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  1. It's ok. Not one of my favourites on the Rising to be honest. Quite liked the acoustic version.
  2. Make you feel my love; Bob Dylan....... just stunning.
  3. Bruce missed a huge opportunity at Glastonbury in my opinion. One of the biggest and most watched music festivals in the world and he chose to play the setlist from the Working on a Dream tour containing many songs nobody in the crowd or watching on TV had even heard of. It should have been a "best of" concert, showcasing the absolute best of his live show material and interactions with the crowd. He could have picked up thousands of new fans. I just thought it was a bit of a let down to be honest.
  4. Just a few personal points to make; 1/ I love America and it's people. It's my second favourite country in the world after Scotland. In the three times I have visited the USA and stayed there either with American friends, or whilst touring myself, I have always found the country fascinating and beautiful, and it's people welcoming, warm and friendly. I don't like their legal system. I think it's wrong to kill people, especially after keeping them locked up for 20 years or more. I don't care much for Donald Trump and I am utterly astounded that the Democrats cannot produce a suitable and worthy candidate to contest the presidency in November. I can see why many Americans like him though. He tells such people what they want to hear, and if those people feel better off than they did four years ago, or at least not worse off, then it's no surprise to me that they will vote for him again. If they feel worse off, they will vote for someone else. Same as people do in every other democratic country. 2/ Bruce's songs, lyrics, music, and message are universal. That's what makes him for me the greatest songwriter of all time. He transcends Americana. His songs are based around America and the everyday lives of it's people, but these are all universal themes. His songs are about the human journey of life from birth to old age whether you are an American or not. We all encounter the same problems and the same joys in life. He uses loads of American imagery and phraseology and to be honest that all helped me whenever I have visited the states because I knew what certain things meant without having to ask ! It's no surprise to me that Bruce has a massive fan base in Europe. His songs beautifully describe the human condition and he represents the America we want to see. 3/ I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in Bruce's politics. Absolutely zero. I couldn't care what he is, who he votes for, or what statements he makes about the economy, the president, or whatever. That's his business. If he feels the need to tell everyone about it then fair enough, but I will give it a miss. 4/ Religion; Bruce was brought up a catholic as I was. Difference is he is more or less lapsed, whereas I am as devout as you can get. No matter. It's his business. He clearly had a bad time of it at school, at home, and from the nuns. My schooldays were fine at catholic school, and I had 12 years of it. I didn't enjoy school anyway whether I was at an RC school or not. Your childhood experiences can scar you for life, and this I feel is what has happened to Bruce. I just wish he would let it go sometimes. How many more times to we have to hear about how bad the nuns were at St Rose of LIma ? I recognise all the catholic imagery he uses in some of his songs, and some of it is very poetic and justified, whereas some of it seems forced and is just there for the sake of it. At the end of the day religious belief is a personal calling, you either have it or you don't . It's nobody's business but your own. If he wants to have his kids baptised then fine, if not, that's his decision. Again if he feels the need to tell he world about all this then that's up to him, but as in his politics, i'm really not bothered what his religious views are whether he has them any more or not.
  5. Well done to Liverpool...deserved English champions. Klopp is an outstanding manager.
  6. One or two...not many. Valentines Day; For years I thought it was a bit of a mournful dirge, but it has really grown on me. Tunnel of Love is definately one of Bruce's best ever albums in my view. Adam raised a Cain; Noisy and shouty....but I get it now. The anger and frustration of the narrator of the song really shows through. Same goes with Streets of Fire.
  7. Anyway...back to the interview. It was good to hear Bruce's thoughts on the current crisis. Would have been good to find out if he had any new songs in the works. On a similar vein...i saw a Twitter quote from Steve VZ at the week-end saying he will be putting aside next year for a possible E Street tour. Very much depends on how the virus behaves itself. Personally think we will have a treatment and a vaccine for Covid a lot sooner than was first thought, possibly by the end of the year.
  8. Oasis; Definately Maybe Stone Roses debut album.
  9. I have really enjoyed the songs I have heard from it so far. Amazing he can still do a top class album at his age and a six decade career behind him.
  10. Great actor......he was superb as Zerah in Jesus of Nazareth. RIP Sir Ian.
  11. Think so as well, however ironically I think it is the perfect song to start the album with....if that makes any sense.