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  1. In no order: Jungleland The River Born to Run Independence day Backstreets Racing in the Street The Promise Incident on 57th Street Thunder Road Across the Border
  2. It's a good album, but nothing more than that in my opinion. Better than Human Touch, but that wouldn't take much. Some of the songs are great, Better Days, Book of Dreams, If I should fall behind, My Beautiful Reward....a few are OK and there are a few so-so. There was just something about that whole early 90's era I just could come to terms with. His voice seemed strained and the songs seemed forced on many occasions. It was like he was trying too hard with his new band and all these LA session musicians to still be relevant. The decade was probably my least favourite of his career, but it was saved by the work of art that was The Ghost of Tom Joad in 1995 and Tracks in 1998. It ended well with the ESB reuniting.
  3. I wonder if at the time or recording if he had serious plans to tour the album in 2020 ? There was talk of an ESB tour at the start of the year, then it was reported that this had been put off till 2012. This was all before the pandemic struck.
  4. Depends how his voice is holding up...that's what concerns me. I think residencies are more realistic in the future for him and the band rather than full scale tours....with scaled down shows. In the years to come though I think solo acoustic shows will be the norm.
  5. Happy should definitely have been on Human Touch, an album which for me only contains about 4 songs which are up to his usual standard. If he had included Happy it would have improved the quality of the album a fair bit in my opinion. Beautiful song. I would also go for None but the Brave to go on Born in the USA, although despite it being a great song, I can understand why Bruce left it off. It doesn't quite fit in with the theme of the record.
  6. Really enjoyed watching that tonight. Bruce was excellent as ever, and I thought the questions from the students were really good. Much better than some of the ridiculous questions he gets asked in normal interviews.
  7. Like everyone else I am looking forward to hearing the album. I am however intrigued by the inclusion of the three old songs. These were songs penned around 1971 and 1972. Particularly If I was the Priest which was part of the John Hammond auditions when he was still trying to get a record contract. This song has lots of catholic imagery in it, and Bruce himself once allegedly said he would never play it in concert. I can't see the purpose in bringing back an ancient song like that for a new album mixed in with a whole bunch of newly written material. He was a completely different artist back then. It's a great intense song for the time it was written, but it does seem really strange for him to be giving it new life on an album nearly 50 years on when the world is a completely different place. Song for Orphans has brilliant lyrics, Janey needs a shooter, well to be honest I have never been that much of a fan of it, but hopefully Bruce's new version will enhance it for me. I am more interested in the new songs, and I hope there are at least a couple of good ballads amongst them.
  8. Bruce's recording and songwriting career has basically been his own life story. His songs and albums through the years have reflected the part of his life he was in both at that time and occasionally looking back to his teenage years and his childhood. He has written about the people he knew, the characters he encountered, the environment he was in, and the great and unique thing about him is that this has been universal. His songwriting has been one long essay on the whole human condition from childhood to old age with an American backdrop but universal in it's appeal. We all go through and experience these things. He has chronicled his life, and now he is in his 70's he is writing about very different things and in a very different way to what he was in his 20's and 30's. The great thing about Bruce is that he has done so many varied types of styles in his records and they all have in my opinion, a magical appeal. When people ask me what my favourite era of Bruce's career is I can't tell them. He was a young, explosive dynamo in the 70's and early 80's, became more reflective in the late 80's and 90's. His post 2000 material has been astonishing. He has released some of the best albums of his career in the later part of his career, and especially recently when we were lucky enough to get another masterpiece in Western Stars. It's his variation in styles, his willingness to try new things, the sheer quality of his songs. So I don't think his standards have dropped at all. I just think he has changed his style of writing to adapt to the way the world has changed and how he has changed as he has got older.
  9. I think it's a good song, and I don't mind the lyrics at all. In fact I think they are good and say all that has to be said. I don't expect Bruce to have lyrics like Racing in the Street or Jungleland for every song he does. It's a rock and roll song with a message and I think it gets it over quite well. Musically, I love it. The guitar twang, the power, the arrangement is good as well. he sounds in good voice. Very much looking forward to the album. Remember it's his 20th album of his career and he is in his 70's now and getting to end of that train ride we have all been on with him. I think it will be yet another high quality album.
  10. Hope there is a few good ballads on this album.
  11. All songs on the album are original Springsteen compositions according to the press release.
  12. She was one beautiful lady... Great in the Avengers of course, but I always liked her in Theatre of Blood where she played Vincent Price's daughter. RIP Diana.