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  1. Thanks, Daisey. I know. I have been away from GL for too long. No specific reason or not done intentionally. It is likely due to the fact that I spend all morning and afternoon on the computer, especially now, that when I arrive home from school I try to avoid the computer. I am a teacher in NJ. We have been teaching to remote students, in some fashion, since last March. Before March 2020, I still spent too much time on the computer in school. You brought a smile to my face noting that Marsha spoke of me.
  2. We'll all meet up, whether be in AP or in NJ for a show, or BOTH.
  3. You're welcome, Rachel. I feel badly that I did not post sooner. I'm glad I did today and that I could brighten your day even if a wee bit. Marsha certainly loved sharing her stories and appreciated her friendships. It would be amazing if we all could meet one day to honor her in AP or before a Bruce show.
  4. Rachel, thank you for sharing with us such beautiful memories of Marsha. (I remember her sharing with me your experiences and ventures in New Jersey together.) Ray texted me on Sunday with the heartbreaking news and I was, and still am, in shock. I knew of her most recent diagnosis, but I did not realize how badly she was inflicted with the ALS.) This is just horrible. I only had the pleasure to meet Marsha once, when she offered me a ticket to the January 31, 2016 show at The Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. (We "met" originally of course here in the Lake, which I have been a stranger of late.) Ray could not attend the show, so she and Ray graciously offered me his ticket. I could not have asked for a better partner to attend a Bruce show. I can close my eyes and see the two of us screaming, "We're all riders on this train!" during Human Touch. Our biggest thrill was singing, "I'm gonna tear it down and throw it away!" at the end of The Price You Pay. Whenever I hear those two songs I immediately think of the lovely Marsha. I know she told me when she hears The Price You Pay she thought of me as well. It is hard to explain how you can form a bond with someone after one meeting. However, it was there, as her husband Ray confirmed to me in his text on me on Sunday. We had many things in common. Aside from the obvious, we were both lovers of green tea, teachers (she retired a few years ago.) , from New Jersey...I could go on and on. Marsha was incredibly thoughtful and compassioante. A holiday would not go by without a card. I know if she were with us a Passover card would have arrived days ago. :) I regret that I never had an opportunity to meet Ray and she did not meet my wife and children. Marsha spoke and asked about my family like she knew them so well. A few years ago we invited them to our house for a BBQ, but sadly due to her health she couldn't make to our house. I wish we all could have connected and met. No one should have to suffer with so many ailments like she endured over the years. Marsha seemed so resilient, however. RIP my dear friend. Phil
  5. More shows added in North America. Philly, DC, MSG... http://www.u2.com/news/title/more-ei-shows-in-north-america
  6. I thought I read today that ticket sales are now open to the general public. Great lower level seats were still available this afternoon for Philly. Reasonable priced shows would have sold out with hours, no?
  7. I agree. I was only trying for GA for Philly or Newark. Ticket prices are outrageous to start, and I was looking for 3 tickets. NO way I am paying close to $400 for 3 tix for a bad angle of the video screen. I was verify for the Citi presale and the general sale. Got in immediately for both sales and NO GA. I am totally disappointed with U2 and how the ticket sales were managed.
  8. Love On the Wrong Side of Town That song is for you, Eileen, since I messed up on the alphabet. A month off from work and I do in fact have Brain Drain. (You are a Southside Johnny fan?)
  9. when our bathroom remodeling will be finished
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