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  1. Yes it's great...however the Tempe show from 1980 released on the River box set is for me the ultimate live footage of Bruce. Just out of this world.
  2. Agree in the main. I think Nils is a contracted member of the ESB so they would always get priority.
  3. Good luck to him. Bruce deserves as many awards as he can possibly get for Western Stars.
  4. Sorry for being pedantic....but it was Tom who died yesterday. Jack died in 2013. They were great though...
  5. Absolutely gutted tonight to hear that Rush drummer Neil Peart has died after a 3 year battle against brain cancer, In my early teens I was a huge Rush fan and saw them several times in the early 80's including one memorable gig in 1980 at the Apollo in Glasgow when I was 15. Peart was quite simply without any shadow of a doubt the greatest drummer I have ever seen or heard. I hate drum solos, but seeing a Neil Peart drum solo live in concert was a breathtaking experience. Have a look at one on YouTube if you want to see what I mean. The man was just a machine and technically brilliant. He was also a hugely intelligent man who wrote the bands lyrics which were quite incredible. I went off them a bit around the mid 80's but then I went to their 40 year anniversary show at the SECC in Glasgow in 2004 and they were still amazing in concert and Neil was still as awesome as ever. Really sad to see one of my all time heroes of music pass away too young. Thanks for the memories. RIP Neil
  6. Like the guy in Blinded by the Light...hearing his songs/music/lyrics for the first time changed my life forever when I was 17 back in 1982. I am now 55 and nothing has changed since back then. My love of the guys music has only become greater as I have become older and in fact I am probably a bigger fan now than I have ever been. Even though I am a christian, Bruce's songs are like an alternative bible to me....a huge, guiding force in my life and a complete inspiration. I listen to at least one of his songs every day...and I always have to sing along with them. His songs are like a lifelong friend that is always there for me, never lets me down and always makes me feel better when I hear them. I will be forever grateful to my friend at school who loaned me The River way back then. He is the greatest of all time as far as I am concerned.
  7. Just finished the third series...fabulous Brilliant acting...especially from Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret. She was quite a woman. Didn't realise her affair with Roddy Llewellyn lasted for 8 years. My only gripe with the third series was too much was missed out...especially Princess Anne's attempted kidnapping and also her first wedding in 1973. Noticeable how Edward and our old friend Prince Andrew have been missing from any episodes. Looking forward to the final series.
  8. Am I the only one who can't stand the guy ?
  9. Quite true. I also think if Jessica makes the American Olympic team this summer in Japan he will understandably want to be there as well, which could also be a factor in any touring plans.
  10. If they don't play Hampden because of Euro 2020, a show at Murrayfield would do nicely.
  11. I like Rod as a performer..saw him at Earls Court in 1983 when I was 18 and he was fantastic. Bit of an arse as a person though. He's got about 8 kids to about 5 different women. Born in Highgate, London, but thinks of himself as scottish as his dad came from Leith. Him and Penny got their bairn christened in Leith as well.
  12. Many of the bigger stadiums in Europe will be getting used for Euro 2020 this summer. Also, I think it's more likely if there is to be a tour this year that it would start in the USA. Agree with those who say a BITUSA box set is more likely to to be released given that there has been no reports of any recording of a new ESB record anywhere. I'm sure I read somewhere on here recently that SVZ had tweeted that there had been no decision made yet as to a tour in 2020.
  13. When interviewed by the police he apparently said..."I don't wanna talk about it".
  14. Kitty's Back...from the recent Passaic '78 release.