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  1. Thanks, Daisey. I know. I have been away from GL for too long. No specific reason or not done intentionally. It is likely due to the fact that I spend all morning and afternoon on the computer, especially now, that when I arrive home from school I try to avoid the computer. I am a teacher in NJ. We have been teaching to remote students, in some fashion, since last March. Before March 2020, I still spent too much time on the computer in school. You brought a smile to my face noting that Marsha spoke of me.
  2. We'll all meet up, whether be in AP or in NJ for a show, or BOTH.
  3. You're welcome, Rachel. I feel badly that I did not post sooner. I'm glad I did today and that I could brighten your day even if a wee bit. Marsha certainly loved sharing her stories and appreciated her friendships. It would be amazing if we all could meet one day to honor her in AP or before a Bruce show.
  4. Rachel, thank you for sharing with us such beautiful memories of Marsha. (I remember her sharing with me your experiences and ventures in New Jersey together.) Ray texted me on Sunday with the heartbreaking news and I was, and still am, in shock. I knew of her most recent diagnosis, but I did not realize how badly she was inflicted with the ALS.) This is just horrible. I only had the pleasure to meet Marsha once, when she offered me a ticket to the January 31, 2016 show at The Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. (We "met" originally of course here in the Lake, which I have been a stranger o
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