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  1. I love Hitch Hikin'....it's the ideal opening song for Western Stars and sums up the theme of the record perfectly.
  2. Scotland as per usual simply lacked the quality required at this level, especially in the last third. We created more chances than I thought we would, but we have no reliable goalscorer at international level and until we do we will continue to fail. I thought we gave it our best shot today, but the Czechs deserved to win. Both goals were sublime. Italy have been the best team I have seen so far, along with France and Belgium. England have a decent chance if they can keep their best players fit, and I think they will improve as the tournament goes on.
  3. Not a big Killers fan, but good to see Bruce collaborating with one of the biggest bands in the world.
  4. Really hope all this nonsense about what vaccine you have had to get entry will be sorted out for next year, when I hope very much to travel to the US to see Bruce. If not, then that's the end of my dream. Will just settle for some Euro shows. Also hope all physical distancing and quarantine rules are gone by next summer as well. Depends how the virus behaves in the next few months I suppose. Well done to all those who acquired tickets for the Broadway shows. 30 shows sold out in an hour....bloody hell.
  5. Am I reading this right ? Are they seriously saying that you can only go to the Broadway show if you have been vaccinated by the Pfizer vaccine and not the Astrazenica one ? The world really has gone insane....
  6. Mansion on the Hill Gypsy Biker The Promised Land The River Just so many....
  7. Great to see Bruce getting back playing live again...good warm up for an ESB tour in 2022. Way out of my price range, even if we in the UK were allowed to travel to the US, which we are not. Hope he shakes up the show a bit and plays a few different songs.
  8. The following is only my opinion... This Life, Kingdom of Days, Life itself, The Last Carnival, The Wrestler....there are a few great songs on WOAD. A few OK ones, and a few clunkers. WOAD is a 3 star album in my view. Not great, but not bad. Wrecking Ball was better. Better songs, and the album had a better thematic range and balance to it. A 4 star album for me. High Hopes I don't even class as a proper Springsteen album, given that it is a mish mash of outtakes, re-recordings and cover versions. Even though it was for me the weirdest release of his career (stil
  9. I think you are right about the 3 hour shows....but i'm sure he will still give a heck of a show for a 72 year old. A great 2 hour show plus a few encores will do me. Play the classics and some new stuff. His voice has sounded rougher in the last few years, I think we will get songs he can still manage but possibly in a lower key and a slower pace, and there will be much more backing vocals to help him out.
  10. Would totally recommend this fantastic reference book to all fans.
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