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  1. Thunder Road from the LA 1985 BITUSA tour ..the whole concert is fantastic with great sound quality. The sound on that tour has never been equalled since in my opinion.
  2. The huns having to get part of Ibrox closed for their next Euro match due to the sectarian singing by "some" of their fans. This is ban imposed rightly by UEFA...pity the scottish football authorities don't see fit to punish this shower of shite for their songs sung on a weekly basis at their stadium and every stadium they visit in Scotland. Wonder why that is ...??
  3. Good point. Bruce wrote it for his son Evan in the late 90's when he would only have been around 8 or 9. I think the theme of the song blends i well with the film. It's a lovely heartwarming song with a real nice melody and words.
  4. I was at that show in Manchester as well and it was of the undoubted highlights being Bruce playing the Promise at the piano. You have to remember the vast majority of people at a show like that will not have a clue what the song is. I remember having to explain to people next to me what song it was. Stadium shows are 90% made up of casual fans who at best only really know the reasonably well-known songs off each official album.
  5. I thought Blinded by the light was a better film than Yesterday. Yesterday was enjoyable and a good story, but I thought it all just ran out of steam as it went on and became a bit unsatisfying towards the end. BBTL was wonderful. Great story, well acted, moving, funny, and hugely inspiring.
  6. I often go to the cinema on my own...and I went to see Blinded by the light on my own.
  7. Whilst I am very much looking forward to seeing and hearing all the magnificent Western Stars songs with a full orchestra in this movie, I am a bit deflated at the thought of another navel gazing exercise from Bruce similar to the Broadway stint. I know he has had his troubles and he has overcame them and he is incredibly moving when explaining all this, however the book and Broadway have covered it all. I really hope gets back in the studio in the next few months with the ESB and gets the new record out with a tour to follow.
  8. I was lucky enough to get Racing played at my first ever Bruce show at Newcastle in June 1985 on the BITUSA tour. It was sheer perfection. The sound was just magnificent as well, crystal clear. Another great version of Racing was at the 02 London show in 2007 I was lucky to hear as well. Only got Incident played one time...Hampden Park, Glasgow on the WOAD tour. It was worth the wait. Have to say I absolutely love the solo piano version of Incident from the Barcelona DVD. I wish he would play these epic songs more often.
  9. Kitty's Back from the Capital Theatre 1978.....just out of this world.
  10. As long as he is still up for another rocking tour with the E Street Band next year...
  11. Really starting to look his age...
  12. I love his solo piano version on the Barcelona DVD...but yes, the Main Point '75 performance is mesmerising..
  13. I've never been much of an Elvis fan, although he had a fantastic voice for ballads, his impact on popular music and culture was absolutely massive. The amount of influence the man has had and who knows we maybe would never have had Bruce if Elvis had never been born. I do remember the day he died. I was 12 years old and my brother and I had just came back from a Speedway meeting in Edinburgh and when we got home my mum said "you will never believe who has died...he was born the same year as me". As soon as she said that I knew it was Elvis because she always used to say he was born the same year as her and she was a big fan. RIP Elvis.