from Birmingham to Rotterdam by train, ferry and coach, plus the ticket to the final itself cost the princely all-in sum of £29.
  6. Yes, indeed, I remember watching your final on the TV, those were great days when the likes of Villa, Forest and Aberdeen were winning such major trophies.
  7. Indeed - and what's even better is when your local rivals start singing about it for you!
  8. Almost correct. The Albion fans were singing 'they've been to Rotterdam and everywhere...' and not Rotherham and everywhere. The reason they were singing Rotterdam (aside from borrowing directly from the song itself) is that Rotterdam is where we (the Villa) won the European Cup, in 1982, and it seems the Albion fans think we go on about it a bit. I don't know why we would wish to go on about it really, but apparently we do, and apparently the Albion find it a bit annoying, hence the 'witticism' in what they were singing the other night. I personally find it hilarious that Albion fans should sing a song that references Villa's winning of the European Cup.
  9. It's been a good and a sad day for me, as a Villa supporter of some 55 years. The appointment of Dean Smith and John Terry as head coach and assistant coach is great news. But farewell Doug Ellis. Up The Villa.
  10. I have only just caught up with this thread, and am pleased to see it. I am a lifelong Villa fan, having attended my first game in 1967 (at the Hawthorns, would you believe - for the uninitiated, that is the home ground of West Bromwich Albion who are our other big local rivals - more so than Birmingham City are as far as I'm concerned, because of where I was brought up). I have followed the Villa through thick and thin, including relegation to the old third division in the early 1970s, to the night in Rotterdam in May 1982 when we became champions of Europe. I have been lucky to see some magnificent players wear the old claret and blue, the likes of Brian Little, Andy Lochead, Ray Graydon, Bruce Rioch, Dennis Mortimer, Gordon Cowans, Alex Cropley, Andy Gray, Gary Shaw, Peter Withe, and Paul Mcgrath. It's maybe a generational thing, I don't know, but I too am now a very infrequent visitor to Villa Park, though it remains one of the great football grounds.
  11. I saw the War on Drugs at Brixton last night, and thought it was a cracking show.
  12. This was the first album I ever bought, from the original Virgin Records shop on Corporation Street, Birmingham.
  13. Gabrielle Aplin album, English Rain. I'm taking my daughter to see her in November.
  14. And hello again from me, plus more thanks to those who made such a great couple of days possible.
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