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  1. Really sad news. One of the greatest footballers ever to play the game. In his prime, he was an absolute genius. The 1986 World Cup is still vivid in the memory. RIP Diego.
  2. Think it's brilliant to be honest. The lass who plays Diana deserves awards for her portrayal. Superb. Loved the episode about Michael Fagan.
  3. As I said, sitting behind the stage at that show gave me a completely new perspective on things...some of the small things I didn't realise before that happens before and during every show. The amount of unseen work which is going on constantly during the show. I was able to see some of the stuff that goes on pre-show as well, and also the work the guitar techs and video people do. About an hour before show time I saw Nils showing a couple all his guitars all lined up together, and there must have been about a dozen of them. The teleprompter screens....Bruce has one, Steve has o
  4. Nice, nostalgic video apart from getting Ben E King's name wrong again. Glorious song....definitely one of my favourites from the album.
  5. Yes. I would love to see this. On a similar topic, Andre Rieu has mentioned several times that he would love to do a show on stage with Springsteen as he is a fan.
  6. I enjoyed these acoustic performances of all three songs.
  7. Two massively talented artists.
  8. Was sad to hear this. Clemence was a tremendous goalkeeper in a legendary Liverpool team, and also gave great service to Tottenham and had many caps for England. Hugely successful at Liverpool...three European cup wins is not to be sniffed at. Always came over as a nice guy as well. Saw him play twice when I was a young lad. At Easter Road against Hibs in 1975 when we actually beat Liverpool 1-0, and also I was behind the goals at Hampden in 1976 when King Kenny Dalglish put the ball through his legs. RIP Ray.
  9. Yep....Belfast show was fantastic as well.
  10. I was in the seats behind the stage at this show....almost felt like I was on the stage with the band. One of the highlights of my life.
  11. Watched the first episode tonight. Excellent as ever. I still remember coming home from school and hearing about Lord Mountbatten being killed. Not sure the woman who plays Maggie Thatcher is very convincing.
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