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  1. I actually think the song started as a good chorus, and Bruce had to find some verses to build it out
  2. There goes my interest in the new album
  3. Is there an easy was to get E St Radio in Europe?
  4. Anyone got a link to Hello Sunshine so us Euro-weenies can listen?
  5. Good question - where are the Terms & Conditions published?
  6. Someone at Ticketmaster told me that Springsteen's camp are handpicking the lottery winners - that would make sense as to why some people are getting hit-up multiple times. Might not be true, but worth sharing.
  7. On Tracks II - I imagine (I don't know) that it will be a shorter, single album affair vs. a boxset. I don't see how JLM would have had the time to produce a bigger project.
  8. Here you go - should work for non-US peeps
  9. This should work for non-US peeps
  10. I think the reality is that The Promise was in fact, Tracks 2.
  11. interesting - thanks for posting - is that from Goldsmith's new book or an older piece? Ames Carlin's Book also throws up some early interesting tidbits around Bruce's behaviour, but I guess it's no different from anyone really in the greater scheme of things
  12. That is now controlled by AEG and he is with Live nation so that ain't gonna happen unless he switches promoters. They also control Hyde Park concerts and Wembley Arena now. I don't think he (or other major artists) would let those sort of things restrict where they can play - if he WAS doing indoor shows in the UK I'm sure that the O2 would be the venue of choice in London and that his booking agent (Barry Bell) would be able to sort it!, there must be a degree of crossover on these matters, AEG would get their cut out of it (in venue terms) but Live Nation would still be doing okay I don't think it works that way anymore... The money is in touring, and Bruce is a LIVENATION act, as much as he is a Sony Artist. Playing an AEG venue would be akin to recording an album for another label.
  13. Let's add 2+2 together. Bruce enjoyed the WB tour to Australia (by all accounts) Promoters made (or didn't lose) money When the 'Machine' returns to a market they like to go places they haven't been before or recently Therefore, Adelaide makes sense. Question is what other Aussie markets are there where the band hasn't been? Perth?
  14. Also - I think the band will rest, but be back sooner - if they let the entire touring machine disband now, it may take an effort to get it restarted again. I'm still going with SVZ's desire for Album, summer tour, album summer tour.
  15. I can't see a tour DVD coming - as far as I know none of the shows were professionally filmed (apart from Hard Rock) and by professionally filmed I mean by cameras other than those required for the screens.