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  1. living proof line analysis

    I was at that concert too last year, amazing. I didn't know Evan was there...
  2. Venezuela

    It truly was amazing how in the unofficial plebiscite you could see the lines of people waiting to vote on the streets all over the country, you look them up if you want...I waited for about an hour to vote because of the amount of people waiting, and we got 7 and something million votes. But, in my municipality, the day before their election, they closed 95% of the voting centres that had been put up because they knew that the turnout was going to be minimal. They set up a "large" voting centre in an events arena that we have called El Poliedro, and they directed most of the voters in Caracas to that venue. Still they didn't have long waiting lines. No one in their right mind believes that they pulled 8 million votes. And the fact that the firm that runs the voting system, and has done so since 2005, was tampered and the results altered, confirms the theory that MANY Venezuelans hold, which is that most of all the elections here, if not all of them, but definitely Chavez's last "victory" and Maduro's "victory", have been tampered with in one way or another. The level of corruption and the leniency shown by the Armed Forces in Venezuela and the TSJ is going to go in the history books as one of the worst in the world. It's one thing to tell it, it's another to actually live through it, and it's a nightmare. It really is difficult to put into words the feeling one gets when you see entire families scavenging through trash bags, when you see people begging for medicines...I myself went through a difficult situation recently. I had tonsilitis and had to ride out the infection for about 3 weeks because I never found amoxicilin, which is the most used and overused antibiotic. I'm not talking about some weird medication to cure some strange and tropical, I'm talking about a generic, run of the mill tonsil infection that can be taken care of in 3 days with this antibiotic. My uncle has lung cancer, and he had to go to Argentina to get his treatment (thank God we have a doctor friend here and she was able to hook him up for a public health facility and get it for free), because in Venezuela there is NO cancer medication available. So if you get cancer here, it's a death sentence 100%, no chance of anything. For this and so many other reasons, I call this a bolivarian death revolution. All you will ever get from this is death.
  3. Toughest Songs to Play?

    As a drummer, for me, the toughest songs are Thundercrack, Roulette, Kitty's Back, Born to Run and Nebraska (kidding ;)). But the other four are quite tough. Vinny Lopez's playing was way more embelished than Max's, but Max is more solid. And what Ernest Carter did was amazing on Born to Run, it was very exquisite playing. it took me a while to get those songs down and at least not lose the beat during the fills and stuff.
  4. Venezuela

    Thank you, it's always nice to feel support from others. And any words of encouragement and love are always welcome, never trite. These past four months have been very hard, over 120 people dead, most of them at the hands of our own army, an army that's supposed to serve the people, not the government, and most of them young men and women with their entire lives ahead of them and just cut off because of some coward president and his thirst for power an money. One of those that died was a friend's brother, he was 27 years old, a journalist and he was killed with a marble shot with a pellet gun. The police and the national guard "season" the pellet guns with marbles and pieces of metal in order to kill or at least do some serious harm. This one killed my friend's brother through the heart. I have inhaled more tear gas in the last four months than anyone should in their entire lives. But here we are, surviving day by day. I'll drop by more often...maybe go over to the Lion's Den to talk some Liverpool and The Circuit to discuss Bruce and his music
  5. Venezuela

