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  1. Seven Nights To Rock (a cover I know) mentions Wednesday several times, WAWAW....
  2. Wooo Tricky one. 1. Steve Ferrone 2. Jim Keltner. 3. Jeff Pocaro 4. Topper Headon. 5. Max
  3. Excellent Film, full house of around 100 in Northampton. Numerous highlights for me but especially Western Stars and Wayfarer. I was expecting Soozee to play the violin outro on Stones but she stayed in the Choir. Good of Bruce to let his Nana have a bit of a sing on Stones, the Q&A was unnecessary and I don’t think the film needed to be discussed in that much detail. Perhaps We are all a little jaded by all the Western Stars media noise so we’d heard most of it before. All in all, a splendid way to spend a Monday evening.
  4. Are you forming a low budget tribute band/person?
  5. Don’t know if non-Bruce linked ticket sales are allowed on here, if not I’m sure the mods will not let this through... However, I have 1 spare ticket for Richard Hawley at the Brighton Dome this Friday Oct 18 face value £27. Also 2 spare tickets available for the Detroit Cobras rare visit at the Electric Ballroom Camden Thursday Oct 24, face value £25. Face value required please, available due to a friends ill health.. Would rather these went to Lakers than some random Gumtree punter. Any takers?..
  6. Careful Bruce, she’s collection stones, you could well wake up with those buggers in your mouth!!!!
  7. It’s showing at the Filmhouse in Northampton. Got 2 tickets but there are plenty of the 88 seats left. Lovely little cinema, so Northants Lakers give it a go!
  8. Playing in London, 2nd time in 20 years on Oct 24, May have a spare ticket. PM me if interested.
  9. In my dreams Parkinson, the greatest interviewer, would be interviewing Bruce in a well researched programme. Should have happened 30 years ago, unfortunately now Parky would be discussing equity release or funeral plans. Hey ho, amusing that De Niro has been largely overlooked in this thread whilst Paul Rudd has been explored in depth. I like DeNiro films, don’t know much about Rudd. What a queer lot we Lakers are....
  10. Paul Rudd is another Jersey boy has acted in various films including Anchorman. Probably all know each other which should make for a relaxed chat followed by a sing song round the old Joanna. Maybe a pop- in on one of Jakes gigs. That should boost the London ticket sales although he (Jake) is in Belfast the night GN is recorded in London.
  11. If this is true (and it’s on the BBC website) then Bruce is on the Graham Norton Show on October 11. Not only that, Robert De Niro is on the same show too. Thats a hell of a coup and frankly I had to read it twice to believe it. Bruce is obviously there to plug the WS movie and De Niro The Irishman. The show is actually recorded the day before but not sure if it’s London or Manchester where it takes place. Hopefully Graham Norton will take the opportunity to verify the Springsteen/Bono Dublin restaurant story from a few years ago. Coincidentally, Jake is touring the UK that week...... Something to look forward to. Wow
  12. Hmmm. Saw LSATDOS twice this summer, excellent both times. On You Tube this does indeed not sound great but I’m sure that if you were there it would have been a pleasant if ragged surprise. Got to give them 9/10 for effort.
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