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  1. I just want to see Bruce as many times as I can before he stops forever. The 2016 tour was strange one, as it was touring behind the 36th anniversary of an album, but I thought he sounded great on that tour as did the band and I saw two fabulous shows in Manchester and Glasgow. There is no doubt there will be shorter shows on the next tour, with more one city stands, and I also think there will be more backing vocalists onstage, but I don't care. It will still be great. Hopefully get quite a few Letter to you songs played and possibly a couple or more from Western Stars. Hope they announce something soon though.
  2. Celtic have turned the corner I think and their season will now take an upwards turn. Rangers not as good as last season, in fact a number of teams are struggling with their home form not least of which my team Hibs. Hibs were bloody awful on Saturday against Dundee United...who were fantastic btw and totally deserved their win. Hearts got a good result at Ibrox and I think (unfortunately !)will finish third this season. Aberdeen absolutely toiling, and I wouldn't be surprised to see Steven Glass out this week.
  3. Still my favourite Bruce album... It was the one that made me a fan back in the early 80's, however too late for me to have seen any River shows on the tour...much to my regret.
  4. Thanks for that excellent review. Thought Western Stars was a masterpiece of an album when I first heard it two years ago and I still do today. "Songs from the film" just enhances the great songs from the original album and the movie was spectacular. I went to see it in Edinburgh on the night of release and the cinema was full of people clearly transfixed by what they had seen at the end. I love when Bruce diversifies and tries something different. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. As far as I am concerned it worked with Western Stars. A late career triumph.
  5. My favourite Stones song.... Ridiculous decision.
  6. 80 today... Happy Birthday Paul.
  7. He always starts off tours playing lots of songs from the new album, then gradually eases them out for more crowd favourites or oldies as the tour goes on. Working on a Dream was the only exception to this that I can remember. I liked the album, but many of the songs just didn't work in a live context so he quickly dropped them from the set. It was that tour that we started to get full album shows as well towards the end.
  8. MacBruce

    World Cup 2022

    Great and hugely important win for Scotland tonight. Probably deserved it over the piece, however defensively I still think Scotland are inadequate at international level. Seven goals conceded in three consecutive matches at Hampden would testify to that. It was our downfall at the Euros. Never mind though, we now have a great chance of second spot and a play-off place for Qatar 2022.
  9. Incredibly hard to answer. Probably an album, especially if it is as good as Western Stars or Letter to you were......both great "twilight of his career" efforts.
  10. Been listening to Zeppelin quite a lot recently...christ, what a band they were. Absolutely idolised them in my mid teens from just after they broke up in 1980 (great timing eh ?)...still think they are the greatest rock band of all time. Love Robert's recent stuff with Alison Krauss though. He's never been one to live in the past like Jimmy Page does.
  11. Yeah...his show was on for about a week or so at the Festival that year at the Assembly Rooms. I remember chatting to you at the Rising Bruce tribute band gig at the Citrus Club in Grindlay Street...can't rememberr when that was though ! That club's gone now.
  12. If I was in London I would have went along to this. Saw Sarfraz's one man show at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2012 and chatted with him afterwards as he signed his book for me, then briefly spoke to him again a year later before the Leeds Arena show. He's a decent lad and his book was a good read. I thought the film was good as well (not great, but pretty good) and it would have been interesting to hear from him where certain parts of the film differed from the real story, and what he has thought of the reaction to the film. Be good if he could do a similar sort of Q & A up here in Edinburgh again.
  13. True. I'm no prude, I just think the Bond films are over violent and have too much casual sex for bairns to see.
  14. My brother saw it last week and thought it was brilliant. Five star reviews from most of the media I have seen. I'm not much of a Bond fan to be honest. I liked the Sean Connery era, but that's mainly because I liked Sean Connery. Never understood how kids were allowed to see Bond movies...i've never thought they were movies suitable for kids.
  15. As a Hibs fan I would love to see my club put in a serious challenge for the league but it is highly unlikely any team outside the Old Firm will ever win the league again in Scotland. They are huge fish in a very small pond and the power and influence they have not only in scottish football but in scottish society is enormous. Bearing in mind also their vast resources and spending power compared to the other clubs, a proper league challenge from Hibs, Hearts or Aberdeen is just not a realistic prospect in my opinion. Hearts have strengthened their squad well over the summer and are looking a a good bet for third spot this year. My team Hibs unfortunately had a poor summer transfer window and failed to secure the players we needed so it will take a huge effort from us and some good fortune to get third spot again. I'm very surprised how poor Aberdeen have been since the start of the season when you see the investment they have put into their squad over the summer and the experience they have in their squad. Glass was a strange choice of manager to replace the excellent McInnes. He is too inexperienced in my opinion, and has probably taken on too big a challenge. It's too early in the season though to be making too many rash predictions. I think Aberdeen will come good eventually and be a challenger for third along with the two Edinburgh clubs.
  16. Bruce's solo piano performance of Incident on the Barcelona DVD makes me well up...the performance is just so emotional and powerful.
  17. Bruce admitted himself on SOB that he was playing tricks with his audience both with his onstage persona and in some of his songs. That it was all just an act. It's never bothered me, he is still the best ever live performer as far as I am concerned. Steve is a good musician, a good foil onstage for Bruce, and has a great personality. At the end of the day though he is just a guitarist in a famous back up band. Without Bruce, where would he be now ?
  18. Nice song...melody does sound a bit like Independence Day in parts.
  19. So many fans became fans after seeing the clips from these shows in the early 80's (myself included), it's Bruce at his peak as the greatest live performer in the world. Can't wait for this release. Still hoping for an archive boxset before the end of the year though.
  20. Bruce is so popular in Europe I think it's going to have to be stadiums...it's a shame because I so much prefer to see Bruce in an indoor arena. As you say the Leeds Arena gig in 2013 is a classic example of a classic Bruce indoor show in the UK which has now passed into legendary status.
  21. "Well it's great to do a neighbourhood concert".... I remember watching this on TV and buying the album. I only knew a couple of S & G songs before it, but I fell in love with their songs after hearing this. In my one and only visit to New York back in June 1991 I spent quite a bit of time in Central Park trying to imagine what it was like when that show was on., and exactly where about in the park it took place !
  22. Ed Sheerin to play two shows at Hampden Park, Glasgow 17 and 18 June 2022.
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