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  1. 1/ Neil Peart (easily the best drummer I have ever seen or heard) 2/ John Bonham 3/ Steward Copeland 4/ Keith Moon 5/ Ringo
  2. Not a big cricket fan, but I remember in 1981 being on holiday with my family down in Southsea and watching that classic Ashes win against the Australians. Willis was like a man possessed as he destroyed their batting order. What a bowler he was. RIP Bob
  3. The Aberfan episode was brilliantly acted and the dreadful tragedy was dealt with well. So harrowing.
  4. "In a world of doubt and fear, I wake at night and reach to find you near, lost in a dream you caught me as I fell, I want more than just a dream to tell" And this from an outtake song...
  5. I'd be quite happy with another Seeger type tour as long as it was with his own material being played.
  6. Dublin is always great for a Bruce show...
  7. Western Stars for me deserves awards as in my opinion it is a quite stunning record, beautifully put together, well produced and most importantly has many great songs on it. I'm not too bothered though that it hasn't been nominated for any Grammys.
  8. I'm on 24..and I would like to make it 30. Really hoping to cross the Atlantic to see Bruce in either NJ, Philadelphia or New York City. This will likely be my last chance and for once I have readies available to make the trip.
  9. "And your in love with all the wonder it brings, and every muscle in your body sings as the highway ignites..." The joy of being young and free summed up in one line.
  10. He said earlier this year that he already had all the songs written for the album. I would have thought they would just need to rehearse them and then record them in the studio. I'm no expert on these matters though, I don't really know how long it would take to record an album these days.
  11. Might be wrong but I think Bruce has been in Australia promoting the Western Stars movie. To be honest I doubt the band will get together to record this album. Similar to ESB albums since the Rising hey will probably just fly in to record their parts when required.
  12. I think it will likely be a US tour to start with...mid to late 2020. Depends how long it takes to record and release the album.