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  1. Shame for Simone Bile....hope she can overcome her problems.
  2. ZZ Top were a great R & B band. RIP Dusty.
  3. Sir Mick is 78 today.
  4. Ach...i've changed my mind after reading those Lakers reviews and especially after hearing that incredible version of Sherry Darling ( a song I wish he would play more often). I'm gonna get it !
  5. Agreed. Probably the most tedious performance I have ever seen from any band. I thought they were never going to finish. Every track sounded the same, with a non-stop guitar solo from Carlos. Lindisfarne were great though, as was Dylan and his band of course when they eventually took to the stage.
  6. Infidels is one of my favourite Dylan albums. Your right Knopfler's guitar work is exquisite on it. Some great songs, and great production. I saw him on the Infidels tour at St James Park, Newcastle when Mick Taylor was in the touring band.
  7. I was lucky enough to see the Stones in 1982 at the 3000 seater Edinburgh Playhouse when I was 17 and had just left school. The talk then was that this classic band who at that time were in their third decade together, were touring for "the last time". 40 years later and they are still touring, but they are a bit of a joke now. I would hate it if Bruce ended up doing this never ending charade.
  8. Yes, I am about done with the series. A couple of full album shows from 2009 would be nice, but that will be about it for me.
  9. Already got a great 1985 show..don't need another one.
  10. Can't imagine this being a bestseller...
  11. We might still get that. He has definitely been working on archived material.
  12. I was listening to the Sessions Band show from 2006 at Wembley Arena recently and I was lucky enough to have been at that show. The version of Devils and Dust with the sessions band that night was absolutely magnificent. I really wish he would have played it more often since, as i'm sure given a similar sort of treatment from the ESB it would have evolved into a regularly played classic. However like so many songs from D & D it's rarely played now. Also, infamously, hardly any songs from WOAD were played after that tour, and even in the later stages of the tour itself. To be honest, much as I quite liked the album, the songs really didn't translate well into live performance...possibly Outlaw Pete excepted. Even Kingdom of Days sounded a bit forced in concert I thought.
  13. I also thought Luke Shaw had a good tournament....fantastic goal in the final.
  14. Wish he would have played The Wrestler more...sounded brilliant on the 2009 WOAD tour, but I don't think it has been played again in any subsequent tour.
  15. It's a place I have never seen or been to despite loads and loads of visits to London over the years. Hopefully next time i'm there ! Maybe see Bruce playing a solo gig there some time in the future similar to the Devil and Dust tour.
  16. Rain by the Beatles....always loved that song. The bass playing by McCartney in this song is just unworldly.
  17. Love Hendrix and the Monkees...must have been quite a show. Agree though, a huge contrast !
  18. Remember late last year as well when the band were playing live on TV a couple of songs from Letter to you on some American talk show, and Garry refused to travel from Nashville to New York as he was concerned about Covid safety. They had to use another bassist. He is a strong willed guy. Glad he changed his mind about joining up with the band in 1999 for the reunion. It wouldn't be the ESB without it's longest standing member. A brilliant bass player as well.
  19. I always think Garry is very direct and speaks his mind.....should be a good read.
  20. Between those years we had Born to Run, Darkness on the edge of town, The River, Nebraska, Born in the USA and Tunnel of Love. That's six of the greatest albums of his career, and in my opinion enough to be getting on with. Born to Run took over a year to make, then there was the lawsuit etc. He did have loads of songs written for each album, but he was so meticulous back then about the type of songs he felt would fit onto each album that many were either put into the vaults or given to others. In my opinion, with maybe one or two exceptions according to people's own tastes, he got it right. Many songs from that period were eventually released on Tracks and hopefully many more will see the light of day with the next strongly rumoured release of archived material. It wasn't really until the release of Born in the USA in 1984 that he received worldwide popularity. It was an album release of it's time (right in the middle of the MTV era), so the songs were given the chance to be heard by many more people than usual due to the age of video. It was a smart move commercially to release that album at the time he did. A decision very much driven by Landau though.
  21. As Bruce has more or less confirmed an ESB tour next year, I wonder when they will announce it along with the tour dates ? I would imagine it would have to be quite soon as there are quite a number of headline acts announcing shows already for next summer.
  22. yes...but the shows will be shorter and the setlist geared towards songs he can still manage vocally.
  23. Incident on 57th Street at the Piano....Paris 2016 tour.
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