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  1. More shows added in North America. Philly, DC, MSG... http://www.u2.com/news/title/more-ei-shows-in-north-america
  2. I was there the first night. But I don't remember it being hot and humid . It was my first Bruce concert.
  3. I thought I read today that ticket sales are now open to the general public. Great lower level seats were still available this afternoon for Philly. Reasonable priced shows would have sold out with hours, no?
  4. I agree. I was only trying for GA for Philly or Newark. Ticket prices are outrageous to start, and I was looking for 3 tickets. NO way I am paying close to $400 for 3 tix for a bad angle of the video screen. I was verify for the Citi presale and the general sale. Got in immediately for both sales and NO GA. I am totally disappointed with U2 and how the ticket sales were managed.
  5. 2019. Bruce will be 70! That would be 3 years w/o me seeing the ESB.
  6. Does seem like Bruce is out of touch with some of his fan base. High ticket prices, system that prevented most of his fans from even trying to get tickles... Then suddenly more dates. Like the first 2 months were not going to sell out.
  7. Seems like this system only served to limit the amount of traffic on the TM site. TM still made their money and with no sign of the site crashing , as far as I know.
  8. Not sharing your optimist, Diane. Great that they are extending the shows. But if they play all of Dec and Jan still only about the same number of tix available as the first on sale date today. No?
  9. Can't I just show my shoe box full of Bruce ticket stubs to verify that I am a fan?
  10. Aside from the $75 tickets, the rest may be too rich for my blood. $200 tickets will cost at least $500 for a pair. Then I have to factor in train tickets. Crazy.