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  1. Love the No Surrender festival songs on YouTube...
  2. Oh yeah..forgot to say. CD's. Yep, i'm a music dinosaur. Still got every Bruce album on CD, and absolutely loads of bootleg CD's going back to the early 70's The live shows I order from are all CD's. Play them in my car constantly, and on my CD player in the living room of by flat. Still got all my original vinyl albums as well. I will never get rid of them, they are great mementos of my youth. Never quite entered the digital age. Never downloaded a note of music in my life. Not got a clue.
  3. Can't do photos online...but I have the classic Born to Run cover as a full poster which I bought outside Hampden park, Glasgow in 2009 after the show during the WOAD tour, also a full size Western Stars movie poster, and I also have a photo blown up into a full framed picture of Bruce onstage at the Edinburgh Playhouse during the Joad tour.....oh and a Bruce 2020 calendar of course !
  4. Well, he told the world last year he had a full album's worth of songs written just waiting to be recorded with the ESB. Also, he wrote about 30 odd (something like that anyway !) songs for Western Stars according to the interview after the movie.
  5. Incredible lyrics as usual from Mr Zimmerman...
  6. The closure of all gyms and swimming pools is the thing which has personally affected me the most during this lock-down....yes even more than the football being stopped. I am a regular gym user and do several fitness classes a week along with a visit to the swimming pool at least once a week. My only option now is running (even though I actually hate running !), so I have been going out for a run every day this week....and this will be my daily ritual till all this is over I think. Can't do it with music in my ears though especially Bruce...I would instinctively start singing along with the songs and be getting strange looks from everyone. I just keep some Bruce songs in my head as I pound the streets and parks...Born to Run indeed. Your blog is great and you have a very good and diverse selection of Bruce's songs to keep you going.
  7. A funny and talented man. RIP Roy.
  8. Matter of taste. I just don't think it added anything to the show.
  9. Watched this again for only the second time last night. In the whole, utterly breathtaking. For me it's one of the jewels of his entire career. No other recording artist in the world could could have written and then performed a show of such emotional intensity and power almost continuously over a year and half. I'd forgotten that he did Long Time Comin' and it was one of the highlights of the show, as was when he talked so poignantly about his mum Adele, but nothing beats his description of his love for Clarence for sheer emotional power. Musical performances were excellent as well...fabulous duet with Patti on Brilliant Disguise and Tougher than the Rest. My only gripe with Bruce as ever is the swearing. I'm no prude and I can swear as much as the next person, but for a songwriter who has put together some of the most eloquent, poetic lyrics ever written during his amazing career, and can describe the experience of human life in all it's stages so brilliantly as he does in this show, it really does him no favours. He doesn't need to do it and it added absolutely nothing to the show except a few forced laughs from the audience of mainly millionaires.
  10. Lennon would have been 80 this year..
  11. Dead at 81 of natural causes...not Covid-19. He picked a fine time to leave us..... Country music isn't everyone's cup of tea I know, but I loved his ballads. Lady is one of the greatest love songs ever written in my opinion....composed by Lionel Ritchie but brilliantly sung by Kenny. Had a fantastic career......he certainly liked women, married 5 times. RIP Kenny
  12. I've got it on Blu-Ray anyway, but glad it's going out on Amazon Prime. Thought it was excellent myself.