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  1. In my opinion the only thing that will stop Bruce touring again is health reasons with him or the band. I get the impression going by interviews they can't wait to get back out on the road when it is safe to play in front of crowds.
  2. I think it will be long residencies in big city venues...I would be fine with that. Also think it will be 2 and a half hour shows maximum. Summer/Autumn 2022 I think will be when this could happen.
  3. For my birthday at Christmas (yes...I know !) I was given Bruce Springsteen All the the Songs. The story behind every track. Compiled and written by Philippe Margotin and Jean-Michel Guesdon. I cannot recommend this extraordinary book highly enough. It chronicles practically every single song written by Bruce, and goes into great detail about the origin, recording and meaning behind every song. It is an an incredible reference book for Bruce obsessives like me. As someone who is deeply interested in Bruce's songwriting I find the book fascinating and have learned a lot already from i
  4. I'm no fan of Boris Jonson, but he is not saying the virus will disappear on June 20th. He knows, his health advisors know, as should everybody else know for that matter, that Covid will never disappear. However enough people should be vaccinated by that time to lift most of the restrictions we are currently living under. There should be enough population immunity by that time all things going well. We will also have much better treatments and much better testing and tracing in place by then as well. Of course nobody can predict the future with certainty, but Johnson and every political l
  5. I get quite bad lower back pain when standing for a long time. When I was coming out after the Hampden Park show in 2016 I was struggling to walk. As I said I would probably still try to get into the pit in front of the stage next time round, but might have to bow to the inevitable rigours of time and age and resort to a seat in the stand from now on !
  6. I'm 56. Have seen Bruce loads of times since 1985 in stadiums all over the UK and Ireland. When he announces his next tour (hopefully for 2022) I will be right in there. Can't wait to get into another pit with thousands of fellow fans to see the greatest rock star on the planet, singing along with all the songs. Roll on the next tour ! That train is still running...but it's not got far to go now. Better to stay on board !
  7. I understand what you mean, but there is no way major acts are going to tour again if they can only get in less than half the amount of fans at a gig. Also social distancing at concerts is impossible and they know it. However I am an optimist. I think things will be back to more or less normal well before next summer. As I said I think we will see a Bruce tour mid to late next year. I agree with you that Covid-19 is here to stay and I have been saying this for a year. We will have to learn to live with it, but that doesn't mean raising the white flag and allowing an illness to destroy eve
  8. I would agree with that. You would think however that they wouldn't have gone ahead and announced them without a lot of checking with health and government sources first. It will be incredibly expensive and massively complicated to cancel them again.
  9. I think we will see a tour in the summer and Autumn/fall of 2022.
  10. I only saw one Tunnel show...first night at Bramall Lane, Sheffield. I was 23 at the time. Travelled down from Edinburgh on an organised package tour believe it or not. Stayed overnight at the Hilton Hotel in Leeds after the show, then travelled back the next day via a stop in York. It was an amazing show. Coming only three years after the BITUSA tour it still had that similar feeling and vibrancy about it. I wanted a better view at the Sheffield show than I had at Newcastle 3 years earlier, so I got as near to the stage as I could. He put so much into the show and the encore was inc
  11. I realise many fans will love this sort of thing, and I hope they enjoy it. It's just not for me i'm afraid. Re my Bruce fandom...It's all about the music, the lyrics, the songs, the albums and the shows as far as I am concerned. Not really bothered or interested about anything else to be honest.
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