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  1. I reckon he must have been giving his Grandad cheek !
  2. The guitar coda outro to Incident on 57th Street particularly when played in concert...
  3. The Seeger Sessions or Springsteen on Broadway....
  4. Thanks for that review. Really looking forward to seeing this on 28th Oct. Hello Sunshine is probably my third favourite song from the album. I'm not all that surprised that the live version can't really improve on the original version. Stones sounds like it will be awesome. How did Chasing Wild Horses sound live ? It's my favourite song on the album and i'm really looking forward to hearing it played with a full 30 piece orchestra.
  5. I've seen Dylan twice. First time in 1984 on the Infidels tour and he was absolutely fantastic with a great band. He was in great voice and he performed many of his classic songs brilliantly. Many years later I saw him at the Edinburgh Playhouse in around 2008 and his voice was totally gone although he still had an excellent band with him. I could hardly make out any of the songs he was playing. He is a genius of a songwriter and it's to his great credit that he is still producing new albums and especially touring into his late 70's. A giant of popular music who has inspired so many especially our music hero.
  6. I think that's a very good point. Prior to BITUSA Bruce was just a great rock star with some great albums behind him, and was a big live draw particularly in the States and Europe. BITUSA and the massive sales of that record and especially the monumental success of the tour transported him to megastardum worldwide and I think allowed his record company basically to give him the license to write and record what he wanted to thereafter because they knew that, because of the success of BITUSA, it would still sell very well on the back of such a triumph. The live box set released in November 1986 basically closed that first chapter of his career, and the next studio album Tunnel of Love despite being a total change in style from BITUSA was still a big seller at the time. Quite a number of the newer fans who were picked up in the mid 80's fell away when the 90's hit and we started to get the likes of The Ghost of Tom Joad and the double release of Human Touch and Lucky Town. I would say though that from about the mid 90's onwards Bruce then gained and retained a substantial hard core fanbase across the globe which has for the main part stayed with him ever since.
  7. Born to Run or Nebraska (to take just two) for me stand comparison with anything....even groundbreaking records like Pet Sounds, Dark side of the Moon and Sgt Pepper. Bruce has never been an innovator nor has he ever pretended to be. He just writes brilliant songs and albums over several decades, creating wonderful hooks and melodies and writing powerful and poetic lyrics.
  8. Amazing what a late night appearance on Norton's show can do.
  9. Personally, I think the 6 masterpiece Springsteen albums I referenced earlier stand comparison with any other major act's best. It's all about opinions though.
  10. I reckon possibly one from the Magic tour of 2007/2008. As I recall he played loads of songs from that album on that tour as well as lots from The Rising and one or two from Devils and Dust.
  11. Where the quality of the songs, mixed with the quality of the recording, quality of the musical performances, the order of the songs, and basically a pretty much flawless recorded product which will stand the test of time due to it;s impact and stand-alone uniqueness. Bruce's albums are written and recorded very much based on whatever period of his life experience he was in at that time, and all his albums in my opinion should be reflected on and merited with that as the backdrop. With all that in mind I firmly believe he has recorded six masterpiece albums in his career. Born to Run, Darkness on the edge of Town, Nebraska, Tunnel of Love, The Ghost of Tom Joad and Western Stars. Overall though, for me it's the quality and range of styles of the songs throughout an album that matters.