    Hello everyone, I didn't know there was an ongoing discussion about my country, I was recently made aware of that. I really don't want to fall again into an argument with someone who CLEARLY has absolutely no friggin' idea of what's going on in Venezuela, and apparently never has, but all I have to say on this topic is this: who the opposition leaders were in 2002 and are today, really is irrelevant...however, I will make a few things clear about that; Leopoldo López and Henrique Capriles were mayors from two municipalities in Caracas at the time, Capriles is now the governor of Miranda state, which is where Caracas is and Leopoldo is a political prisoner, he was accused of encouraging protests and other made up bulls***t, which by the way, the DA that took the case later fled to the US and admitted that it was all made up. He is still, however, a prisoner. Capriles was recently banned from running in any electoral race for 15 years for "corruption", which is an absolute lie. Maria Corina Machado in 2002 was not a "leader", she was some representative of a civil organization, but she was very far away from being a leader. Now, the important thing here is what we Venezuelans live everyday in Venezuela. Just because someone reads a few articles, that throws up some numbers and "facts" and all that, doesn't make you knowledgeable in our politics and even less in how we live, and in fact, honestly, as a VENEZUELAN THAT ACTUALLY LIVES AND BREATHES AND SUFFERS AND BARELY SURVIVES IN VENEZUELA, BECAUSE HELL NO, I WILL NOT LEAVE MY COUNTRY, it offends me when someone, in a far away country, behind a very nice computer, probably with access to any kind of food, services, health, medicines, clothes and amenities, talks and banters about Venezuela and its politics in a way that clearly shows that he is kind of into it. I don't give a flying cucumber if you say people misread you, if you don't want to be misread, then make yourself clearer. All I know is that inflation is touching 1000% (yes A THOUSAND) per year, for example, today I bought 2 tires for a car...they cost BsF500.000 each, last November, they cost BsF70.000 each. I'm terrible at math, so you do it and please let me know in what percentage it rose. By the way, mimimum wage is around BsF250.000. Oh, but it's tires, it's not really a life or death about food? Oh, ok...let's see...a kilo of rice, in January cost BsF1500, yesterday I paid BsF17500. Again, you do the math. By the way, both the tires and the rice were imported because we have no meas of producing them, yeah...that's the bolivarian death revolution for you. In the last week two elected mayors (opposition, of course) were handed out prison sentences, there was no trial I might add, for allowing protests to be carried out in their municipalities. 15 months each. NO TRIAL. Just because this "revolution" began as a democratic process it doesn't mean that it can't turn did. Maduro is Chavez's legacy, HIS chosen boy, and everything that is happening today in Venezuela is a direct result of Chavez. Not Maduro. CHAVEZ. He's the real culprit of everything, Maduro just continued his work. People can spit out numbers, and show me how there was economic growth and less poverty and all that, but what I see on the streets and what I live everyday, tells me otherwise. It tells me that all those that read those articles, are being taken for fools. I'm quite dense about economy theory, but if a country has economic growth, shouldn't we be producing something besides oil? Like basic needs? Like food and medicine? But we don' someone is lying and someone apparently loves the flavour of feces because he is eating all that bulls**t up. I'm sorry if I offended anyone with this post, but as I was reading the previous posts, I almost cried of indignation, I was truly and utterly offended by some remarks. And what is happening with this Constituent is the last nail in the coffin of Venezuelan democracy. We are in a full fledged, totalitarian dictatorship, and unless we end un in an armed conflict, we are not getting out of this.
  6. Venezuela

    Yes, people like Danny Glover, Sean Penn...Kevin Spacey used to support this, but apparently he doesn't anymore. The protests we had in the last five months, they seem to have opened some eyes around the world. We were noticed for a while...even mentioned at the Oscars...that gave us a bit of hope. But to be honest, I don't see this going anywhere anytime least not for a couple of years...
  7. Venezuela

    Thanks...I hope so too...
  8. Venezuela

    I don't think the governement will fall anytime soon...they have too much power in the justice system, electoral system, military groups and so on. The exodus this government has caused is the biggest in history for the country. The basic products (milk, flour, sugar, cooking oil, rice, toilet paper, deodorant, soap, beef, chicken, butter) are scarce, and in some cases, simply non-existant...up until a couple of years ago we kind of survived because we imported them, but not anymore, even though the barrel of oil is almost $100 a pop, there's no money. They steal it. No one is investing here, if you take a ride accross the city, you'll see that stores are closing because no one is restocking the inventory, so buying ANYTHING is difficult. For example, my grandmother's bathroom needs to be redone because her mobility has been affected due to her age...we've been trying to buy ONE sack of cement (20 kilos) for six months. There's no cement. We haven't had apples or pears this entire year. So far, from January to June, the inflation is around 30%. And all this while having a "president" that no one knows where he was born, most suspect that in Colombia, which would make him illegal, so that's why he doesn't show his birth certificate. And why doesn't a judge ask for it? you may wonder, and the reason is that no one dares to question them...the last one who did spent three years in jail WITHOUT A TRIAL. Last year we had around 34.000 violent, you didn't read wrong. 34.000. How many have died in ten years of war in the middle east? Oh, and we aren't at war. Do you know how many of those crimes were unsolved? 98%. I could go on, and on, and on, and on until you'd think I was the Energizer rabbit, but I won't bore you
  9. Fade Away - Studio version...."'cause baby, I don't wanna fade away...."