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  1. Apart from loving the song in general, it has to be one of Bruce's best ever vocal recordings. His singing is incredible on it.
  2. I'd love to see the Sessions band again on a tour, but only behind a new album and playing his own material. Come to think of it, the photo that Anielo posted was of Charlie Giordano and he was also in the Sessions Band. I wonder ?
  3. I am not as keen on Magic as many Bruce fans are...some great songs no doubt about it, but some in my view very average. It's also in my opinion over loud, too compressed and too political for my liking. He has made some questionable moves and choices in his career in my opinion, but not many. In a near 50 year music career you are bound to get some things wrong, but the vast majority of that career has been uplifting and magical both for him and his fans. It's coming t an end, let's enjoy what's left.
  4. For me, both SOB and Western Stars were late career magical moments. I doubt any other artist in the world could have pulled off something like Springsteen on Broadway for a full year and a half with all the emotional intensity that there was and that he showed in that Netflix performance every night for that length of time. Western Stars was just a masterpiece as far as I am concerned and if that was Bruce's last ever album then it would be the perfect way to finish what for me anyway is an incomparable musical career. I don''t think it is his last album though, and the Anielo photos makes me think there is recording going on and I think there will be another tour and hopefully some dates probably in the US this year....barring health reasons of course. The shows will certainly be shorter though....despite being in great condition for a 70 year old, he is looking and sounding his age now and I very much doubt he has a full world tour of 3 and a half hour shows left in him any more. What the hell though. He has given everything he has to his fans over the years and he owes us nothing.
  5. Might be wrong but i'm sure I read somewhere it was heart surgery he had...
  6. I still think there will be an album and likely tour of sorts this year. What was Anielo's photos all about ? There must be some recording going on in my opinion. Until Bruce officially says there is nothing happening in 2020 (which they have always done before) then I am still optimistic we will see something this year on the album and tour front.
  7. Junior Johnson running through the woods of Caroline ....He was a sportsman wasn't he ?
  8. Thanks. I must be going nuts. What made me think that happy little ditty was on the list? Must have had it going round in my head at the time !!
  9. All I'm Thinkin' About", "Backstreets", "Black Cowboys", "Bobby Jean", "Chicken Lips and Lizard Hips", "Crazy Rocker", "Glory Days", "Happy Birthday", "Hitch Hikin'", "How Can I Keep From Singing?", "Local Hero", "Man at the Top", "Mansion on the Hill", "Mary's Place", "My Beautiful Reward", "My City of Ruins", "Shackled and Drawn", "Streets of Fire", "Tunnel of Love", and "We Gotta Get Out of This Place". 1/ Backstreets; Easily in Bruce's top 5 greatest ever songs. 2/ My City of Ruins; A total classic. A strong candidate for entry into Bruce's all time top 10 greatest ever songs. 3/ Mansion on the Hill; One of the best on Nebraska. Talk about a song describing finding out at a young age where you are in the scheme of things. Brilliant songwriting. 4/ Black Cowboys; Great storytelling. Heartbreaking song about neglect and finding your way in the world through extreme adversity. 5/ Streets of Fire; Great rocker from Darkness. The sheer pain and anger in Bruce's voice is overwhelming. 6/ Tunnel of Love; Great title song from one of Bruce's true masterpiece albums. 7/ Hitch Hikin'; Love it. The perfect opening song to a perfect album. Even better in the movie. 8/ Man at the top; A song about Bruce himself perhaps ? Nils loves this song and plays it during his own shows sometimes. 9/ Glory Days; Great, memorable rocker from Bruce's biggest album ever. 10/ Bobby Jean; Great song about life long friendships and soul partners. 11/ My Beautiful Reward; Easily one of the best songs on Lucky Town. 12/ Local Hero; Like the lyrics from this song, but aside from a few classics on Lucky Town this period was not one of my favourites in Bruce's career. 13/ Shackled and Drawn; A good song, but there are others on Wrecking Ball that are better. 14/ Mary's Place; Again a decent song but there are several songs on the Rising that are better. 15/ Surprise Surprise; I love it. It's a novelty pop song but it's so catchy. Several songs better than this though on WOAD. 16/ All i'm thinking about; One of my least favourites from Devils and Dust. Won't rate the rest because either I don't know them, they were not written by Bruce, or I just don't like them.
  10. If there is no tour this year it will be a big personal disappointment for me. I have been saving up for a long time to go and see Bruce in the States something I have wanted to do since I was 17 and first became a fan. For once I actually have the money to do it. I had really set my heart on this happening this year but if there is now no tour it's a real sickener. i don't know whether to just to plan a big holiday this year instead, or hold out indefinately for an album and a tour to be announced. I hope he issues a statement soon to clarify things.
  11. Might be wrong, but I get the impression they have been in the studio for quite a while.
  12. First time seeing Bruce; Newcastle 4th June 1985. Travelled down by train from Edinburgh with my mate and his then girlfriend (now wife of 32 years) and her friend. BITUSA tour, Life changing experience. Never seen or heard anything to equal it since. Seen Bruce a further 23 times since then. That other first time; A total let down compared to the above !!
  13. Cannot vote because I think both Bruce's lyrics and melodies are brilliant and I cannot separate them. What I would say is that Bruce's hooks and melodies are sometimes unfairly not given the credit they deserve. He is fantastic at almost making the music speak the story to his songs as well as the lyrics. Melody is hugely important in great songwriting. Many people forget lyrics to songs....nobody forgets the melody.
  14. He played Secret Garden at the Leeds Arena show in 2013 and it was incredible, one of the highlights of that legendary show. Possibly is hard to play live but I wish he would include it more often, it's such a moving and well crafted song.
  15. One of the funniest movies of all time.
  16. Born to Run always number 1 for me. Only Springsteen album I don't rate at all is Human Touch and even that had three great songs on it.
  17. Probably get this. I enjoyed this tour although it was a sad one as it was Clarence's last tour with the ESB. Always wondered why he didn't play The Wrestler more often. Even on this tour it was only played I think a couple of times.
  18. Can't even be bothered looking at all this again....suffice to say that anyone who doesn't have The Ghost of Tom Joad in amongst their best ever Springsteen albums really cannot be taken seriously as far as I am concerned. An absolute masterpiece of a record.
  19. Great actor....Paths of Glory was always my favourite Kirk Douglas film. Incredible age to live to. RIP Kirk.
  20. It didn't do much for me to be honest...however if it was indeed the catalyst for the autobiography and Springsteen on Broadway (both brilliant IMO) then i'm glad he did it.