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  1. He's 74 now. Not had his problems to seek in the last few years, doesn't seem to be all that well to be honest. It looks like he has fractured his hip so that will take a long time to heal. Hope he is back playing soon, one of my favourite recording artists of all time.
  2. What about Rugby stadiums ?...the Six Nations would be long finished before April/May.
  3. Been saying this for a while now. The band will play songs that he can still handle vocally, and he will have to find a range and a tone in his singing which he is comfortable with now. We might find that a few classics may have to be dropped from the show, but hopefully not. I also think he will use more backing singers to help him during songs. It will still be a great show but as has been said it will be different. Hs voice is not as strong as it was, which is only to be expected for a performer in his early 70's and who sings the way Bruce has done for over five decades.
  4. Fabulous. Emotionally charged delivery of a great song totally appropriate for the occasion.
  5. Just turned it over as he was finishing. What song did he sing ?
  6. The Devils and Dust solo tour of 2005 was right up there with my favourite Bruce tours ever....if only we didn't have to suffer that hellish bullet mic. Whatever possessed him to introduce that assault on the eardrums into his live shows one can only speculate.
  7. How about the other way round ? Winter Song; piano melody clearly stolen by Michael Jackson for Earth Song.
  8. Girls in their summer clothes; The Kids are alright (The Who)
  9. Steve contributed to Tenth Avenue...it was his idea to have the horns on that song and also he helped with the arrangement.
  10. Looking forward to this. Abba were brilliant...one of the greatest pop bands of all time.
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